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RACHEL WEISZ Networth, | young, Age, Education | Family & Movies


Actress Rachel Weisz, the beautiful and tragic Hypatia from the Agora and the controversial Tessa from The Devoted Gardener, gained popular love in the early 2000s by playing Evelyn in The Mummy, and has been repeatedly named one of the most beautiful women on the planet. seems to only add charm.


Rachel Hannah Weisz, the eldest daughter of George and Edith Weisz, was born on March 7, 1970, in Westminster. The actress spent her childhood in Hampstead, where she graduated from elementary school and then entered the prestigious St Paul’s School.

Rachel grew up in a wealthy Jewish family, her father was a technical engineer whose parents emigrated to England from Hungary, and her mother was a psychotherapist whose veins bled the blood of Austrian Jews and Italians. George Weisz was a Judaist and Edith was a Catholic. As a result, they raised Rachel and her younger sister to respect all religious denominations, instilling in girls freedom of choice.

Liberal upbringing and full trust on the part of her parents influenced the formation of the character of the actress, who from an early age sought independence. In 1984, Rachel won a beauty contest in North London and drew attention to her persona by refusing an offer from agents to audition for a role in the film “King David”, starring Richard Gere. So the young Weisz got into the British media, which allowed themselves to say in the spirit of “not very smart girl missed her chance.” Much later, the actress will say that she was just afraid to go to the audition, because then she did not see herself as an actress.

At Trinity College, Rachel became interested in theater and participated in many Cambridge Talking Tongues productions. In 1991, the troupe, which included Rachel and her university friends Sasha Baron Cohen and Ben Miller, won a prize at the Edinburgh Festival.


In 1993, Rachel received a bachelor’s degree in English literature and first appeared on television in episodes of the series “Lawyers” and “Inspector Morse”. In Scarlett and Black, Rachel starred with Ewan McGregor and Christopher Fulford, who played her suitors.

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In the big movie, Rachel’s first work was a minor role in the 1994 film “Death Machine”, but in the next picture, she played the lead role.

In “Chain Reaction”, the young actress portrayed a student Lily, who with her friend Eddie made a discovery that can change the established course of events. The role of Eddie was played by Keanu Reeves, and the patron of young scientists was played by Morgan Freeman. The film was a success due to the young and very beautiful Weisz and Reeves, but the next picture made Rachel famous as one of the most talented young actresses.

The film “Escaping Beauty”, directed by Bernardo Bertolucci himself, was released in 1996. Rachel faced a difficult task, as the main role was played by twenty-year-old Liv Tyler, who was amazed at her youth and was the embodiment of beauty. Rachel’s character is inevitably the grown-up and tired heroine Liv, a woman with tired eyes who wants love but is doomed to find only lust. The film stars Jason Fleming and Joseph Fiennes, as well as Jeremy Irons.

Weiss’s performance was highly praised by film critics, the actress began to receive many proposals, but she always chose a heroine with a complex character. Between 1997 and 1999, Rachel starred in several films, the most significant works of the actress were the dramas “Tendency” and “Three Englishwomen out of town” and the thriller “I want you.”


Evelyn’s role in the spectacular blockbusters “The Mummy” and “The Mummy Returns”, in which she played in a pair with Brendan Fraser, is rightly considered one of the most beloved fans of the actress. The heroine Weisz is a quiet librarian and bookseller, she dreams of traveling, knows the history of Egypt, and can read ancient manuscripts. In this role, Rachel managed to show not only the acting data but also his intelligence. And from her kisses with Fraser, the audience just held their breath!

RACHEL WEISZ Networth, | young, Age, Education | Family & Movies

The 2000 comedy thriller “Beautiful Creatures” was remembered by the duo Weisz and Susan Lynch, whose heroines decided to make life easier by getting rid of their boyfriends.

In the image of a Russian girl in a complex dramatic film “The Enemy at the Gate”, interpreting the events that took place during the Battle of Stalingrad, the actress looked very harmonious. Critics called her appearance universal but spoke negatively about the distortion of historical events. The role of the shepherd who became a sniper of the Soviet Army was played by Jude Law, and the role of the commissioner was played by Joseph Fiennes.

