Mother’s Day 2022 in Russia and the world | Calendar Date

Mother’s Day 2022 in Russia and the world | Calendar Date

In Russia, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of November.”Mom” is the keyword for each of us, as is the person behind it. We are completely dependent on our mother as children, and we come to her for advice when we grow up and finally understand that my mother was right. The bond between mother and child is unbreakable and unshakable, like the power of love that unites them.

It is not surprising that the world has its own, special days dedicated to mothers. They are held all over the world: different countries have different dates for this. We will tell you when Mother’s Day is celebrated in Russia and in the world in 2021, and how it is best to celebrate it.

When Mother’s Day is celebrated in Russia and the world

In our country, this holiday is celebrated on the last Sunday of November.

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At the same time, more than 20 countries around the world celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May. These include the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Turkey, Japan, Brazil, and Australia. International Mother’s Day in 2021 will fall on May 9.

A number of other countries celebrate this holiday on some days.

  • March 3 – in Georgia,
  • the first Sunday in March – in the UK (in 2021 it is the 7th number),
  • March 21 – in Egypt,
  • April 7 – in Armenia,
  • the first Sunday in May – in Hungary, Spain, Portugal and Lithuania (in 2021 it is the 2nd number),
  • May 9 – in Greece,
  • May 10 – in the Philippines,
  • the third Sunday of May – in Kyrgyzstan (in 2021 it is the 16th),
  • May 26 – in Poland,
  • the last Sunday in May – in Sweden and France (in 2021 it is the 30th),
  • the third Sunday of September – in Kazakhstan (in 2021 it is the 19th).
  • October 14 – in Belarus.

You can congratulate moms on their “professional” holiday on any of these dates, they will surely be pleased. However, do not forget that warm words of gratitude and love should be said much more often than 1-2 days a year.

History of the holiday

Even the ancient Greeks had a cult of the mother: in March, in honor of Rei, the ancestor of the gods, there were various mysteries. In Britain, the fourth Sunday of Lent was considered “Mother’s Sunday”. In the XVII-XIX centuries, this day was congratulated to all mothers of the country.

Julia Ward Howe was one of the first in the United States to celebrate the holiday in 1872. At that time, this idea did not find support. But the initiative of her compatriot Anna Jarvis in 1907 found a response. The first state was Virginia in 1910. It was there that Mother’s Day was celebrated for the first time. And 4 years later, by decision of US President Woodrow Wilson, it spread throughout the country.

The first attempt to establish Mother’s Day in Russia took place in 1915. This day fell on December 1, but was not fixed in the national calendar. Later, in the USSR, teacher Elmira Huseynova took the initiative to create Mother’s Day, and on October 30, 1988, she held it in one of Baku’s schools.

In the 1990s, the idea of ​​creating Mother’s Day returned. The initiator was Alevtina Aparna, a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, a member of the Committee on Women, Family, and Youth. And in 1998, the President of the Russian Federation signed a decree on the establishment of the holiday, the purpose of which was to remind of the important role of the mother in the life of every person.

Holiday traditions

Although Mother’s Day in Russia is a young holiday, it has already found its traditions. So, he had his own symbol – forget-me-not. By the way, images of teddy bears with forget-me-nots in their paws are also an attribute of the holiday.

Concerts, competitions, auctions, exhibitions take place all over the country. Especially love Mother’s Day in schools and kindergartens. Children enjoy reciting poems about their mothers, drawing their portraits, and making gifts with their own hands. Institutions often hold impromptu exhibitions with photographs of employees and their parents.

Of course, on this day it is worth visiting the dearest person – mom, and it is better not to be empty-handed. A gift or just a bouquet of flowers will definitely please mom.

There is a holiday culture in other countries as well. In the UK and Ireland, for example, it is customary to make a cake called Mother’s Day on Sunday. This is a cake with pieces of dried fruit and candied fruit, spices, almond paste, and marzipan.

Interesting facts

1-The word “mother” sounds similar in many languages. It is believed that it comes from the sounds that the child makes.

2-Those who gave birth to and raised 7, 8 or 9 children were awarded the Order of Mother’s Glory. And if there are 10 or more children, the order and the title of “Mother-heroine” are given.

