Sophie cookson | Biography, Kids, Movies, Life, Education, Facts 2022

Biography: Sophie Cookson (born 15 May 1990). Read the full biography of the celebrity. The golden circle, kiss Keefe, kingsman 3, huntsman winter’s war, films et programmes tv, the huntsman winter’s war, red Joan, portrait artist of the year, partner, films, photos, Roxy, wiki, biography, jeans, dating, emperor, greed, height, IMDb, interview, images, agent, wallpaper, age, infinite, movies list, movies, kingsman, kingsman 2 and the latest news 2022 on the portal Learn Everything.


Sophie cookson | Biography, Kids, Movies, Life, Education, Facts 2022

As soon as Sophie Cookson left the theater school, she immediately attracted attention by starring in a sensational spy action movie. Since then, the actress has been trying to keep the bar, appearing in projects that, although not always approved by critics, invariably cause a stir in the press.

Childhood and adolescence

Sophie cookson | Biography, Kids, Movies, Life, Education, Facts 2022

Sophie Louise L. Cookson was born in May 1990 in the small town of Haywards Heath, in the county of Sussex in the southeast of England. She is the eldest child in the family, she has a brother Oliver. The celebrity’s parents are far from the acting profession: their mother teaches English and their father works in finance. But Marie and Colin never hindered their only daughter’s creative endeavors.

In the early years of Sophie’s biography, she engaged in academic singing and playing in the local musical theater. As a teenager, the actress toured Japan as part of a theater troupe. With age, priorities changed, and the girl decided to leave acting to go to the University of Edinburgh.

For a while, the hard-working and enthusiastic Sophie Cookson studied Arabic and art history with interest but soon realized that this was not her vocation. She dropped out of college to attend drama school in Oxford. There, Kukson also did not finish her studies, because she decided to pursue an acting career. Fate was favorable to her, and soon Sophie was talked about as a rising star.


Sophie cookson | Biography, Kids, Movies, Life, Education, Facts 2022

Before Matthew Vaughn decided to invite Sophie to the film “Kingsman: Secret Service”, he was already considering the candidacies of such popular actresses as Emma Watson and Bella Heathcote. But the choice of director fell on a young and little-known singer, whose filmography was except for episodes in television projects.

Vaughn, who is famous for his ability to discover new stars, was sure that Cookson would fit in brilliantly with the image of a young and clever spy Roxy. He did not lose, because the actress managed to play convincingly and not get lost in the shadow of such famous colleagues as Colin Firth, Michael Kane, and Samuel L. Jackson. The actress herself believes that not all of her potential has been used on the site. Sophie hoped she could do the tricks on her own, but she was only trusted with a couple of somersaults. The rest of the work was done by a professional backup.

But after the film hit the screens, critics were still delighted with Cookson. She was awarded the “Empire” award as the best young debutante, and the directors immediately began to send scripts for their projects. The actress gladly responded to a new offer from Vaughn, who invited her to participate in the sequel – “Kingsman: The Golden Ring”. Viewers saw this tape in 2017.


Sophie cookson | Biography, Kids, Movies, Life, Education, Facts 2022

In the breaks between shootings in the spy franchise, Sophie managed to participate in the work on the film “Snow White and the Hunter – 2”. She got a small but bright role as a young hunter Pippa. The cast of the film was again stellar, starring Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron, and Emily Blunt. For Cuxon, 2017 marked a return to television, but already as the lead actress. In the series “Gypsy”, she embodied a talented singer named Sidney, who becomes a love affair with the heroine Naomi Watts.

According to Sophie, as soon as she saw the script, she immediately realized that this is the image she had been looking for. Like the other characters in the drama, Sidney is a controversial figure. Therefore, the actress had to figure out in advance what the heroine really is and how she should be perceived by others. It was fascinating. The shooting turned out to be no less exciting. In the frame of the celebrity had to show not only hot kisses, but also an intimate relationship with Naomi Watts, but the artists easily found mutual understanding, so they did not feel awkward.

The show took place on the Netflix service, but the audience did not share the singer’s delight. Reviews were mostly negative, so they decided to close the series after the first season. Cookson sadly announced this on her Twitter page. In 2018, the premiere of the thriller “Code Red”, is based on the biography of Soviet intelligence agent Melita Norwood. Sophie appeared before the audience in the lead role. Later, she had to start again in a project inspired by the fate of a historical figure.

