Naomi Watts Net Worth | Husband, Age, Height | Facts & Kids 2022

Naomi Watts Net Worth | Age, Height, Husband | Facts & Kids

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This actress has the appearance of an angel tired of earthly bustle. And although as a child she considered herself a bad girl, now the actress is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. She has won many awards in the film industry and millions of audience hearts around the world. Her name is Naomi Watts.


The actress was born on September 28, 1968, in Kent, UK. When the girl was 4 and her brother Ben was 2, their parents, Peter Watts and Mike Roberts divorced. Peter was one of the managers of Pink Floyd, which hypnotized the world with psychedelic chords, and died three years after the divorce as a result of a heavy drug overdose.

But, strangely enough, Naomi warmly remembers her childhood. In an interview, she says she enjoyed spending time with her brother, climbing trees, and playing with the boys as soldiers.

And it is unknown what would have happened to Naomi, if not for Miv’s parents, who in time offered their daughters and grandchildren a helping hand. So Naomi and her family moved in with their grandparents who lived in Wales. The girl had to learn Welsh, which was very different from her usual English. Subsequently, she wandered a lot around the globe and everywhere took the focus of the local population, which benefited her acting career.

In 1978, Maeve remarried and moved to Suffolk with her children and husband. During these years, Naomi decided on her future profession: she saw her mother perform on stage, and soon watched the musical drama “Glory” and was ignited by the idea of ​​becoming an actress.


In 1982, Meow moved to Australia with her children. After graduating from school, Naomi took acting classes in Sydney. Her mother finally found her niche: she found a job as a stylist on TV, then retrained as a costume designer, in particular, worked on the soap opera “Return to Eden”. During this period, Naomi, who studied acting, attended many castings (in one of them she met Nicole Kidman – her best friend) and got a small role in the melodrama “Only for love.”

Naomi Watts Net Worth | Husband, Age, Height | Facts & Kids

It would seem that the first roles were supposed to inspire the young girl to further achievements, but Naomi was captivated by other horizons. After graduating from school and a few part-time jobs, she signed a modeling contract and left for Japan. However, the girl quickly realized that her heart did not lie in this profession. She could not wait for the end of her one-year contract and returned to Australia completely discouraged, not knowing what she would do. To make a living, she worked for another year in a glossy magazine, making notes on fashion trends and describing the details of the celebrity’s personal life. Disappointed with the modeling business and unwilling to study or marry, like most of her peers, Naomi returned to acting.

Several films in which she starred in Australia gave her a little experience on the set and a meeting with another budding actress, with whom she will continue to be friends for many years. In 1991, Naomi starred in the dramas Flirting and The Bride of Christ, and the actress she befriended was Nicole Kidman. Naomi declined the subsequent offers to star in the series. She went to Hollywood, dreaming of becoming a star.


The Hollywood Hills know a lot of stories when an unknown actor miraculously gets a fateful role and wakes up famous. So it was with Naomi, but not right away. Before Naomi had her first success, she had to work hard. The actress agreed to small and inexpressive roles that could not reveal her talent. The girl was over 25 years old, and by the standards of the dream factory, this is a solid age.

Naomi Watts Net Worth | Husband, Age, Height | Facts & Kids

In the period from 1993 to 1998, the actress starred in the films “Day Session”, “Wide Sargasso Sea”, “Dancing at the lighthouse”, “Ghostbusters”, “Honest Courtesan” and others. Naomi’s partners have established actors such as John Goodman, Jack Thompson, and Rufus Sewell. Against their background, according to critics, the novice but adult actress did not look very convincing, and no one believed in Naomi’s success.


In 1998, the 30-year-old actress agreed to rehearse for David Lynch’s project, which was to become a series.

Naomi Watts Net Worth | Husband, Age, Height | Facts & Kids

The thriller with elements of the psychodrama “Mulholland Drive” did not turn into a series, it became a full-fledged picture, which earned the highest awards in the world of cinema. For Naomi, the role of Betty was the starting point, she revealed her potential and brought her first popularity. Sensual and phantasmagoric, the film is considered one of Lynch’s best works and is among the 500 best films in the history of cinema.

Following “Mulholland Drive” in 2000, the actress starred in the English mystical drama “The Secret of Wyvern Estate”. The picture was attended by Ian Glenn and Sir Derek Jacoby, the title of which was awarded to Queen Elizabeth II.

