Mila Kunis Net Worth | Movies, Biography & Facts | Britannica

Mila Kunis Net Worth | Movies, Biography & Facts | Britannica

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Mila Kunis Net Worth | Movies, Biography & Facts | Britannica


Сеlеbrаtеd Nаmе: Міlа Кunіѕ
Rеаl Nаmе/Full Nаmе: Міlеnа Маrkоvnа “Міlа” Кunіѕ
Gеndеr: Fеmаlе
Аgе: 38 уеаrѕ оld
Віrth Dаtе: 14 Аuguѕt 1983
Віrth Рlасе: Сhеrnіvtѕі, Ukrаіnе
Nаtіоnаlіtу: Аmеrісаn
Неіght: 1.63 m
Wеіght: 52 kg
Ѕехuаl Оrіеntаtіоn: Ѕtrаіght
Маrіtаl Ѕtаtuѕ: Маrrіеd
(Nаmе): Аѕhtоn Кutсhеr (m. 2015)
Сhіldrеn: Yеѕ (Wуаtt Іѕаbеllе Кutсhеr, Dіmіtrі Роrtwооd Кutсhеr)
(Nаmе): N/А
Рrоfеѕѕіоn: Аmеrісаn асtrеѕѕ
Nеt Wоrth іn 2021: $75 mіllіоn
Lаѕt Uрdаtеd: Nоvеmbеr 2021

Mila Kunis (born Mila Markovna Kunis) is an American actress and model from Ukraine. She is famous for her participation in the films “In Flight”, “Max Payne”, “The Book of Eli”, “Sex for Friendship”, “The Third Extra”, “Oz: The Great and Terrible”, “Black Swan”. Winner of the Saturn Award, nominee for the Golden Globe, and the US Film Actors Guild Award for Best Supporting Actress.


Milena Kunis, a native of the Ukrainian city of Chernivtsi, was born on August 14, 1983. Her mother, Elvira, was a physics teacher and moved to the United States to become a pharmacy manager. Father Mark Borisovich, a mechanical engineer at the Legmash plant, began working as a taxi driver in the United States. Mila has an older brother, Mikhail.

Mila Kunis Net Worth | Movies, Biography & Facts | Britannica

Despite a decent income by Soviet standards and the absence of acute financial problems, parents did not see a good future for their children in the USSR. In addition, a family with Jewish roots suffered greatly from anti-Semitism, so in 1991 the Kunis moved to America, settling in Los Angeles. According to Mila, her parents raised her “as Jewish as possible,” which was not encouraged in the USSR at all.

To help her daughter adjust as quickly as possible and start interacting with her peers, Mark and Elvira placed her in a children’s acting club at the Beverly Hills studio. In this studio, she was noticed by manager Susan Curtis, who brought the baby to shoot commercials for television – in particular, to promote the Barbie doll.

The commercials were followed by invitations to various TV shows and series, including the John LaRockett Show, Days of Our Lives, Seventh Heaven, and others, which had to be combined with training at the Bancroft District School.

In addition, the young actress played small roles in the films “Strong Santa Claus” (1996), “Darling, we have reduced ourselves” (1997), and “Gia” (1998) with Angelina Jolie, where she played the main character as a child. At the same time, the girl’s name was reduced to “Mila” for simplicity.

Mila Kunis Net Worth | Movies, Biography & Facts | Britannica

In 1998, when Mile was 14 years old, she was approved for the first big role – in the youth TV series “Show of the 70’s”. Curiously, while working on this series, Mila met Ashton Kutcher, who many years later became her husband.

Their first kiss took place on the set, although the relationship between them at the time was purely friendly. “I was 19 and she was about 14. Yes, I even did a chemistry house for her. That kiss on set was probably the first in her life. Imagine, our first kiss is documented on television! ”Kutcher said in an interview.

Thanks to this series, where the girl starred for eight seasons in a row, she received her first Young Star Award at the age of 16, and then was awarded this award again the following year. In addition, she has been repeatedly nominated for the Teen Choice Awards.

In 1999, Mila began to voice Meg in the animated series “Griffins”. At rehearsals, the voice of the 15-year-old actress bribed the director with its naturalness and how Mile managed to accurately reflect the intonation of the character.

Mila Kunis graduated from Fairfax High School in 2001 and enrolled at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and then transferred to the University of Marymount, California, but studied for a short time.


In 2001, without interrupting her television career, the adult Kunis played a friend of the main character in the romantic comedy “Virus of Love”, starring Kirsten Dunst.

