Lucy Hale Age | Height, Weight, Family, Sister | Net Worth, Boyfriend & Wiki

Lucy Hale Age | Height, Family, Biography | Career, Wiki, TV Shows, Movies, Songs, Net Worth & Boyfriends

Lucy Hale Age, Height, Bra Size, Weight, Family, Education, Body Measurements, Siblings, Sister, Biography, TV Shows, Wiki, Career, Net Worth & Boyfriends. Lucy Hale was born on  June 14, 1989, in the USA.

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Karen Lucille Hale is best known as Lucy Hale, a wonderful American actress, and singer. Her date of birth is 14 June 1989 in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. She is 32 years old now. She is best known for her first collection Road Between (2014). Successful films: “Sisterhood of Travel Pants 2” (2008), “Wars of Residence” (2009), “Cinderella’s Story: Once a Song and a Scream 4” (both from 2011), and “Courage and Dude” ( 2018).

Famous Name: Lucy Hale
Full Name: Karen Lucille Hale
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: June 14, 1989
Age: 32 years 4 months 25 days
Birthplace: Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Nationality: USA
Current Residence: Tennessee, United States, California, United States
Net Worth: $6 Million Dollars [As in 2022]
Famous for: She is best known for her first collection Road Between [(2014)]


She is the daughter of Julie Knight & Preston Hale. She was named after one of her extraordinary grandmothers. Her mother is a medical caretaker. She has a more famous sister, Maggie Hale, a stage sister, Kirby, and a stage brother, Wes.

Father: Preston Hale
Mother: Julie Hale [Nurse]
Brother(s): Wes Hale [Step-Brother]
Sister(s): Maggie Hale [(Older), Kirby (Step-Sister)]


Height: 5 feet 2 inches (1.57 m)
Weight: 52 kg (As in 2022)
Bra Size: 32B
Chest Size: 34 inches
Waist Size: 24 inches
Hips Size: 34 inches
Dress Size: 6 (US)
Eyes Color: Green
Hairs Color: Dark Brown
Measurements: 34-24-34 inches
Body Shape: Slim
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Zodiac Sign: Gemini


Solidity has described music as her “first love.”She recorded melodies for the “Cinderella Story: Once in a Song” soundtrack. On February 18, 2014, it was reported that Hale’s first studio collection was named Road Between, which was released on June 3, 2014. The collection includes two singles, “You Sound Good to Me” and “Falsehood a Little Better“.

In 2015, Hale worked with Rascal Flatts, originally sang the frontend of “Let It Go” from another Disney Frozen animation by Idina Menzel, and was featured in the We Love Disney compilation. After that, Hale recorded two tracks, “Mistletooth” and “You’re Here“, for the “Hollywood Christmas” collection, which was released on December 8, 2017.


The first years in the biography of the future star of “Dear Deceivers” did not differ from the lives of peers. A sharp turn occurred when Lucy was 12 years old. Noticing the girl’s success in music, the mother transferred her daughter to homeschooling. Now the child has more time for vocal lessons and learning acting skills. In subsequent interviews, Hale admits that she developed nervous problems due to nervous behavior.

In parallel with the new schedule, Lucy’s life changed on the home front. For several years, the girl went to castings and occasionally starred in supporting roles. Lucy’s first long appearance on the screen took place in the series “Biobaba”. The girl got one of the main roles, but the series was closed due to low ratings and strikes by screenwriters. However, even a short but memorable work was enough to make the actress more actively invited to castings.

Initially, the producers planned to release only 10 episodes, but a multi-series film with a successful cast beat all the expected ratings. “Cute cheaters” lasted on the air for 7 seasons. By the way, Lucy’s filming partner was Ashley Benson – a close friend of Hale. Lucy recorded the soundtrack “Lie a Little Better”. The actress admitted that she dedicated the song to one of the actors of the series, in which she is secretly in love. Fans were convinced that the girl was talking about Jena Harding – Hale’s screen lover.

In between the filming of the popular thriller, Lucy played Katie Gibbs in The Story of Cinderella 3. The film received mixed reviews, but critics spoke positively about the soundtracks that Hale performed. Fans of the artist especially warmly received the song “Make You Believe”.

In 2014, the actress took a halt from filming and returned to singing. Lucy has released the album “Road Between”. Reviews of the girl’s music contained positive comments, and the songs were called “charming commercial pop, quite light and pleasant.”