3-How many kids can one woman give birth to? So far, the record is 69. It was set in the 18th century by the wife of the Russian peasant Fyodor Vasiliev – her name has not been preserved in history. She gave birth 27 times: several times there were twins, triplets, and even four children at the same time. Moreover, despite the high infant mortality rate typical of that time, this family had only two children who died in infancy.

A selection of films for Mother’s Day

Use our selection to create a festive mood. After these movies, you will definitely want to hug your mom.

1-Intolerable Ladies, (2016). In the original, the film is even called “Mother’s Day”. Several families with their problems are preparing to celebrate Mother’s Day.

2-Moms (2012). Eight short stories about maternal love.

3-The Promise at Dawn (2017). The autobiographical story of the writer Romain Gary is about the influence of maternal love on a person’s whole life.

4-Tally (2018). A poignant story about the inside of motherhood.

5-Stepmother (1998). A classic story with Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon.

6-Bring Back Ben (2018). A mixture of family drama and action movies.

7-The Florida Project (2017). The story of a misguided mother and her little daughter.

8-Fashionable Mommy (2008). The young woman suddenly has to replace her mother with nephews.

9-A comedy about the difficulties of combining motherhood and work.

10-Gilmore Girls (2000-2007). A series about the life of a mother and daughter, more like best friends.

By the way

Not only mothers but also fathers are celebrated in Russia and around the world. Pope’s Day falls on the third Sunday in June, but different countries have their own peculiarities in choosing the date of celebration. In Russia, this day is a people’s day, not yet officially recognized. When this happens, our country may also have its own unique date of celebration. In the meantime, Russian fathers are being congratulated in the same way as all over the world – on the third Sunday in June.

Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day, which is celebrated with great enthusiasm every year, is one of the days when children show their love to their mothers, and mothers receive a small reward for their efforts with the attention they receive. Although mothers say that they do not expect gifts from their children on this special day, it is very important for children to buy a gift that will make their mothers happy.

However, on this special day, it is necessary to pay attention to the gift to be received and to prepare a special celebration for mothers. Today, the ever-evolving industries offer many different gift options for mothers of all ages. The power of media and communication in the globalizing world reveals the perspective of different cultures and lifestyles on this issue. Sometimes a need is a gift, while sometimes something interesting becomes a gift. Motherhood has a very special meaning for spouses as it is for children.

Fathers and children make surprise plans and choose gifts together near the coming of Mother’s Day. Everyone has an opinion on this; sometimes a common decision is made, and sometimes there is a sweet struggle of different ideas. We would like to find the right, most useful, and most beautiful gift to show our gratitude to our mothers for their endless efforts.

When is 2021 Mother’s Day?

With the arrival of spring in Turkey, the same questions come to many people’s minds. “When is Mother’s Day?” The answer to the question of when is Mother’s Day in 2021; It is May 9, the second Sunday of May. Special days are times to remind our loved ones how much we care for them and to see them smile. Undoubtedly, one of the most precious of these days is Mother’s Day.

Everyone in the world celebrates this day to honor their mother’s existence and to commemorate them if they are not alive. Sensitivity to concepts such as respect and loyalty caused the true value of Mother’s Day to be revealed and this day to be a global celebration. Although it is celebrated on different days in some countries, Mother’s Day is a day that all humanity values. The fact that Mother’s Day is in May has made it a day that symbolizes the good news of the summer season.

How Did Mother’s Day Come About?

Mother’s Day is a day celebrated around the world to honor mothers. Many opinions have been put forward about how Mother’s Day came about.

The most well-known of these is that the American teacher Anna Jarvis wants to celebrate every year for her deceased mother. It was first celebrated in 1908 with students of the school in the state of Virginia. However, this situation was not welcomed by the representatives of the school. It was first officially celebrated in 1914, after Anna’s meetings with prominent politicians. Mother’s Day, which appears on different dates all over the world, is most commonly celebrated in the second week of May.

How to Prepare a Mother’s Day Breakfast?

Mother’s Day begins with the day’s illumination. It is one of the most practical and special ways to start the day well and show how valuable she is to you by making a wonderful breakfast surprise for your mother.

