Penelope Cruz | Biography, Personal life, Photos, News & Movies 2022

Biography of actress Penelope Cruz: Biography, personal life, husband Javier Bardem, children, a romance in his youth with Tom Cruise, friendship with Salma Hayek. Filmography, role in the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Latest news in 2022.

Penelope Cruz Biography

Penelope Cruz | Biography, Personal life, Photos, News & Movies 2022

Penelope Cruz is an artist and model who has gained recognition in both her native Spain and Hollywood.

Known For Famous in Vicky Cristina Barcelona’s movie
Nickname Penelope
Full Name Penelope Cruz Sanchez
Profession Actress, model
Nationality Spanish
Age 48 years old (in 2022)
Date of Birth 28-Apr-74
Birthplace Madrid, Spain
Religion Roman Catholic
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Weight 62 kg (137 lbs)
Waist 27 inches
Hips 35 inches
Dress Size 8 (US)
Body Type Hourglass
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Profession:  Actress, model
Film Debut:  Jamón, jamón (1992)
Net Worth:  USD $55 million Approx
Father:  Eduardo Cruz
Mother:  Encarna Sanchez
Sister(s):  Monica Cruz, Salma Cruz Moreno
Marital Status:  Married
Husband:  Javier Bardem (m. 2010)
Children:  2
Son(s):  Leo Encinas Cruz
Daughter(s):  Luna Encinas Cruz
Dating History: Gigi Sarasola (1998),Thomas, Nacho Cano (1991 – 1998), Obermaier (1998 – 2000)
Hobbies:  Traveling
Favorite Color:  Blue

Many film critics and directors put her name on par with stars such as Ingrid Bergman, Greta Garbo, Sophie Lauren, and Marlene Dietrich. Magnificent acting combined with a bright Mediterranean appearance allowed her to find an impressive army of fans.

Childhood and adolescence

Penelope Cruz | Biography, Personal life, Photos, News & Movies 2022

A Spanish Beauty:

Penelope Cruz, the fabulously beautiful Spanish actress who starred in “The Godfather Part III” and many other films including My Girl,” was born on April 14th, 1974. Her parents were simple people: Encarna Sanchez’s mother worked as a hairdresser while Eduardo Cruz labored at a retail store before becoming an engineer for General Electric Co., where he retired after a 40+ years career working abroad throughout Latin America-including Mexico City during its capitalistic boom times (the 1940s). The eldest child besides son Eduardo D’Alessio grew up Catholic.

Penelope Cruz – A Talented Actress:

Penelope Cruz considers her childhood happy. From a young age she became interested in classical ballet, which she first studied at the National Conservatory of Spain, and after graduating went to America, where she spent 4 years improving her dance skills at the famous Christina Rota School in New York.At the age of 14, Penelope began her career as an actress. Her first role was on Pedro Almodovar’s Tie Me Up! cheering film with laughs and witty dialogue that left a lasting impression – so much so in fact she went out surveillance to watch him work when it came time for filming again two years later…but he wasn’t there this go around because they were too busy shooting away until nightfall fashioned each scene just right where needed (and yes I am talking about you ‘The Tree Of Life’).

How To Spark Conversations:

Cruz was only 15 when she became the face of Mecano’s music video. The first time I saw Penélope in action, she was hosting her own teen show from 1990 to 1997. And now? actress with many credits under her belt – including acting in motion pictures like “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” (2008) which gained critical acclaim amongst other things winning two Oscars; one for Best Writing excuses sorry deserves a mention here but no matter how hard we looked it just wasn’t there.”MoviesPenelope Cruz’s cinematic biography began in 1991 with the release of an erotic series called “Pink Series”. The young Spaniard played a cameo role, for which she had to undress completely. Naked Cruz caused a sensation, and she was immediately noticed.

Penelope Cruz – Award-Winning Actress:

The following year, she appeared in one of the central roles in the film “Jamon, Hamon” (“Ham, ham”). For this work, Penelope was nominated for her first award – the Spanish Goya Award.In 1993, Cruz starred in the comedy film “Elegant Age”, for which she received the Spanish Actors Union Award.In 1997, Penelope played a John Lennon fan in the comedy Dangers of Love. But more of the audience’s attention went to the paintings “Paradise Corner” and “Living Flesh”. In the last tape, the actress played a woman of easy behavior. Later, Penelope not only starred in Almodovar’s paintings but also became friends with him. The great director called her his muse. In 1998, Cruz starred in her first American western, The Land of Hills and Valleys. The picture was a failure in terms of collections and reviews by film critics, however, the actress was nominated for an ALMA award.

