Stana Katic Age, Wiki, Kids, Family ,Biography, Education,Net Worth

Stana Katic Age, Wiki, Family, Biography, Education, Siblings, Net Worth

Stana Katic was born on 26 April 1978 in Canada. Her Age, Net Worth, Wiki, Kids, Assets, Child, Husband, Weight,   Height, Body stats, Education, Biography, Boyfriend, Movies, Body, Family, Caste, X Salary,  Religion, Affairs, Facts, News, Photos, Email, Videos, Robertson, Tomorrowland,  The longest ride, britt, girl boss, the secret circle, The space between us, The first time, ask me anything, for the people, life unexpected, I still believe and More

Stana Katic is a Canadian-American actress and producer. Her date of birth was 26 April 1978, which makes her 43 years old currently.

As Kate Beckett on ABC’s Castle (2009–2016), she played an NYPD homicide detective sergeant who partners with Dr. Richard Riddell in solving the mystery behind two sets of homicides while being a surgeon at the county hospital where they work together before their partnership became official until their wedding day when he becomes chief medical examiner while still investigating cases professionally outside work hours because it helps him keep himself sane from all these deaths amongst others like lab accidents etcetera.


Katic was born and raised in Canada, but her family’s roots run deep into Europe. Katic has portrayed this background to audiences around the world through acting on various stages from small-town theater performances all throughout Chicago; she even played Ophelia alongside actor Orlando Bloom at The Globe Theatre back when he still had hair!

Katic’s dad is originally from Vrlika Croatia while her mother came up north with other relatives who settled near Sinj after World War II ended there following its occupation by Germany before Yugoslavia became independent again post-Yugoslav Wars started distracting people too much instead of focusing solely on rebuilding their country which it did very nicely

Before she became a formidable force on the crime scene, Katic was just your average teenager. She spent her formative years moving to and fro among Canada, where she attended West Aurora High School before enrolling at the University of Toronto’s Trinity College for International Relations, Economics & pre-law in 1996. When it came time to choose what college would best suit her acting ambitions, however? Well, that wasn’t so easy! This is when things get really interesting – between being homeschooled all through high school by one sister while juggling four other siblings with different parents who traveled constantly abroad due to their jobs–Katic had never known any stability whatsoever until finally settling down into life away from home at age 18…but not without first considering how difficult


Katic played Hana Gitelman in Heroes, Collette Stenger in 24’s season five and Jenny on the film Feast of Love featuring Morgan Freeman. In mid-year 2010 she shot For Lovers Only with Polish siblings France where it premiered at Monte Carlo Television Festival winning Most Glamorous Actress award online polling form for Zlín Film Festival 2011 which made its reality debut this year also playing Lenore Kandel Large Sur movie written by Woody Allen

Katarzyna “Kasia” Kern (born 2 May 1985), better known simply as Katarina Kasics or just “Kat” is a polish actress who has appeared across various platforms such attended La Push Washington State National Park during filming

Following her role on Castle, Katic won the PRISM Award for Performance in a Drama Episode at the sixteenth Annual PRISMs. The following year she was honored with another People’s Choice Awards to win – this time as a favorite dramatic television actress alongside co-star Nathan Fillion who played opposite of him on their hit show “FireFly/Serenity (2002 TV series)”.

In 2010, when “Castle” first aired its pilot episode before it became an instant hit among viewers across America; Aisha Tish Davidson joined them to play Detective Olivia Rushman until season three where they reunited once again after DS Jared’s death occurred during the last few episodes which turned out not too well without showing much emotion.

Katic played the lead role of Carolina Baxter in Sister Cities, an independent film that was showcased at various festivals including Cannes. The Rendezvous features Katic as Rachel Rozman and co-stars Raza Jaffrey among others; it is directed by Amin Matalqa with cinematography done by Helen Corkran-Madden (Corky McGregor). Cadaver will be released in early 2017!


The Alternative Travel Project, started by Katic in 2010 is a movement to urge individuals and businesses alike go car-free for one day. The project also seeks out alternatives like public transportation or walking as ways people can reduce their environmental footprint when traveling through cities. This year at the 51st Zlín Film Festival she performed her song “Hello Blue Eyes” which was composed specifically with eco-minded musicians from around Europe who want more awareness on climate change within music communities today – so maybe you’ll hear it soon after that!

Katic Katica, the beautiful bride celebrated her 37th birthday in style on 25 April with a private service. The proud wife of Kris Brkljac, Serbian business effectiveness expert said “I was so happy when he told me that this is what you always wanted – bringing us together under one roof.”

Katic married him on Thursday at their home country Croatia where it happened to be located just before they started planning everything for his special day–and she did not disappoint! With some help from friends who are also vendors, there were smiles all around as guests arrived bearing gifts filled up space inside three tents set outside near trees while musicians played softly behind them during speeches given by relatives speaking mostly English through tears shed unchecked until finally came time


Stana Katic is a Canadian actress who has earned $12 million in assets by being professional and staying afloat.

Stana Katic is a Canadian actress who specializes in the portrayal of powerful women. Her success has come from being professional, hardworking, and dedicated to her craft which are qualities that make this country famous for its talent pool.

Actors like Stana learn early on about what it takes not only to work but also to be committed when you’re an entertainer because there isn’t always money behind your scenes if things don’t go according to plan or someone else wants something different than them instead- even though they did all!


Acid Freaks (1999) Shut-Eye (2003) Pit Fighter (2005)
Feast of Love (2007) Stiletto (2008) The Spirit (2008)
Truth About Kerry (2010) For Lovers Only (2011) Big Sur (2013)
Unbound (2013) The Double (2011) CBGB (2013)
The Rendezvous (2016) Lost in Florence (2017) A Call to Spy (TBA)


The Handler (2004) Alias (2004) L.A. Dragnet (2004)
The Shield (2004) JAG (2004) The Closer (2005)
ER (2005) 24 (2006) Brothers & Sisters (2006)
Faceless (2006) Company Man (2007) Heroes (2007)
The Unit (2007) Would-Be Kings (2008) Castle (2009-16)
Fletcher Drive (2012) Sister Cities (2016) Absentia (2017-present)


  • TV Guide Magazine’s Fan Favorites Awards
  • PRISM Awards
  • People’s Choice Awards

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