What is Brand? How is Trademark Registration and Inquiry Made?

 What is Brand? How is Trademark Registration and Inquiry Made?

Although the product or service you offer as a brand has a very high-quality structure, it is always important to reflect the product or service correctly with successful brand management. In this context, although there is always a plus of providing a good product or service, providing brand management is among the most important needs of a developing company.

A brand is a perception created in people’s minds for every element such as a person, a product, a service, a company, or an idea. Accordingly, the process of creating a brand is the realization of this perception. So you want to create in people’s minds a certain action plan. For this reason, as Atak Domain, we have compiled the activities and best common features of successful brands into the content. Moreover, It can be taken as an example in the brand process you will develop for you.

Recognition of the Target Audience

The best significant first step in the brand progress process is the recognition of the target audience. Today, all brands have achieved success in history. So all brands have examined the communication styles, age, gender, and demographic characteristics. Because this information is always helpful to get a very good roadmap in the brand identity. Its creation process and marketing strategies. In this way, a stronger and more natural bond can be established. It can be established between the business and the customer.
It is not a necessity to come up with an idea that will create great revolutions in order to achieve a good brand identity in the process. The most important point is to draw a memorable and distinctive way..

The Importance of Passion in the Brand Process

In order to have your own brand in a very short time and to reach your target audience strongly, no obstacles can stand in your way. However, even if you acquire a brand, you must accept to embark on a long-term and patient journey in order to gain customer perception. For example, prosperous businesspersons like Bill Gates or Steve jobs have always been passionate about creating value for their brands.

Consistency in the Brand Process

When you reach customers with a different approach by achieving a good brand process, the product or service you offer should also have a certain standard, that is, it should be consistent. When there is no consistency in products and services and the quality standard is broken, the brand process may break.

Competition in the Branding Process

When you look at today’s a trade and business world, you will always encounter great competition. These brands always deserve to be a pioneer with their success by creating a perception beyond the expectations of their customers.

Accessibility in the Brand Process

It is important to be accessible in order to create perception, achieve a successful branding process, and stay in people’s minds.
In terms of being reachable today. It is important not only to be on the internet and own a business but also to take part in social media. Moreover all advertising channels as often as possible and to reach the target audience from every point. For this reason, people should be able to reach you at every point, especially on social networks. Such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

What are Brand Types?

If you want to create a brand perception, it is important to know that it is not possible to continue on a single brand type with a single type. Especially if you want to register a trademark, you can create your own trademark by examining these trademark types to be specified respectively, and then proceed to the registration process.

1- Personal Brands

As can be easily understood, individual brands are brands that are created as a result of the activities you perform individually. Usually one gets a brand with good promotion and marketing through one’s own activities and channels of one’s own. It often has a weak business side with no business behind it, and often individuals such as consultants, life coaches, artists, and athletes own such brands.

2- Product Based Brands

Such brands are the brands created by packaged consumer products. So a shampoo, a toothpaste or a detergent brand would be an example.

3- Service Offering Brands

Although these brands are the brands created by the companies in the service sector, these services may include transportation, entertainment, education, tourism, or health. Looking at the examples in Turkey, there are brands such as Aydın University, Hilton Hotels, AnadoluJet, or Memorial Hospital.

4- Corporate Brands

Institutional brands are the brands that a business creates only to bring itself to the fore, unlike the product or service promotion. In fact, in such brands, which are often confused with product and service brands. So the customers are more interested in the institution than the product or service offered. So, for example, Apple, QNB Finansbank, Vestel, or Renault can be given as examples.

5- Brands for Image Purposes

Some brands are brands that create value for the image in order to create a changing perception in the consumer. In other words, they are the trademarks that the consumer reaches for the products. So they choose just to feel dissimilar and to be popular, rather than acquiring a product or service in response to their requirements. Today, very famous make-up brands, beverage brands, or food brands are known throughout the world are types as image brands

6- Luxury Brands

Although they are alike to brands for image determinations. So they are brands that deliver very infrequent and valuable productions. . For example, when it comes to watches, Rolex is always considered a luxury brand.

7- Non-Profit Brands

While some brands provide only a social installation instead of commercial activity, brands such as TEMA, LÖSEV or Yeşilay are included under this title.

8- Activist Brands

Such brands pursue a purpose with their activities, productions, and services. Among such brands, which have a more operational nature, there are global brands such as Greenpeace.

9- Location Brands

If the trademark practice is created to make more known about a city, neighborhood or a area, position trademarks are the result. The purpose of these brands is to make the region or city associated with certain ideas or feelings. For example, brand cities are provided to create meanings such as tourism city, historical city, investment city or entertainment city. In this regard, there are examples such as New York with the brand “The City that Never Sleeps” or Rome with the brand “The City of Love”, which are known around the world.

10- Nation Brands

They are brands that create a positive perception together with the social structure. Such as tourism activities, policy, and culture of a country. Watching at the world’s biggest nation brands. there are brands such as the USA, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Sweden, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

Brand Inquiry

Considering the brand types described up to this point. if you decide to enter into a new brand process, you should definitely examine. whether this brand has been used by someone else before and whether there is a copyright process. At this point, the brand inquiry process is done.

How to Make a Brand Inquiry?

When the scope of your products and services becomes clear. So you have to determine your target audience. you can now make a trademark registration inquiry for the branding process. When making a brand inquiry, you should do the inquiry one by one in each of these areas. Trademark registration inquiries can be made on the Turkish Patent Institute page.

How to Register a Trademark?

As a result of the inquiries, you have made on the Turkish Patent Institute. you can also apply for registration for the trademarks. So that is found suitable for the application. These applications are made online thanks to the Turkish Patent Institute web page. So the institute will request much different information from you. such as the shape of the trademark, font, and visual materials. Afterward, an examination is made on this information. Moreover, it is determined whether there is a deficiency or whether it is a unique brand.
The Turkish Patent Institute makes an announcement on the Official Trademark Bulletin. It deems appropriate as a result of the evaluation. As long as there is no objection during this announcement. which will remain on the air for 3 months. After 3 months, the trademark will be registered. In this respect, the registration certificate is issued after the fee requested by the Turkish Patent Institute is paid.

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