Megan Fox Height | Age, Affairs, Weight  | Husband,Family & More

Megan Fox Height | Age, Affairs, Weight  | Husband, Family & More

Megan Fox Net Worth, Height, Age, Affairs, Weight, Husband, Family, Body Measurements, Bra Size, Movies, House, Education,  Facts, Lifestyle, Awards. Megan Fox was born on  May 16, 1986, in the USA. Her  Instagram, wiki feet, Jacob elordi, chase stokes, the kissing booth, the act, Assets, jeff bridges,  john Wayne, Body stats, Boyfriend, true grit movie, true fitness, true grit cast, Coen brothers movies, TRUE, Body, Caste, X Salary,  Religion,  News, Photos, Email, Videos,


For those who know almost nothing about the ways to the big screen of the famous actress, representing her only on the roles played in famous films, it will be interesting to get acquainted with her biography and interesting facts from the life of Megan Fox.

Megan Fox Quick Bio

Real Name Megan Denise Fox
Nick Name Megan Fox
Born May 16, 1986
Age 34 years old (As of 2020)
Profession Actress, Model
Known For Role on the Hope & Faith television sitcom
Birthplace Oak Ridge, Tennessee, U.S
Nationality American
Sexuality Straight
Religion Christianity
Gender Female
Ethnicity Caucasian
Horoscope Cancer
Physical Stats
Height/ Tall In feet – 5’8″
Weight 52 Kg
Body Measurements
34-24-35 inches
Bra Cup Size 32 D
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Parents Father: Franklin Thomas Fox
Mother: Gloria Darlene
Marital Status Divorced
Boyfriend/ Dating NA
Husband/Spouse Brian Austin Green
(m. 2010; separated 2020)
Children (3) Son: Noah, Bodhi, Journey River Green
Education 1. Kingston Elementary School
2. St. Lucie West Centennial High School
Net Worth Approx $20 Million USD (As of 2020)
Online Contacts
Social Media Links Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube,IMDb, Wiki

Actress Megan Fox, who gained worldwide fame after the release of the blockbuster “Transformers”, was born in the small American town of Rockwood, located in Tennessee. She was born on May 16, 1986, to a family of many nationalities, so the girl inherited Irish, French, and Italian genes, as well as a portion of the blood of Native Americans.

It is possible that such heredity was the reason not only for the attractiveness of the girl, but also for her difficult character. The complexity of Megan’s character became the source of various problems that began in school.

Initially, these were conflicts with peers, due to which the girl had no friends either at school or in the studio, where she began her career as a model. There were some problems with the law in adolescence.

Megan does not hide that during these years she met drugs. Fortunately for the girl, she did not like this acquaintance, although today she believes that the use of marijuana does not cause much harm, so it should be legalized.

From an early age, Megan danced received several prestigious awards in dance competitions. She studied in a theater studio. At the age of fifteen, she began her acting career on the set of Hollywood, wherein a few years she achieved significant success in this difficult profession.

At the same time, she worked as a model, regularly shooting for glossy and men’s magazines. The young actress gained popularity after starring in the famous film “Transformers”, after which there were many invitations to participate in various photo and film projects.

Today, the family has three sons – in addition to two children together, they are raising Cassius, son of Brian from his first marriage. The actress does not plan to leave her job in cinema. During her pregnancy as a second child, she starred in a movie that is set to hit screens in 2014.

Now let’s turn to some periods of Megan Fox’s life in more detail, we will tell you that it will probably be interesting to learn for fans of her talent.

Megan Fox: as a child

It was hard to call the family where Megan Fox was born prosperous. Franklin Fox, the girl’s father, worked as a guard for criminals released on parole. This difficult work aroused in man aggression, which is manifested later in family relationships. As a result, the girl’s mother, Darlen Fox, takes the children away (Megan has an older sister) and leaves the family.

At the age of three, Megan appears as a stepfather – Darlen marries a man much older than her. The family moved to Florida, where they settled in Port St. Lucie. Tony Tonacio, who became Megan’s mother’s new husband and replaced his father with two girls, was not easy-going. He was considered a despot in the district.

His stepfather approached the upbringing of girls responsibly, but his conservative outlook on life was often a source of conflict in the family. Megan herself claims that the difficult relationship with her parents was the cause of her frequent emotional breakdowns, however, only thanks to their support she was able to get excellent dance and music training.

Megan began dancing and music at the age of five, and when she was ten and the family moved to another Florida city, St. Petersburg, it was at her parents’ insistence that they continue. At the same time, the future actress studied in a drama studio and studied at a regular local school.

Megan Fox: in her youth

Diligent dance classes were rewarded with victories at several competitions held in South Carolina. Megan managed to win several awards at once. Then the young singer turned only 13 years old. In the same year, 1999, Megan made an offer to try their hand at the modeling business. Parents did not object, setting one condition – to continue acting.