You can make her happy with a breakfast you will take to her bed when she first wakes up and with a nice note or a perfect table that you will prepare. For Mother’s Day breakfast, you can prepare your mother’s favorite omelette, a hearty egg, practical pancakes or a carefully prepared cheese plate and enjoy a wonderful breakfast with your mother. You can elevate the Mother’s Day table with the presentation plates of English Home.

When was the First Mother’s Day Celebrated in Turkey?

Mother’s Day, which emerged in the United States at the beginning of the 1900s, has become a ritual and celebrated with enthusiasm. In Turkey, the first Mother’s Day was celebrated in 1955. Nene Hatun, one of the heroes of the 93 War, was chosen as the mother of the year and since 1955, the second week of May has been accepted as the Mother’s Day in Turkey.

What to Get the First Mother as a Mother’s Day Gift?

After nine months of hardship and struggle, one of the most special days for new mothers was the first Mother’s Day. If you want to buy gifts for new mothers and make them happy, you can look at the gifts we recommend for you;

  • You can buy a new kitchen utensil, bread basket or cutting board for mothers who love kitchen utensils.
  • For mothers who love to host guests, dinnerware and cutlery are among the indispensable gifts.
  • You can buy a hand towel, face towel, bathrobe or a stylish bath mat for the bathroom.
  • For mothers who love home decoration, you can buy a wall clock, trinket models or a stylish frame for the walls that fits the home layout.
  • For mothers who love carpets and rugs, you can buy carpets and rugs that create color harmony with household items.
  • You can take a look at presentation plates, breakfast servings, glass bowls and table linens that they can use for breakfast, dinner or when hosting guests.

What Can I Do for Mother’s Day?

“What could be an unusual Mother’s Day gift?” If you think that, you can prepare a gift that will make her happy and make a difference by combining more than one gift within the framework of a concept… If you are looking for interesting Mother’s Day gifts, you should think about different concepts and prepare packages in which you combine more than one piece.

Many people have painted and given a painting as a gift to their mother or father in childhood. Gifts made with your own hands and labor will be just as valuable for your mother as they were at that time. Many people with suitable crafts can consider the option of handmade gifts using different materials. So if you want to give your mom an affordable and memorable gift, you can do it yourself. As examples of gifts you can make at home;

  • Cups that reflect your imagination: You can write anything you want with colored pencils on solid color cup models that you can buy at affordable prices and make your mother smile while drinking coffee.
  • Metal photo board: Mothers can’t get enough of looking at old photos, so it will make them feel good to always have photos of your happy memories in front of them. For this, you can create a stylish memory corner by hanging your photos on a metal plate and decorating the edges with beautiful threads or fabrics.
  • Photo Corner: By choosing frame models that will be compatible with your home and your mother’s taste, you can decorate your mother’s favorite corner in the house, the top of the console in the bedroom or the showcase with your mother’s photos.
  • Fragrant Vases: Undoubtedly, every woman adores flowers. You can present your mother’s favorite flowers in a stylish vase model of your choice.
  • Gift Box: You can present your mother with a surprise and a wide variety of gifts by collecting tiny little gifts that she might like in an elegant gift box or basket. For this, you must first determine the concept and choose a stylish box. Then you can decide on the concept. For example, if your mother likes to enjoy coffee, you can buy her a beautiful mug, candle, pillow and a nice trinket model and place them in this box.

What Can I Get as a Mother’s Day Gift?

Although mothers always consider a kiss and a warm hug from their children to be enough, being remembered and thought about on this special day makes all mothers happy. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful when buying a Mother’s Day gift for the mother. If you ask “What could be a Mother’s Day gift?” If you think so, you should first think of the things he enjoys doing the most.

The phenomenon of motherhood, which has a very important role in the life of Turkish people, has also revealed the rapidly increasing interest in the celebration of this special day. Sensitivity to concepts such as respect and loyalty plays an important role in finding the true value and full meaning of Mother’s Day. The abstract value that emerges as a result of being remembered often increases its meaning with a tangible gift.

