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Saoirse Ronan is an Irish actress who became famous at a young age for her great acting in Atonement and Cute Bones. She has been nominated for three Oscars for her roles in Atonement, Brooklyn, and Lady Byrd.


Sirshi’s father, Paul Ronan (born 1965), is a native of Manchester, and the actress’ mother, Monica, is originally from Ireland. They married and settled in the southwest of Ireland, in the town of Cabra, but in the late 80 the country was in economic crisis, and the couple (he is a bartender, she is a nanny) moved to the United States. There, in the bustling area of ​​the Bronx, on April 12, 1994, their only daughter, Sirsha Una Ronan, was born.

In the States, Paul went on to audition and got several roles in famous films, such as “Devil’s Property” with Harrison Ford and “Boxer” with Daniel Day-Lewis. Brad Pitt also starred in The Devil’s Property – Saoirse Ronan met him even more foolish, sitting in her father’s arms.

In 1997, the family returned to Ireland – already “expanded”. They first settled in Dublin, then in the southeast of the country, in Carlow County. Paul continued to act in films and, although he never rose above the supporting characters, he introduced his daughter to the inside of the film business.

So the 9-year-old girl made her television debut – she got a cameo role in the drama series “Clinic” (not to be confused with the American “Clinic” with Zach Braff). Her heroine, Rihanna Gerarty, appeared in 4 series. The following year, the baby starred in the crime series “Proof”. Around this time, she auditioned for the role of Lightwood’s Lightning from the fifth installment of Harry Potter’s Adventures, but the role eventually went to Evan Lynch.

At the age of 12, Sirsha and her parents moved to Dublin again – the family settled in a villa in the capital’s suburb of Hout.


Saoirse Ronan’s ascent to the World Film Olympus began in 2005 when the filming of the romantic comedy “I’ll Never Be Yours” with Michelle Pfeiffer began. After this film, where Sirsha played the daughter of a film producer unhappy in her personal life, she was noticed by American directors.

A charming girl with a bright Irish accent and long hair attracted the attention of director Joe Wright. He was just looking for a young actress in the drama “Atonement” for the role of Brioni, a prodigy playwright with a rich imagination, who accused the crime of his older sister’s lover. Critics wrote the following about this work:

After starring brilliantly in partnership with Kira Knightley and James McAvoy, Saoirse Ronan was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, as well as Golden Globe and BAFTA nominations. She did not get any of the awards, but for a 13-year-old girl, it was a grand breakthrough.

Despite her fame, Sirsha remained an ordinary girl: most of all, she loved sitting by the river or on the couch in front of the TV, playing with her Border Collie dog named Sessie, meeting friends, and playing basketball. Glory also had a downside: Sirshe had to go to homeschooling. “When your classmates and teachers get to know you before you meet in person, it’s weird. Because of this, there were a lot of awkward situations, and I was ashamed. ” In 2009, director Peter Jackson offered Ronan one of the main roles in his film “Cute Bones”, where the girl starred with Stanley Tucci, Rachel Weiss, and Mark Wahlberg. This is a film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Alice Seabold.

The film, like the book, captivated the audience with its unusualness. 14-year-old Susie Salmon, played by a young actress, dies at the very beginning of the film at the hands of a pedophile. Throughout the tape, she watches her relatives from the afterlife, trying to help them find the killer and alleviate the pain of loss.

I must say that neither Sirsha’s parents nor she herself was initially happy about the prospect of starring in such a role, however, the director was able to convince them. Critics did not like the plot of this picture (in their opinion, the drama of the film was inferior to the original source), but Ronan’s play was highly praised. The girl was nominated for the Saturn, Critics’ Choice, and BAFTA Awards.

In the film “The Way Home” directed by Peter Weir (2010), the already well-known young actress Saoirse Ronan got the role of a Polish orphan girl. Her heroine, along with a group of prisoners, tries to escape from the Gulag in 1940, having traveled about four thousand kilometers to India. Here, Sirsha starred with Colin Farrell, Jim Sturgess, and Ed Harris.