The Hollister brand offered the artist to create her own clothing collection. The items, on the label of which was the name of the actress, were sold out in the United States within a week after appearing on the shelves. Hale designed the collection herself. The girl spends her free time at home shooting and recording songs. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Lucy admitted that she considers herself an introvert and does not like noisy gatherings. Hale is easy and playful about life.

One of the strange hobbies of the star of “Cute Deceivers” was “dessert porn” – Lucy likes to view photos and videos of desserts that users post on Instagram. The girl also does not forget about her own account of this social network and regularly posts pictures from important events or filming locations.

Debut Year: 2003
1st Tv (Show): American Juniors [(2003)]
1st Movie/Drama: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 [(2008)]


The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 [(2008)] Fear Island [(2009)] Scream 4 [(2011)]
The secret of the Wings [(2012)] Waiting on Roxie [(2016)] Truth or Dare [(2018)]
Dude (2018) The Unicorn [(2018)] Fantasy Island [(2020) (Upcoming)]
A Nice Girl Like You [(2020) (Upcoming)] Son of the South [(2020) (TBA)] Big Gold Brick [(2020) (TBA)]


American Juniors [(2003)] An American Idol Christmas (2003) Drake & Josh [(2006)]
The O.C (2006) How I Met Your Mother (2007, 2014) Bionic Woman [(2007)]
Wizards of Waverly Place [(2007-8)] Privileged [(2008-2009)] Ruby & the Rockits [(2009)]
Sorority Wars [(2009)] Private Practice [(2009)] CSI: Miami [(2010)]
Punk’d [(2012)] Baby Daddy [(2014)] Life Sentence [(2018)]
Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television [(2019)] Riverdale [(2020)] Katy Keene [(2020)]


  • “Bless Myself” [(2011)]
  • “Run this Town” [(2011)]
  • “You Sound Good to Me” [(2014)]
  • “Lie a Little Better” [(2014)]


  • Teen Choice Awards
  • Young Hollywood Awards
  • Gracie Allen Awards
  • People’s Choice Awards

Personal life

In 2007, all the popular magazines started talking about the novel by two actors of the series “Wizards of Waverly Place”. Lucy and David Henry met on the set and spent about 2 years together. In 2009, the couple broke off the relationship without explaining the reasons for the breakup to fans.

In 2012, fate brought the actress together with a colleague in the shop Chris Zilka. The romance lasted 6 months and ended with an ugly tweet from a young man:

“I don’t have a girlfriend. She decided she was too good for me. “

Two years later, fans who viewed a ring on a ring finger on social media talked about the engagement of young people. But in 2017, the couple broke up. The official version – Lucy is too busy with work and does not pay enough attention to her beloved.


As of 2022, Lucy Hale’s equity is estimated at $6 million. She previously earned $42,000 for her performance in “Cute Liars,”  Lucy Hale’s net worth includes film and television compensation.


Marital Status: Unmarried
Boyfriend: David Henrie [(2007-2009)], Graham Rogers [(2013)], Joel Crouse [(2014)], Adam Pitts [(2014-2015)], Anthony Kalabretta [(2015-2017)], Ryan Rottman [(2018)], Skeet Ulrich [(2021)]

Lucy Hale now

The horror film “Truth or Action”, which premiered in April, tells the story of a popular youth game. Only fun takes an unexpected turn for participants. Lucy starred in the movie.

In parallel with the film, the series “Life Sentence” is released. Hale embodied the image of a girl who has dealt with cancer and is forced to deal with the consequences of her own reckless actions.

The series has brought changes in the personal life of the actress. On the set of “Life Sentence”, the girl met actor Riley Smith. The paparazzi caught young people kissing on Valentine’s Day.

Another important premiere will be the film “Dude”, the world release of which is also scheduled for April 2018. The tape tells about school friends who are going to go to different universities. Alex Wolfe, Alexandra Shipp and Austin Robert Butler starred with Lucy in the comedy-drama.

Frequently Ask Questions

Does Lucy Hale have cancer?

Stella (Lucy Hale) has lived the last 8 years of her life, taking daily into account. She was diagnosed with cancer 8 years ago, but when she learns that her cancer has been cured, she tries to make some life choices.

Can Lucy Hale really sing?

