What are Problems and Solutions? | Solutions and other problems 2022.

Problems and Solutions that we are not very far from in our lives. Even if we try to escape from them, they find us wherever they want. They follow us like a shadow and constantly fry our brains like a whisper. Some have a good answer to problems, some have an ambiguous solution.

What are Problems and Solutions | Solutions and other problems?

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First, let’s understand what we mean by “root cause.”

The root cause is the root cause of the problem or issues you are dealing with. Determining the root cause makes our next steps more accurate, because we know the same cause, the “root of the problem”, and do not waste our resources on dealing with its symptoms. This is a very important part of the process of finding the right solution, through which we can find the right answers.

But Why? Is a method used to determine the root causes or root causes of a problem?

He examines the problem with questions to find out what caused it. Each time you find the answer, you ask the next question, “But why?”

For example, if people from remote communities do not have access to art education, the question “but why?” Once you have the answer to this question, look for the answer to another until you get to the root cause of the problem.

Let’s illustrate this process for you:

The immediate problem

Children do not go to art school.

But why?

There are no schools available in the area.

Possible answer: There are no teachers and playgrounds.

But why?

Local schools did not receive funding.

Possible answer: attract teachers and funds.

But why?

The local government promised to provide funds and open vacancies for art school teachers but did not do so.

Possible answer: attract sponsors or lobby for funding from the local budget.

But why?

The government did not provide the funds it promised.

Possible answer: attract sponsors or lobby for funding from the local budget.

But why

The government has not provided funds for the art school in the budget.

Possible answer: attract sponsors or lobby for the inclusion of funding in the draft budget by the parliamentary budget committee.

There can be many reasons and solutions to a problem, so it is up to us to find the most important ones and those that our organization can work with. Analysis “But why?” really emphasizes the multifaceted nature of the problem and emphasizes the different paths that can be chosen to solve it.

Now that we know the root cause of the problem we are dealing with, we need to develop our vision and choose a way to solve it. We know where to start, now let’s see what to do next.

We need to do something like a visualization exercise. In fact, we need to answer a few important questions, namely:

How do we want to see our society/country?

What characteristics will be an indicator that our society is ideal?

What do you need to change to achieve this?

What prevents this?

Now the necessary change is more concrete, and we can choose a practical and strategic problem that does not allow us to feel the reality of this world.

Depending on the size and goals of your organization, you can choose a RATIONAL way to improve the quality of life of people in accordance with our VISION by solving these Problems and Solutions.

Problem Selection or PROBLEM ANALYSIS is the process of weighing your potential, capabilities, experience, and the complexity of the problem itself. In other words, we need to make sure that the problem can be solved with the help of resources that we can mobilize. Another important point: we need to see that there is a way to solve the problem, and there is a possibility that the demand for the necessary changes will arise. Finally, there is a need to assess the associated risks to ensure that they can be managed.

So, in this lesson, we learned how to determine the root cause of a problem, and we have an understanding of how to outline possible solutions to the desired problem.

Now the necessary change is more concrete, and we can choose a practical and strategic problem that does not allow us to feel the reality of this world.

Depending on the size and goals of your organization, you can choose a RATIONAL way to improve the quality of life of people in accordance with our VISION by solving these Problems and Solutions.

Problem Selection or PROBLEM ANALYSIS is the process of weighing your potential, capabilities, experience, and the complexity of the problem itself. In other words, we need to make sure that the problem can be solved with the help of resources that we can mobilize. Another important point: we need to see that there is a way to solve the problem, and there is a possibility that the demand for the necessary changes will arise. Finally, there is a need to assess the associated risks to ensure that they can be managed.

So, in this lesson, we learned how to determine the root cause of a problem, and we have an understanding of how to outline possible solutions to the desired problem.

It is a great virtue to be aware of the Problems and Solutions. In addition to this, there are not few people who think that there is no problem in their life. Such people are aware of the fact that the problem in itself. But thinking is difficult for them. Such people usually get whatever they wish for. Sometimes they live completely indifferently, insensitive to what is going on around them. Events have no meaning for them, and they have no purpose such as self-development.