Mila Kunis Net Worth | Movies, Biography & Facts | Britannica

The following year, the actress played her first starring role in a film – in the thriller “American Psychopath 2: One Hundred Percent American” (2002) with William Shatner. The film was generally considered a failure, and Mila herself later expressed her disappointment and opposed the filming of the third part: “Please, someone, stop this. Write a petition. When I starred in the second film, I didn’t even know it would be “American Psychopath 2.” It was planned as a completely different project, and then it was edited, re-edited, but … oh, I don’t know. It turned out badly. ”

A breakthrough for Mila’s cinematic career was her participation in the romantic comedy “In Flight” (2008) directed by Nicholas Stoller. The film was a box office success and garnered critical acclaim: “It has a lot of funny and poignant situations, and a perfect balance between romanticism and stinginess for comedy,” “… it’s on the crest of the latest trend: romantic comedy for guys.” And although Mila was not in the foreground in this picture, her work was also highly praised – the young actress was nominated for the Teen Choice Awards.

However, the award itself once again slipped away, and the press considered Mila “monstrously unsuitable” for this role and called the crime boss in her performance “an underdog with a gently gurgling voice.” John Moore defended the actress as best he could: “Yes, Mila is not the most obvious choice for this role, but she turned into Mona so well … We needed someone who would convey the essence of the character, but with its own subtext. I think Mila did it stunningly. ”

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In 2009, Mila starred in Mike Judd’s comedy “Extract”, and the following year saw a more significant picture for her – the post-apocalyptic drama of the Hughes brothers “The Book of Eli”, where Mila’s partners were Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman. And although critics generally hailed the film as not the most outstanding, it was a great success with the public, and Mila’s play was unanimously called “a very strong work”: not always ready to take risks. ” Mila was once again nominated for the Teen Choice Awards, but she did not get the prize again.

The same year 2010 brought the actress another interesting work – a psychological thriller by Darren Aronofsky “Black Swan”, where she played a supporting role, a ballerina and rival of the main character played by Natalie Portman. Interestingly, in real life, Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman are not rivals at all, but quite close friends.

In order to convincingly transform into a ballerina, Mile had to study ballet for 5 hours every day and lose about 9 kilograms before the start of filming, for which the actress went on a strict diet and did cardio.

Of course, all these sacrifices and efforts were not in vain – the picture was a huge success, raising a record $ 329 million with a budget of 13 million, and received several prestigious awards and nominations, including five Oscar nominations. Mila’s work did not go unnoticed either: she received the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress and was nominated for a Golden Globe and the US Film Actors Guild Award.

After this serious dramatic work, the next film starring Mila was again a romantic comedy – a film directed by Will Glack “Sex in Friendship” (2011), where the actress played the main character in a duet with Justin Timberlake and starring Woody Harrelson and Emma Stone. The film was warmly received by the public and critics: “The film is good for its energetic dialogues and loves” chemistry “between the main actors, as well as the fact that the misunderstanding underlying the conflict looks … plausible.”

Mila Kunis Net Worth | Movies, Biography & Facts | Britannica

The following year, the actress starred in the black comedy “The Third Extra” by director Seth McFarlane, and her main filming partner was again Mark Wahlberg. It turned out to be an easy and fun film, and in the Russian box office it was accompanied by a memorable slogan: “In love is not without a bear.” In the center of the plot – a young couple and… lewd talking teddy bear, unhappy with the appearance of a girl at his master.

In 2013, Mila starred in Sam Raimi’s fantasy adventure film “Oz: The Great and Terrible,” a prequel to the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. Here she played one of the main roles, the witch Theodora. According to the plot of the film, Theodora appears in the frame in two different images, and to transform into one of them – the witch of the West – the actress was applied very complex makeup. The process of reincarnation took four hours, and it took an hour to remove makeup. According to Mila, after the filming, it took her two months to restore normal skin condition. Still, according to the actress, the most difficult thing for her was to create such an image that it did not conflict with the image of the Witch of the West from the original film performed by actress Margaret Hamilton, but was not perceived as secondary: “I was very worried, working on a character who had already become an icon before me … I didn’t want to spoil it, I didn’t want to recreate it, I didn’t want to interpret it in a new way. Therefore, in order not to completely break my head, I had to cultivate in myself the original feeling of her personality, as if she had just been given to me. ”

After that, Mila starred in three independent films on a low budget: Guillaume Canet’s thriller “Blood Ties” (2013), Phil Robinson’s tragicomedy “The Worst Man in Brooklyn” (2014) starring Robin Williams and Paul Haggis’ melodrama “The Third Person” (2014). ) starring Liam Neeson and Olivia Wilde. In the box office, her next major role was in Lana and Lilly Wachowski’s space opera The Rise of Jupiter (2015), played in partnership with Channing Tatum and Sean Bean. Critics greeted the film coolly, calling it “another confusing story on a science fiction theme” and emphasizing the ridiculous fashion for portraying female characters in science fiction and action movies as unbelievably strong as “Arnold Schwarzenegger with a bust.”

