Sophie Marceau | Biography, Photos, News, Learn Everything 2022

Biography: Sophie Marceau (November 17, 1966). Read the full biography of the celebrity. Photos, family details, videos, and latest news 2022 on the portal Learn Everything

Sophie Marceau | Biography, Photos, News, Learn Everything 2022

Sophie Marceau’s Biography

Sophie Marceau is a French actress, an icon of beauty and style at the turn of the 80s and 90s. The role of Vic Beretton in the film “Boom” and Valentin Eskerra in the French comedy melodrama “Student” brought her fame and recognition. Also known as a screenwriter and film director, she tried her hand as a singer. He has won several film awards, including the Montreal Film Festival Award for Best Director (for “Tell Me About Love”) and “Cesar”. Author of half of the autobiographical book “Lying”.


Sophie Daniel Sylvie Moppu was born in the fall of 1966 to Simona Morisse and Benoit Moppu in Paris. The parents already have a son, Sylvain. His parents were people far from art: his mother worked as a salesman in a small shop in Gentia, a suburb of Paris, and his father was a trailer driver, and often went on business trips.

Sophie Marceau | Biography, Photos, News, Learn Everything 2022

When Sophie was in third grade, her father announced that he had met another woman and was leaving the family. For the girl it was the first non-childish test, she closed herself in, stopped taking school seriously, and did not even do homework, although Benoit did not disappear from the lives of children and maintained communication.

Sophie’s second test was at the age of thirteen. A year earlier, the mother had arranged a small photoshoot for her daughter and sent several photos of her to the Vogue modeling agency. It was there that a bright smile, shining eyes, and plump lips attracted the attention of the casting director of the future film Françoise Meniere. Sophie was called and invited to audition for Claude Pinot’s comedy melodrama “The Boom.” The girl came with Dad and looked shyly from behind his broad back. She was unaware that at that moment her entire future destiny was being decided.

Sophie Marceau | Biography, Photos, News, Learn Everything 2022

Hundreds of teenagers tried out for the lead role of Vic before her, including the burning Christina Real and the angel-like Emmanuel Bear. But only Sophie, who came up with the nickname Marceau on the way to the casting, which she called herself, turned out to be the embodiment of the director’s dream. She was “her own”: direct and cheerful, prickly and reflective.

She was sixteen when the largest French film company, Gaumont, signed a multimillion-dollar contract with her. Sophie appeared on the set of the most expensive project at the time, Alain Cornot’s “Fort Sagan”, starring Gerard Depardieu and Catherine Deneuve. The young actress played in it Madeline, a girl in love with a brave soldier.

Her Julie became charming and funny in Georges Lautner’s comedy “Happy Easter”. In the company of Jean-Paul Belmondo and Marie Laforet, she made many audiences in France and abroad laugh to tears.


Adult life began for Marceau with the filming of Maurice Piala’s crime drama “Police”, where she played a young drug dealer Noria, who fell in love with a policeman to save her friends.

Sophie Marceau | Biography, Photos, News, Learn Everything 2022

Together with Cheki Cario and Francis Easter, Sophie starred in the dramatic action movie “Crazy Love”, and in the melodrama “Student” she played a graduate student in love with Valentine Esquerra. Vincent Lyndon became her filming partner. Marceau also starred in the adventure historical film “Shauna” (Celine), a comedy “Fanfan”, where she also played the main character.

Fateful, according to the actress herself, was the role of Blanche, a mobile circus artist, passionately in love with the computer genius Luke (Jacques Dutton). The drama “My nights are more beautiful than your days” was shot by Andrzej Zhulawski, in this picture, according Sophie, she finally managed to overcome the image of a teenage girl and play an adult woman who has known true love.

Sophie Marceau | Biography, Photos, News, Learn Everything 2022
Gilles Jacob, Andrej Zulawski et Sophie Marceau au festival de Cannes. 1987/Credit:ZIHNIOGLU METE/SIPA/1602181755

The cinematographers who worked with Marceau in this film called her the most sensual actress in their memory. Marceau herself seemed to drop the shell of a trapped and complex child. This transformation was especially noticeable in the historical drama “Farewell Message”, where Sophie appeared in the image of Solange, the daughter of Baroness Dudevan, better known as Georges Sand (played by Marie-France Pizer). The heroine Marceau literally adores the dying Chopin (Janusz Olejniczak), who had an affair with her mother. It was to her that Frederick performed his last work…

Marceau’s first English-language role as Princess Isabelle in Mel Gibson’s military-historical film The Braveheart (1995). Scottish rebel William Wallace fell in love with the wife of his main enemy, the future King Edward II. At the same time, he is fighting for the right to remain free and independent.

Sophie Marceau | Biography, Photos, News, Learn Everything 2022

Gibson himself, the director and lead actor, said of his choice for the lead female role: “She is beautiful, she is French and she is a good actress. The performer had to have at least two of these qualities. ” The picture was nominated in ten Oscar nominations, receiving five statuettes.