All About My Mother:

But for the film “The Girl of Your Dreams”, where she appeared as a singer, the Spaniard received a sea of ​​spectator love and many awards, the largest of which were the Goya Award and the nomination for the European Film Academy Award. In 1999 and 2000, Penelope starred in two films by Pedro Almodovar. In “All About My Mother”, she brilliantly played a supporting role, and in “Women from Above” – ​​the main one.She shone in two paintings that brought her world fame. This is the drama “Vanilla Sky”, where the Spaniard appeared in the role of Sophia – a friend of the protagonist, played by Tom Cruise. Although the film received mixed reviews from film critics, viewers liked it. Cash receipts lived up to the expectations of the creators, bringing in more than $ 200 million worldwide.

The Girl of Your Dreams:

The actress Penelope Cruz received the Golden Raspberry Award for her work in “Cocaine”. Her films have been met with great approval from viewers around the world, but it seems that not all of them were as passionate about this particular movie. In any case, despite its lackluster box office performance and mostly negative reviews from critics when compared to other movies released around the same time period (such as ‘Vanilla Sky’), she still managed to emerge unscathed–and even better than before! The decline in the artist’s career marked the next 5 years, starting in 2001. Of the 10 paintings in which Penelope starred, only the film “Don’t Leave” was more or less well-received. For the leading role in this project, the actress received the David di Donatello Award and another “Goya”. The audience also liked the Christmas melodrama “Noel”, in which Paul Walker and Susan Sarandon played with the Spaniard.

Let’s Do It Again:

After the recession – another rise. In the comedy action film “Bandits”, Penelope appeared with Salma Hayek, and another film by Almodovar “Return” consolidated the former success. “Return” brought the actress incredible popularity and an Oscar nomination. In addition, she has received many other significant awards, including the Golden Globe, BAFTA, and the American Film Actors Guild Award. At home, she was awarded another national Goya Prize.2008 proved to be an extremely fruitful and successful year for Cruz. She starred in “Elegy”, “Manolet” and “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”. All 3 films were warmly received by critics and viewers, but the latter was a real triumph for the Spanish film diva. Penelope won the long-awaited Oscar for her supporting role. She is the first Spanish actor to receive the coveted statuette.

Played at the Oscars:

The next role in the film “Nine”, directed by Rob Marshall, was also nominated for an Oscar. Here Penelope Cruz played with Nicole Kidman. Soon she was again invited by this director to shoot for the project “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Shores”. The actress played Angelica, Jack Sparrow’s lover, whose role, as in previous parts, was played by Johnny Depp. To enter the role, the actress had to learn to fence.

Go Behind the Scenes:

In 2011, Penelope had a personal star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The actress was able to confirm the merit of the star in 2012 and 2013. She played Anna in Woody Allen’s Roman Adventures and the heroine of the thriller The Adviser. Cruz appeared in the drama “Born Twice”, based on the novel by Margaret Magzantini, where she played the Italian Gemma. Her protagonist recalls a past in Sarajevo that mixed personal relationships attempt to obtain a permit for adoption, a young family, and the civil war in Bosnia.

Helping Customers:

In 2013, the actress starred in Pedro Almodovar’s comedy “I’m very excited.” The film shows a tragic situation: a plane flying to Mexico is faulty, due to disconnected electronics and crew, and passengers become helpless. Two years later, Cruz appeared in the Spanish drama “Ma ma”. The actress played the main role of a talented teacher Magda, who is trying to overcome the disease and return to a happy life. The actress appeared in the role of a special agent of the fashion police, who is forced to ask for help from Zulander to investigate a series of murders of models. In November 2017, the premiere of the crime film “Murder on the Eastern Express”, a film adaptation of Detective Agatha Christie from the series of books about detective Hercule Poirot. Penelope Cruz played Greta Olson. In addition to appearing as a detective, the actress starred in the biographical crime drama “Escobar”, in which the main character – the Colombian drug lord – played Penelope’s husband Javier Bardem.

Penelope Cruz’s Recent Movies:

Penelope Cruz has been an actress for many years, but it’s only recently that people are starting to take notice. In 2018 alone she starred in two major movies – ‘Labyrinths of The Past’ by Asgar Farhadi which screened at the Cannes Film Festival opening ceremony and another drama called ” uncanny” opposite John Lithgow.

According to the plot of the film, the main character Laura comes from Argentina to her homeland in Spain with her husband and children, where she meets her first love Paco at her sister’s wedding. The celebration is overshadowed by the abduction of Laura’s daughter. In the film, the actress once again played in a duet with Javier Bardem. Also on FX TV was a show of the 2nd season of the series “The Murder of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story”, in which the actress appeared in the image of Donatella Versace. For the role of Penelope turned into a blonde.


Penelope Cruz | Biography, Personal life, Photos, News & Movies 2022

New Film: Red Sparrow:

In 2006, she was the face of L’Oréal. Pe has also appeared in several commercials for Spanish clothing companies Mango and Ralph Lauren Fashion House. There is a clothing store in Madrid for Penelope Cruz and her sisters.The actress maintains an official Instagram account, where she posts posters of upcoming films, photos with other stars, selfies, landscapes she likes, and shares videos she likes.

