What is blog content marketing?| How to use blog for marketing?

What is blog content marketing?| How to use a blog for marketing?

Over the years, many different online marketing strategies have been developed. One of the popular methods today is blog content marketing. It includes an approach that leverages different search engines such as Google and Bing, which has a wide range of benefits.

Blog content marketing involves creating text, audio, or video content on your website blog. It is a practice that has a direct impact on a brand’s discoverability.

When a person searches online, they come across websites that offer quality content that is relevant to the phrases typed in the search results. It also allows brands to increase their visibility and search engine traffic.

Many marketing companies have had success with this marketing method they use to promote their business.

Like all marketing methods, blog marketing has advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of blog content marketing

Blog marketing is a long-term strategy. The following are the main benefits of blog marketing for your business:

Increasing organic traffic to your website: The main goal of a blog content marketing strategy is to bring organic traffic to your site. The more people on your site, the more potential customers are likely to buy your products or services.

Being an authority in your business: The better the content you share with people, the greater the impact your brand will have. When you actively blog, your brand becomes alive and people start to trust your brand. If more people see you as an authority in your business, your sales will increase at the same rate. It assumes you have a strong call to action to increase conversion rates and deliver quality products.

Low-cost advertising: Blog content marketing is relatively inexpensive. All you have to do is find an author who will regularly publish posts on your blog. Oftentimes, employees within a company may write content or even devote time to content creation. Whatever the approach, compared to other methods, this is one of the cheapest ways to promote your brand.

Long-term results:

Executing a blog content marketing strategy means you’re there in the long run. When your blog is at least a year old and has enough useful content, you can expect some serious results. However, when the results start coming in, it scales well, with both the first and last post being equally valid.

A great foundation for other online marketing channels. No matter what digital marketing approach you are planning, you need to create a blog. Social media marketing is an essential foundation for inbound marketing and email marketing. Without it, it is nearly impossible to create a stable marketing approach.

While these benefits are significant, blog marketing pulls some tables together. Let’s see what they are.

Cons of blog content marketing

Blogging also has some downsides. So, before you start a blog, make sure you are aware of them.

Create a good plan that will carry you worthy results:

It takes time to create good content: Time investment is the biggest downside to creating high-quality content. You need to create a plan that will allow you to devote time to your blog. The whole process is quite demanding, but incredibly rewarding when done right.

Results will come gradually:

The benefits of high-quality blog content marketing can be seen later on down the road. This is the main reason why people turn away from it. The risk of making an author feel the benefits after just one year of blogging is something not everyone wants to take.

You have to be consistent:

Having an inconsistent blog is worse than no blog at all.

Being aware of these benefits will help you create a better blog content marketing strategy. Before you start creating a blog, make sure you know it will take some time to make it productive. The only way to ensure blog marketing is successful is to create consistent and relevant content.

Blog content marketing tips

Before you start your blog content marketing campaign, you need to create a sound plan. This is the only way to determine how high an impact your blog will have on your business. Technically speaking, creating a website blog is easy. The real challenge comes when you start looking at the type of content you’re going to create.

Let’s examine a few tips to get you moving in the right direction;

Define your target audience:

Who are you writing this blog for? It will allow you to choose the right topics for your blog and help you create a specific style of content you need to create.

Create a publishing schedule:

Make a commitment before you start writing. How often do you plan to write? Will it be once a week? Three times a week? Everyday?

Whatever publishing schedule you create, be sure to stick with it. Consider how much time you have on hand and create a release schedule accordingly.

Be sure to make 10-15 blog posts and use them when you fall behind schedule. Always make sure that spare parts are available in case of an emergency; It will help you stay consistent.

Create important content:

What does it mean? You should create content that your audience will find useful. High-quality blog content marketing is the only way to turn your blog into a success. Creating such content will take more time, but the long-term results will be much better.

Decide what to write, put yourself in your client’s shoes, and think about what kind of information you’ll find useful.

Use different media:

Enrich your content with video, image, and audio content. People enjoy consuming different content. Provide more choices for your visitors as it will bring better results. In addition, images and video materials have a higher sharing potential. So the next time you provide statistics to your content, consider adding an infographic; It will reach many more people.

Know your goals:

From the moment you plan your blog content marketing strategy, start thinking about what you want to achieve with your content. Do you want higher traffic? Do you want better conversion rates? Want high brand authority?

Thinking about these goals will help you choose the direction of your content.

Make a promotion plan: When you publish a blog post, it’s not all over. You should consider strategies you can use to promote your content. Reach influencers and build a social media presence. It will be a great starting point for your blog promotion.

Track, improve, and repeat results:

Once you’ve taken all the steps above, pull out Google pages and see how well your content is performing. See the types of content with the most views and shares. After that, repeat the whole process.

These tips will help you create the right blog content marketing strategy that will have a significant impact on the future of your business.


Now that you know what blog content marketing is and how to do it, it’s time to start making blog marketing plans. Remember that quality is always permanent. So make sure every piece of your blog content is well researched and has value for the reader. Results will come later when your blog becomes a trusted source. And we are sure that the result will always be satisfactory.


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  1. My favorite part of this entire post were your hilarious ads! I genuinely laughed out loud at the picture of you being sad and laughing etc. Simply side splitting! Seriously though, this is a great post — it’s so easy for people to get, almost dazed, by keywords that they lose sight of those pesky human beings reading our stuff. Writing for the bots is a huge trap that I think many people fall into, and I appreciate your reminder that, no, we’re not writing for Google, we’re writing for customers!

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