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Marilyn Monroe is an American actress who comes to be a major sex symbol in the 1950s after appearing in a number of commercially successful TV series such as “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” (1953), “How to Marry a Millionaire” (1953), “Itch for Seven”. Years” (1955) and some like it (1959).

Marilyn Monroe | Biography, Movies, Death & Facts | Information


More than half a century has passed since the mysterious death of the famous actress, inimitable blonde, the living embodiment of the “American dream” – Marilyn Monroe. But interest in her identity, biography and the circumstances of her death continue today. Originally imitating the gorgeous Gene Harlow, Marilyn herself later became an object of adoration for Hollywood actresses.

Full Name Norma Jeane Mortenson
Nickname MM, Marilyn Monroe, The Blonde Bombshell
Date of Birth 1-Jun-26
Birth Place Los Angeles, California, United States
Age 36 years old
Sun Sign Gemini
Father’s Name Updating Soon
Mother’s Name  Gladys Pearl Baker
Siblings Bernice Baker, Robert Kermit Baker
Height 5 Ft 5 inch or 166 cm
Weight 54 kg or 119 lbs
Nationality American
Sexuality Straight
Ethnicity White
Body Measurements 36-22-36 in or 91.5-56-91.5 cm
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Shoe Size 7.5 (US) or 38 (EU)
Education Emerson Junior High School, Van Nuys High School, University High School
Body Type Voluptuous
Marital Status Married
Net Worth $10 million
Social Media Presence Facebook,Instagram, Twitter

It is obvious that such popularity demanded from the young diva firmness of character, mind and purposefulness. Unfortunately, until the end of her life, Marilyn Monroe was perceived only as a living embodiment of sexiness, and a shrewd and strong woman in the actress will be seen later.

Childhood and adolescence

Norma Gene Mortenson was born in Los Angeles, California, on June 1, 1926. The girl was the third child of Gladys Baker, in addition to her mother had a son and daughter from a previous relationship. The woman broke up with the girl’s father a couple of days before the birth of a common daughter.


Marilyn Monroe | Biography, Movies, Death & Facts | Information

The childhood of the future star is a difficult and difficult ordeal. Due to the fact that Delia, Gladys Baker’s mother, did not agree to take the child into her home, the girl had to be given to a Bolender foster family, which maintained a family-type orphanage. The girl lived here until she was seven years old, seeing her mother regularly. Gladys also paid for everything she needed for her daughter, from food to going to the movies.

Marilyn Monroe | Biography, Movies, Death & Facts | Information

In 1933, Norma’s mother took her in, but literally a year later, the girl was left homeless and unprotected again as Gladys was taken to hospital with a nervous breakdown. Mackie, the girl’s mother’s best friend, took care of the baby. Unfortunately, Norma’s misfortunes did not end there.

Later, the baby spent time in the orphanage, then with one of the mother’s relatives or friends. The actress later recalled that adolescence was a severe ordeal for her, as several times she was raped by family members of the houses in which she lived.

After meeting James Dougherty at the age of 15, Norma soon married him. Marriage allowed the girl not to return to the shelter every time the next “virtues” refuse her.


In 1944, photographers from the United States Air Force were sent to the site to create a series of propaganda photographs to support the morale of soldiers involved in World War II. It is not known what attracted a man in a pretty, but at the same time ordinary and simple girl, but soon this meeting turned out to be decisive in the fate of a world celebrity.


At the same time, the young model was advised to change her image and take a pseudonym. Norma dyed her hair platinum and has already starred as Gene Baker. The new image brought popularity, the woman quickly became a successful model in the agency. This norm was seen by billionaire and media mogul Howard Hughes, who became interested in the participation of a spectacular blonde in the filming of movies.

Marilyn Monroe | Biography, Movies, Death & Facts | Information

The girl took her mother’s maiden name, and her name was suggested by Ben, whom Norma reminded of Broadway diva Marilyn Miller. That’s how the world-famous name Marilyn Monroe came about.

For a long time, the actress did not receive invitations to the world of big movies, but this did not upset Marilyn. The girl spent her free time dancing and singing lessons, as well as learning as many details of the film production as possible. Until the expiration of the second contract, Marilyn appeared in several roles that did not attract much attention, but allowed to gain experience to continue her career.

In 1948, Monroe returned to work as a model, and in March signed a new agreement with the studio Columbia Pictures. Working in this studio did not bring the girl any notable roles or fame, but helped her further development as an actress. Marilyn met several talented stage workers who gave the actress a number of valuable pieces of advice about her image and appearance.