People who have a place in history are people who are sensitive to events and create Problems and Solutions. Problem is a broad concept. When we minimize this concept and limit it to our own life, it helps us to take a step towards a better quality of life. We must solve our probability problems when the time comes. When we stack them on top of each other, we may not be able to get out of the bottom later!

Quotes about problems and solutions:

Problems solving quotes

What are Problems and Solutions | Solutions and other problems?


 1-Problem: I can’t solve questions even though I understand the topics Solution:

  • One of the main problems of not being able to solve a question is not being able to establish the equation related to the question. In order to succeed in formulating equations, repeat the equation-building lesson that you learned in the fourth grade of primary school. Do not avoid solving questions that can be considered very simple during the review.
  • Pay attention to the details on the subject. There is something important that escaped your attention while the subject was being explained.
  • Don’t just pass formulas from the board to your notebook. Also, note the sentences that your teacher repeats persistently during the lecture.
  • There is a principle to be applied in every question solution. Pay attention to which subject the problem you cannot solve belongs to and remember the basic principle of that subject.
  • Solve concept tests on the topics you’ve learned first, then move on to operational questions.

2-Problem: I don’t know what to do when faced with a question


Take a question that you know the solution to and ask your teacher to solve the question.

Observe well how your teacher starts solving questions;

  1. Does he write the formula first?
  2. Does he remember a policy?
  3. Is it taking action from another issue that doesn’t concern the question?
  4. Does it prompt you with other intermediate questions?
  5. Ask your teacher if he/she solves it in a different way than you, why he/she gives priority to one of them, and immediately ask the same question. Ask your teacher to follow you by trying to solve it with the method shown by your teacher.
  6. Write down a solved question several times, including the text part. Then read the text part and just write the solution. Do not be afraid that I am memorizing the solution, because you learn the methods and principles during the solution, and you prevent forgetting through repetition.

3-Problem: I get distracted quickly while solving questions


Name the distraction first.

  • Is it your girlfriend?
  • Do you have family Problems and Solutions?
  • Having no money in your pocket?
  • The brand of the car your father intended to buy?
  • The extent of your sibling’s relations with his friends?
  • The inconvenience of your working environment problems and solutions?
  • When your family’s jobs other than as a student or when your place of work steals from you?
  • Fear of failing?
  • Is it reluctance?
  • Are you unfamiliar with the environmental problems and solutions? The name of your problem may be different from the ones here, but for the solution of all
  • Be sure to share your problem with your parents, your burden will be reduced and alternative solutions are offered.
  • Solve your problem by yourself, otherwise, there will always be a question in you.
  • Remember that the questions you will solve will be the most effective thing in solving your Problems and Solutions.
  • As long as man lives, his problems will never end, the only thing that has no problem is dead. Try to do something despite your time value of money problems and solutions.

4-Problem: I am missing a subject, I don’t know what to do


Clarify your expectations from the Physics problems. Decide how many Physic problems and solutions you need. If you are a candidate to solve all the questions, do not make your teacher repeat the subject, deal with 10 of the simplest questions and show your teacher that you cannot even solve these questions. Then solve a lot of simple questions about the topic. Then gradually increase the difficulty of the questions. In the meantime, do not miss the topics in the class, otherwise, you will have to go through the same process for them. If you are not a candidate to solve all the questions, if the subject you are missing is a subject that prevents the understanding of other subjects, fill in your deficiency even if your goal is less clear. But if it is an independent subject, do not be distracted anymore.

5-Problem: Taking too many exams is frustrating


The university exam is a competitive exam. After all, the achievements of the students are listed, the top students are selected. This exam is also of limited duration. Then you should be able to solve a lot of questions in a short period of time. You can gain this habit only in exams. If the question booklets could stay for a week, you could solve all the questions. However, you are given a total of 180 minutes for numerical and verbal. Physics is the course that will take the least amount of time in this sense. Because questions are generally non-operational, questions about basic concepts in science. In order to increase the speed of your mind, words must quickly make associations in your memories. This is the function of statics problems and solutions exams.