Many predicted that the former starlet would soon be forgotten, and called the success accidental. However, the subsequent “Ellie Parker” and “Bell” instantly became popular and brought the actress another award.


Since 2002, the actress’s popularity has grown, her photos have graced the covers of magazines, the editors of popular TV shows are vying for Naomi.

Naomi Watts Net Worth | Husband, Age, Height | Facts & Kids

But the success did not turn the actress’s head, she continued to work hard, starring in 9 films a year, the most significant of which are the British black comedy “Four Funerals and a Wedding”, in which Naomi was accompanied by Brenda Blettin and Alfred Molina, and the Western »With Heath Ledger, as well as the brilliant Jeffrey Rush.

2003 was marked by the release of the drama “21 grams”, the role in which brought Naomi an Oscar nomination, and her partners were the genius Sean Penn, who is also the film’s director, Benicio del Toro, and Charlotte Gainsbourg. The sensation of the 2005 film season was two works by Naomi. She played the role of the artist in the frightening arthouse thriller “Stay”, also starring Ewan McGregor and Ryan Gosling. And in the remake of “King Kong”, she played the role of Anne, who fell in love with a huge monkey.

In 2006, the actress’s work in the drama “Painted Veil” once again showed the full depth of her talent in an ensemble with Edward Norton and Liv Schreiber. The dramatic story of love and duty, slowly unfolding in landscapes breathing doom, has become a favorite film for millions of viewers.

The next few years were marked by the unprecedented success of the paintings “J. Edgar ”and“ Dream House ”, and in 2013 Naomi played the role of Princess Diana in a melodramatic biography dedicated to her. Critics praised Naomi’s excellent work in the drama, but overall the film was negative.

Unexpected for fans of the actress was her appearance in the hooligan comedy “Movie 43”, in which she starred along with other stars of the first magnitude, such as Hugh Jackman, Holly Berry, and Kate Winslet. The actress’ duet with the inimitable Matt Dillon in the tragic story “Ray of Light Jr.”, released in late 2013, and her work in the drama “Secret Attraction”, in which she played Robin Wright and young Australian star Zavier Samuel, once again triumphed Naomi.

From 2014 to 2017, the star starred in more than 10 films, getting used to each image and delighting fans with his multifaceted talent. Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s comedy-drama “Birdman” with her participation became the best picture of 2015 and earned the main award of the film industry.

Among the works of this period are the roles of the actress in the drama “Destruction”, where her partner was Jake Gyllenhaal, and the psychological thriller “Locked Up”, where she worked with Oliver Platt.


Until the early 2000s, the actress’ busy schedule and desire to climb to the top of the star Olympus did not go well with the romantic relationship she had at different times with Daniel Kirby and Heath Ledger. But, as Naomi said in an interview, she did not have deep feelings for any of her hobbies.

By the time she was 36, she had almost come to terms with the fact that her career would replace her family and began to devote even more time to work. This continued until her meeting with Liv Schreiber, with whom she met during the filming of “Painted Veil”. The resulting sympathy quickly grew into love, and two years later the couple had their first child, Sasha, and later a second son, Sam.

The couple announced their wedding in 2007, but even then their relationship broke down. For 11 years, Liv and Naomi were together, raising two children, but quarreled over any issue. Liv, unsuccessful as Naomi, was often irritable and blamed his wife. In 2016, they officially announced their separation.

In 2017, there were rumors about the actress’ affair with 64-year-old widower Liam Neeson. The couple was seen together several times, but in an interview, the stars refused to comment on their relationship. However, later information about their affair was not confirmed, Naomi and Liam are just friends. In early 2018, it became known that Naomi Watts is dating actor Billy Crudup.

The actress has been a vegetarian for many years, she not only does not eat meat, but also does not wear products made of natural fur and leather, and actively advocates for animals.


In 2017, the star starred in Destin Creton’s drama “Glass Castle”. The drama stars Woody Harrelson and Bree Larson. The two-time Oscar nominee also starred in the series “Gypsy”, in which she played a woman psychotherapist, prone to various mania and experiencing not the best, but certainly the most interesting period in his life.

In 2019, the film “Young Hooligans” and the drama “Ophelia” are expected to be released, in which the star will play Gertrude, the mother of the Prince of Denmark.

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