What is BacklinKo? SEO Training and Link Building Strategies

What is BacklinKo? SEO Training and Link Building Strategies

BacklinKo is one of the most important technical concepts used in SEO and site promotion studies. If a short explanation is needed, it can be explained as a web page giving a link to another web page. However, BacklinKo is a more detailed method rather than such a short definition, and it is a method that should be applied with care in many issues.

When you own a web page, you use original content within that web page. If this original content is noticed by another web page, it may be requested to assign a link within this content. So, you can use an expression such as “Ankara Dönerci” in the original content you have written, and you can transfer to another company’s web page with a link you assign in this expression. In this case, the web page of the doner company, which is transferred with the phrase “Ankara Dönerci”, will be able to spread and promote more.

In order to create a BacklinKo in the content on a website, it must be used through Google BacklinKo. As a result of this use, your web page will reach a higher point in search engines and become more valuable thanks to the spread of the web page. In this context, original content and quality links are required for this system.

Technically, links from another web page to your own or another web page are called BacklinKo. But upon further inspection, you can see that not every link output is the same. Because the BacklinKo on a known web page will be more believable and reliable for people. In this case, Google has established trust and prioritizes the links that come from the addresses that people use without hesitation.

What Does BacklinKo  Provide?

While developing SEO strategies on a web page, BacklinKo is considered one of the most important tools after content.  Being external means leaving your page and being inbound means leaving another page and transferring to your page.

The most important plus obtained with link-building studies is to provide trust in your site. In terms of achieving SEO success, links in Google and different search engines are a point that must be considered. Links that reach another site from one site are seen as confirmation tools that create a reliable source.

This may be something like what you see in physical businesses. For example, if you ask 5 different friends or people you don’t know about a good tailor and everyone describes a particular business, it’s probably a really reliable business.

On the other hand, a web page can become popular thanks to BacklinKo. In particular, Google considers link-building studies acceptable for a web page from the popularity stage. Because the higher the number of links, the higher the ranking of that web page.

Google has developed an algorithm to evaluate the use, quality, and quantity of BacklinKo leading to this page in order to express the importance and relative score of trust within a page. This algorithm, referred to as PageRank, provides an advantage in querying and predicting before today.

By increasing the link-building ranking, gives you popularity and trust as well as provides a new traffic redirect to your site. While the BacklinKo used to only provide access between pages, today it is accepted as a ranking factor by Google and is actually seen as a principle in terms of sending traffic to your site.

What Should Be Considered While Buying Dofollow link?

In terms of SEO work, getting BacklinKo is very important and really requires attention. Because as mentioned, it can bring great harm to your site as well as providing benefits. In fact, sloppy and wrong work can cause the site to be banned.

When a search engine performs reviews on your website. Accordingly, it examines the ways in which the BacklinKo you have received has been obtained. If a cheat is discovered as a result of this review. So, your page becomes unreliable and the links you receive will cause more harm than good to your website.
Since trust is an absolute highlight at every stage. Thus you will first need to research whether the site you are linking to is reliable and of high quality when buying a do-follow link.

At this point, it is especially important to get links from web pages that can provide permanent links.

A BacklinKo created for a certain period of time from a well-known web page. It heavily used web page allows you to rise in Google and other search engines and in the eyes of the user. However, after the link is removed from this page or you remove this link. So the site will lose its reputation again and return to its former location.
Since trust, quality, and getting BacklinKo from a good site are important points. it is, therefore, necessary to do a link-building analysis before getting a link.

Because search engines can reach a result such as banning your site when an unreliable result occurs. If you perform successful link-building work by doing good research, your site can level up quickly.

How to Get Do follow link?

There are basic methods you can use to get dofollow link to your site. In terms of these methods, we, as Atak Domain, tried to explain the methods you can use under the headings.

Getting Dofollow to link From Another Site

This preference will be at the simplest point when you request a BacklinKo from another web page to your page. For example, if you have a page that shares recipes. So, you can request a link by reaching a supplier page that sells the ingredients to be used for these recipes, or a product sales page.

If you are procuring products from a different supplier, especially on a web page. where e-commerce is performed. So you can contact this supplier and request that you link to the products on your page. Because in this case, since you already have an agreement with the supplier, it will be very easy to get a link at this location.