Mila Kunis Net Worth | Movies, Biography & Facts | Britannica

The film did use a lot of tricks, and to Mila’s credit, she did almost all of them herself. The only exception was a joint flight with Channing Tatum, during which they hung outside in a helicopter – the actors did not allow the actors to perform this trick on their own. In 2016, the film “Very Bad Moms” was released – a comedy directed by John Lucas and Scott Moore, where Mila appeared in the company of Kristen Bell and Catherine Hahn. The film was a success, and soon after its release, the same team began working on the sequel “Very Bad Moms 2”.


In 2007, Mila Kunis co-starred with James Franco in the video “Funny or Die”, a parody of the TV series “Hollywood Hills”, and then she starred in the Christmas video “Shine Your Own Star” from the brand Gap. In addition, she often takes part in the shooting of music videos of famous artists – she can be seen in the videos Kiss, Aerosmith, The Strokes, Joel Madden, Nora Jones, and others.

The actress has repeatedly appeared on the covers of leading glossy magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamor, and many others. In 2010, she was featured in Esquire’s “Women We Love” section and posed for singer Brian Adams’ “American Women 2010” photoshoot with the Calvin Klein brand, whose proceeds went to the AIDS Foundation.

In 2013, Kunis took 89th place in the list of the 100 most influential celebrities and 14th place in terms of income in the ranking of Forbes magazine. In 2017, she was ranked 5th in terms of fees among Hollywood actresses – she earned $ 15.5 million a year. Men’s Health magazine included the actress in the list of “100 most attractive women of all time”, and the popular American magazine FHM named her number 1 in the ranking of “100 sexiest women in the world” in 2013.

According to Maxim magazine, Mila took 5th place in the list of “100 sexy people” in 2009 and 2011 and 3rd place in 2012, and in 2010 she was awarded an honorable 2nd place in the ranking of the most coveted celebrities in the poll of the popular men’s site AskMen.


At about age 16, Mila once told her father, “You know, I don’t want to get married, I don’t believe in marriage.” Over time, Mila changed her youthful denial of marriage to a new wording: “I will marry only when gays can do it.”

Mila Kunis Net Worth | Movies, Biography & Facts | Britannica

In 2002, 19-year-old Mila began dating 22-year-old actor Macaulay Kalkin, who was still a very popular figure at the time. The fame of his “children’s” roles in the films “One at Home” and “Rich Richie” has not yet faded. According to the actress, it was “impossible to even just walk down the street” with Kalkin due to the fact that fans started screaming at him.

The couple’s relationship was stable and lasted eight years, but the actors were in no hurry to marry. In January 2011, the couple broke up, after which Culkin became depressed and began using heavy drugs. In April 2012, Mila entered into a relationship with actor Ashton Kutcher, his longtime partner in the series “Show of the 70’s”. Their engagement took place in February 2014, and on October 1, 2014, their daughter Wyatt Isabel Kutcher was born.

The couple still appreciates their personal space and looks very happy. Asked by a journalist from an online publication if there was anything annoying about her in Kutcher, Mila replied: “I can tell you quite honestly, although this will not be the answer that people would like to hear. My husband does not annoy me. Nothing annoying, at all. I don’t know, maybe it’s still ahead, because we haven’t been married for so many years, you know, a lot of things between us still happen like on a honeymoon, Everything is so wonderful and beautiful, and I haven’t reached the stage where people get annoyed not yet. ”

For a long time, the children in the family did not suspect that their parents were famous actors. Wyatt was sure her mother was a hairdresser. The legend collapsed because of huge billboards with portraits of Mila for the film “Very Bad Moms 2”.

Wyatt and Dimitri learn three languages ​​at once – English, Russian and Spanish. In January 2011, Kunis told the press that she had suffered from chronic iritis (inflammation of the iris) since childhood, which caused her to develop heterochromia: her right eye was green and her left was light brown. At one point, the disease even led to blindness in one eye, but after a successful operation, the vision was restored.

Mila is a fan of the computer game World Of Warcraft, although she plays infrequently and does not use the game’s voice chat at all, because other players recognize it by voice. In politics, she supports the Democratic Party of the United States and sharply criticizes Republicans for her position on some issues, which she considers offensive – in particular, for “attacks” on women and statements on religion.


In 2017, Mila worked on the sequel to the 2016 comedy – John Lucas and Scott Moore’s film “Very Bad Moms 2”, where she again starred in the former women’s team with Kristen Bell and Catherine Hahn. For the filming of this tape, the previous cast was reinforced by several bright artists, in particular Susan Sarandon.

In 2018, Suzanne Vogel’s comedy “The Spy Who Dropped Me” is released, where Kunis also stars alongside Kate McKinnon and Sam Queen. The film was partly shot in Budapest.

In August 2017, Mila and her husband visited the actress’ hometown in Chernivtsi, Ukraine. But contrary to expectations, Mila remained indifferent to the places where she lived until the age of 7, and the new mistress of her former home did not even let them on the doorstep, so the trip brought the couple nothing but disappointment.

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