And before you start guessing, that’s how Hale really sings. In fact, Hale started working as a singer long before she started acting. … She also showed her voice in the movie “Cinderella Story”, “Cinderella Story: Once a Song”, where she played a novice singer.

Who was pregnant in “Little Liars”?

That’s right, beautiful little liar star Sasha Peters is pregnant with her first child. The 24-year-old actress from South Africa, best known for playing Alison DiLaurentis on the show Freeform, announced on Wednesday that she and her husband, Goodson Schaeffer, are expecting their first child together.

Are Lucy Hale and Ian Harding dating?

First, let’s clarify that Harding is not dating Lucy Hale. I know that you, fans of Ezra and Aria, still want these two to be a real couple, but it is not happening, at least in the near future. Not only does Hale have a boyfriend, but Harding has a four-year-old girl. He confirmed this news to People in March.

Lucy Hale and Skeet divorced?

The “Scream” star, 51, and the “Pretty Liars” alum, 31, recently called for her release after three months of living together. The couple first caused rumors of a date in February, when they were photographed kissing in Los Angeles, enjoying a meal in the fresh air. “Lucy and Skeet have been dating for a little over a month.

What does Lucy Hale do for the episode?

Lucy Hale made $ 42,000 for each episode, according to Cheat Sheet.

Did Ezra sleep with Alison?

Ezra and Alison “did nothing,” and in fact, she lied about her age when they first met at the bar; he quit her when he found out she wasn’t 21. So Aria and Ezra didn’t sleep together until he quit his job in high school.

Mr. Fitz And in good little liars?

My favorite moment in the series so far was what Ezra Fitz would look like. Aria’s favorite and former English teacher At the time, it turned out that he wasn’t A (although he had been following the band long before he started to teach them at the Rosewood School, which is more and a little …

Did Mona know it was Ceci?

Because she knew Tsetsia was A and heard their whole conversation! Mona is dealing with A for the disappearance, as she did with Alison, it could also be a clue that Cece was so close with Alison!

What’s wrong with Lucy Hale?

In August 2012, Hale said she had an eating disorder.

Will Stella get pregnant in life imprisonment?

Stella and Wes have been fighting as a couple for several episodes, and this week things almost change for the better when Stella thinks she’s pregnant. But after a trip to the midwife, they learn that she is not only not pregnant, but her number of eggs is extremely low.

Is Lucy Hale married to Ian Harding?

Ian Harding’s wife on screen is a girl who has always been rooted in by fans to finish with “Aria Montgomery” (Lucy Hale).”Ezra” and “Aria” finally reach a happy ending in the seventh season, but although Ian can get married on-screen, the actor has never been married in real life!

Is Lucy Hale really a vegetarian?

Lucy Hale’s diet. Hale follows a sandwich diet which means she consumes mostly plant-based foods, but also some seafood, and she loves coffee. She avoids dairy and processed foods and is full of foods such as eggs, avocados, salads, hummus, and vegetables.

What is Lucy Hale doing now?

Hale left Aria Montgomery behind in 2017 and did not waste time on another TV concert with Life Sentence 2018.

In 2020, Hale began playing fashionista Katie Keane in the CW series Katie Keane before starring in the films “Son of the South” and “Beautiful Girl Like You.”

Who knows about Alison’s first pregnancy?

Although the biggest shock was probably the fact that Alison showed that she was PREGNANT. SAY WOW ?! Ali revealed to Emily that she was pregnant with her ex-husband, Archer’s child. “There are two lines on the stick.

Who is the father of the Alison twins?

Not only was AD’s identity finally revealed, but the father of the children, Ali and Emily, was also found – but no, it’s not the same person. It turns out that the urticaria is the father, and the secret comes from AD – Spencer’s twin, Alex Drake.

Do Ezra and Aria have a child?

After the second episode, it became known that Aria and Ezra had adopted a baby girl, whom they named Catherine Ella. It was also revealed that Aria’s first book will turn into a film starring Reese Witherspoon.

How old was the aria when she slept with Ezra?

Aria was 15 years old in Pilot and Ezra was 22.

Did Drew Van Acker and Lucy Hale meet?

Lucy Hale has revealed that she is in love with her co-author Drew Van Ecker during her days at Pretty Little Liars! The 28-year-old actress and singer recently wrote on Twitter that her song “Lie a little better” was about Drew, but then she deleted the tweet. The other day Lucy told ET why she was in love.


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