Jessica Biel (@jessicabiel)| Biography, Latest News and Photos 2022

Jessica Biel, actress: Illusionist. Jessica Bill has become one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood for her good looks and talent. Ellie was born in Minnesota, the daughter of Kimberly (Conroe) and business consultant and GM employee Jonathan Edward Bill. Bill grew up in Boulder, Colorado. She is of Hungarian Jewish, Danish, English & German descent.

Jessica Biel (@jessicabiel)| Biography, Latest News and Photos 2022


Jessica Biel is a talented actress and a beautiful girl. Her roles in movies are always bright and memorable. That is why the person of this sultry American beauty is constantly receiving the attention of the public.

Full Born Name:  Jessica Claire Biel
NickNames:  Jesse
Occupation:  Actress, Producer, Model, Singer
Religion: Hungarian Jewish
Date of Birth: 3-Mar-82
Birthplace: Ely, Minnesota, USA
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Father Name: Johnathan Edward Biel
Mother Name: Kimberly Biel
Siblings Names: Justin Biel
Spouse: Justin Timberlake
Children: Phineas Timberlake, Silas Randall Timberlake
Height 5 feet 7 inches or 1.70 m
Weight 55 kg or 121 pounds
Breast Size 36 inches
Bra Size 36C
Cup Size C
Body Measurements 36-26-36 inches or 91.4-66.0-91.4 cm.
Figure Hourglass
Chest Size 36 inches or 91.4 cm
Waist Size 26 inches or 66.0 cm
Hips Size 36 inches or 91.4 cm
Dress Size 2 (US) or 34 (EU) or 6 (UK)
Shoe Size 9 (US) or 40 (EU) or 7 (UK)
Eyes Color Hazel
Hair Color Dark Blonde
Natural breasts or implants Natura
Favorite Place: Nashville
Favorite Cafe: Café du Monde Coffee
Favorite Museum: The Whitney Museum of Art
Favorite Beverage: Fruit Peach Tea
Favorite Shoe Brand: Vans
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But who is she – another beauty who made her way into the world of big movies, only because of her pretty appearance, or a bright actress with extraordinary acting talent? You can understand this by watching at least a few films starring our today’s heroine. However, there is a simpler option. You can find all the most interesting facts from the life of Jessica Biel by reading our today’s article on the creative and career path of this bright American actress.


Jessica Biel was born into the most ordinary American family, not related to professional cinema. Her father, Jonathan Edward Bill, was a successful entrepreneur. And Kimberly’s mother is a housewife.

Jessica Biel (@jessicabiel)| Biography, Latest News and Photos 2022

Our today’s heroine was the eldest child in her family. Three years after the birth of the future celebrity, her younger brother Justin was born. The future celebrity’s early childhood consisted of constant relocations. Trying to find a market for his father’s business, the family moved first to Texas and then to Connecticut and Illinois. Eventually, the family of the future actress became the small town of Boulder, located in central Colorado. In this place, the girl went to a new school and then enrolled in singing lessons. It is very remarkable that it was vocal lessons that brought our today’s heroine to the theater stage for the first time. Even in her early childhood, Jessica Biel was noted in several bright musicals that were staged at the Boulder City Theater.

Jessica Biel (@jessicabiel)| Biography, Latest News and Photos 2022

At the age of twelve, she was sent to a conference of the International Association of Models and Talents, where Jessica was noticed by representatives of a major modeling agency, who soon offered her a lucrative long-term contract. Since then, the life of the little beauty has changed a lot.

She began to appear frequently for various videos, as well as for advertising posters. The most notable in this list are the collaborations with Pringles and Deluxe Paint. ACTING CAREER Sometime later, the actress played in a musical again. This time it was a low-budget TV movie “This is the digital world”, which, however, never came out and is still dusting in the archives of its creators. At the age of 14, Jessica Biel became famous for the first time.

After a series of failed rehearsals, the young actress played Mary Cadman in Aaron Spelling’s TV series “Seventh Heaven” for WB. A year later, Bio played the granddaughter of the character Peter Fonda in the movie “Gold Hive”. The work, of course, was noticed by critics – this is what made the producers think seriously about Jessica as a promising actress. The girl was awarded the Young Artist Award. It also helped L’Oreal make money and develop Bill’s career.

Jessica Biel (@jessicabiel)| Biography, Latest News and Photos 2022

Jessica attended the private school Lycee Francais de Los Angeles, after graduation she went to study at Tufts University. But Bill left school on the eve of her degree to devote herself entirely to her acting career. In 2000, 17-year-old Jessica posed nude “topless” for the glossy edition of “Gear”. The young actress believed that such candid filming would provoke the termination of her contract with the series “Seventh Heaven” – the girl was bored with her film image. However, the opposite happened. The girl’s high rating jumped even higher, as did the performance of the series itself. Jessica became popular and recognizable, returned to film, and starred in it until 2002. But later the actress began to pay attention to the big movie. Her debut as the actress took place in 2001.

