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Janet Lee was one of the best actresses who began to play crucial roles in the entertainment industry at an early age. Possessing excellent acting skills, she was fascinated by film lovers from 1947 to 2004, when she ended her reign as an actress and author of reputation.

The daughters of an actress are both successful in their own rights. Kelly was active since 1983 while Jamie Lee Haden-Guest has been awarded several awards and honors including a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame as well as other prestigious ones such as the People Choice Award or Golden Globe for her work outside the acting industry too!

Body measurement

The late actress had one of the most prominent bodies in the Russian entertainment group during her active years. According to the data, Janet Lee was 5 feet tall and weighed 54 pounds. Her body measurements are 37 inches to her chest, 37 inches to her waist, and 25 inches to her thighs.

Janet Lee – Bio

Originally the star of late Hollywood, Janet Helen Morrison was born on July 6, 1927, in the United States, in Mercedes, California. Lee was the only child of her parents, Frederick Robert Morrison (father) of German and Scottish-Irish descent, and Helen Lita (mother); daughter of Danish emigrants. She was raised in poverty in Stockton by her family, as her father was a low-income earner who worked in various places to earn more money to support his family.

After spending many years in Stockton, the actress and her family later moved to Merced in 1941 to care for her grandfather. She was raised in a Presbyterian family and served with the church choir for many years as a child.

About her education, Janet Leith completed her primary education and was enrolled in Weber High School in Stockton for further study. From there, she entered Stockton High School, graduating at the age of sixteen. She studied music and psychology at the University of the Pacific (formerly known as the Pacific College). She became a student at the institution in September 1943 and was a member of the band and the Alpha Theta Tau.

Lay dropped out of college after Hollywood star Norma Shearer showed interest in helping her become an actress. Shearer came across her photos during a vacation at a ski resort in the Sierra Nevada called Sugar Bowl in the winter of 1945-1946. She eventually portrayed her first film role in 1947 in the drama Romance Rosie Ridge after acting with popular drama coach Lillian Burns. That same year, Janet Lee enrolled in a night school at the University of Southern California.

Some of her professional credits include If Winter Comes (1947), House Hills (1948), The Violence Act (1949), Little Women (1949), The Red Danube (1949), Strictly Dishonest (1951), Houdini (1953; with her husband), Prince Doliant (1954), Robber Cop (1954), Blues (1954). Lee’s television career began in the late 1960s, and some of her most recent projects have been on anthology programs such as Tales of the Unexpected, Red Skelton Hour, and Bob Hope representing Chrysler Theater.

While her career lasted, she shared time on-screen with stars such as Christopher Lloyd, Walter Pidgeon, James Stewart, Deborah Kerr, June Ellison, Elizabeth Taylor, John Wayne, Tony Curtis (her husband), and Jamie Lee Curtis. ) and many others.

Spouses and daughter

Janet Lee approached her four times in her life. She married for the first time as a teenager; at the age of 15. The first man (John Kenneth Carlisle) was 18 when they tied the knot on August 1, 1942, in Reno, Nevada. However, the union was dissolved four months later, on December 28, 1942.

The name of the second husband of the actress – is Stanley Reims. Eighteen-year-old Janet and a U.S. Navy sailor were married in 1945 and divorced four years later.

Two years later, Lay exchanged her third marriage vows with her wedding guests in Greenwich, Connecticut, where she married Hollywood actor Tony Curtis on June 4, 1951. The duo gave birth to two daughters, Kelly Lee Curtis (born 1956) and Jamie Lee Curtis (born 1958). Leigh’s fame soared after her marriage to Tony, whose career spanned six decades in the entertainment industry. Unfortunately, the two divorced in 1962.

For the fourth time, Janet Lee tasted marital waters with stockbroker Robert Brandt. They tied the knot on September 15, 1962, and remained married until their deaths forty-two years later.

Two daughters of the actress are both successful actresses. While Kelly has been active since 1983, Jamie (now Jamie Lee Haden-Guest) is an activist, blogger, director, writer, and actress who has won several awards and honors, including a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the People Choice Award. and the Golden Globe.

Net worth

Leigh’s source of income was not only her acting skills, but she also made money by writing, singing, and dancing. She made a net amount of $ 20 million from these enterprises.


Janet Lee abandoned the ghost at the age of 77 on October 3, 2004, at her home in Los Angeles after a long battle with vasculitis. She was later cremated and her ashes were laid to rest in Westwood Will Memorial Park Cemetery.


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