Michelle Pfeiffer Age | young, Catwoman, Education | Family & Movies

Michelle Pfeiffer Age | young, Catwoman, Education | Family & Movies

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Biography of Michelle Pfeiffer

Real Name Michelle Marie Pfeiffer
Birthday April 29, 1958
Birthplace Santa Ana, California, United States
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Nationality American
Children [Sons and Daughters] John Henry Kelley, Claudia Rose Pfeiffer
Profession Actress, Singer, and Producer
Parents Richard Pfeiffer,Donna (née Taverna)
Brother and Sisters Rick Pfeiffer,Dedee Pfeiffer, Lori Pfeiffer
Married/Husband David E. Kelley (1993-Present)
College: Fountain Valley High School
School: Fountain Valley High School
Net Worth $250 million

Michelle Pfeiffer is a girl of rare beauty and rare talent. This is largely why many of her screen images have long been a true legend in the world of big cinema. She was a cat woman, an Eastwick witch, and many other bright characters. Her extraordinary acting and subtle ability to transform into a variety of characters have brought our today’s heroine many cinematic awards. However, we will not rush things unnecessarily… We will tell about all the most interesting and remarkable moments in the life of Michelle Pfeiffer in our today’s article.


The future star of American cinema was born in the small town of Santa Ana (California) and became the second child in a family in which, in addition to herself, there were three other offspring. The mother of our today’s heroine, Donna Tavern, who was a housewife for most of her life, looked after the whole huge family. The material support of the family lay on the shoulders of Michelle’s father – Richard Pfeiffer. Throughout his life, the man owned a small company selling air conditioners and heating appliances.

Michelle Pfeiffer Age | young, Catwoman, Education | Family & Movies


As for the more distant relatives of the future star of American cinema, in this context, it is worth noting that in the veins of Miss Pfeiffer flows Dutch, Irish, German, Swedish, and Swiss blood. Perhaps it was this insane symbiosis that predetermined the versatility that our today’s heroine has always been famous for? One way or another, in early childhood Michelle was a very active and mobile child. She always had a hard time sitting in class and also had a pretty cool temper. One day they even wanted to expel the girl from school.

However, the solution came naturally – just a few months later, the parents of the future actress left the city of Santa Ana and moved to Midway City. After that, there was another move – to the town of Fountain Valley. It is here that the future celebrity graduated from high school. In addition to the constant absences of classes in Michelle’s life were a few other hobbies. Like all other teenagers in California, she loved surfing, basketball, and acting. In this context, it is worth noting that our today’s heroine attended such lessons simply because it was fashionable among her friends. Michelle Pfeiffer did not even think about her career. The modeling profession has always been more attractive to her.

However, for a long time, she remained something unattainable for a young girl. The fact is that one day the family of the future celebrity began to have problems with money. Because of this, our today’s heroine had to go to work from the age of fourteen. At first, she was a saleswoman in a clothing store, then a waitress and a supermarket inspector. After graduating from school, Michelle Pfeiffer entered college but soon left it, realizing that education is not an important criterion for a successful career.


Michelle Pfeiffer Age | young, Catwoman, Education | Family & Movies

In 1978, our today’s heroine appeared at the contest “Miss California”. In this competition, the girl reached one of the final stages, however, in the end, still went the distance. Despite this, the competition allowed the girl to catch the eye of prominent American producers, who very soon offered Michelle Pfeiffer the first role in the film. Our today’s heroine had the first appearance on the screen as part of the sitcom “Delta House”. After this small role in the filmography of the actress, some other insignificant works appeared.

However, over time, the format of the roles of Michelle Pfeiffer has grown steadily, and very soon in the track record of the young charming actress began to appear really bright and remarkable works. These include the romantic films “Briolin 2” and “In the Night”, as well as in the truly cult films “Face with a Scar” and “Witches of Eastwick”. In each of these tapes, the pretty American beauty got the lead roles. She has worked on the same site with stars such as Jack Nicholson, Cher, Susan Sarandon, and others.

Thus, by the mid-eighties, Michelle Pfeiffer became one of the most popular and sought-after actresses of her time. Already in the status of an established star, the girl starred in several new blockbusters, among which are the films “Dangerous Relationships”, “Married to the Mafia”, “Russian House”, “Famous Baker Brothers”, “Frankie and Johnny”, “Age of Innocence”, ” The field of love. Each of these films was awarded prestigious cinematic prizes or nominations. Especially on this list are the films “Dangerous Liaisons” and “Famous Baker Brothers”, which brought the actress the awards of the British Film Academy BAFTA, as well as the “Golden Globe”. Between 1994 and 2003, Michelle Pfeiffer played many iconic roles, appearing in the films “At the Bottom”, “The Story of Us”, “I am Sam”, “What hides a lie”.

Her range of roles ranged from comedy to drama, from horror films to romantic melodrama. However, the next LE PFEIFFER NOWnomination for the prestigious film award took place only in 2003. During this period, the American Film Actors Guild drew attention to the role of Pfeiffer in the movie “White Oleander”. But the main award that year went to another.


Michelle Pfeiffer Age | young, Catwoman, Education | Family & Movies

Recently, Michelle continues to delight fans of her talent with new bright roles. She is also beautiful and talented, and to understand this, just watch the movies “Sherry”, “Stardust”, “I will never be yours”, “Dark Shadows”, “Personal” and some others.

In this context, again, one cannot fail to note the versatility of Michelle’s images and the diversity of the films in which she is filmed. A clear confirmation of this is the crime drama “Malavita”, which was released in 2013 and became for many years the first work of the actress in this genre.


Michelle had two marriages in her life. The first husband of our today’s heroine was the actor Peter Hornton, with whom the girl lived for seven years. Since 1993, American beauty has been married to screenwriter and producer David Edward Kelly. The lovers are still together. The couple lives in California and is raising two children, an adopted daughter, Claudia Rosa (born 1992), and a son, John Henry (born 1994).

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