6-Problem: I can solve easy questions I can’t solve hard questions


Easy questions are the type of questions your teacher often uses. You may have memorized your teacher’s question style. Difficult questions are also called different types of questions.

  • Have another question bank book besides the source your teacher refers to during the lecture.
  • Try to solve the questions in this book.
  • Have your teacher solve the questions you encounter, especially when the topic changes.
  • Before taking these questions to your teacher, try to solve them by taking at least 10 minutes for each question.
  • Then continuously increase the time you allocate for each question you intend to take to your teacher.
  • Repeat the same suggestions by taking another question bank. You will find that you will call your teacherless.
  • Make sure to repeat this on at least 3 question banks until the end of the year.

7-Problem: I think I solved the question correctly during the exam. After the exam, I see that most of them are wrong.


Do not assume that the choices of the tests are written randomly. Every option that is not a correct answer consists of possible outcomes with an incorrect solution. The name of them is already distracting.

To avoid the distractors

  1. Do not start by looking at the options to solve the question.
  2. You may not be able to see the result of the equation you set up in the options. Trust your solution, the choices may be wrong.
  3. If you want to be sure of the result, either reconsider your process or re-examine what was the principle that set you up for the equation.
  4. Take more exams, be a candidate for more mistakes.

8-Problem: I take the exam with the fear of “I can’t”.


Let’s say you couldn’t. What will materialize, it’s not the end of the world? First comes the thought. These thoughts then turn into expectations. Then expectations are met. And the fear comes true. The solution is to admit that you can make mistakes. Talk to your friends, parents, teachers about your mistakes and mistakes. After all, these are all people who have made mistakes and are still doing it. Perfect is only Prophets. Remember that your teacher and friends already know your size. Your job is to show everyone that you are a candidate for change. By making new mistakes.

9-Problem: I get bored very quickly in lessons. Why is that?


  1. You probably overlook the examples your teacher gave at the beginning of the topic as he started to explain the topic.
  2. The concepts and idioms mentioned during the course of the subject may not have the exact equivalent in your mind.
  3. You are lacking in the past topics that support the topic described.
  4. You may have a chronic personal problem.
  5. While waiting for the formulas that the teacher will write on the board, you may not care about what is being said.
  6. During the course of the lesson, you are constantly deceiving yourself to look at the things you do not understand later.
  7. Especially if this topic is over, or the first article is written, you are avoiding yourself by saying that I will try to fully understand the Problems and Solutions.

10-Problem: I get stuck on a question and stop working by saying “I don’t know about it”.


There is no person who can correctly answer every question he encounters. Or, a person who can be considered an expert on any subject may not be able to answer every question directed to him or may answer incorrectly. And that doesn’t compromise that person’s expertise. A surgeon who dies at his desk is not a person who knows nothing. If you cannot solve the question you are facing, you already find that you do not understand the subject, so what you need to do is; Not learning the subject?

If you say you know the subject;

  1. Refer to a test book with solutions and pay attention to the warnings that are especially highlighted in dark colors in the solution of the question.
  2. During the solution, try to understand the explanations written between the processes persistently.
  3. If you do not understand the intermediate procedures, be sure to consult your teacher.

11-Problem: I don’t know which formula to use.


There are three basic approaches to solving physics questions;

Substitution method in the formula; It is a method for getting results in a short time. It is a method frequently used in teaching science at the primary school level or in private teaching institutions for the purpose of making a physics net for students who are out of numeracy. Physicists do not approve as they lead the college students’ problems and solutions.

  1. to memorization only. But the places where it gives results are not few. The student is always uneasy in question solutions.
  2. mathematical method; It is a method frequently used by students who are especially successful in ratio, function, analytics, and geometry. Questions that require action always yield results. It is practical.
  3. Physics method with principles; It gives 100% results, especially in comment questions. It provides auto-control of the logic that establishes the equation in operation questions. It saves formula memorization as well as teaches the output of formulas. All you have to do is choose one of the above methods.

12-Problem: I think I don’t need to study because the subjects are easy for me.


