Lead generation | Solar lead generation | Email lead generation

Lead generation | Solar lead generation | Email lead generation

Lead generation is the process of soliciting leads for an organization through different channels, such as sending a catalog, cold calling, or handing out brochures. You can also use lead generation marketing tools such as software or outsource the function to external services.

The question of how customers will get through the door is a question many entrepreneurs face. How your company performs to generate sales is a function of your line of business, management style, and personal preference.

Lead generation

Uses of Lead

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The silver-colored coating material, especially seen on the roofs of mosques. Which is an example of frequently used lead usage areas. A lead generation stands out with its features such as providing protection and easy shaping. That one has various usage areas. It is seen that this product, which is preferred for the purpose of sound insulation, is also frequently used in the field of health.
 The most common usage area is the medical industry. At the same time, it is preferred in various facilities due to its stainless feature. Today, it stands out as a preferred product with its different features.

How Lead is Produced

Lead production generally covers the processes of turning pure lead from the mine into plates with various techniques. Lead, which is usually obtained from underground, also has a recyclable feature. For this reason, it is seen that it is also used by separating it from scrap. The production techniques of lead brought from scrap or mine are not limited to these.

During the production of lead, it is brought to a melting point of 327 degrees, and various shapes are given. It is also possible to manufacture in different thicknesses according to the expectations of the customers and the radiation level.

Products Made of Lead

Lead generation manufacturers produce products specific to health and medical fields.

In addition to these, due to its non-corrosive feature, lead coating products serve as protection in mosques and other living spaces. In addition to these features, it also finds a place for use in music. It has different usage areas such as lead glass, lead door, or lead screen.

Solar lead generation

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How much does solar power produce electricity?

At the beginning of the questions that came to our technical call center, “how much does this job cost?” question comes to the fore. The cost of generating electricity from solar energy varies depending on the design you are considering. Although the unit prices of the products used are certain (For example, 1Wp = 0.35$/cent for a solar panel, that is, a 100Wp panel is 35 Dollars), these figures may vary depending on the quantity you will receive. In this article, I will try to explain with examples that the price may vary according to the solar energy system you will make. How much does it cost to generate electricity from solar energy?

How much does it cost to generate electricity from the sun?

Now we can say in the Lead generation article that it makes a quick introduction to our daily life. Small solar panels, solar cells on battery banks, and practical products used in places where there is no city network are now gaining popularity day by day. Many different products that produce electricity from solar energy are on sale in different channels in order to make our lives easier. You can also read my article about the dangers that await us regarding these small products.

Generally, most of those who want a solar energy system these days; have a budget of 2000TL, 3000 TL, how can I buy a solar panel, solar inverter. When we were little, we used to go to the ice cream shop, we wanted ice cream for 3 liras and 5 liras. We knew more or less how much ice cream was worth for this money. You also need to know what you will get for the money you give in electricity generation from the sun. There may be products of different qualities at the same power. When you look at it, it is a 1000watt system, you say 7000 TL, but there is a bidder for 4000 TL! some might say. (By the way, I would like to point out that I do not sell products.)

Generating electricity from solar energy

It is even possible to start with a microinverter. According to your budget, you can buy a solar panel such as 100Wp – 200Wp- 300Wp, and you need to convert this product to electricity (220 V AC) that you will use at home. This system can work without a battery.

The prices of the panels of the same power should be close to each other, if there is a serious price difference, I recommend you stay away from the cheap solar panel.

Old technology panels may be those who want to sell at the new price.  With this simple system, daily production of 1kwh is possible. Considering that the electricity consumption of an average house is 8-10kwh, theoretically, it may be possible to meet 10% of it from the sun at a cost of less than 1000 TL. However, instead of paying 500-600 TL for a micro inverter, you can say that it makes more sense to buy a 1 kW inverter. I think it’s worth considering.

 A larger solar system

It is an option to start with. You can invest in roof and facade applications up to 1Kw-2Kw-3 Kw or 10Kw, generate electricity, use it and sell the surplus and earn money. A system design from the upper limit (10kw) costs around 60,000 -70,000 Turkish Liras.  Contrary to popular belief, the battery does not necessarily have to be.

Energy needs and conditions of each cycle change. In terms of lead generation energy, storage has started to gain importance.

This means that when you want to sell energy in the future, this inverter will not be able to respond to you and you will have to change it! There are many product options.

Solar energy should be a long-term investment. Then you have to make the right choices in order not to say I wish. You can read my previous article on the right inverter selection guide on this subject.


The issue of generating electricity from solar energy is about choosing the most suitable products for your needs among a wide range of solar panels and inverters. If you do not make your choices by anticipating future needs and of course in line with your investment budget, you may have to buy products again after a few years. I hope this Lead generation article can give you a different perspective before making a choice.

Email marketing lead generation/Email lead generation

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 Create Lead generation Records From Incoming Emails

  • If you are using a role-based email account (for example, sales@yourcompany.com), you can connect these mailboxes to TeamGram to automatically generate lead records.
  • You can also use different emails in different marketing channels, associate each email address with a different resource name, and want to measure the effectiveness of each channel independently.
  • To do this, you need to create an Email box.
  • To get started, go to Control panel > Lead settings > Email box. Click on Create new mailbox.
  • Give your mailbox a name. You can give a name consisting of numbers and letters without spaces and special characters. Make the name as clear as possible.  “Sales” may be an appropriate name if you are forwarding emails from sales@yourcompany.com to this mailbox.
  • Choose a source.  If you need to create a new resource, do this first.

How TeamGram Converts Emails to Lead generation Records

  • Sender name > Lead name
  • From email address > Lead email
  • Email body > Lead details
  • Email box resource name > Lead resource information
  • Email box owner > Lead record owner

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