Megan did not object, so her plans were to dedicate her life to an acting career. Continuation of dance classes did not fit into the girl’s plans. Teachers in the theater studio supported the plans of the girl, who is now considered very talented, with innate acting skills.

The more successful the girl’s career in art, the worse her school affairs. She had friends only among boys, and she did not fit into the company of girls. And outside of school, her behavior left much to be desired.

Megan Fox at the age of 14 was arrested for stealing a car, but fortunately, the story did not get a sequel. She was detained several times in stores for stealing cosmetics. It is possible that such behavior was a way of self-affirmation for the teenager, as among the girls at school she was an outcast, she was both envied and hated.

No wonder Megan’s schooling was not even in the background, but in the background. The result was expected – after such “feats” the future star was expelled from school. After leaving school, Megan made the final decision to start a career as a film actress.

Megan: On the way to the big screen

Megan began her career in filmmaking in a unique way – deciding to earn money for a trip to the capital of the Los Angeles film industry, she got a job in walking advertising (people in this profession were called “bananas”), inviting passers-by to visit cafes and praising the quality of service. After receiving her first salary, the girl went to conquer Hollywood.

It is clear that no one was waiting for such a young girl there (Megan recently turned 15), she realized that her acting abilities, highly valued in the theater studio, against the background of Hollywood actors are weak, the future star relied on her attractive appearance.

Indeed, Megan’s appearance – beautiful hair, charming smile, great skin color and body parameters that meet Hollywood standards, attracted the attention of filmmakers. In 2001, she starred in the film “Sunny Vacation”. The role was noticeable – the girl, played by Megan Fox, was present on the screen for a long time, she was always next to the main characters (they were performed by sisters Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen), arranging various tricks for them.

Although the film was not very successful – it was not released, it sold poorly on discs, but the beginning of his film career was laid. For several years, Megan starred in cameo roles, accepting any offers from directors. Her creative work includes minor roles and episodes in films such as Ocean Street, What I Love You For, The Screen Queen and others.

These works were important for Megan not only on screen appearances in the company of famous Hollywood actors, but also the opportunity to improve their acting skills. Due to the episodic roles played in 2004, the young actress was offered a more interesting role in the movie “Scene Star”, where Megan played with the popular actress Lindsay Lohan. Then for three years she starred in a series called “Hope and Faith”.

Megan Fox: a first starring role

Numerous roles in movies and work as a model in men’s magazines have made the girl noticeable among Hollywood actresses. Finally, in 2007, when the blockbuster “Transformers” was released, in which the actress played the lead role, Megan waited for her heyday.

The super-popular fantasy film, which grossed more than seven hundred million dollars, made Megan Fox famous from the first days of its appearance on the screens, turning the young actress into one of the famous Hollywood stars. Megan’s childhood dream came true.

The first successful role was followed by invitations to new shootings. In 2008, the actress played the role of a rising star in the movie “How to lose friends and make everyone hate you.”

In 2009, the film “Jennifer’s Body” appeared in theaters, in which viewers could appreciate not only Megan’s wonderful game but also her wonderful figure. There were episodes in the film where the actress appeared completely naked.

In the same year, the actress was invited to play in the second part of the loud fantasy blockbuster, which was released under the title – “Transformers. Revenge of the fallen. The film, in which Megan again played the main character, Mikaella Baines, was no less successful, so its creators began filming the third part.

However, in the third part of the project, Megan Fox was no longer filmed. The actress claimed that she gave up the role herself, but director Michael Bay voiced a different version. Filming for the Megan Fox project stopped at the initiative of producer Steven Spielberg. The actress was fired from the project after insulting the director.

Megan Fox: the following films

In 2010, Megan added to her filmography two more films – not very successful western “John Hex” and “Games of Passion”. In 2011, filming began in the films “Intersection” and “Phantom”. Films with Megan Fox were popular with viewers, but the actress did not bring much fame, but her appearance attracted readers of men’s magazines.

The year 2012 turned out to be more successful for Megan Fox in terms of creativity than the previous one. The actress starred in two films – “Love as an Adult” and “Friends with Children” and her acting work was highly praised by film critics.

In 2013, Megan participated in the filming of the blockbuster “Ninja Turtles”. It will appear on the screens in 2014. Fans of the actress will have the opportunity to see her idol in the lead female role.

Megan Fox: Filmography and Biography

Especially for fans of Megan Fox’s work, a detailed list of her works in movies and on TV in one section.

Movies with Megan Fox:

  • Sunny vacation (2001);
  • The Queen of the Screen (2003);
  • Bad Guys 2 (2003);
  • Star of the stage (2004);
  • Transformers (2007);
  • How to lose friends and make everyone hate you (2008)
  • The prostitute (2008);
  • Jennifer’s body (2009);
  • Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen (2009);
  • John Hex (2010);
  • Games of passion (2010);
  • Friends with children (2011);
  • Dictator (2012);
  • Ninja Turtles (2014).

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