Chanel Show:

In early 2019, the celebrity debuted at the show of the next collection of the Chanel brand at the Paris Fashion Week. Penelope Cruz took to the podium in memory of Karl Lagerfeld, with whom she collaborated in the last year of his life. Thanks to the legendary designer in 2018, Cruz was honored to represent a world-famous brand. Now the artist’s face continues to appear on the covers of glossy magazines.


Star Volunteer:

Like many Hollywood stars, Penelope is involved in charity. Caring for the needy celebrity began in the late 90s. Then the actress helped the staff of the orphanage of Mother Teresa, and the money received for the work was transferred to the charity fund of a Catholic nun. At the beginning of the “zeros” Cruz prepared for the photo exhibition of pictures of children living in Tibet – the event was attended by the Dalai Lama himself.

Actress & Singer Penelope Cruz:

Later, the singer led the Sabera Foundation project, which supports women and children from Calcutta. The Spaniards and the problems associated with serious human diseases have not gone unnoticed. For example, Penelope participated in campaigns to address the shortage of bone marrow donors and gave interviews where she talked about different ways to help patients. In the field of philanthropic activities, Cruz also included actions to combat AIDS. Together with other colleagues in the creative department, the artist regularly appears at charity auctions to raise funds for victims of natural disasters.

Penelope Cruz Personal life

In the personal life of the actress, there are several famous people who are very dear to her. In his youth, Penelope was lucky enough to meet and get closer to director Pedro Almodovar.

Penelope Cruz | Biography, Personal life, Photos, News & Movies 2022

Friendship with Salma Hayek is also old. The Spaniard has been dating Tom Cruise for 3 years. This novel is over, but there is still a warm relationship between the actors. Penelope was the first among the artist’s friends to see his newborn daughter Suri. After ending his relationship with Tom, the star had a brief affair with Matthew McConaughey.

In 2010, Penelope married Javier Bardem. Cruz met her future husband when the actors starred together in one of Penelope’s first films, Ham, Ham, but their real feelings only erupted in 2007 on the set of Woody Allen’s Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

The actors on the screen reincarnated into ex-spouses, the passion between which has not yet died down. As fans of the couple like to joke, despite the fact that Pe and Javier have known each other for a long time, only a brilliant director managed to become them a “cupid” who connected destinies.

The actress, after Javier appeared in her personal life dreamt of only one thing to have children and lead a happy family life. Penelope has become less frequent appearing only on projects per year; however this wish soon came true as well with the couple having two wonderful kids: Leo who is four years old now (2011)and Luna born in the last year 2013. In addition to being close by his parents’ sides for holidays or anytime they need him during normal days, he lives an active suburban lifestyle around Madrid including weekends away at Gijon’s country house.

Motherhood has changed the actress in many ways. According to Penelope, both of her children have been breastfed for more than a year. And if before it was impossible to meet the actress in a public place without makeup and heels, then with the birth of children in the star’s wardrobe there were shoes with flat soles, which she combines with comfortable T-shirts and jeans.

The celebrity devoted 15 years of her life to dancing. Every day, except Sunday, she spent 8 hours in the choreography class. According to Cruz, such training helped her to keep fit in the future. The artist is fond of Pilates and yoga, and her weight at 168 cm does not exceed 62 kg. The star does not post candid photos on his Instagram account.

Penelope Cruz now

In 2021, the actress continued to work in cinema. The long-awaited premiere of Pedro Almodovar’s new film “Parallel Mothers” was released, where Penelope appeared in one of the main roles. A dramatic story about two heroines who learned the joys of motherhood one day unfolded before the audience. The film, which also starred Milena Smith, Rossi de Palma, and other Spanish celebrities, was praised by film critics. News about the painting “Official Contest” also appeared on the artist’s Instagram account.


Penelope Cruz | Biography, Personal life, Photos, News & Movies 2022

1991 – “Pink Series”

1992 – “Ham, ham”

1999 – “All about my mother”

2000 – “The Woman from Above”

2001 – Cocaine

2001 – “Vanilla Sky”

2006 – “Bandits”

2008 – “Vicki Cristina Barcelona”

2009 – “Nine”

2012 – “Roman Adventures”

2015 – “Ma Ma”

2017 – Escobar

2018 – “The Murder of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story”

2018 – “Labyrinths of the Past”

2019 – “Scam in Miami”

2019 – “Pain and Glory”

2021 – “Official competition”

2021 – “Parallel Mothers”

Interesting facts

Penelope Cruz treats her fame with a touch of irony. For example, from her statuette and “Oscar” wife, the actress made racks for bedside lamps.

In some Pirates of the Caribbean, Penelope was replaced by her sister Monica because Cruz was pregnant.

The parents named the future celebrity Penelope not in honor of Odysseus’ wife, but after a song of the same name by Juan Manuel Serrat.

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