With Hugh Grant, the actress worked in the touching drama “My Boy”, playing the role of a single mother. The film won numerous film awards and was named the best film of 2002.

In the drama “Verdict for Money”, which focuses on the issue of free sale of weapons and lobbying by government agencies for the interests of arms companies, Weisz was lucky enough to work with Gene Hackman, also starring Dustin Hoffman and John Cusack. 2005 is considered one of the most successful in her career, primarily because of the Oscar she won for her role as Tessa in the detective thriller “The Loyal Gardener”. Weif’s husband was played by Rafe Fiennes.

RACHEL WEISZ Networth, | young, Age, Education | Family & Movies

In the same year, the legendary horror film “Constantine: Lord of Darkness” was released, in which the actress met again on the set with Keanu Reeves. In the film, Rachel played both a police detective and her sister, whose death she is trying to find an explanation for. Tilda Swinton shone in the role of Archangel Gabriel, and Peter Stormare became Lucifer. The picture was named a bestseller in its genre and the highest-grossing project of this film season.

From 2006 to 2011, the actress took part in the films “Fountain”, “My Blueberry Nights”, “Bloom Brothers” and others. Rachel’s role in the detective drama “Cute Bones” stands out, especially in this period, where she played the mother of a dead girl (Sirsha Ronan), and her partner was Mark Wahlberg.

In Alejandro Amenabara’s film “Agora”, called anti-Christian by the clergy, the actress played Hypatia, who suffered because of her thirst for knowledge.

The actress had a collaboration with Vanessa Redgrave and David Strathairn in the biographical thriller “The Snitch”. Rachel’s partner in the political detective drama “Page 8” was Bill Nye, and in the horror film “Dream House” – Daniel Craig.

In The Deep Blue Sea, Weisz worked with Tom Hiddleston and had a strong impact with her delicate nervous, and sensual acting, which won a prize from the New York Critics Union for Best Actress.

The actress’s subsequent work has consistently been a victory in the acting field, including the role of Dr. Schering in the thriller “Bourne Evolution”, the role of Lina in the film “Youth” and, of course, the role of Hannah in the 2016 drama “Ocean Light”, who lost and found her child thanks to the nobility of the hero Michael Fassbender, who sacrificed personal happiness and freedom for justice. In 2017, the film “Disobedience” was released, which tells about the tragedy that unfolded in the orthodox Jewish community, whose members learned about the love of two women, one of whom was played by Weisz. Rachel McAdams starred as her lover.


The first chosen one of the famous British women was Darren Aronofsky, for whom she moved to New York and in 2006 gave birth to a son Henry. The relationship between the actress and the director lasted until 2010. In an interview with this period, Rachel said that she will probably never get married because she does not believe that she can find true love.

RACHEL WEISZ Networth, | young, Age, Education | Family & Movies
attends the 7th annual Governors Awards at The Ray Dolby Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland Center on November 14, 2015, in Hollywood, California.

Despite her skepticism, love still came to her in the person of Daniel Craig, with whom she had known for many years. Feelings between the actors flared up while working on the film “Dream House”, and in the summer of 2011, they got married.

In 2017, news began to appear that the actress is expecting a child, and it turned out to be true: their daughter was born in the fall of 2018, but happy parents are not yet ready to say her name.


In the movie “Race of the Century”, released in early 2018, the actress played the wife of a businessman who dared to go sailing around the world on a yacht to save his company from bankruptcy. This role went to Colin Firth, also starring David Thewlis.

The drama “Favorite”, which became the brightest event in the world of cinema and has already been named the best film of 2018, predicted victory in several Oscar nominations. Rachel is played by Lady Marlborough, and her partners in the history of dark court secrets and intrigue were Joe Alvin and Emma Stone, and Queen Anna was played by Olivia Coleman, who won the top prize from film academics.

Rachel Weisz was nominated for a Golden Statuette as Best Supporting Actress, her competitor was Emma Stone, who played the commoner Abigail.

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