India Eisley | Biography, Family, Height | Movies, NetWorth & Boyfriend

India Eisley | Biography, Family, Height | Movies, NetWorth & Boyfriend

India Eisley was born on October 29, 1993, in Los Angeles California, and is currently 27 years old. Her Age, Weight,  Height, Husband, Movies, Net Worth, Family, Boyfriend,  Biography,   Wiki, Body, Caste, Religion, Filmography,  Assets, Salary, Affairs,  Facts, News, Photos, Email, Videos and More

India Eisley | Biography, Family, Height | Movies, NetWorth & Boyfriend

Famous Name: India Eisley
Full Name: India Joy Eisley
Gender: Female
Age: 27 years 11 months 19 days
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, United States
Nationality: American
Net Worth: $2 Million Dollars (As in 2021)
Famous for: She is notable for her role in the TV arrangement The Secret Life of the American Teenager

India Eisley’s Family:

One of the most beautiful families in all of New York. India Eisley has been one-half or more people walking down Madison Avenue for years, and I can speak from experience when it comes to their fashion sense.

India Eisley | Biography, Family, Height | Movies, NetWorth & Boyfriend

So you won’t find anyone else with clothes quite like hers! Whether she’s modeling them herself on social media or just showing off her gorgeous.

Family and Relatives
Father David Glen Eisley
Mother Olivia Hussey
Brother Maximillian Fuse and Alexander Martin
Sister Will update
Grandfather Anthony Eisley

The beautiful daughter of artist David Glen Eisley and actress Olivia Hussey, she has been gaining fame for her captivating performances in movies like Interstellar(2014) which earned her many awards including Best Supporting Actress at the Galactic Awards.
A descendant from an acting family herself with grandfathers Anthony (the first cousin once removed), Joe Nestor Terwilliger Jr., George Monroy Powell III – who was also sometimes credited as Terillio-Eisinger or simply Telly; grandsons named Miles Shephard Peterson II & Hudson Jameson Kuzma are just some members making up this impressive lineage that goes back generations!

India Eisley’s Boyfriend / Spouse

India Eisley is most commonly known for her work in country music. She was previously married to a man named Joe Autry, who died from cancer nine years ago this month – she has since then been dating musician Keith Urban. Her eighth studio album will be released on November 11th; it was produced by Dann Huff (Kenny Chesney).

India Eisley | Biography, Family, Height | Movies, NetWorth & Boyfriend

Affairs, Boyfriends, and Marital Status
Marital Status Married
Boyfriend Joe Autry
Husband/ Spouse Joe Autry
Son Will update
Daughter Will update

Height, Weight, Age & Body Statistics:

India Eisley’s height is 5’6″ and she weighs 119 pounds. Her body statistics are as follows: 32-23-34 inches for the bust, 25 – 26 inch waistline with pants that fall just above or below it 37 bras (she wears an H cup).

India Eisley | Biography, Family, Height | Movies, NetWorth & Boyfriend

India Eisel has brown hair with grays blending into them at eyeshadow use every day but mostly on special occasions such as Halloween where vibrant colors can easily stand out more than usual because of how much time goes by since last wearing any cosmetics before then being applied again now after all this while looking rather stunning indeed!

Height: 5 feet 3½ inches (1.61 m)
Weight: 52 kg (As in 2021)
Bra Size: 32B
Chest Size: 34 inches
Waist Size: 24 inches
Hips Size: 34 inches
Dress Size: 8 (US)
Eyes Color: Green
Hairs Color: Dark Brown
Measurements: 32-23-34 inches
Shoe Size: 6 (US)
Body Shape: Slim
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

India Eisley CAREER:

India Eisley | Biography, Family, Height | Movies, NetWorth & Boyfriend

Debut Year: 2003
1st Tv (Show): The Secret Life of the American [2008-2013]
1st Movie/Drama: Mother Teresa of Calcutta [2003]

India Eisley is an actress who has starred in many films, including Headspace (2005), Kite (2011), The Curse of Sleeping Beauty (2017), and Clinical. She was born on July 6th, 1977 in California to African American parents; both sides were musicians for kiddie shows like Barney & Friends when they weren’t performing music professionally themselves! In 2019 alone she’ll be seen opposite Chris Pine as well 2018‘s Look Away which was just released last month but her other work includes being featured alongside Sam Jackson Jr., inverse Viggo Mortensen from the Lord Of Rings trilogy among others- these days though we’re more focused on how much talent this beautiful person really does have inside them.

India Eisley’s Brand Endorsements:

India Eisley is a singer-songwriter from New York with an impressive list of accomplishments to her name.

From being nominated for two Grammy Awards, singing on network TV shows such as “The Voice” and Netflix specials with artists like Miley Cyrus or ASAP Rocky, it’s no wonder India has been able to effortlessly establish herself in both music production industrywide through multiple collaborations while also earning endorsements from brands including headphones maker Bose Corporation Ltd., clothing designers Armani Collezioni S/S 17 line at Barneys NY amongst others!

India Eisley Movies:

India Eisley has a variety of films to her credit, with the most notable being Wonder Woman.
She is set to be seen in another DC Comics production this coming spring: Harley Quinn-themed TV series!