In 2011, Ronan again worked with director Joe Wright. This time she starred in his film “Hannah”, where she worked with Eric Bana and Cate Blanchett. The genre of “action” was new to the actress, but she brilliantly transformed into a blonde girl-murderer, escaping from persecution by the secret services.

It is known that Saoirse Ronan was in talks with Peter Jackson, who wanted to see her in the role of the forest elf Itari in “The Hobbit”. The girl initially agreed, but refused soon after filming began, as work on the film took place in New Zealand, and she would have to abandon many interesting projects: the crime film about two juvenile offenders “Violet and Daisy”, and the vampire horror film “Byzantium” and a fantastic film about aliens “Guest”. In all these projects, the actress played the lead roles. For the same reason, she gave up the role of Kitty in “Anna Karenina”, which eventually went to Alicia Vikander.

In 2014, the young actress appeared in Wes Anderson’s comedy The Grand Hotel Budapest with Rafe Fiennes and Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut, the fantasy How to Catch a Monster. “Hotel” was the first film in which Saoirse Ronan was not accompanied by her parents – before that they were always with her on set, no matter what country she was thrown into.

In 2015, the actress moved to New York. At the same time, two iconic works in her filmography were released: “Stockholm. Pennsylvania and Brooklyn. The first is a psychological drama about a girl abducted in infancy. 20 years later, the family found her, but now the girl has to re-adapt to new realities. The second is a melodrama about a young Irish woman who moved to Brooklyn in search of a new life. Initially, her heroine was supposed to be played by Rooney Mara, but she gave up the role, and she switched to Sirsha.

Working on this tape earned Saoirse Ronan a second Oscar nomination. And again the statuette went to another actress – Bree Larson for the movie “Room”. Ironically, the plot of “The Room” was somewhat reminiscent of the Stkogolm script. Pennsylvania.

In February 2018, Saoirse Ronan was nominated for an Oscar for the third time – this time for the lead role in the tragicomedy “Lady Bird”. This is a story about a girl from a rural town, tired of the clutter of others. She dreams of moving to a big city, but the family is experiencing financial difficulties, her relatives do not understand her, and a guy from a wealthy family falls in love with her.

And although the Oscar statuette did not go to the young actress this time (it was awarded to Francis McDormand for his role in “Three Billboards on the Border of Ebbing, Missouri”), among Ronan’s awards was the first “Golden Globe”.

Also in 2018, the actress played the lead role in the drama “Seagull” by Anton Chekhov. In 2019, viewers enjoyed Sirsha’s play in the historical drama “Two Queens”, where her heroine literally had to compete with the character Margot Robbie.


Saoirse is a rather secretive actress and does not like to talk about her personal life. However, some of its details are still known. So, in 2013, Sirsha had her first boyfriend – British actor George McKay. They starred together in the anti-utopia “As I love now.”

It is unknown what happened between them, but the couple broke up pretty quickly. George declined to name the reason for the breakup, and Saoirse Ronan simply said that “she prefers to be alone.” In the same year, the actress had a brief affair with the British Max Irons.

In May 2017, the tabloids reported on a novel by Sirsha Ronan and Irish singer Hozier (Hozier, author of the hit “Take me to the church”), who was 3 years older than the actress. The couple did not appear together at public events – the paparazzi caught them at a music festival. The newspaper later reported apologizing for the misinformation – “Sirsha and Hosier are really good friends.”

After working on “Two Queens”, Sirsha began a relationship with filming partner Jack Louden. The couple has not officially confirmed their relationship, but they are periodically seen together in London: next to Sirshi’s apartment, then in her favorite bakery, and once they went together to a pub in Glasgow. “Jack and I were very comfortable with each other. We took care of each other, ”Saoirse Ronan told reporters when asked about their joint bed scenes in The Two Queens.


Recently, Ronan has starred a lot in historical “costume” dramas. After “Two Queens” there was “Little Women” based on the novel by Louise May Olcott, and in November 2020 the premiere of the film “Ammonite” was scheduled, where the two main characters are played by Saoirse Ronan and Kate Winslet. The action of the painting takes place in the XIX century. Sirsha plays the wife of the authoritative geologist Charlotte Murchison, and Kate Winslet is her companion. A romance flares up between women.

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