Miranda (@mirandakerr) | Biography, Personal life, Photos, Husband 2022

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Miranda (@mirandakerr) | Biography, Personal life, Photos, husband 2022

The Richest Woman of the Modeling Industry

Miranda Kerr is a well-known person in the modeling business and an “angel” of the Victoria’s Secret brand for six years. Appeared on the covers of the most popular publications and presented collections of famous fashion houses. The beautiful Australian is also known as the founder of the cosmetic organic line Kora Organics and the former wife of actor Orlando Bloom. She was named the richest model of 2013 according to Forbes magazine.


Miranda (@mirandakerr) | Biography, Personal life, Photos, husband 2022

Miranda Kerr – the Australian beauty

Miranda May Kerr was born in the spring of 1983 to Theresa and John Kerr of Sydney. The humble farmers who settled in the small town of Gunnedah were already raising Matthew’s son. Her parents, whose ancestors were Scots, French and English, kept horses, so little Miranda from an early age learned to sit in the saddle and care for these beautiful animals. There was an atmosphere of kindness and love in the family, which the girl absorbed like a sponge.

Former Model, Nutritionist & Natural Healer

Miranda also studied with John Fielder of Cairns at his Academy of Natural Life, and then, in parallel with modeling, entered the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, where she graduated as a consultant on healthy living. The American Medical Association, which promotes drug-free treatment, issued a certificate to the girl. Kerr might have become a well-known nutritionist, but the case changed all her plans – in 1996 she was invited to participate in the Australian National Model Competition. Miranda became the winner and took part in her first photo shoot for Dolly.

Miranda Kerr: America’s Next Top Model

As the girl appeared in a swimsuit in several photos, the magazine’s editors were accused of promoting pedophilia. However, the heroine of the scandal herself has publicly stated that the models for teenage publications should be readers’ peers, and she does not see anything seditious in this. However, until Miranda graduated, she stopped filming. Despite the scandal, the path to the modeling business was already predetermined: in the early 2000s, Miranda became the face of the well-known Australian company Portmans, worked with the global youth clothing brand Billabong and became a popular model on her continent.

Soon the girl was offered a job in America, she signed a commercial contract with the famous brand Next. The young model first appeared on the catwalk thanks to the designer of the famous Balenciaga house Nicolas Jesquier, who saw a new star in Australia.


Miranda (@mirandakerr) | Biography, Personal life, Photos, husband 2022

Miranda Kerr: The Angel of Victoria’s Secret

After participating in the Balenciaga collection show, Miranda began to receive offers from Prada, Chanel, Dior, and other fashion houses in America and Europe. Kerr became world-famous as the “angel” of Victoria’s Secret brand, with which she began working in 2004. Models of the underwear brand were distinguished by the fact that they appeared on the catwalk not only in underwear but also with unique design wings behind their backs.

Miranda – Australian Angel

In addition to fashion shows, Victoria’s Secret angel girls promoted sportswear. Along with Kerr were Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Carly Kloss, and Candice Swanepoel, who trained hard before the shows and in preparation for them, like an Olympic team. Miranda was the only Australian on the team and did her best, realizing that she had pulled out the lucky ticket that thousands of novice models dream of. She was repeatedly asked to change her citizenship, but the girl never accepted such offers, preferring to remain faithful to the country in which she was born and raised.

Get the Look of a Victoria’s Secret Model

The Victoria’s Secret brand has always been the start of a rich life for its girls, with models on a par with millionaires on Forbes. Twice, in 2008 and 2013, it was in the top ten highest-paid models according to Forbes and Kerr. During this time, she became the idol of hundreds of thousands of fans of the fashion industry – she was called the main “street styler” and sex bomb of the two thousand years.

Personality becomes a brand

Miranda’s earnings increased after working with the cosmetics brand Maybelline, and her candid photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar was the start of replicating the image of the model. Kerr was invited to film in her music videos by musicians and performers Kanye West and Farrell Williams, glossy magazines decorated her with pictures of the cover, and motorists were happy to slow down in front of billboards with the image of Miranda.


Miranda (@mirandakerr) | Biography, Personal life, Photos, husband 2022

2009 Breakthrough for Miranda

2009 was a breakthrough for the model in business. She became the founder of her own cosmetic organic line Kora Organics. Remembering her grandmother’s instructions, Miranda suggested that pharmacists develop a noni plant, which she always included in beauty treatments. On its basis, various drugs were created to maintain the water and mineral balance of the epidermis. As the model conducted tests on itself, demonstrating the application on the Youtube channel, her organic line quickly became popular.

Get the Look of Miranda

In 2013, Kerr stopped working with Victoria’s Secret but was quickly replaced. The new “angel” was Barbara Palvin, who looked a bit like Miranda. Kerr herself settled in one of the districts of Los Angeles and started her own garden. The girl began to grow fruits and berries, becoming an ambassador of a healthy lifestyle and organic nutrition and continued to develop a personal brand of cosmetics.

Russian Girl Becomes American Supermodel

In 2015, the girl visited the Russian show “Evening Urgant”, in which she enthusiastically told the host about her food and tasting of Russian borscht in a Moscow restaurant. Miranda also held a master class on evening make-up – the model was Ivan Urgant himself. At the same time, Kerr toured Russia to promote her cosmetics and was happy to share beauty secrets and tips with schoolgirls preparing for graduation.

Halloween Fun

Several times during her career, the supermodel amazed the audience, presenting herself in the image of the legendary Hollywood beauty Marilyn Monroe. If in 2012 she only tried on the analog of the famous snow-white dress from the film “Seventh Year Itch”, then in 2015 at the Halloween celebration she appeared in all her glory: blonde curls were complemented by red lipstick, jewelry and a dazzling outfit were almost identical to Marilyn.