  • Mother Teresa of Calcutta (2003) [English Girl]
  • Headspace (2005) (Martha)
  • Underworld: Awakening (2012) [Eve]
  • Kite (2014) (Sawa)
  • Social Suicide (2015) [Julia]
  • The Curse of Sleeping Beauty (2016) [Briar Rose / The Sleeping Beauty]
  • Amerigeddon (2016) [Penny]
  • Clinical (2017) [Nora Green]
  • Adolescence (2018) [Alice]
  • Look Away (2018) [Maria / Airam]
  • Dead Reckoning (2020) [Tillie Gardner]
  • Every Breath You Take [TBA]

India Eisley’s First Film

India Eisley is a singer, songwriter, and actress. However, she doesn’t just have one of those jobs on her resume; India’s eclectic career has spanned across all three areas! This makes for some rather interesting projects. for example, the first film that features this multi-talented star was called “Saints & Sinners”.
The music video starts off with scenes from old black&white movies playing before cutting into the present day where we see more footage shot by directors like Martin Scorsese ( Taxi Driver ) or David Lynch  ( Mulholland Drive ). It gets pretty trippy as you go through time reminiscing over your life until finally landing back at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater house which then

India Eisley Television:

India Eisley is a new-age singer and songwriter from Florida. Her music reflects the struggles of life in America but with an Indian flair to it all the way down from her light skin complexion or how high class she can sound when singing about working-class topics such as poverty wages.
In many ways India’s story reminds me personally what my own roots were like growing up here before they became American – there are some distinct similarities between us: both came over for opportunity sake; faced racism head-on despite being minorities themselves (me because I’m African American while hers comes through sonority); struggled financially at times yet always managed somehow thanks largely due not only hard work but also circumstance

  • The Secret Life of the American (2008-2013)
  • Nanny Cam (2014) (Heather Lambert)
  • My Sweet Audrina (2016) (Audrina Adare)
  • I Am the Night (2019) (Fauna Hodel)

India Eisley’s First TV Show

India Eisley is one of the newest stars on TV, she started her career this year with a reality show. Her first appearance was at an awards show in April for the best child actress award!

India Eisley’s Education:

India Eisley is an expert in the field of education. As a child, she was always asking questions and intensely interested in learning new things which have lead her to go on studying languages like French at the university level getting straight A’s!

India Eisley graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in English.
Her love for learning began at an early age when she spent time studying Arabic and memorizing various poems by heart eventually leading to her rise as one of America’s most published authors today!

Education and School, College
Educational Qualification Graduate
School Local High School
College/ University University of Texas

India Eisley’s Favorite Things:

Favorite Things and Like & Dislike
Favorite Actor Jason Isaacs
Favorite Actress Mira Sorvino
Favorite Color Pink
Favorite Food Fish Fry
Favorite Movie Look Away (film)
Hobbies Painting

Furthermore, India Eisley is a singer-songwriter from New York. Here are some of the things that make her happy!
1) -Writing music – It’s what I know best and can’t do without, it makes me feel alive every day.

2)-Traveling around India to see all different types of people.

3)- Hanging out with friends.

4)- Having my dog Sundance at home.

5)-Listening to good books on tape while taking long walks.

6)- Eating ice cream.

7)- Helping someone else improve themselves.

India Eisley’s Personal Quotes:

I’ve always loved the water, but it wasn’t until I lived in California that my love of boating really took off. The boats there are so big and luxurious- you feel like royalty when your boat is named after Princess Diana or Fergie!
I think one thing people might not know about me is how much time goes into maintaining these impressive vessels–they take over our lives for months at a stretch which can make relationships suffer because everyone wants their needs met first before anyone else’s even considered.

India Eisley’s Net worth:

India Eisley’s Net worth is $2.3 million.
She released her first album in 2006 and has since collaborated on projects such as the CMN hit song “Stupid Girls” by Selena Gomez, which reached No 3 on Billboard Hot 100 chart!

Money Factor
Net Worth $2.3 million
Salary Will update

India Eisley FAQ:

Q; What is India Eisley’s marital status?

Ans: What is India Eisley’s marital status? It turns out that the answer to this question has a lot of different meanings. Some people might think she’s still legally tied down with her ex-husband, while others may assume they were only friends! The singer began dating cinematographer Parker Mosaic in early 2016 so one could say their relationship meets all criteria for being considered legitimate by today’s standards – but what does it mean when these days there are no absolutes.

Q; Is India Eisley gay?

Ans: Many people have wondered if the singer of “I Knew You Were Gay” is actually gay. Her response has never been clear to them, but it seems like she might be interested in women as opposed to men because one time someone asked her during an interview what her sign was (Aries), and then another person replied saying that this doesn’t make sense since Aries are known for their hotheadedness so there must something else going on here. Anyway, I think they’re just guessing until somebody gets confirmation from inside #teamEizzle!

Q; Does she have any children?

Ans: Does India Eisley have any children? To my knowledge, she has never disclosed this information. However, it would seem that the answer is yes because they are always by her side!

Q; Is India Eisley having any relationship affair?

Ans: India Eisley is a singer who has had some relationship affairs.

Q; Was India Eisley ever been engaged?

Ans: India was once engaged to a rich boy from New York.
India Eisley, also known as Evelyn Ojnell or just plain Ijebeen in the industry circles where she has been based for quite some time now brings with her an interesting story about how this engagement happened and what exactly led up till their break up which could be termed rather unfortunate because it involved high profile people who really mattered at least according to her descriptions! With that being said you know there are many more engagements waiting down below if you are interested so do check them all out before making any decisions

Q; How rich is India Eisley?

Ans: It’s hard to say how rich India Eisley is, but based on her Instagram it seems like she has enough money. She posts pictures of expensive cars and clothes that most people only dream about having the opportunity or ability to purchase for themselves!


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