In fact, although a kiss is enough to make mothers happy, we want to receive the best gifts for this person who gave us the world. Mother’s Day is one of the days when choosing a gift is enjoyable, as the happiness that emerges when expressing the joy and appreciation of the other person with a gift is undeniable. When the pleasure to be achieved with the gift to be given to him is combined with the atmosphere created by the respect and loyalty, it creates an insatiable feeling. Since Mother’s Day is in May, which is considered the beginning of summer, this also affects the choice of gifts and helps many people in this regard.

The transition from the closed and gloomy environment of winter to the dynamic and warm atmosphere of spring and summer is also reflected in the gifts. Before buying a gift for your mother, you should consider her personal characteristics and think about what she wants and needs.

Because many factors such as mothers’ age, profession, education level determine the choice of gift. Within the variability and charm of fashion, there are tens and hundreds of options such as all kinds of clothing products, the usual popularity of jewelry, the purity and nobility of flowers, and the up-to-dateness of electronics. Mother’s Day discounts will also be a very good opportunity for you to get the gift you dream of.

What are the Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day?

  • If your mother likes to wear jewelry, you can gift her a box or jewelry where she can keep her favorite jewelry.
  • You can buy a special cup set and coffee machine for your mother to enjoy Turkish coffee at home, and you can make the first coffee for her.
  • Your mother may like decorative items; In this case, you can choose a decorative object suitable for your mother’s taste among dozens of different options as a Mother’s Day gift.
  • If your mother has an item that she wants to renew for a long time or, for example, she needs a brand new dinner set, Mother’s Day is the ideal day to give this gift. No matter what anyone says, mothers love kitchen utensils and tableware.
  • If your mother is someone who likes to spend time in the kitchen, many kitchen utensils can give you an idea about this. Colorful kitchen utensils, many hardware that makes cooking a pleasure, electrical kitchen utensils are among the suitable options. While hosting your guests, the runner, placemat, stylish tea sets for the moon hour, presentation plates and many items to decorate the dining table can give you an idea about this.
  • For mothers who like art, paintings and decorative wall items that are suitable for her taste and can contribute to the decoration of the house will be a great gift.
  • For working mothers, special stationery and office products that can be used in the office and remind you of you can be considered as a stylish gift. In addition, a stylish computer bag or briefcase is one of the gifts that can be evaluated in the same location.
  • If your mother loves to watch TV, you can prepare a set consisting of a dressing gown, a single blanket model and slippers. For mothers who like to spend time at home and do not give up their elegance at home, you can choose stylish and useful pajama sets or dressing gowns.

Mother’s Day Sale

Mother’s Day discount starts a month in advance. In order to find the gift you already have in mind or to examine different gift options, you need to start your research a month in advance.

When the discount period comes, people start to follow the campaigns both in-store and online to have an idea about the Mother’s Day campaigns. Thus, you can find beautiful gifts that are suitable for both your budget and your mother’s taste.

Even if you do not have a large budget, you should not forget that the most valuable gift for your mother is your assets. So if you have a limited budget, you can also buy a cute and useful but small gift that will put a nice smile on his face. If you can keep your budget flexible, the campaigns made before Mother’s Day are also very advantageous for you to buy the pieces that your mother has wanted or needed for a long time.

You should also take care to choose the gift early and order it on time. Especially if you are thinking of shopping online, you should pay attention to this. Because as Mother’s Day approaches, there is a great increase in internet shopping and serious densities begin in cargo companies. You may have to hurry to get your gift on time.

Mother’s Day Gift Prices

You can find a wide variety of gifts for Mother’s Day in a wide range of prices. Therefore, even if your budget is limited or large, you do not have to limit yourself to a standard gift alternative.

Thanks to the Mother’s Day campaigns, you can get the opportunity to buy the special gift you have in mind at very affordable prices. You can easily find that special gift that will make your mother the happiest mother in the world, among a wide range of products, and buy it at discounted prices by following the Mother’s Day campaigns at English Home.

English Home, one of the brands that mothers love the most, offers hundreds of product options that will make mothers happy on Mother’s Day, both in stores and online shopping. If you wish, after buying a gift for your mother during the Mother’s Day campaigns held at English Home, you can also browse the products that suit your needs and buy those products at very advantageous prices. Thus, you can ensure that the enthusiasm of Mother’s Day makes both your mother and you happy together.



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