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Biography of Isabel Lucas: personal life, latest news, filmography of the actress, “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”, “Emerald City”

Isabel Lucas Biography:

A well-played small but significant role in the plot is quite capable of revealing a talented young actress. A couple of minutes of screen time in the film “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”, given by Isabel Lucas, allowed her to impress not only the film crew but also the audience.

Nowadays, the star, who suddenly flashed in the cinema sky, is often compared to Megan Fox, and it is worth noting that Isabelle’s advantage in acting is given by Isabel.

Childhood and adolescence

Isabel Lucas is an Australian actress who was born on January 29, 1985, in Melbourne. The actress’ mother was from Switzerland and her father is a native of Australia, so it is not surprising that in such a multinational family, Isabelle knew several languages ​​(the actress is fluent in English, German, and French).

At the age of 6, Isabel and her family moved to Switzerland for a year. After returning to Australia, she and her sister graduated from Abiru High School, where Aboriginal children studied in addition to Europeans.

Isabelle then entered the Victorian College of the Arts, where she studied dramatic art for a couple of years and later became a student at the University of Technology in Queensland. In 2008, the future star of the TV series moved to Los Angeles.

Like many popular actors, Lucas began climbing to the top of the cinematic Olympus with commercials. So, at different times, the blonde starred in videos advertising toothpaste “Crest” and the services of the travel agency “Daylesford”.

Isabel Lucas Movies

Isabel made her film debut in 2003, starring in the Australian TV series Home and the Way. In the series, which began broadcasting in 1988, Isabelle played the role of Tasha Andrews from 2003 to 2006 (starred in 256 episodes). Initially, the actress tried out for the role of Keith Hunter, but the producers made changes to the script and created a new character, especially for Lucas.

It is known that the picture was the starting point in the career of not only Lucas but also actors Heath Ledger, Jason Clark, Julian McMahon, and Phoebe Tonkin.

In 2009, the filmography of the charming blonde was supplemented by the role of Alice in the movie “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”. It is worth noting that the director Michael Bay was recommended to the novice actress by the well-known Steven Spielberg, with whom Isabel met while studying at the Victorian College of Arts.

In the same year, the actress appeared in the American television miniseries about World War II “Pacific” and a documentary about the mass extermination of dolphins for human consumption in Japan “Bay”.

In early 2010, the premiere of the fantasy anti-utopia film about vampires “Warriors of the World” starring Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe, and Sam Neil starred. In this film, Lucas got the role of a girl named Alison Bromley.

A year later, Isabel starred in Tarsem Singh’s fantasy action movie “War of the Gods: Immortals”, based on ancient Greek myths. This time the actress transformed into the goddess of war – Athena.

In October 2014, the premiere of the erotic thriller by Belgian director Eric Van Loy’s “Loft” took place. In addition to Isabel, James Marsden, Rachel Taylor, and Wentworth Miller also star in the film, which tells the story of five married friends who take turns betraying their wives in the same loft. From 2015-to 21016, Lucas starred in the films “Knight of the Cups”, “Beware of desires” and “It’s not me”.

Isabel Lucas Personal life

Isabel does not advertise her personal life. At various times, the tabloids attributed the charismatic actress’s romances with Jake Gyllenhaal and Shaya Labaf, but no confirmation has been released, so it is impossible to say for sure whether Lucas actually had a relationship with one of the aforementioned actors.

It is well known that the blonde briefly met with the soloist of the group “Thirty Seconds to Mars” Jared Leto, but the reason why the lovers broke up, was not advertised anywhere.

The Swiss Family gene pool has given this model the ability to wear any outfit with confidence. With her tall, slim frame and long blond hair that falls just above the brush-line in front of an exquisite face graced by expressive eyes inherited from both Swiss maternal lineages; it is no wonder she’s become so popular for photo shoots depicting the latest trends within the fashion industry (168 cm).

So, in 2009 the girl starred in a concept photo shoot for Glamor magazine. Then Isabel posed against the backdrop of sand dunes, showing one of the trends of the season – warm colors in clothing.

Isabel Lucas now

In January 2017, the fantasy TV series “Emerald City” was released, directed by Tarsem Singh, and based on books about the Oz country by writer Lyman Frank Baum.

The plot of the film is built around a girl named Dorothy Gale (Adria Archona), who, after a tornado carries her from Kansas to the Land of Oz, and goes in search of the Wizard (Vincent D’Onofrio). The young lady has no idea that she is destined to fulfill a prophecy that will turn everything upside down.

Due to low ratings, the TV series, in which Lucas got the supporting role of a girl named Anna, was closed after the show of the first season, on May 4, 2017.

Also in March, the American adventure TV series “McGiver”, about an employee of a secret US government organization who uses his knowledge in the field of science to save the lives of people in trouble, was officially extended for the second season. In addition to Lucas Till, George Eads, and Tristin Mace, the film also stars Isabelle, who plays Samantha Cage.

Isabelle Huppert, a French actress who has been dating Director Guillaume Tellier since 2015 and attained international fame for her role as “Cecile” in the film “Elle” (2011) plans on appearing alongside Brad Pitt this year. On Instagram, the actress regularly posts photos from filming and video clips from vacation.

It is worth noting that social networks are not the only resource that tells fans about the latest news from the life of their favorite. Materials related to the creative biography of the Hollywood star are also often published on various Internet portals and in print media.


2003-2006 – “Home and on the road”

2009 – “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”

2009 – “Warriors of the World”

2010 – “Quiet Window”

2011 – “War of the Gods: Immortals”

2912 – “Zero”

2014 – “The Gentleman Robber”

2014 – “Water Finder”

2014 – Loft

2015 – “Knight of the Cups”

2016 – “It’s not me”

2017 – “Emerald City”

2017 – McGiver

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