Millie Bobby Brown Age, Family,Wiki,Biography, Net Worth, Movies, Career

Millie Bobby Brown Age, Family, Wiki,Biography, Net Worth, Movies, Career

At the tender age of 13, Millie Bobby Brown received perhaps the most youthful Emmy ever given. She is a talented British actress who also stars in horror films like Stranger Things (2016–present).

Millie Bobby Brown Age, Family,Wiki,Biography, Net Worth, Movies, Career

She was born on 19 February 2004 and is currently glorified for acting roles that have parlayed her fame into Primetime Emmys among other awards such as “Best New Actress” at Cannes Film Festival 2016-2017 with National Television Awards adding fuel to the fireplace when she won both categories again this year!

Famous Name: Millie Bobby Brown
Full Name: Millie Bobby Brown
NickName: Eleven
Gender: Female
Age: 17 years 7 months 19 days
Birthplace: Marbella, Málaga, Spain
Nationality: British
Net Worth: $10 Million Dollar [As in 2020]
Famous for: She is renowned for her role in the horror arrangement Stranger Things [2016–present]


Father: Robert Brown [Former Real Estate Agent]
Mother: Kelly Brown [Housewife]
Brother(s): Charlie Brown [Older]
Sister(s): Paige Brown (Older), Ava Brown [Younger]

Brown was born in Marbella, Spain with fractional hearing and has had to learn how to adapt on both sides of the pond. She moved from her home country England at a young age before moving again when she became an adult – this time settling down for good as someone who divides their time between London or Atlanta depending on what project they’re working on.


School: Pokesdown Community Primary School, Bournemouth, Dorset County, England

Millie Bobby Brown was the subject of a new Netflix show that will be released in less than two weeks. Her education is a top priority and she’s been working hard to make certain her fans know about this new season!


Height: 5 feet 4 inches [162 cm]
Weight: 47 kg [As in 2020]
Eyes Color: Hazel
Hairs Color: Dark brown
Body Shape: Slim
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Zodiac Sign: Pisces


Debut Year: 2013
1st Tv (Show): Once Upon a Time in Wonderland [2013]
1st Movie/Drama: Spheres [2018]

Millie Bobby Brown Age, Family,Wiki,Biography, Net Worth, Movies, Career

Brown made her acting debut as a visitor star in the ABC dream show arrangement Once Upon a Time In Wonderland, an offshoot of “Once Upon A Time” which was co-created by writer and producer David H. Harmon. The series focuses on Alice Liddell (portrayed by Brown) who becomes intrigued with Lewis Carroll’s book after visiting his house during one such trip down Memory Lane– causing all sorts of Empresses’ imaginations to come alive through wacky adventures!

In 2014 she had another prominent part; this time playing Madison O’Donnell -a skeptic mother whose kids were falsely accused of murder.

From 2017 to 2018 alone, Millie Fibel has been featured on covers for Teen Vogue and was also cast by Calvin Klein modeling their By Appointment campaign alongside other notable figures such Kim Kardashian among others too numerous mention here! The next month after making his IMG Models debut with them at only 15 years old- Lucas Sutton made history when he became 1st Female model signed onto the international agency ASAP Society which currently represents 500+ models including Gigi Hadid.

Millie Bobby Brown Age, Family,Wiki,Biography, Net Worth, Movies, Career

Brown is an up-and-coming actress who first gained notice for her work on The Sims 4, which she co-developed. She was then named one of Hollywood’s top thirty stars under 18 by THR in 2018 alongside notable names such as Oprah Winfrey and Beyoncé. Brown has since had a successful film debut playing the lead role opposite Michael at Godzilla: King of Monsters (2019).


  • Spheres (2018) [Narrator]
  • Godzilla: King of the Monsters [2019] [{Madison Russell]
  • Enola Holmes (2020) [Enola Holmes]
  • Godzilla vs. Kong (2021) [Madison Russe]


  • Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (2013)[Young Alice.]
  • Intruders (2014) [Madison O’Donnell]
  • NCIS (2014) [Rachel Barnes]
  • Modern Family [2015) (Lizzie]
  • Grey’s Anatomy [2015) (Ruby]
  • Stranger Things (2016-present) [Eleven / Jane]


  • Screen Actors Guild Awards
  • Fangoria Chainsaw Awards
  • Saturn Awards
  • MTV Movie & TV Awards
  • Gold Derby TV Awards
  • IGN People’s Choice Awards
  • Kids’ Choice Awards
  • Teen Choice Awards


Brown’s net worth of $10 million dollars is not surprising. After all, she was an expert at making it rain cash on stage and winning awards for her performances!


Marital Status: Unmarried
Boyfriend: Jacob Sartorius (2017-2018), Romeo James Beckham (2019), Joseph Robinson (2020)


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