What is selling online advertising? | Benefits of selling online advertising.

What is selling online advertising? | Benefits of selling online advertising.

In a changing and developing world, selling online advertising has changed human life with all its dimensions, as well as the way of working, doing, and functioning.  In this article, what is selling online advertising? We will answer the question.

The change and development in digital technology have greatly transformed the advertising industry. Traditional advertising gave way to a new type of advertising called internet advertising. So what is the type of online advertising? In this article, we will make an evaluation on what is about next-generation advertising. In addition, “What are the types of internet advertising?” With the question “What are the advantages and disadvantages of internet advertising?” We will also answer your questions.

What is selling online advertising?

selling online advertising is all of the advertising activities carried out by individuals or companies with corporate/personal brands in order to bring the products and/or services they offer to real and/or potential customers in online channels.

Thanks to selling online advertising, which is one of the most popular and preferred advertising activities today, both brands and customers are freed from restrictions such as space and time.

Various platforms, channels, and third-party software are used for online promotion, which can be analyzed and targeted based on many metrics, especially demographic targeting.

What are the Types of selling online advertising?

After making a short but descriptive definition of the concept of online promotion, we will now touch on its types. These;

  • Search Engine Ads (SEM)
  • Content Network Ads
  • Social Media Ads
  • E-Mail Ads

Now let’s talk about the types of internet advertising in turn.

Search Engine Ads (SEM)

This is the most preferred type of advertising among online advertising types.

The trick for search engine ads to reach the goal efficiently; The fact that the advertisement is related to the advertised subject. In addition, the target audience’s advertised product, service, etc. it is also necessary to guess how or how it will call.

Content Network Ads

Here; Along with the advertiser, there is also a publishing company. The advertisements given by the advertiser begin to be displayed after the necessary codes are added to the publisher’s website. These ads are charged like search engine ads. However, content network ads may not show action as search engine ads return to sales.

Social Media Ads

This type of advertisement; With the increase in the frequency of use of social media, it has become one of the best, or rather, the most efficient types of online advertising. One of the advantages of social media ads; This one is the ability of the advertiser to determine the target audience in the focus of the social network and present an advertisement that works only for this audience.

Benefits of selling online advertising:

Wide Coverage

Internet ads allow your ads to spread globally and reach a much wider audience than traditional ads. Therefore, companies can get much better results by selling online advertising campaigns. With internet ads, it is also possible to restrict this wide coverage area according to the target audience of the company.

Target Audience

Compared to traditional ads, internet ads always help to reach the target audience. When you can choose the audience you want to reach correctly, your advertising expenses will decrease significantly.

Low Cost

Another advantage of selling online advertising and marketing is its low cost compared to traditional advertising activities. Larger audiences can be reached at a much lower cost. Net figures can also be determined according to geographical locations.

The main reasons why selling online advertising is more economical than other channels are; direct access to the target audience, measurement of advertising applications, and the ability to broadcast a large number of times at a time.

Enlightened being

With internet ads, companies that advertise can inform the audience they reach at a relatively low cost about their companies or campaigns.


  • Direct access to the target audience
  • Direct communication & interaction with online users
  • Cause dialogue with online users
  • Ensuring participation with sales promotions
  • Possibility of collecting data of the target audience

Internet advertising provides direct access to the target audience. In this way, the advertiser provides access to users’ information about their brand and products and gains an advantage by strengthening the interaction.


  • Performance-oriented, results-oriented advertising
  • Real-time analysis & reporting
  • However many people saw the ad
  • Moreover, many people are interested in the ad
  • How many people visit the website
  • The demographic structure of the audience showing interest in the advertisement
  • Ad conversion rates

Selling online advertising; This one is a performance-oriented and result-oriented type of advertising.  Many ads are manageable and measurable in real-time with effective analytical tools.


  • The shortness of the ad run-time process
  • The ability to change the advertisement or its content with quick intervention
  • Ability to switch in a short time when a site other than the sites where the advertisement is broadcast is requested

Selling online advertising applications; The type, format, or content can be changed quickly upon the request of the advertiser, and advertisements are not limited over time, as in other channels. Moreover, the possibility of broadcasting 24/7 in selling online advertising applications is also an important advantage.

Better Branding

Advertising in any way helps to improve branding. Developing branding about the company’s products and services is much more efficient with online advertisements.

Flexibility in Payment

Flexible payment options are another advantage of selling online advertising. In traditional advertising campaigns, companies have to pay the entire amount to the advertising agency at once. Regardless of the consequences, making this payment can sometimes leave companies in difficult situations.


Since the payment system based on performance is generally used in online advertisements; Compared to traditional advertising projects, the return on investment can be much better.

Disadvantages of Internet Advertising

Although there are many advantages that we have mentioned and not yet counted, selling online advertising also has disadvantages. Some of these areas under;

  • online advertisements have a time limit.
  • Having a large audience that still does not trust online shopping
  • Click fraud.
  • Constantly changing and updated digital dynamics.
  • Lack of information.
  • Causes financial losses due to lack of control of the budget.

In this article, which aims to raise awareness about selling online advertising, “What is it?”, “Why is it important?” We answered your questions. We also talked about the advantages and disadvantages of internet advertising.

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