Marceau’s debut in Hollywood was so successful that she was immediately offered the role of Anna Karenina in the play of the same name by Bernard Rose. Sean Bean and Alfred Molina became the main partners of the actress on the stage. Filming took place in Russia as well.

In parallel, Sophie starred in the comedy project “Marquise” (Marquise du Pack), the drama “Flame of Passion” (Elizabeth Laurel), and the melodramatic comedy “Happy Disappearance” (Laila Dubois) and several minor roles. The actress remembered working with John Malkovich in Michelangelo Antonioni’s latest film “Behind the Clouds”, where she played a cameo role.

Under the very curtain of the twentieth century, Marceau appeared on the screens in an unusual image of the “villain” Electra King in the famous Bond. The nineteenth story of James Bond performed by Pierce Brosnan was called “And the whole world is not enough.” Critics were unflattering about the film, but viewers liked the film, as did the charming, stubborn, clever heroine Sophie Marceau. Until the last minute, the intrigue lasted, in which it is unclear on whose side Electra. According to the audience, the Frenchwoman’s performance overshadowed even Bond’s “real” girlfriend, played by Dennis Richards.

Among the works of the actress in the two thousand years can be noted photojournalist Clelia (“Loyalty”), Lisa / Belphegor, the evil spirit (“Belphegor – the ghost of the Louvre”), a member of the French resistance Louise Defontaine (“Women Agents”), paralyzed rich Murielle (“Cartagena”) ), writer Elsa (“Meeting”).

In 2018, the latest comedy to date with Marceau has released: “Madame Mills, the perfect neighbor.” In addition to starring Ellen in her role, Sophie also directed the film. The “Madame” herself was embodied on the screen by the brilliant Pierre Richard.

Of the directorial works on account of Marceau’s five films, scripts for four of them she wrote herself. The most popular was “Tell Me About Love” starring Niels Arestup and Judith Godresh and “Missing in Deauville”.

“Missing in Deauville” is a noir thriller about the mystical return of an actress who died under strange circumstances. The story of thirty years ago invades the life of a lone police officer Jacques (Christopher Lambert), investigating a mysterious disappearance in an ancient Norman castle. Victoria (Sophie Marceau) appeared before him as if out of nowhere to become a threat to the investigation.

In the early stages of her career, the actress tried her hand at theatrical stages. She played Eurydice in the play of the same name by Jean Anuy and Eliza Bullitt in the play “Pygmalion” based on the play by Bernard Shaw. For this role, Marceau was awarded the main French theater award “Moliere” in the nomination “Most Promising Debutante”. But that ended the actress’ theatrical experiments, as Sophie changed her life dramatically and left for Poland with film director Andrzej Zhulawski.

Sophie Marceau’s Personal Life

According to the actress, she began to lead an intimate life quite early, which did not have the best effect on her character and self-esteem. And only the acquaintance with the Polish director Andrzej лаulawski in 1982, who was 26 years older than Marceau (she was 16), gave her a sense of security, and she began to gain self-confidence.

For the love of him, Sophie without hesitation terminated the contract, paid a penalty, and left with his beloved to his homeland. The actress lived in Poland for more than ten years, where their son Vincent was born in 1995.

Zhulawski revealed Sophie’s talent in “Mad Love” (1985), “My Nights Are More Beautiful Than Your Days” (1989), and “Blue Note” (1991), although these films did not bring her any money or world fame.

After eighteen years of marriage, the couple divorced. There were rumors that the reason for this was Sophie’s affair with Mel Gibson, but further relations between the actors did not follow, and soon, on the set of “Anna Karenina”, Marceau met with producer Jim Lemley. This union did not last long, but the couple had a daughter, Juliet.

In 2007, the beautiful Frenchwoman fell in love with filming partner Christopher Lambert. The actor reciprocated. They lived together for seven years, after which they announced their separation on a good note.

For more than a year, Marceau lived alone and even decided that a serious relationship was not about her. But at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, where the actress was a member of the jury, she was introduced to 38-year-old chef Cyril Link. Sophie herself was 49, and she did not think of any relationship with the “young man”. Until 2016, they were brought together by grief: Cyril lost his mother, and Marco’s first husband, director Andrzej Zhulawski, died of cancer in Warsaw.

Zhulawski refused the help of his ex-wife, who, learning of his misfortune, rushed to Poland with an offer to find the best doctors and treatment. Their last date made the strongest impression on the actress. Arriving in France, she called Linyak. Both helped each other survive the loss, but then the relationship came to an end. Now the actress is either alone or the press is silent about her new boyfriend.

Sophie Marceau Now.

The French movie star lives in a mansion in the suburbs of Paris. He is passionate about painting and swimming and collaborates as an ambassador with several brands.

The actress is planning to shoot with Christopher Lambert in 2021 in Joachim Masannek’s war drama Save the Last Bullet, but no more detailed information has been received from Marceau.

She is also claimed to be the lead actress in Francois Ozon’s film Tout s’est bien passé. The filming process will begin no earlier than the end of the lockdown announced in France due to the coronavirus pandemic.


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