What is E-Export? | what is e form for export? | cse exports

What is E-Export? | what is e form for export?| cse exports

E-export is one of the ways countries make money. Man is an incredible being who produces, thinks, and aims to be successful in life with new inventions. It is unclear when and where it will reveal something new. Every part of the world is geography of humanity where different beauties and different characteristics are experienced. The world has shrunk, almost turned into a big village. Time and space have come so close to each other thanks to technology; The motto “Mountain does not reach the mountain, but a man meets man” has started to apply to the products that we have manufactured.

Every part of the world is a customer for a manufacturer. Introducing and delivering a product to people is as important as producing, producing and having a say in technology. Today, thanks to the development of technology and communication tools, it has become possible to deliver the smallest product to the farthest place in the world.

All over the world, millions of consumers shop online from different countries other than their own. Very high-quality products produced in our country are waiting to be delivered to other communities. It is no longer enough for us to sell only in our neighborhood, in our city, in our country. We need to reach different people for the development of our country and for our children.

The Creator, who bestows different features and beauties on the people of each country, must sell what they produce to the places in need. Those who have a say in the world are those who can market their products. Being successful in business is especially related to the promotion of products. Today, demand can be created through the proper use of websites, e-commerce sites, and other social media promotions.

What is e-Export?

Outside the borders of Turkey, huge opportunities are waiting to be discovered. We must deliver our quality, labor, energy, product-product, parcel-packet to all over the world and provide foreign currency inflow to our country. Let us win as a company, and let our country win. It means abundant production; means employment. decrease in unemployment; it will cause the elimination or reduction of harmful ideas. The fact that the goods we produce are of very high quality and cheap means that they reach new customers through promotion.

  • E-Export, your e-commerce site, your website, Instagram and Facebook page, etc. of the products you have produced. It is the trade you make when you sell to your individual customers abroad over the internet. Briefly; e-export; is to sell your products to your customers abroad through your digital sales channel.
  • Moreover, One of the most important aspects of e-Export is that you issue VAT-free invoices, unlike the VAT invoices you send to your domestic customers while exporting.
  • In conclusion, E-Export orders are made through micro export and by issuing Electronic Commerce Customs Declaration (ETGB).

What is Electronic Commerce Customs Declaration (ETGB) and Micro Export?

  • Firstly, If the sales you make outside our country do not exceed 7.500 Euros and 150 kilograms without VAT, this sale falls into the “micro export” category. You can only export the shipments you make for these sales out of the country with the Electronic Commerce Customs Declaration (ETGB). ETGB, which the government has put into practice to increase exports, is completely free. It is also arranged digitally, without the need for customs consultants. With ETGB, there is no need for many documents that are normally required when doing foreign trade.
  • Secondly, If you exceed 7,500 Euros and 150 kilograms, which is accepted as the upper limit of micro exports by the Ministry of Economy of our country, you need to prepare a normal declaration, not ETGB. These declarations are subject to certain fees. Some cargo companies carry out ETGB transactions themselves, thanks to their licenses.

What is the Contribution of E-Export to the Economy of Our Country?

  • It is an important opportunity brought by exports, providing market diversity for companies of all sizes.
  • In our country, the companies that export in traditional ways are in the majority; While exporting to three countries on average, companies engaged in e-export can reach an average of 35 countries. They can deliver their goods to more customers.
  • As re-export is done by large companies, small-scale companies export by using these opportunities.
  • E-export; It means that small or large companies engaged in e-commerce operate in different countries and become local.
  • Firstly, The products sold to different countries of the world make a significant contribution to the country’s economy as the country will use its own currency.
  • Secondly, Countries around the world set various policies in order to keep their economies alive, and as a result of these policies, they earn money with the activities they implement. E-commerce and e-export is one of the ways countries make money.
  • Thirdly, and most importantly, Depending on the development of technology in the world, consumers can reach new international markets through e-commerce sites that operate in different languages ​​and payment systems, which are limited only to the districts, provinces and districts where they live.
  • E-commerce exports have become so concentrated in certain parts of the world that specialized intermediate service companies have begun to be established in order to support companies for their customers in different countries.
  • Our country provides “Overseas Warehouse Support” to businesses that want to do e-export, in order to open distribution centers abroad.
  • For e-export companies, reimbursed supports are provided in their foreign marketing budgets. Thus, it is aimed to increase the number of export products and exporters.

How to E-Export?

In order to do e-export, you first need good re-export software. If you have solved the re-export software business, you can start selling abroad.

How is E-Export Cargo Operations?

If the product sales abroad do not exceed 150 kg and 7500 Euros, these export transactions are called “micro exports”. You cannot perform transactions on top of these transactions with micro-exports.

One of the most important elements of e-export is the solution of e-export cargo business. You can send the products you sell abroad with the micro export model, via cargo companies. Micro export is carried out only by companies such as fast shipping companies (PTT, DHL, UPS, TNT) as customs declaration operators. With these cargo companies, you can easily send the products you sell abroad. We wish you good luck…

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