Many seemingly complex sciences are based on simple information. However, those that cannot be reinforced from simple information are destined to be forgotten. Some of the problems you will encounter in the future will be the lack of information about the past years. So by contacting your teacher:

  • Focus on research on physics olympiad topics.
  • Perform various experiments using the information you have learned.
  • Follow scientific publications of organizations.
  • Prepare projects related rates to various competitions.
  • Browse the physics-related sites on the Internet.

13-Problem: I get bored immediately after passing a certain number of questions.


  1. While solving questions, take care to solve questions that are appropriate for your level.
  2. Remember that every problem you solve will speed you up.
  3. Do not solve the questions in the same question bank over and over again.
  4. Do not use the test book on which someone else has a solution.
  5. Subscribe to one of the OSS preparatory journals.
  6. Increase your working hours with competition and cooperation by creating a group.
  7. When you get bored, postpone your work a little longer by saying one more question.., two more questions.. every time.
  8. Identify the reason why you are getting bored.

14-Problem: I can get good grades with a little study. This course is preventing me from studying.


  1. Find yourself, competitors.
  2. Take practice exams held in different classrooms or magazines.
  3. Transfer your information to someone. For example, employ someone weaker than you.
  4. Ask your teacher for challenging questions.
  5. Ask for lectures in class.
  6. Remember that your knowledge should be increased gradually and by assimilation.
  7. Solve questions from different sources on the same topic.

15-Problem: I can only solve comment questions.


  1. You should definitely contact your math teacher.
  2. Revise especially equation-building and equation-solving topics.

16-Problem: I miss a lot of questions due to carelessness.


The questions, especially those prepared with the test technique, are full of pitfalls.

  1. Be sure to find the correct solution to the problem you solved incorrectly.
  2. Give importance to concept hypothesis testing.
  3. Be sure to discuss your contradictions in the comment questions with your teacher.
  4. Try writing a question yourself, immediately notice that you want to write something distracting.

17-Problem: While checking the solutions in the exam, I’m starting to think the right solutions are wrong


While solving questions, your logic should be systematic. If you see some of your information contradicting others.

  1. Repeat the definitions and concepts in the relevant topic.
  2. Challenge yourself to solve questions with principles.
  3. Do not refer to formulas unless absolutely necessary.
  4. When concluding your unsure solutions, put a tick next to the solution. At the time of control, concentrate on such questions in particular and do not touch the others.

18-Problem: Physics seems difficult.


It is also difficult to remember the names of foreign people.  The concrete cast by the workers, on the basis of which skyscraper buildings stand, provides. Pouring concrete is a very simple task, but it elevates a very complex building. So is physics. As in all sciences, there is the logic of progressing from the simple to the complex. The reason why it seems difficult to you is that there is a lack of basic knowledge.

19-Problem: I can’t get the nets I want in practice exams.


The questions in the practice exams are not only questions prepared at the learning level. In test questions

  1. Information
  2. using time
  3. Comment
  4. Mental agility is measured. Information itself may come across as a simple question. For example, ÖYS exams. In the questions that do not require action, the information is given to you in the next section I…II… materializes. At that moment, your interpretation ability is being measured. The sooner you solve them, the more clear you will be, but the options are so close to each other. That’s when distractors come into play. Being very clear means bypassing these processes. What do you think, don’t you think the solution is to solve many, many questions?

20-Problem: I feel sleepy in class


  1. If this problem exists outside of class, for example, going to bed early like a chicken. Consult a physician immediately.
  2. When you come to school from home, make sure to have breakfast.
  3. Don’t make it a habit to watch TV at night.
  4. If you have class the next day, do not sit down with every guest who comes to your house until they get up.
  5. If you have the opportunity to take a shower as soon as you get up in the morning, be fit.
  6. Get in the habit of washing your face between each break.
  7. Make sure to go down to the garden during recess.
  8. Watch sci-fi movies or read novels from time to time.
  9. Draw attention to yourself by finding something to talk about with your teacher in every lesson.
  10. Be sure to participate in class discussions, even if you don’t have an opinion, make jokes.
  11. Be sure to eat during your lunch break. But never drink anything that will make you sleep, ayran, yogurt, etc.

