Winona Ryder Biography | Wiki, Husband, Career, Age | Family, Net Worth

Winona Ryder Biography | Wiki, Husband, Career, Age, | Family & Net Worth

Here we describe Winona Ryder Biography, Age, Weight, Net Worth, Wiki, Shoe Size, Height, Lifestyle, Children, Kids, Body Measurements,  Dating History, Boyfriends, Husband, Dress Size,  Daughter, Father, Son, Family,   Facts,  Salary, Favorite Things, Movies & More.

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Winona Ryder is a Hollywood star, winner of the Golden Globe statuette for her supporting role in the film “Age of Innocence” and the American Actors Guild Award for her participation in the series “Very Strange Things”.

Real Name Winona Laura Ryder
Age 47 Years
Nick Name Laura
Birth Date 1971-10-29
Gender Female
Profession Actor
Birth Nation U.S
Place Of Birth Olmstead County, Minnesota
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Height 1.61 m
Weight 52 Kg
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Marital Status Unmarried
Boyfriend Scott Mackinlay Hahn
Net Worth $20 Million

Childhood and adolescence

Winona Laura Horowitz, or Winona Ryder, was born in October 1971 in Minnesota. The story of the name of the future actress is quite interesting. Winona’s parents are writers and publicists.

Winona Ryder Biography | Wiki, Husband, Career, Age | Family, Net Worth

Once upon a time, their parents, Jews by origin, moved to America. Cynthia Horowitz was fascinated by Buddhism in her youth. Her two children from her first marriage are named Shunyata and Jubal. Michael Horowitz, whose ancestors bore the name Tomczyna, owned a large library of psychedelic literature.

In 1978, when Winona was 7 years old, the family moved to California, where they chose the hippie agricultural commune Rainbow. In addition to them, 7 other families lived in the settlement. There was no electricity or television. In the territory, which occupied more than a kilometer, there was complete unity with nature. During that period of her life, Winona became addicted to reading. Her favorite book was Salinger’s novel Over the Abyss in Rye.

The girl went to school, where she was taken for a boy and immediately beaten. Winona studied at home for a year. At the age of 12, the girl attended acting classes at the Petaluma High School at the Conservatory Theater in San Francisco.


In 1985, Winona auditioned for a role in The Desert Flower. Then the girl gave way to another contender. But at rehearsals, she was noticed by director David Zeltzer and invited to his project “Lucas”. The tape was released in 1986. It is this year that Winona’s cinematic biography begins. This film opened the audience to a new actress, who took the stage nickname Ryder – from the name of her father’s favorite performer Mitch Ryder.

Winona Ryder Biography | Wiki, Husband, Career, Age | Family, Net Worth

The second film called “Quadrille” attracted the attention of a novice artist. The Los Angeles Times called her appearance a “remarkable debut.” And in 1988, the rising movie star played a young seer in the film “Beatlejuice”, who had the gift of distinguishing ghosts.

After the release of “1969”, “Deadly Attraction” and “Clan Heather”, The Washington Post called Winona “the most impressive engineer (naive girl) in Hollywood.” Although the last film failed at the box office, over time it became a cult for American teenagers.

In 1990, Ryder played 13-year-old Myra, a cousin married to musician Jerry Lee Lewis. This brilliant role in the film “Fireballs” brought the artist the first prize – the Young Artist Awards.

The 1990s were a turning point in Ryder’s career. During these years, she starred with Johnny Depp in the film “Edward Scissorhands”. This is the last project where a fragile actress with expressive eyes reincarnated as a teenager. The tape grossed $ 56 million and brought the main performers incredible popularity.

In the first half of the 1990s, the actress appeared as Mina Harker in the famous Francis Ford Coppola’s “Dracula Bram Stoker.” She then played Salvador Allende’s niece in the House of Spirits. With the available star cast, the picture failed at the box office. But participation in the project of Martin Scorsese’s “Age of Innocence” brought the actress a “Golden Globe” and the first nomination for an Oscar.

In 1997, Ryder appeared in the thriller “Alien-4: Resurrection.” And in 1999 she played the lead role in the dramatic film “Interrupted Life”. She made her debut as a producer in this project. Winona starred with Angelina Jolie. The film did not bring the creators a generous box office but received high marks from film critics.

Winona Ryder Biography | Wiki, Husband, Career, Age | Family, Net Worth

In 2000, 2 tapes were released at once, which failed in the rental. The melodrama “Autumn in New York”, where Ryder starred with Richard Gere, won the actors the Golden Raspberry anti-award. The second project, called Lost Souls, was less successful. In this tape, Winona’s brother Uri Horowitz appeared on the screens for the first time.