In 1950, the movie star returned to 20th Century Fox and received the first role, thanks to which viewers noticed the girl. A few months later, another film starring Marilyn was released. The film “All About Eve” was destined to become a classic of Hollywood cinema, and the press was delighted with the film, which won 6 Oscars.

1951 was an extremely successful year for the actress. Monroe starred in several comedies, critics and journalists spoke favorably of the young star and predicted her imminent glory. And so it happened, especially since the popularity of the actress was influenced by numerous scandals of a spicy nature, ranging from the discovered photos with a naked Monroe, ending with a difficult personal life of a Hollywood star.

In 1952 and 1953, Marilyn became famous as a movie star, sex symbol and the hottest actress in the United States. The young and charismatic actress starred in a number of extremely successful films, and her partners on the set were many Hollywood stars: Carrie Grant, Fred Allen, Jane Russell.

Monroe’s reputation as a sex symbol was confirmed by her participation in the film “Seventh Day Itch”, and the episode with the “flying dress” (white dress) of the actress has long been considered cult. Unfortunately, at that time Marilyn had an image of a “stupid charming blonde”, from which the star will not get rid of for the rest of his life.

The world also remembered the songs performed by Monroe in the movies. The song I Wanna Be Loved By You from the film “Only Girls in Jazz” became especially popular.

For a while, Monroe didn’t even agree to roles that differed in style from the usual work. Kinodiva has repeatedly stated her desire to embody a serious dramatic image, but for a long time no one risked conducting such an experiment. It wasn’t until 1961, a couple of months before her death, that Marilyn Monroe played a girl named Roslyn Taber in The Restless, a smart and sensitive person who was looking for human warmth, not marriage or adventure.

Personal life

Scandals involving numerous novels were constantly unfolding around the film diva. The future star’s first marriage to American baseball player Joe DiMaggio officially lasted several years, but in fact six months after the wedding ceremony, the couple stopped feeling feelings for each other, losing mutual sympathy.

In 1955, Marilyn married Arthur Miller, about whom she spoke with admiration and respect. In this union, the woman tried to become a mother, but the pregnancy turned out to be ectopic. The couple divorced in 1961. The playwright soon committed suicide under unclear circumstances.

There have been loud rumors about Marilyn Monroe’s affair with US President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert, but official sources have not confirmed this version.

Marilyn Monroe has forever remained an example of femininity and a symbol of beauty. In the image of the American actress, figure (height – 166 cm, weight – 52 kg), charm and creative character is hidden elusive spark of talent, incomprehensible to many.

It is believed that the legend of world cinema did rhinoplasty, as evidenced by the records of the plastic surgeon of Hollywood star Michael Gurdin. According to the American doctor’s report, Monroe had nasal septal injuries, probably due to a fall.

The American Woman’s Life is a grand novel, where a fairy tale, a love story and a detective story are mixed together. However, unsuccessful marriages, dozens of abortions, as well as a stay in a psychiatric clinic made us look at the other side of the life of a Hollywood legend. Psychoanalysts Susan Izraelson and Elizabeth Makavoy, studying the life and work of a world cinema legend, named a special type of inferiority complex after the movie star – Marilyn Monroe Syndrome.


Kinodiva passed away in 1962 at the peak of her career. This caused a storm of speculation and versions around what happened, and American society immediately talked about the causes of Marilyn’s death.

It is known that the body of the dead actress was found by the housekeeper of the actress Eunice Murray. Monroe lay on the bed, clutching the phone, and there were empty medicine vials in the room. Doctors who arrived at the scene of the tragedy confirmed the first guess: the actress died of a sleeping pill overdose.

The position of the body (Monroe lay stretched out, face in the pillow), the strange fact that Marilyn did not leave a death note, and the fact that nothing in her behavior the day before foreshadowed such a desperate step, led the public to suspect that the celebrity died – not suicide. In addition, the constant gossip about the Hollywood actress’ relationship with President Kennedy added a political tone to the tragedy. The secrets of the star’s death still remain unsolved.

However, the official version of the investigation claims that the famous blonde committed suicide.

After the death of the film actress, American directors often tried to be the first to embody the story of her life on screen. Director Terry Sanders made the 1966 documentary The Legend of Marilyn Monroe. This picture will be called the most true film, in which the creators tried to show the actress different, but at the same time realistic. In the film, director John Houston also presented the personality of the actress in an unusual perspective. Earlier, Houston invited the movie star to participate in the film “Restless”.

The rapid and brilliant, but at the same time tragic fate of a mysterious woman, who from an ordinary girl became a symbol of the era – a dramatic story of the twentieth century, which forever won the minds and hearts of millions.


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