21-Problem: I forget everything when I get home


  1. Get help from your friends over the phone.
  2. In addition to what is written on the board in class, write down the things you need to remember.
  3. Never study at night with another friend.

22-Problem: Physics seems easy, I can’t find anything to work with.


How do you come to such a conclusion!

  1. The topics that your teacher teaches in class seem too simple!
  2. It repeats what you have learned before!
  3. Are the questions solved in class very easy?
  4. Are you lightening homework?

Do not forget that the most magnificent buildings are based on the most amorphous mortars and concrete. Moreover, the most unqualified people throw them on the foundations of buildings.  Because your teacher will take the subjects from the simplest level and escalate them to the most complex.  However, at the end of the lesson, be sure to ask your teacher questions that push your limits. Or get alternative question banks.

Write down all the details about the assignments given.

While you are at school, remember that you will study alone at home and return home early, thinking that there is a lot of homework to do at home.

Share your difficulties with your friends while studying at home and observe how they can overcome such probability problems and solutions.

 23-Problem: I don’t understand some of the words my teachers use.


  1. If your teacher speaks fast while teaching the lesson, you can talk to him/her about this subject at the end of the lesson. Or you may be uncomfortable because he is lecturing aloud, or you may even have difficulty hearing him because his voice is too low.
  2. Could it be a disease of your own ears that you had at a young age? Discuss this with your family.
  3. Do you know beforehand the equivalents of the concepts used by your teacher in the subject entries? If you don’t know, ask your teacher right now. Ex. Force, speed, etc.
  4. If you cannot understand the words that your teacher uses to explain a subject that is not related to the lesson, you should definitely
  5. You need to develop the habit of reading books. Especially the novel and essay. To improve your reading comprehension and memory.
  6. You need to follow a periodical scientific journal eg. In the science-child class, in order to find the current equivalent of the examples given by the teacher for the subject, and to make a comparison.
  7. You must watch sci-fi movies. Ex. Matrix, Terminator, to develop your imagination about science, to more easily understand the conversations created by the expression of scientific words.

24-Problem: I don’t know what to do when I encounter a problem in the exam.


At the beginning of the student’s misconceptions at the time of the exam, the text is understood. Since the majority of the questions are written in a similar style, you can predict what will be asked in the next line when the question starts to be read like a person who reads the same letter or the same poem over and over. However, your margin of error can cost you dearly. Try to understand the question first, rather than getting on your guard in response to the question’s arrival. The text portion of the question is full of duplicates.

  • Especially if you pay attention to the units and try to associate them with the root of the question, what you need to do will begin to appear gradually.
  • What does the question root want from you, write it down in one sentence
  • Write down the concepts, principles, and equations necessary for what you’re writing to emerge.
  • Try to establish equations at the intersections of your knowledge and the problem.
  • Keep in mind that your equation may not get you to the solution right away. Because you may be making mistakes. Try the same process a few times. This will get you in the habit of Problems and Solutions.

25-Problem: I say I will work hard when I get home. I don’t know what to do when I open the notebook at home.


One of the basic conditions of success is persistence. Be sure to try to implement the decisions you make about studying at home. If you cannot apply;

Make few decisions about studying, but make sure to implement them. Remember that if you don’t keep your promise to yourself…

Studying is a habit. In order to acquire such a habit, try to move the classrooms out of the school. Develop such a habit in your circle of friends.

Make a plan for yourself. Keep your plan as simple as possible. And show your plan to your parents. Ask them for help in implementing your plan. This will take some of the household chores off you and your parents will gladly supervise you. You, too, will conquer their lake and have to study so that there is no shame towards them. Sometimes necessity drives great success.

If you have no idea what to do, take short notes on your notebooks and books at school about what to do at home during class. Ex. It’s like reviewing an old topic for a better understanding of the topic. Notes like these will guide you right away.

Instead of thinking about what to do, think about what you didn’t do and why you didn’t.

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