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Ruby Rose (@rubyrose) | Biography, News, Photos | informationspoint

Ruby Rose is an Australian artist, model, designer, DJ, and TV presenter. She is known as a celebrity who has openly admitted to her non-traditional sexual orientation.

Childhood and adolescence

Ruby Rose (@rubyrose) | Biography, News, Photos | informationspoint

Please bring my daughter up as your own.

Ruby Rose Langenheim was born on March 20, 1986, in Melbourne, Australia, to young artist Katie and Peter, a racehorse owner. Together with her one-year-old child, Ruby’s mother ran away from her husband and raised her daughter alone. They were frequently moved. They lived with Mary Aunt Rose for a short time. This was followed by relocations to Surfer’s Paradise, but then they had to move to Deidre Rose Langham, a grandmother who lived in Melbourne.

How did I learn to Love Myself?

At school, Ruby was an unsightly “gray mouse.” Tasteless clothes, detached behavior – for this classmates mocked her all the time. The “grayness” could have been caused by sexual violence from a relative, after which she began to suffer from bipolar disorder and attempted suicide.

Ruby Rose: The courage to be yourself

At the age of 12, she reported her unconventional sexual orientation, hoping that the attacks would stop, but it only got worse. Rose even wanted to change her gender, but then changed her mind, after talking to people who have made a transgender transition. At age 16, she attended Melbourne’s Footscray College. In a fight with classmates in a cafe, Ruby was hit by an iron chair on the head, after which she was taken to hospital.

No one knows

Only after a trip to Germany Rose was able to change her perception. She was fluent in German, and as soon as she had the chance to go on an exchange curriculum, she took advantage of it. In Germany, there was a change in the image: Ruby cut her hair and pierced her tongue.

Model business and television

Ruby Rose (@rubyrose) | Biography, News, Photos | informationspoint

Ruby Rose – A Rising Star

Rose first tasted fame when she competed in 2002. The competition was organized by Girlfriend magazine of the Australian edition. Ruby took 2nd place and lost to Catherine McNeill. In 2007, Rose’s career skyrocketed: after surpassing more than 2,000 applicants, Ruby Rose became an MTV Australia video. The year 2009 was full of events: she received the ASTRA Award and was named the most popular person on television, participated in the Australian game show Talkin ” bout Your Generation ‘, was a guest judge at Australia’s Next Topmodel, and hosted The 7 pm Project.

From Designer to Presenter

In 2010, Ruby also tried her hand as a designer, creating a capsule fashion line with the Australian label Milk and Honey, which includes washed jeans, leather jackets, and T-shirts. The presenter developed street shoes together with TM Galaz. In 2014, another Faircloth Lane fashion collection appeared in collaboration with Phoebe Dahl.

The Popular Media Personality

The popular media personality is also in demand in advertising. Ruby was the Australian ambassador for brands such as Maybelline New York, JVC, the face of the Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply youth line, the Urban Decay cosmetics brand, the elite Danish label Georg Jensen, and the Australian clothing company JAG, Swarovski, Nike, and others.


Having made her way on television, Ruby did not leave her modeling career, and also decided to prove herself in a new role – as a DJ. In 2012, the presenter wrote the song Guilty Pleasure in the genre of dance electronic music, and in 2014 she delighted fans with the song Break Free, dedicated to the problems of gender identification. Since 2010, the singer has run her own YouTube channel, where she posts videos from projects. In 2016, the TV presenter directed a video for The Veronicas for the song On Your Side.


In 2008, Rose tried her hand at acting. The role was in the low-budget film Suite for Fleur. In 2009, Ruby starred in the drama “Life Experience” with actress Cristina Ricci. The fame of the actress was brought by the role of prisoner Stella Carlin, who appeared in the 3rd season of the TV series “Orange – the hit of the season” in 2015. The multi-series film was about life in a women’s prison. The painting is based on the autobiographical book Piper Kerman. The central characters in the project were played by Taylor Schilling, Laura Prepon, Michael J. Harney, and others.

2017 was a breakthrough for Ruby. She appeared in the final part of the horror film “Abode of Evil. Rose got the lead female role in the famous thriller “John Week – 2”, where she starred opposite Keanu Reeves. Interestingly, Ruby’s character by name is not mentioned in the action movie. The fact that the heroine’s name is Ares, you can only learn from the captions. However, the title of the film appears on the screen only 14 minutes after the start of the show.

