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Sister Being Updated

At the end of August 2020, Netflix began broadcasting the 5th season of the series “Lucifer”. After the release of the first episodes, a large army of fans became furious and indignant.

FULL NAME: Inbar Lavi
Family & Relatives Father: Edgar Lansbury (politician
Mother: Moyna Macgill
Siblings: Aimee Laurence,Jeté Laurence
Sister: Being Updated
Brother: Being Updated
Gender Female
DATE OF BIRTH: October 27, 1986
BIRTHPLACE: Ramat Gan, Israel
AGE: 34 (As of 2021)
HEIGHT: 5 feet, 3 inches
WEIGHT: 54 Kilograms
EDUCATION: Kiryat Sharet High School ,Sophie Moskowitz School of Acting, Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute
Popular for Appearance in Prison Break, Lucifer
Net Worth: $ 3 million
Marital Status and Ex-Boyfriend:
Single and Dan Bar Shira


The reason for this is the absence of Eva, the mother of Cain and Abel, among the main characters, who was convincingly played by the American-Israeli actress Inbar Lavi, who joined the cast of a long film a year earlier.

Childhood and adolescence

At the end of October 1986, on the 27th, in the Israeli city of Ramat Gan, Lavi’s daughter gave birth to a daughter, Inbar (Scorpio in the zodiac sign), whose name translated into Russian sounds like “amber”. The head of the family was of Polish-Jewish descent, and his wife was of Jewish-Moroccan descent, so the children (the actress has three siblings) grew up under the influence of different cultures.

The celebrity willingly indulges in nostalgia and shares with journalists the facts of his early biography. The woman admitted in an interview that as a child her curly hair seemed a punishment, and she felt invisible. Parents raised their heirs differently: the mother was in accordance with the orthodox worldview, and the father, on the contrary, was more liberal.

After meeting the legendary “Leon” by Luke Besson, the girl chose a role model for young Natalie Portman, later falling in love with the work of countrywoman Ayelet Zorer (“Ben-Gur”, “Munich”, “Angels and Demons”).

Since then, she could think of nothing but cinema, but was embarrassed to say so, so she turned to studying ballet and modern dance at Kiryat Sharet High School in Holon. Subsequently, the teenager still got to the Sophie Moskowitz School of Acting in Tel Aviv, focusing on acting and, in particular, the system of Konstantin Stanislavsky.

At the age of 17 and a half, she moved to New York, where she participated in Off-Broadway productions, and from there, eight months later, to Los Angeles, where she worked as a model in famous magazines and entered the Lee Strasberg Institute of Theater and Film. In 2006, she was cast in Cordelia in the English-language play King Lear, starring Tom Badal.

Lavi, talking about the past, recalled that for some time she worked as a bartender, not having the appropriate skills, and a waitress.

Personal life

The actress and model of Jewish nationality have no problems with her personal life. The heart of a burning tattooed brunette (height 160 cm at a weight of 54 kg), willingly showing off a slender body in tight-fitting outfits and all sorts of swimsuits is busy. The beauty’s choice is athlete Dan Bar Shira, who is a master of surfing, snowboarding, and motorcycles.

Lovers travel together and do not hide their touching relationship, diligently replenishing personal accounts on Instagram with romantic photos with more than eloquent comments. Discussing the main human feeling, the actress, following Sergei Bodrov Jr., said that true love never passes.

Despite the fact that in the early years curls gave her a lot of trouble, now the celebrity is convinced otherwise. She believes that curly hair is not just a hairstyle, but a way of life and a symbol of something really free, carefree, slutty, and naughty. Inbar is happy when she overcomes fear and has great joy in following traditions.


Lavi’s film career began with the short drama Synonymous and the 2008 episode of The Spoiled. She was then invited to Sniper, Ghost Talking, Thinking Like a Criminal, C.S.I .: Miami Crime Scene, and Charlie’s Angels.

In 2012-2013, the actress starred in “Unsuccessful”, in 2014 she added to the filmography “Criminal Relations” and “Sons of Anarchy” with Charlie Hannam, flashed in “Castle” and finally got to the cult “Escape”. In the 5th season of Paul Schoering’s dramatic project, she convincingly transformed into Shibu, the leader of the ISIS resistance (a terrorist organization banned in Russia) in Yemen.

In 2017, like Rob Hips, the actress joined the cast of “Imposters”. In the comedy, the heroine Inbar is a swindler who trades in marrying different men and then disappearing with their money.

Inbar Lavi now

Falling in love with the heroine Inbar in the 4th season of “Lucifer”, fans were waiting for the appearance of the actress in the fifth, where everyone also played Tom Ellis and Lauren German. Her eloquent photo on Instagram, in which she was photographed on the set of Leslie-Ann Brandt, also added fuel to the fire.

In 2020, the celebrity helped create new series of crimes “Stumptown” and took part in fashion photoshoots, showing stunning outfits and accessories.


2009 – “The Seeker”

2009 – “Beauties”

2009 – “Talking to ghosts”

2009 – “Think like a criminal”

2011 – “Charlie’s Angels”

2012-2013 – “Unsuccessful”

2013 – “House of Dust”

2014 – “Criminal Relations”

2014 – “Sons of Anarchy”

2015 – Castle

2015 – “The Last Ship”

2015 – “The Last Witch Hunter”

2017 – “Escape”

2017-2018 – “Imposters”

2018 – “Condolences to your loss”

2019 – Lucifer

2020 – Stamptown



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