Bill played a cameo role in the movie “Summer Games.” However, even on the big screen, the actress found it difficult to get away from the heavy legacy of “Seventh Heaven”. In 2002, Jessica was invited to the movie “Rules of Sex”. There she had to play the same heroine of the TV show Mary Cadman. Bill then began work on the 2003 film Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The film did not deserve much attention from critics, despite the fact that the picture grossed $ 80 million in the US box office with a budget of $ 9 million. Jessica’s career was clearly going well. She has acted in several films during the year. In 2004 alone, the actresses starred in Blade: Trinity, Digital World, and Cellular. Later, a strong, beautiful, and profound film about love “Elizabethtown” by Cameron Crowe appeared on the screens. And then Rob Cohen invited Bill into a fantasy action movie called Stealth.

This picture told how a perfect invisible plane, controlled by a robot, got out of control. Specialists had to disable the plane until it provoked the outbreak of World War III. The tape did not make much profit, to the surprise of the creators, but on the contrary, did not return $ 99 million. And at this time, after a 3-year break, Jessica Beal reappeared in the series “Seventh Heaven”, which greatly surprised her fans. In 2006, Jessica Beal starred brilliantly in Neil Burger’s The Illusionist. The tape received excellent reviews, as well as took a leading position in the box office.

Jessica Biel (@jessicabiel)| Biography, Latest News and Photos 2022

This time the actress was lucky enough to star in a “movie with a capital letter” with Edward Norton. And then she appeared in The House of Courage, a film about soldiers returning from Iraq. The popular actress in 2007 appeared in a frame with star Adam Sandler in the comedy film “Chuck and Larry: Fire Wedding”. A gorgeous humorous film about friends with a non-trivial plot and the right ending. Kevin James and Dan Ackroyd played Jessica. The comedies took first place in the list of box office, only for the first weekend the film raised $ 34 million. That same year, Jessica worked with Nicholas Cage and Julianne Moore on the fantasy thriller The Prophet. This is a story about Chris, who lived with an unusual gift, earning on gambling and tricks. And after learning about the upcoming terrorist attack, government officials did everything to find a talented young man to prevent tragedy.

In 2008, Bill worked on two paintings at once. These are “Oxide” and “Your Mommy Kills Animals.” Well, the next year pleased Jessica with a light film – a comedy “Easy Behavior” directed by Stefan Elliot. The beautiful picture had English humor, a lot of emotions from bright actors: Ben Barnes, Christine Scott Thomas, as well as Colin Firth. A clear testament to Jessica Biel’s popularity is the fact that in 2009 and 2010 several major American magazines included her among the sexiest women on the planet. In 2008, having amassed many connections in the world of American cinema, Jessica Biel presented to the world the film “Hole in the Paper Sky”.

Jessica Biel (@jessicabiel)| Biography, Latest News and Photos 2022

Subsequently, the track record of our today’s heroine was supplemented by two more productions – the films “Verzila” (2011) and “The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” (2013, preparing for release). In 2010, as a director, Jessica Biel introduced to the world the short film “Sodales”, which became the first and only (so far) work of the actress in this capacity. In 2013, three new films starring Jessica Biel are to be released worldwide, one of which is the aforementioned film “The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea”. The picture is occupied by such stars as Chloe Grace Moretz, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Mary Steenbergen.


Today, according to some independent sources, the American actress is one of the wealthiest women in her profession.


The conscious life of the actress and former model took place in the city of Los Angeles. Until 2006, Jessica met with her colleague Chris Evans. The lovers starred together in the films “London”, “Cellular”. Afterward, Bill had an affair with Adam LaVergne. He played in the Seventh Heaven. Jessica Biel had a romantic relationship with Derek Jetter, the star of the New York Yankees.

Jessica Biel (@jessicabiel)| Biography, Latest News and Photos 2022

In October 2012, one of the brightest couples in US history officially announced their wedding. Justin Timberlake After the marriage was registered, the girl also added her husband’s last name to her surname, which is very unusual for show business representatives. Currently, American beauty appears in all documents under the name of Jessica Biel-Timberlake. Together with her new husband, our today’s heroine lives in Los Angeles, which has long been a permanent place of work for the two of them.


After Jessica Beal starred naked for Gear, she admitted that she regretted what she had done. But still, she found this experience instructive.

Jessica Biel (@jessicabiel)| Biography, Latest News and Photos 2022

Instead of Maggie Grace, Jessica was supposed to work in the series “Lost”, but gave up the role. And for good reason, the remake was a box office failure. Outside of work, Jessica prefers to play football, ballet, yoga, running, or hiking in the mountains. In 1999, the actress did not get the lead role in the movie “American Beauty”. Tora Birg got the job.

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