Sofia Vergara Biographies | Movies, Net Worth & Facts | Britannica

Sofia Vergara Biographies | Movies, Net Worth & Facts | Britannica

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Sofia Vergara Biographies | Movies, Net Worth & Facts | Britannica


Sofia Vergara, Colombian American actress who was best known for her work on the Tv show Modern Family (2009–20). Her Movies included Meet The Browns (2008), Machete Kills (2013), & Hot Pursuit (2015).


Sofía Vergara is a popular Latin American actress. Starting her career with a starring role in Pepsi advertising, the girl was able to break into the top actresses of South America, become famous in Hollywood and take a well-deserved place in the modeling business. Her photos graced the pages of the most famous glossy magazines, and her name has repeatedly appeared in the rankings of the most beautiful girls on the planet.


The future pride of Latin America was born on July 10, 1972, in the small Colombian town of Barranquilla. The girl became the sixth child in the family. Her father, whose name was Julio-Enrique, devoted his entire life to his own farm, where he raised cows and bulls. Meat production provided a fairly large profit, so Sofia’s mother, Margarita, could devote herself entirely to raising children.

Sofia Vergara Biographies | Movies, Net Worth & Facts | Britannica

The road “to the people” of Sofia was opened by chance. A 17-year-old beauty walking on the beach was noticed by a photographer who saw a zest in the girl. Without hesitation, he invited her to come to the rehearsals and try their hand at the modeling industry. It must be said that from an early age Sophia was a zealous Catholic, so she did not immediately agree to a tempting offer, but went for a blessing to her mentors. After receiving permission from the clergy, Vergara began filming. Her first fame came from a funny Pepsi commercial, where a young attractive person tries to walk to a stall with a refreshing drink, but because of the hot sand, she has to pave a path from her own things to the great pleasure of men on vacation.

At age 18, she married her childhood friend Joe Gonzalez; two years later, their son Manolo was born. At the time, the girl was trying to study dentistry at a local college, but just two months after class began, her father left the family, and to keep her mother, siblings still in need, she had to move to the Colombian capital, Bogota. , where she was offered a job as a model.


In 1995, the girl received the position of host of the program “Unusual” about travel to exotic countries, which she hosted for the next three years. A little later, she became the founder of the Colombian version of the entertainment TV program “Are you weak?”.

Sofia Vergara Biographies | Movies, Net Worth & Facts | Britannica

At the same time, Sofia often attended photo shoots, posed for famous glosses, advertised underwear, and swimwear. In 1998, her brother Raphael was abducted. The robbers demanded a large sum of money, but, for unknown reasons, the girl refused to pay, as a result of which she lost her loved one forever. After that, she moved with her mother, sister Veronica and younger brother Julio to the States, to Florida. Going forward, in 2011 Julio, addicted to alcohol and drugs, was deported to Colombia after the 31st drive.

Between 1998 and 2002, her half-naked body adorned the covers of American posters and calendars. As for television, she was initially offered a job on the run-down Spanish-language channel Univision, but after her contract expired, Sofia Vergara signed a new one with ABS, where she soon appeared in the sitcoms Elite Housing, Elite Housing, Knights of Prosperity, My Wife and Children, In pursuit of the Pope “and others.

Sofia Vergara Biographies | Movies, Net Worth & Facts | Britannica

In 2001, she made her feature film debut in Barry Sonnenfeld’s Big Trouble. The role was small – she played a servant in the house of the heroine, Rene Rousseau. Work in the films “Flying Transport”, “Kings of Dogtown” and “Blood for Blood” soon followed.

In 2007, the premiere of the series “Desperate Housewives” (Colombian version), where Sofia had the honor to transform into one of the main characters – Alicia Oviedo. Starring Terry Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross, Eva Longoria, and Nicolette Sheridan. A few months later, Sofia embodied the image of a real lady from the TV series “Dirty Wet Money”. In 2009, the actress appeared in another sitcom – “American Family”. This time she had to try on the role of Gloria – a girl whose husband is twice her age. The series talked about domestic problems and quarrels between lovers.

As you can see, actress and model Sofia Vergara played only episodic roles for a long time, but after Bobby and Peter Farrelli invited her to their comedy “Three Fools” in 2012, the situation has changed dramatically. Sophia had the opportunity to transform into Lydia Harter, a fateful woman who skillfully manipulated three men. All she wanted was to make these simpletons kill her lawful husband in order to inherit. Sofia also managed to try her hand as a dubbing actor, voicing the characters in the cartoons “Escape from Planet Earth” (Gabby Bubblebrook), “Make Feet-2” (penguin Carmen), and “Smurfs” (Odile). In 2010, the popular gloss People gave the girl 50th place in the ranking of “Sexiest Women”.

In 2013, the premiere of such films as “Under the Mask of the Gigolo” and “Machete Kills”. After some time, the girl again attracted the attention of famous brands, becoming the face of Diet Pepsi, Rooms To Go, and Synthroid.

A year later, the actress once again delighted her fans with a key role in the adventure comedy “Cook on Wheels”. The set was shared with really outstanding actors – John Favreau, Scarlett Johansson, and Robert Downey Jr. In 2015, Sofia starred in the movie “Babes on the Run.” Transforming into a mobster’s wife, she had to find common ground with a police officer, played by the unsurpassed Reese Witherspoon.

A little later, Vergara starred in the action movie “Crazy Card”. While working on the picture, she was lucky enough to meet Jason Statham and Stanley Tucci.


In 1990, the then novice actress accepted the offer of Joe Gonzalez’s hand and heart. Two years later, they had their first child, Manolo’s son. A year after the baby was born, their relationship ended, and the couple broke up.

Sofia Vergara Biographies | Movies, Net Worth & Facts | Britannica
LOS ANGELES, CA – JANUARY 30: Actress Sofia Vergara (L) and actor Joe Manganiello attend the 22nd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at The Shrine Auditorium on January 30, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jeff Vespa/WireImage)

In 2000, the girl was diagnosed with terrible thyroid cancer. Without thinking, she agreed to surgery and then to radioactive iodine treatment. After all the procedures and tests, the doctors made a consoling verdict – complete recovery.

In 2012, the girl remarried. American millionaire Nick Loeb became the happy groom. But he did not manage to keep the beauty for a long time, and in 2014 the couple broke up. However, the actress did not stay alone for long – in the spring of the same year she met the famous actor Joe Manganello. A year and a half later, they officially became husband and wife.


In 2018, fans were able to see the actress in two films: the Spanish thriller “Tendency” and the comedy “Scammers Forced”. And if the first tape received low marks, the second critics literally tore it to pieces. Despite the brilliant cast, which included not only Sofia, but also Uma Thurman, Tim Roth, and Stephen Fry, but a terrible script and silly jokes buried the film alive.

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