Miranda (@mirandakerr) | Biography, Personal life, Photos, husband 2022

Miranda First Love

The first love of the world-famous supermodel was a classmate named Christopher Millbrook, but at the age of 15, he died in a car accident. Miranda had been dating him for two years at the time and was grieving the loss. In 2003, already a famous model, the girl began dating Adrian Camilleri. The young man was a broker and, as it turned out, used Kerr in dirty financial machinations, which the model did not even know about. Learning the truth, Miranda immediately broke off all communication with him, good thing, their relationship lasted only a few months.

Miranda’s Modeling Tips

The model’s affair with Australian guitarist and soloist of the Tamarama indie band Brent Tuhtan (stage pseudonym Jay Lyon) lasted much longer. Miranda and Brent had been dating for a couple of years, but there was no talk of a wedding. In 2007, they broke up, leaving a touching joint video for Jay’s song “Everything To Me” in memory of their relationship. The media reported that the tension between them arose after Lyon began to spend too much time on his participation in the reality show The City, which was broadcast on MTV.

Miranda & Orlando: A Hollywood Romance

In the same year, Miranda met the popular Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom. The epic trilogy The Lord of the Rings, where he played the elf Legolas, has not yet faded from memory, so thousands of girls dreamed of an enviable bachelor, but only Kerr was able to win his heart. The couple met secretly for a whole year, and only in 2008 did photos of their joint walks and releases begin to appear on the Internet. The girl’s family was wary of the news of the seriousness of their intentions, reasonably assuming that Orlando will always be in the first place acting career, not their beloved daughter. However, an engagement was announced in 2010, and a grand wedding took place in July of that year.

Miranda: Fashion in the Spotlight

In 2011, the couple had a son, Flynn, and almost a month later, Miranda began filming for a fashion magazine and returned to the catwalk. Orlando soon gave rise to gossip – he was suspected of having a close relationship with actress Gabriella Wilde. The young wife also did not comment on the attacks of the press, where her photos with the Australian millionaire James Packer, who was fifteen years older than her, appeared. In 2013, Miranda and Orlando announced their separation but will raise their common son together. The reason for the breakup was called the difference in their interests and views on life. The tabloids reported that Orlando abandoned his wife for the sake of another beauty – Condola Rashad, and Miranda was credited with an affair with Leonardo DiCaprio. It is possible that to quell the rumors, in 2014, after filing for a formal divorce, Kerr declared herself bisexual.

Miranda: “I totally fell in love with Evan”

In the summer of 2015, the press spoke again about the personal life of the supermodel. She was spotted in the company of billionaire Evan Spiegel on a street in Los Angeles. The owner and CEO of Snapchat gently held Kerr’s hand. In a later interview, Miranda said that they met at a party of mutual acquaintances, and at the first meeting she was amazed at how erudite and gallant this young man was (Spiegel is seven years younger than Kerr). According to her, a friendly relationship developed between them – it was easy and pleasant for her to communicate with Evan, spend time together, and talk about everything in the world.

Engaged Couple Sells Mansion

Six months after the acquaintance, the woman introduced Spiegel to her son. They quickly found a common language, seven-year-old Flynn was happy to have a new friend who began to correspond with him by e-mail and send messages to his brand new iPod. Evan later admitted how nice it was to receive a whole bunch of different smiles from the boy in response to his messages. In the spring of 2016, the billionaire and the supermodel settled together in a mansion they bought worth twelve million dollars, and in the summer they announced their engagement. The wedding ceremony was held in strict secrecy in late spring 2017. Guests arrived in the backyard of the groom’s personal estate in England (Brentwood). The cars were tinted, and only about fifty people came to the celebration. Flynn in a formal suit depicted the page.

Billionaire Wedding

By prior arrangement before official registration, Kerr and Spiegel entered into a marriage contract stating that Miranda was not limited to spending money during her family life, but was not entitled to claim Evan’s status in the event of divorce. The billionaire gave his bride a wedding dress from the chief designer of the house of Dior Marie Gracia Curie, and he was dressed in a strict black tailcoat. Miranda later admitted that the most exciting moment for her was the exchange of rings and the fact that there was no physical intimacy between her and Evan before the wedding. Kerr posted photos from the wedding ceremony on Instagram two months later.

The Happy Newlyweds

In May 2018, the happy newlyweds had a son, who was named Hart in honor of Spiegel’s grandfather. A year later, Miranda gave birth to Evan’s second boy, named Miles. The new father considers the birth of his son’s unique events that completely changed his life. As an exemplary father, he walks with the kids and even bought a barbecue for family picnics. Despite the fact that an active modeling career for a girl is in the past, she continues to look after herself and promote healthy eating. When staying in hotels in different countries, she always orders steamed vegetables and freshly squeezed green juices in the room, which, in her opinion, are very useful for the beauty of nails, skin, and hair. However, Miranda also admitted that only 80-90 percent of her diet is healthy food – Kerr loves chocolate, although he understands that the harm from it outweighs the benefits.


Miranda (@mirandakerr) | Biography, Personal life, Photos, husband 2022

In the winter of 2020, the mother of three sons appeared in public for the first time in a long time. She hosted a secular party to launch her new line of organic cosmetics, Noni Night. Miranda’s friends Joanna Coles, Olivia Mann, Stella Maxwell, Anin Bing, and Jasmine Tux attended the presentation at Smog Shopp in Los Angeles. The night series from Kora Organics pleased the audience no less than the divination of crystals and astrological experiments that became part of the program.

Despite the fact that Kerr left the podium, it was her image that graced the June issue of Elle magazine. As the model admitted in an interview, she does not rule out the appearance of a girl in their family, but so far she is a mother of three sons:

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