Katherine Langford | Biography, Height, Weight, Photos, Personal life, 2022

Biography: Katherine Langford (April 29, 1996). Read the full biography of the celebrity. family details, Photos,  videos, and latest news 2022 on the portal Learn Everything.


Katherine Langford | Biography, Height, Weight, Photos, Personal life, 2022

The name of actress Catherine Langford became known after the release of the first series of the TV drama “13 reasons why”, participation in which became a star ticket for the young Australian.


A page-turner

Catherine Langford was born April 29, 1996, in Perth, Australia, the eldest daughter of Elizabeth and Stephen Langford. Both Catherine’s mother and father are doctors: Elizabeth is a pediatrician and Stephen is the director of the Flying Doctor Medical Aviation Service.

Katherine Langford | Biography, Height, Weight, Photos, Personal life, 2022

I love you, Catherine | Netflix

Catherine grew up with her younger sister Josephine in the Perth suburb of Applecross. From an early age, she was interested in dramatic arts and took vocal lessons. The girl was the captain of the school swimming team, and after attending the concert of the diva of the pop scene Lady Gaga in 2012, which takes place as part of her international tour, she decided to learn to play the piano. Initially, Catherine saw her passion for art as a hobby and planned to dedicate herself to medicine, as did her parents, but gradually her love of art and success in various theater and music competitions forced her to choose acting.

A Rising Star in the Dramatic Arts

In high school, Catherine stopped playing sports and began attending a theater studio for teenagers, dreaming of continuing to study dramatic arts, but she did not immediately enter the school of acting. Throughout 2013, Catherine worked in theater studios and worked to pay for them. In 2014, the girl was still able to enter the Academy of Dance and Theater Arts, during which she played in several performances and was noted in the lead role in the student production of “Evita”. Catherine’s beautiful appearance, youthful zeal, and undoubted talent were finally noticed and she was offered a grant to study at the Australian Academy of Arts, but she, to the surprise of family and friends, refused.


The young star is back

The year Catherine began her ascent to the Olympus of Cinema is 2015, when she hired an agent and was able to get a role in the short film The Story of Miss Oxygen. The film was shown at the Australian Independent Film Festival and attracted the attention of the young actress.

Katherine Langford | Biography, Height, Weight, Photos, Personal life, 2022

From Australia to Hollywood

In 2016, Langford starred in the short film “Imperfect Square” and starred in the short film “Daughter”, which was shown at the Cannes Film Festival. In the same year, Catherine was cast in a television project about the early period of William Shakespeare’s life, but she did not get the role. Catherine has repeatedly received rejections and therefore was not upset, and with new hopes began to prepare for the next audition for the role in the new series on Netflix, which became her a lucky ticket to Hollywood.


Series Review/The First Series of Netflix

As you know, people are greeted by clothes, and the series – by the first series and “13 reasons why”, which intrigued viewers not even the first series, but the first shots, met the expectations of creators, earning the highest praise from leading film critics in America and Europe.

Katherine Langford | Biography, Height, Weight, Photos, Personal life, 2022

Young Actress Plays Troubled Girl

Katherine Langford, who plays a high school student who committed suicide, got this role after listening to Skype. In a grim and atmospheric psychological story based on Jay Escher’s bestseller, the young Australian was able to convey the emotional state of her heroine, who decided to take extreme measures for thirteen reasons.

The second protagonist of the drama is Clay, one of the reasons for Hannah’s suicide. Two seasons of the project, called a masterpiece of masterpieces, came out from 2017 to 2018, and after the second season, the creators decided to extend it for another season, which began shooting in autumn 2018. The series also starred Dylan Minnet, Alicia Bo, Ross Butler, Derek Luke, and other young actors.

The rising star of Australian cinema

The series became the most popular TV project of 2017, and the Australian debutante was nominated for the prestigious Golden Globe and Sputnik. While working on the TV drama, Catherine starred in the Australian romantic comedy Romantic and in the drama With Love, Simon, in which the young star was accompanied by Talita Bateman, Jennifer Garner, Nick Robinson, and Alexandra Schipp, and Josh Duhamel.


I won’t date until I find the one

Named the opening of the 2017-2018 film season, the actress says that she is not yet accustomed to the close attention of the press and fans who besiege her on social networks.

Katherine Langford | Biography, Height, Weight, Photos, Personal life, 2022

All that is known about Catherine’s personal life is that she has not yet met a young man with whom she would decide to start a romantic relationship. The affair she was credited with Dylan Minnet, her partner for “13 Reasons Why,” actually turned out to be nothing more than gossip. Young actors are linked by friendship and mutual sympathy.

In her free time, the Australian star enjoys music, loves shopping, and meetings with relatives who have stayed in Australia and whom she misses very much. Catherine’s younger sister decided to follow in Catherine’s footsteps and became an actress. In 2018, viewers saw Josephine Langford in the horror drama “Fear Your Desires.”


Marvel’s “Finale”

To Catherine’s fans’ chagrin, their favorite will not be resurrected in the third season of “13 Reasons”, but in 2019 they will be able to see her play in the blockbuster “Avengers: Finale”, where Catherine plays with top Hollywood stars. The creators of the film supported the intrigue and did not say until the last minute, the role of which character will be Catherine.

It is also known that Langford is involved in the filming of “Spontaneous” and plays one of the leading roles in the series on Netflix “Damn”.

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