Kim So-Eun | Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Height | Wife, Girlfriend, Biography

Kim So-Eun | Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Height | Wife, Girlfriend, Biography

Kim So-Eun | Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Height | Wife, Girlfriend, Biography

Kim So-Eun was born on September 6, 1989 in South Korea. Her Age, Net Worth, Wiki,Assets, Weight,  Husband, Height, Education, Body stats, Biography, Boyfriend, Movies, Body, Family, Caste, X Salary,  Religion, Affairs, Facts, News, Photos, Email, Videos, Robertson, Tomorrowland,  The longest ride, britt, girl boss, the secret circle, The space between us, The first time, ask me anything, for the people, life unexpected, I still believe and More

Korean TV series and movies have recently become available to Russian viewers. However, they immediately fell in love with her, not least due to the original, graceful beauty of Korean actresses. Kim So-Eun has a lot of fans among Russians.

Biography: Childhood and adolescence

Kim So-Eun | Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Height | Wife, Girlfriend, Biography

Full Name

Kim So-Eun

Birthday September 6, 1989
Age in 2021 31 years old (in 2021)
Nickname Kim So
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Nationality South Korean
Birth Place Toegyewon-myeon, Namyangju-si, South Korea
Home Town Toegyewon-myeon, Namyangju-si, South Korea

She showed independence from a young age, and when she turned 14, without the consent of her parents took part in the beauty contest Miss Binggrae. The experience was successful, as Kim So-eun managed to win the sympathy of the jury, and she took first place. As the actress, herself later said, before going on the catwalk she had to paint her eyes with an ordinary stationery marker, because, unlike many rivals who came to the competition with their mothers and an arsenal of everything they needed, she did not even have any cosmetics.

The girl was immediately noticed and began to be invited to film popular children’s TV shows. In particular, in 1994 the series “Teacher-Dinosaur” was released. The debut was successful, and the cute face of Kim So-eun began to appear more often on television.

In addition, an interesting fact: the actress became the first Korean teenager to earn 100 million won, starring in commercials.

Body Structure and Measurement

Kim So-Eun | Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Height | Wife, Girlfriend, Biography

Weight 55 kg (122 lbs)
Height 5 Feet 6 inches (1.63 m)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Body Shape Slim
Body Measurements ‘UPDATE SOON’
Breast Size Update Soon
Dress Size 2 US

Educational Background

Kim So-Eun | Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Height | Wife, Girlfriend, Biography

Many celebrities have a pretty good education. They are often seen in the media or on social media sites with their college degrees framed and hung on the wall. Some celebrities even go to school after success, while others drop out of high school because they cannot continue their education.

College Chung-Ang university

Hanyang University

University UPDATE SOON

Interestingly, these celebrities, despite their reputations, still need more education after graduating high school or starting college again.

Not all celebrities drop out of school. Some celebrities stay in school and get diplomas. People are very interested in the education of their favorite celebrities. Here we add details of Kim So-Eun’s educational qualifications.

Net Worth and Income Source of Kim So-Eun

Kim So-Eun | Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Height | Wife, Girlfriend, Biography

Net worth is a term that determines how valuable you are. It includes your assets and liabilities, the difference being your net worth. You can calculate it by adding all your assets (what you own) and subtracting all your liabilities (your liabilities). As so many people become known for their online presence today, it becomes more difficult to determine who has more money or how much it costs.

This article will give information about where Kim So-eun got her money and how rich she is. Kim So-Eun’s net worth, source of income, and salary are updated below.

Income Source Actress
Net Worth in 2021 USD $1 million approx

Kim So-Eun Career

Kim So-Eun | Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Height | Wife, Girlfriend, Biography

Korea’s rich history has repeatedly been a source of inspiration for screenwriters. In 2012, the TV series “The Great Seer” was released, which tells about the events that took place in the medieval state of Koryo. In the picture, the girl was assigned to play the role of a doctor, with whom she coped with her inherent talent. The series was quite successful and was shown not only in Korea but also in many other countries, which made Kim So-eun recognizable abroad.

Kim So-Eun: First success

In her interviews, the actress often complained that because she looks older than her years, she is invited to adult roles. In particular, in 2000, Kim So-Eun starred in two TV series, such as “Mom and Sister” and “All About Eve”. The latest project brought her popularity not only in Korea, where she beat all the ratings of popularity but also in other countries. However, since the girl played a heroine with a tough character, she began to be offered roles of a similar plan in the future, and then her career went up.

Chinese period

The decrease in the number of job offers led to the fact that Kim So-eun decided to try her luck abroad. To this end, she went to Hong Kong, where she starred in Cui Khark’s “Seven Swords.” It was based on a TV series of the same name, a series of comics, and a video game. In the film, the actress played the role of a noble Korean girl turned into a slave. However, this role did not bring her the expected success, as well as participation in the Chinese television drama “Just a beautiful flying butterfly.” The reasons were related to the projects themselves, rather than the game of Kim So-Eun.


