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Numi Rapas is a Swedish actress who became famous for her role as Lisbeth Salander in Stig Larsson’s Millennium.


Rapas was born on December 28, 1979, in the Swedish city of Hudiksvall. Her mother, the Swede Nina Noren (born Christina Noren, born 1954), was an actress, and her father, the Spaniard Rogelio Duran (1953-2006), was a flamenco singer. The actress said that gypsy blood may be flowing in her father’s veins and that she has always been interested in this culture.

Numi’s parents divorced soon after the baby was born – the mother remarried and moved with Numi and her new husband to Iceland. The actress hardly communicated with her father and met him only before his death. Numi has a half-sister, Sairun, who works as a photographer.

Numi Rapas Career:

Numi got her first role in the film at the age of 7 – it was a cameo role without words in the film “Shadow of the Crow” by Icelandic director Hrabn Gudnleigsson. It was this experience that prompted Rapas to become an actress. Numi studied at a school where students’ problems were looked at through their fingers, and teachers did not bother to check their homework. The actress admitted that in her youth she was a “wild teenager”, listened to punk rock, went to the judo section, and was not afraid to use martial arts in life, and until the age of 15 she even wrote in her native language with horrifying mistakes.

At the age of 15, Numi left home to study at the Stockholm Theater School. In 1996, Rapas made his television debut: the girl got a role in the series “Three Crowns”. From 2000-to 2003, after studying at the Scar Skolscen School of the Arts, Numi managed to work in five different theaters in Stockholm.

In 2007, Rapas was recognized by viewers for his role as a teenage mother in the Danish drama Daisy Diamond. Numi received two prestigious film awards in Denmark (Robert Award and Bodil Awards) for her filigree performance of a difficult character, and the film was selected to participate in the San Sebastian International Film Festival.

Numi was born in 1990 and by 2009 she had already starred as the main character for one of Sweden’s most famous books in Hollywood films, “The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo.” It’s hard to believe that this beautiful woman could be involved but it happened! As you can imagine being so dedicated required some serious changes both mentally & physically – like shaving alcohol from your diet or getting piercings through muscle tissue (um.. yeah). She even trained at an all-male gym because people often mistook her appearance while out running errands sometimes leading them into thinking they were males too.

For her efforts, Rapas received the Guldbagge Award (Sweden’s highest award) and was nominated for a BAFTA and European Film Award. The audience admired her, so original, so sincere, so unlike the stuck actresses, tailored to one standard of Hollywood standards. Rapas later played Salander in the film’s sequels released the same year.

On September 11, 2010, newspapers reported that Rapas had offered her first English-language role in Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. The actress introduced Madame Simza Heron – a gypsy who helps Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) and Watson (Jude Law) to destroy the insidious plans of Professor Moriarty in Europe. The film was released in 2011.

In the same year, Numi got one of the main roles in Ridley Scott’s film “Prometheus” (2012). The famous director saw the girl in the image of Salander and realized that he was struck by her acting skills: “Sharp, bright, angry… I have not seen this actress before, but I could not miss her.” Numi gladly accepted the offer – at one time “Alien” with Sigourney Weaver struck her, perhaps the first strong heroine in cinema, who set an incredibly high bar for actresses.

The famous Mexican actress, Rapas did not appear in the sequel to Stranger. Her absence was noted by many fans who were left wanting more after watching its predecessor and she instead appeared as a prologue dedicated only toward character development for those that had seen its predecessor! In November 2012 however; The Rolling Stones’ music video “Doom & Gloom” featured this talented lady alongside American photographer Luke Besson–made all too memorable due to their creative use of lighting effects which can be easily attributed to them being responsible forces behind some popular commercials today such think like Nike+NIKE Air Jordan.

In November 2012, the actress could be seen in the Rolling Stones music video for the song “Doom and Gloom”, shot by Luke Besson.

In 2013, Rapas starred with Rachel McAdams in the erotic thriller “Passion”. McAdams also starred in Sherlock Holmes, but the actresses did not intersect in a single frame. Also, Rapas, with deep scars on her face – the result of many hours of makeup, starred in the thriller “One Less”, working on the set with Isabelle Huppert and Colin Farrell.

In 2015, the actress starred as Raisa Demidova in the thriller by Swedish director Daniel Espinoza’s “Number 44”. Numi’s partner was Tom Hardy, with whom Rapas has already managed to work and make friends on the set of the film “Commonwealth” in the previous year.

On May 12, 2015, it was announced that Rapas would play opera singer Maria Callas in a biographical production of New Zealand director Nicki Caro (“The North Country”, “Luck of the Winemaker”, “Coach”).

Six months later, the media reported that Rapas would present Amy Winehouse in a new biographical picture of the life of the late singer. The film was directed by Irishwoman Kirsten Sheridan (“Discos”, “August Rush”).

At the end of August 2017, the fantasy thriller “Secret of the 7 Sisters” by Tommy Wircol was released on Russian screens, in which, in addition to Numi, Glenn Close and Willem Defoe starred.

In December 2017, the film “Brightness” by David Eyre was released about the tangled business in the fictional fantasy world of Los Angeles. The main roles in the action were played by Rapas, Will Smith and Joel Edgerton.


In 2001, Numi became the wife of 26-year-old Swedish actor Ola Norel. The actress met her future husband in the company of mutual friends in Gothenburg. Together, the lovers decided to change their last name to “Rapas”, which in French means “bird of prey”.

In 2003, the couple had a son, Lev. However, family happiness did not last long. Journalists note that Rapas’ marriage began to fall apart in 2006. Ola became addicted to cocaine, almost stopped filming, and spent more and more nights with friends. In September 2010, the couple filed for divorce.

In February 2015, the actress appeared on the red carpet with her new boyfriend, 24-year-old Sunny Dalbeck. However, only six months later the lovers broke up. Apparently, Rapas’ heart is free now. Numi is fluent in Icelandic, Danish, Norwegian, and English, in addition to her native Swedish.


In 2018, the film “Stockholm” by English director Robert Boudreau was released, which tells the story of the infamous hostage-taking in August 1973 in a bank in the Swedish capital. In addition to Numi, the film stars Mark Strong and Ethan Hawke.

The actress starred in the thrillers “Close” and “My Angel”, both released in 2019, but were greeted by viewers without much enthusiasm. Unlike the series “Jack Ryan”, the star of which was the actor and director John Krasinski. The premiere of the second season took place in November 2019.

Numi will dedicate the first half of 2020 to filming the thriller “The Sorrowful” with Ezra Miller. The actress will play a detective hunting a gang of slave traders. In search of criminals, she will have to go through a mystical experience.

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