BacklinKo Over Front Sites

In fact, you can also choose to set up a front site to output a link to the web page you own. For example, if you own a web page in the carpet washing industry in Antalya. Thus you can set up a front web page that is actually your own. So, after doing SEO studies on this page in terms of content, you can BacklinKo to your main page in these contents.

Commenting on Blogs and Pages

You can especially use the comment sections in these contents. For instance, the content shared on points such as blog pages, content pages, and magazine pages that receive heavy traffic. These pages have a really good follower base are frequently followed and read by people. In this context, the articles you write with your own link in the comments will create a simple way to transfer links to your page.

Requesting Link Articles from Bloggers

When you do charity work with your brand, that is, when you do an activity that can appeal to the national press, or when you create a new product, you are mentioned on Google and in the press, even if you are not aware of it. In this case, since your brand is mentioned at many different points. Thus you will get a known structure even if you are not linked.

Mentioning Your Brand

When you do charity work with your brand, that is, when you do an activity that can appeal to the national press, or when you create a new product, you are mentioned on Google and in the press, even if you are not aware of it. In this case, since your brand is mentioned at many different points, you will get a known structure even if you are not linked. At this point, when your brand is mentioned, you can use it as link-building work in this case.

For example, when you start serving with a new food product in the city of Manisa, your name will appear in the press after a while. In this case, you can get negative answers and sometimes positive answers directly to your request after you contact the newspaper or the editor of the page, or the journalist directly. In this way, you can create link-building work with your brand.

Competitors’ BacklinKo  Profiles Can Be Examined

As you strive for BacklinKo, your competitors will always prioritize link gain opportunities in order to rank. Therefore, when you examine the competitor link-building profile, you can also gain link gains. Today, the SEO tools offered by Google or at different points provide the advantages of competitor link review and analysis. As a result of this review, you can try to obtain links that you do not have, but that are found in competitors, in a similar way.

BacklinKo Types

BacklinKo is not a structure that can be considered as a link that has come out of a single page. So there are different types of BacklinKo. In this respect, different varieties can be briefly examined.

Nofollow links:

Nofollow links come from reliable sources. However, since this source does not want to vouch for you. As a result, it is stated that this BacklinKo should not be followed on Google thanks to the Nofollow attribute. In fact, although Google did not consider these links valuable in the early periods. Hence they have become valuable with the rule it has changed today.

Dofollow links:

Dofollow links mean links that are followed clearly and have proven security. While PageRank value is increased with this link type, nofollow attribute is not found in these links.

Paid links:

Paid links, on the other hand, are links purchased by a blogger or phenomenon in exchange for money. If a link is purchased in exchange for money, a product, or a service. So, this feature is reported with the rel=” sponsored” plugin in order to inform Google. Normally, this tag should be used in order not to have a negative effect on ranking, as Google prohibits paying for and purchasing links within the scope of the site administrator directive.

High authority links:

High authority links may need to be created for a higher ranking. Because the Google algorithm trusts some links much more. In this case, the high authority BacklinKo must come from a reliable source. In other words, it may have come from a newspaper or blog page that has been accepted throughout Turkey as an example.

UGC links:

UGC links started to be used in 2019. It refers to user-created content and inbound links within this content. In other words, the BacklinKo was added to the content by a user, not by the site administrator.

Harmful links:

Harmful links, on the other hand, can take a huge toll on your Google ranking. These types of BacklinKo will cause problems in search engine rankings, as they usually come from unreliable and dubious sites.

Editorial links:

Editorial links, on the other hand, are links given by a site owner to a web page that a journalist or webmaster thinks deserves. It is often used to enhance the reader’s experience.

How to Check BacklinKo on Your Site?

After performing link-building studies on your site. So, it is important to check these links and keep track of both broken links and solid links. In this respect, you can examine your link profile with the use of Google Search Console. which has an important place in SEO studies. SEMrush can also be used to analyze competitor link-building profiles.

Google Search Console does not give you information about competitor analysis. However, as a free tool, you will be able to evaluate the appearance of your page in the eyes of Google with this information. You can control the amount coming to your site with the external links section in the menu of the application. You can review which pages you BacklinKo to, which pages give you more links, and which texts are used for the link.

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