In the action movie “Three Xs: World Domination” (2016), the actress embodied the image of her partner Xander Cage (Vin Diesel) – sniper Adele Wolf. For this project, the actress boxed 7 days a week. On set, Rose and Vin became so friendly that they started calling each other brother and sister. Ruby Rose nearly drowned during the filming of the horror film Meg: Monster of the Deep (2018), which tells the story of a prehistoric monster from the unknown depths of the Mariana Trench. Although the acting team, stuntmen, and extras learned to breathe and swim properly for a month.

The creators of the project worked on the appearance of a 23-meter megalodon with teeth in 5 rows for about a year. The giant shark was created on a computer, like other deep-sea creatures from the fantastic underwater world. 16 boats were used simultaneously to shoot action scenes. But the mass in the film is real – in the episode of the monster’s attack on the beach in China involved more than 2,000 extras.

In 2019, Ruby appeared in the series “Batwoman” as Kate Kane. To prepare for the filming, she regularly practiced martial arts with real Shaolin monks, the actress also took lessons in meditation, qigong, etiquette and kung fu. Almost all the tricks in the project Rose performed on their own, without the help of stuntmen.

Ruby left Batwoman after the first season. The actress explained her decision by saying that she was “tired of filming”. But the real reason, apparently, was the pressure from the LGBT community, which accused the actress of excessive promotion and offered to give way to a lesser-known colleague. By the way, after Rose left the show, she was replaced by black bisexual Javisia Leslie – instead of Kate Kane, a new character Ryan Wilder was introduced into the plot.

Personal life

Ruby Rose (@rubyrose) | Biography, News, Photos | informationspoint

Openly for all

The actress is an outspoken lesbian. Having a feminine appearance, the presenter feels partly like a man, and her behavior, character, and haircut – are appropriate. In 2009, Ruby was spotted kissing top Australian model Catherine McNeill. Later, there was talk of an engagement of girls, but in 2010 it was dissolved. In 2014, Rose met Phoebe Dahl, and a romantic relationship began between them, and in December 2015, they announced their separation on social media.

Actress Ruby Rose Bio

In 2016, actress and businesswoman Harley Guzman began an affair, but two months later they broke up. Rose then entered into a relationship with The Veronica’s vocalist Jessica Origliasso. In April 2018, it became known that the couple broke up. Millions of Instagram followers are watching Rose’s personal life and career biography. There, Ruby shares with fans personal and work photos, footage from filming and travel, and video.

Eat Healthy and Look Great like Ruby Rose

In 2017, fans of the celebrity suspected her of anorexia. The actress appeared on the red carpet of the CMA ceremony, where she shocked the audience with excessive thinness. Rose replied to the attacks that she was happy with everything, she felt fine. The actress does not hesitate to show her figure in open outfits and a swimsuit. The model spends a lot of time training and eating only healthy food. In an interview, the actress advised haters to watch themselves, not others.

Actress Ruby Rose Battles Back Surgery

In early 2018, Rose underwent back surgery. The surgery was successful, it turned out that her body does not tolerate codeine. The actress also noted the positive side of the disease on social networks – before going to the hospital, the model quit smoking. According to media reports, Ruby is dating American actress and dancer Katie Lotz.

Ruby Rose now

In April 2021, Ruby’s filmography was completed with the crime thriller “Angel of Revenge” with Morgan Freeman. Rose also got one of the main roles – she played a Russian drug courier, who is blackmailed by a former police officer, forcing him to clear the city of bandits.


Ruby Rose (@rubyrose) | Biography, News, Photos | informationspoint

2015 – “Orange – the hit of the season”

2016 – “Dark (black) matter”

2017 – “Three Xs: World Domination”

2017 – “Abode of Evil: The Last Chapter of Abigail”

2017 – “John Week 2”

2018 – “Perfect Voice 3”

2018 – “Meg: Monster of Depth”

2019 – John Week 3

2018-2019 – “Supergirl”

2018-2020 – “Arrow”

2020 – “Baby with character”

2021 – “Angel of Revenge”

Interesting facts

  • The actress suffers from manic-depressive psychosis.
  • Tattoo Rose began to do in school as a protest against the aggression of classmates. Now their number has exceeded a hundred.
  • The voice of the actress is spoken by the heroes of the cartoons “Wolves and Sheep: b-e-e-e-zoom transformation” and “Monster Academy”.
  • Ruby supports charities that help teenagers and advocates for animal rights.
  • The actress is allergic to refined sugar.


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