Disappointed with failures at home and abroad, the actress decided to take a creative break. For three years, the girl began to think about whether she wanted to continue her career in the cinema or it is better to look for another field to realize their talents. Finally, she decided to return to the big screen, and her first work after the break was the series “Gourmet”, which tells about the rivalry of two young people – talented chefs, who are also half-brothers.


Kim So-Eun (actress, 1980), whose films were hugely popular with people of all ages in South Korea at the time, simply fell ill with a desire to get a role in a spy series about young people who want to unite the two halves of their homeland. The project called “Iris” was to begin filming in 2009. To get the invitation, the girl did a short haircut and visited the gym for several months in order to get in shape. As a result, she went through a tough casting and played the role of North Korean spy Kim Seon-Hwa. At the same time, although her character was not initially a key figure, thanks to the girl’s talent, the screenwriters increased the number of series, as required by the audience.

Kim So-Eun:2010

This period was one of the most fruitful in Kim So-Eun’s creative career.

So, after the shooting of the first season of the film “Iris”, the girl began filming in the TV project “Princess Prosecutor” (“Magic Prosecutor”), consisting of 16 episodes. The picture was considered successful, as well as Kim So-Eun’s performance of the role of Ma Hye-Ri. Then there was the participation in the “sports-hospital” drama “Doctor Champ”, in which the actress played a girl doctor who is “torn” between a colleague in love with her and a judo patient. However, of the projects in which Kim So-Eun participated in 2010, viewers appreciated her participation in 3 episodes of the series “Athena: Goddess of War”. This TV project was created by the same team as “Iris”, and some characters continued their existence in the new picture. By the way, after a while, a sequel to these projects was released. In the film “Iris II”, Kim So-Eun reappeared in front of the audience in her favorite role of the North Korean spy Kim Son-Hwa.

“Russian coffee”

Although Kim So-eun mostly stars in TV series, she also has several successful roles in films that have been shown on the big screen. So, in 2012, the actress appeared before the audience in the image of a Japanese barista in the movie “Russian coffee”. He talks about events in the Far East in the early 20th century. On the eve of the Russo-Japanese War, King Joseon (the old name of Korea) Kojon is hiding in the Russian embassy. Adventurers Tanya (Kim So-Eun) and Ilyich, recruited by the Japanese, are sent there. As a child, the girl’s father insisted on teaching her the Russian language, so she was gladly accepted into the embassy as a barista. There she meets the emperor, whom she is instructed to poison. But learning the truth about the death of her father, the girl refuses to perform the tasks of Japanese intelligence.

As an extremely responsible person, in preparation for the filming of Kim So-Eun, whose films are enjoyed in Russia, for 2 months she learned to make coffee and learn the basics of the Russian language. As a result, she very convincingly played the role of Tanya, earning praise from viewers and critics.

Recent works

In 2013, the actress took part in another project with Heng Ken, in which she starred in “The Magic Prosecutor” – in the series “Two Weeks”. In it, she again got the role of steadfast guardian of the rule of law. But this time, the character played by the actress helps innocent prisoners in the fight for justice.

Among the latest works of the actress can also be noted the project of Korea’s most famous cable television “Fall in love with Song Jeong”, launched in 2015. In it, she played the role of a secretary who understands that she is not indifferent to the boss. The seemingly ordinary story, but not so simple. It turns out that the young man had a heart transplant, which now determines the behavior of its “owner”. Yes, “to zero” gradually becomes a person who is not afraid to express their feelings.

Personal life of Kim So En

Kim So-Eun | Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Height | Wife, Girlfriend, Biography

In an interview in 2013, the actress, who turned 33, said she was not going to get married in the near future. As Kim So-eun said at the time, her mother had been trying to arrange her fate since she was 20 years old. However, she has no serious feelings for any man with whom she is acquainted.

Marital Status Married
Boyfriend Name Song Jae-rim
Dating With Song Jae-rim
Husband Name Song Jae-rim
Daughter Name UNKNOWN

In April 2016, Kim So-Eun announced that she and popular Korean serial actor Kwak Si Yang may be getting married soon. However, it was a joke, which they completed their joint work on the project We Got Married. Their acting duo appeared on the screens in September 2015, and the audience, as usual, decided to marry two of their favorite actors. However, according to Kim So-Eun, the only place where she met Kwak Si Yang, who, by the way, is 7 years younger than her, is the set, and the intensive work process does not promote communication. At the same time, she said that in the future she definitely wants to have a child, as she loves children very much.

Thus, the heart of Kim So-eun at the moment continues to remain free, which gives a chance to thousands of men, long and hopelessly in love with this one of the most beautiful actresses in Korean cinema.

Now you know the biography of actress Kim So-Eun. Kim So Yun admits that at the moment that she has shown on the screen only a tenth of what she is capable of. And indeed, according to critics, the girl has great potential and is experiencing creative prosperity. Therefore, we can hope that in the near future the viewer will see many new paintings with her participation.

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