In the drama The Trial of Christine Killer, Cookson played a girl who found herself at the center of a scandal over romances with a British minister and a Soviet naval attache. In an interview, the actress noted that previously the story of Christine was told exclusively from a male point of view, and the creators of the series tried to show it through the prism of female perception. The Killer’s son noted that in the frame, Sophie Cookson was strikingly similar to his mother.

“The Trial of Christine Killer” was not the only project, the release of which Cookson delighted fans in 2019. She appeared in the satirical comedy Greed, directed by Michael Winterbottom. The singer was impressed by the methods of work of the director, who built the filming process on improvisation. Later, the celebrity starred in the fantastic film “Infinity”, where she managed to reveal different facets of talent. She was able to try her hand at tricks, for which she practiced boxing, and martial arts and learned to wield weapons.

Personal life

Sophie cookson | Biography, Kids, Movies, Life, Education, Facts 2022

Rumors of a romance between Cookson and her Kingsman partner Theron Edgerton have been discussed in the press in the past. But it turned out that they did not correspond to reality. The actress found happiness in her personal life with her colleague Stephen Campbell Moore. In 2020, they became parents for the first time – they had a daughter. Sophie Cookson is in no hurry to show the baby to fans, so on the day of the happy event she did not post a photo of the newborn on her Instagram account.

Early Life and Education

Sophie cookson | Biography, Kids, Movies, Life, Education, Facts 2022

Sophie was born in England and spent her whole childhood with her family and siblings. Most of Sophie’s needs were fulfilled by this easy life; there is great freedom within their group to choose anything they want as a career goal – even acting!

In contrast, after attending Woodbridge School she studied at University Edinburough where art/theatre interests led them into theater productions which later turned out also be useful when it came time for applying for jobs because these skills helped her land onscreen roles rather than just being pure luck alone (which sometimes happens).

Boyfriend. Who Is Sophie Cookson’s Boyfriend?

Sophie cookson | Biography, Kids, Movies, Life, Education, Facts 2022

The glamorous life of a celebrity is not all sparkles and rainbows. Sometimes, you’ll find your true love in the most unexpected places–like when Sophie Cookson met Andrew Gower while she was still dating Stephen Campbell! The two began their relationship back on Valentine’s Day 2014; however, it wasn’t until they separated rather than getting married that things took an even more horrible turn for this pair who were supposed to be forever together (and then spouses). It seems like every time these celebrities think about settling down with one person long enough for them both to have meaningful relationships outside Hollywood or London etc.

Net Worth

When it comes to Cookson’s career, she has been working hard on-screen and off. The talented actress behind the scenes is making big bucks while also putting in lots of effort for her fans who want more than just an appearance or two from them every year! As far as we know right now (and considering how private most people are), our net worth stands at $1 million dollars because everyone deserves their privacy no matter what size bank account they’re coming out with these days.”

Sophie Cookson now

In 2022, it became known that the celebrity was nominated for the anti-award “Golden Raspberry” for his role in the movie “Infinity”. But, despite such a low assessment of her acting data, Cuxon is in no hurry to get upset and is now continuing his career. In this, she is supported by loyal fans.


2013 – Moonfleet

2014 – Rosamund Pilcher

2014 – “Unknown Hearts”

2015 – “Kingsman: Secret Service”

2016 – “Snow White and the Hunter 2”

2017 – “Gypsy”

2017 – “The spell. Our days »

2017 – “Kingsman: The Golden Ring”

2017 – “Gypsy”

2019 – “Code Red”

2020 – “Infinity”

Interesting facts

Sophie cookson | Biography, Kids, Movies, Life, Education, Facts 2022

  • As a child, Cookson dreamed of becoming a veterinarian or an architect.
  • In addition to acting, the actress is engaged in vocals. She independently recorded songs for the series “Gypsy”.
  • Sophie spends her free time learning foreign languages, reading books, walking with friends, and in the gym – the last of her hobbies allows her to stay in shape. She weighs about 55 kg at a height of 161 cm.

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