In 2002 – again the anti-award “Golden Raspberry” for the role of Winona in the film “Millionaire forcibly”. Nevertheless, the picture has collected more than $ 170 million worldwide box office.

After a long break, the actress reappears on the screens in the film “Blur” (2006) and the comedy films “Darwin Prize” and “Ten Commandments”. Winona Ryder’s partners in these projects were Jessica Alba and the Dutchwoman Famke Böhmer Janssen.

In 2009, two projects were released that attracted the attention of viewers and film critics. The following year, the actress delighted her fans by appearing in the lead role in the film “When Love Is Not Enough: The Story of Lois Wilson.” For this work, Ryder was awarded the American Film Actors Guild Award.

One of the last projects in the filmography of the actress was the lead role in the mystical series “Very Strange Things”, where Winona was transformed into the mother of a missing boy. The film, created in the style of the 80s, received high ratings. As a result, the Netflix channel extended it to the next season. For her work, Winona received an award from the American Film Actors Guild and several prestigious nominations.

Personal life

In her youth, Winona was considered a true style icon. She was called the “grunge godmother of the 90’s” or “Gothic princess” for her love of black in her wardrobe, as well as for her bizarre, admirable outfits in which Ryder’s fragile figure looked especially defenseless. Bulky cardigans, dresses with thin straps made the actress, whose height reached 161 cm and weight – 52 kg, especially attractive. Despite the singer’s love for a deep neckline, she did not participate in photoshoots in lingerie or a swimsuit.

Winona Ryder Biography | Wiki, Husband, Career, Age | Family, Net Worth

The flawless taste of the artist was noted by her colleague – the legendary Audrey Hepburn, who once gave the rising star silk gloves. Not many people know that Ryder is actually a blonde who has been constantly changing into a brunette since she was young. As the star of the screen assures, in matters of fashion, she always acts contrary to popular belief. Choosing a style of clothing, the singer focuses on Hollywood movies of the past years, it helps her to perceive life as a film.

During the filming of “Edward Scissorhands”, Winona met Johnny Depp. Their vivid romance began in 1989 and ended in 1993. Then there was a brief romantic relationship with rock musician Dave Pirner and actor Matt Damon. The actress was even engaged to the latter.

Her connections with actors Peter Jorn, Conor Oberst, and Henry-Alex Rubin were later discussed in the press. Although Ryder’s personal life seemed full, it can hardly be called happy. The actress deliberately refuses to have children, believing that the child will be an obstacle in her career.

Ryder suffers from kleptomania. The scandal erupted in December 2001, when the actress was convicted of stealing jewelry and clothing. Ryder’s fans organized a rally in support of their favorite called “Free Winona.”

However, as the actress, herself jokes, she has an official husband – Keanu Reeves, with whom Winona had a real wedding ceremony on the set of the film about Dracula. A real priest was invited to film the wedding scene of the heroes Ryder and Reeves, who performed the entire ritual from beginning to end.

The actress does not use social networks to increase her popularity, so she communicates only through her Facebook profile, and there is a Ryder fan page on Instagram, where fans post photos of the artist related to her work.

Winona Ryder now

In 2018, with the participation of Winona, a romantic comedy “How to Marry a bachelor” was shown. This is a conversational melodrama in which the whole plot is focused on the two main characters.

Winona Ryder Biography | Wiki, Husband, Career, Age | Family, Net Worth

The couple on the screen on the screen was Keanu Reeves. This is the fourth joint work of the two stars. Their characters become guests at the wedding, where instead of friendly communication, they begin to argue with each other.

Now the actress is working on creating the 3rd season of the TV series “Very Strange Things”. The rating project will appear on the screens in mid-2019. Ryder’s fee for shooting one episode of the new season increased by $ 200,000. against the previous $ 150 thousand


1986 – Lucas

1988 – Beatlejuice

1989 – “Deadly attraction”

1990 – “Edward Scissorhands”

1993 – “Age of Innocence”

1993 – “House of Spirits”

1994 – “Reality bites”

1995 – “Quilt”

2000 – “Autumn in New York”

2006 – Darwin Prize

2009 – “Private life of Pippa Lee”

2010 – “Black Swan”

2015 – “Experimenter”

2016 in. – “Very strange things”

2018 – “How to marry a bachelor”

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