How to make money gambling 2022| youtube ,dropshipping,cryptocurrency

How to make money gambling | youtube | dropshipping | cryptocurrency?

To learn how to make money on YouTube, gambling, dropshipping, cryptocurrency, online, Stock market, traveling, Facebook, TikTok for review, we will discuss further details.. Earnings on the casino – How real are the humbler changes in a profitable game?

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This question is worried by all visitors to the ground and virtual sites since the appearance of gambling. If you go into the topic and understand some aspects of playing games, you can learn a lot of interesting and new about playing establishments and games in which you can earn. Joker Monarch offers pleasure to find a question that interests and replenish the luggage of knowledge with new, useful information.

Types of infusion on the Internet

The active introduction of the Internet space in human life has opened in front of it – a large part of the information has become available to all, there was an opportunity to earn, without leaving the building. Online spaces that can be communicated are created, to share information, learn new, develop as a professional and use other capabilities.

The greatest interest causes earnings on the Internet. The young generation is not only actively using offers, but also creating them. With all its diversity, we will consider only the three most popular ways to earn on the Internet.

Trading and Forex

How to make money gambling | youtube | dropshipping | cryptocurrency ?

Trading over the past few years has become a very popular way of passive earnings, but not everyone knows how it works. For a better understanding, we turn to the exchange with the famous name forex. It is a currency market where traders buy a currency of one state to resell it a bit more expensive and extract from an agreement profit. In addition to natural market fluctuations, the cost of the sale of currency is influenced by internal and external factors of the issuer. The principle of forex work is similar to the work of the Stock Exchange, but under the sight of traders, there are issuers and their currency.

There are two ways to earn on Forex:

independently invest money in those or other agreements with fully entering theme;

Delegate the allocated funds to another person, an experienced trader, so that he will “play” for the percentage of elongated profits on the stock exchange.

In order not to deepen more in the topic of trading, we note – playing on the stock exchange, there is always a likelihood of playing through factors, affect which person is not in force. Therefore, often trading is compared with a casino where luck can return to you back.

Paid surfing

A very old way of earning online has appeared with the development of search engines and advertising on the Internet. The principle lies in the name – for each transition to a particular site or page, you have a monetary reward, the size of which depends on the platform owner’s promotion. This may be 1 penny per click or 1 cent.

Initially, the number of interests grew in geometric progression, as earnings did not require attachments, a specialist diploma, any skills. Modern technologies introduced into the Internet have brought to a minimum need for a “clicker”, although online space can still be found in such actions, 90% of them are deception.

Why site pay clicks? A search robot is used to find specific information. In the distant 90s and 00-x into the issuing tops, those sites that were the most transitions have fallen, because the search robot was technological and worked on several algorithms. Today, search engines have become more advanced in an intellectual plan, so the surf payment has gradually been born in history.

Online Casino

How to make money gambling | youtube | dropshipping | cryptocurrency ?

Together with the availability of gambling online, it became an actual issue of earnings in the casino. The chance to win and get a jackpot is always – this is a constant of any gambling in the gambling facility. To increase it and, accordingly, multiply the invested capital – the topic is somewhat different, very delicate, which requires an individual approach. You can earn both on the gaming machine and poker game, but there will be a special skill and developed a strategy. Consider each case separately to understand how to earn on the casino.

Methods of embroiled on gambling

How to make money gambling | youtube | dropshipping | cryptocurrency ?

Under gambling are all games that are related to the attachment of a certain amount of money to see an increase in the benefit of randomness and vessel, rarely-game skills. For hundreds of years of history of the existence of gambling, their list has been replenished with new representatives, most of which persecuted in the famous casino of the world. Consider the most popular among lovers and professionals.


How to make money gambling | youtube | dropshipping | cryptocurrency ?

Casino, as accumulating a large assortment of gambling – is not just a gaming hall with brilliant automata, bright lights, and loud music. This is a place where you can get acquainted with gambling closer, try to play, and make money, finding the favorites among numerous emulators. It is better than it was only one device – so the purpose of earning will be achieved faster and more efficiently. What do you need? Develop a strategy and tactics, to quickly approach the acquisition of profits, to curb your excitement


One of the most popular gambling, for which 90% of all members sat. At the head of the process – randomness. Roulette is worth in every casino of the world, attracts attention due to a large number of combinations with different gain sizes. High variability of rates is a great help to develop a multiplication strategy. For a long history of the existence of a table, professional players and persistent visitors casinos have developed dozens of working methods, most of which are known to the general public.

All roulette game strategies are divided into 3 types:

The strategy of optimal rates. Founded on a mathematical calculation of the most effective rates on the table, requires strict compliance with rules. The number of such tactics “20 to 20”, “Great Square”.

Strategy management result. Founded on specific rates and unique scenarios during the game. Depending on the situation on the table, the strategy involves an increase or decrease in rates. The most frequent backs are at the probability level. The number of this strategy includes the system of Donald-Natson, Dalambaire, Martingheil.

Mixed strategy. Developed by each player individually based on its own observations, developments, or existing, generally recognized tactics. It is a complex system of approaches available only to its author.


How to make money gambling | youtube | dropshipping | cryptocurrency ?

To learn a poker game, it takes only 5 minutes to explore the game – all life. Such a pathetic statement can be heard from most professional players who have transformed a card hobby into an important part of its activities. With all patrons of definition, the statement is not devoid of common sense – so far, professionals find new strategies and approaches to increase the chance to win.

Poker, although gambling, but its principle is tied by 40% with lifting and 60% of the player skills. Therefore, such a way of earning is available to those who have enough experience and professionalism. If you were able to beat a computer once, it does not make you a card genius. Therefore, before sitting at the poker table, weigh all over and against.

Well about instruments. There are offline and online strategies. In the first case, you are sitting at a poker table along with other players and are under the attention of the participants. The head is not only an experience but also a behavioral factor. It is important here to be able to bluff and do not issue its combinations. Most strategies are tied to Bluff, in which you can make sure you learn the topic in more detail.

Online strategy is based on a cold calculation of moves, probabilities, and maps because you are sitting in front of the computer. The algorithm of such tactics is much more complicated and trick, but not less effective. Getting ready to sit for a real or virtual poker table, be sure to read all game strategies.


How to make money gambling | youtube | dropshipping | cryptocurrency ?

Gaming machines occupy a leading position in the top of the most popular gambling, being in the first place with a roulette. The reasons are obvious – the low threshold of entry, the lack of necessity in any game skills, small rates. But with all its simplicity, a slot machine – a scheme for earnings.

In an online casino, dozens of excellent low and high rates are developed for which many unique strategies and tactics are developed. They are based on the likelihood of defeating in a particular or any combination. The mathematical miscalculation is sent to the back plan, while the pure statistics and RTP are the coefficients of the gaming machine.

On the wave of popularity of online slots, there were many approaches to increase the chance to win. Some of them are known for each tumbler, others are classified and transmitted secretly. Describing all existing ways is impossible in view of their huge quantity. Therefore, we will not list them – more detailed information can be found on the Internet spaces.

How to earn a casino?

Using a set of measures to increase the chance of victory, practice, experience and unique strategies, you can enter the winner with increased capital. But this is not the only thing that can help.

Useful services

Who owns the information, he owns the world. The statement will be relevant for a casino. The more you know about gambling, the more efficient information you can use in practice.

We offer to add to a separate folder with bookmarks the following resources:

Thematic forums, groups in social networks and on various platforms devoted to the elected gambling game;

personal and thematic blogs, with views of online casinos and up-to-date officials;

sites devoted to online casinos, bonus programs, unique offices, where there is a demo version of slots, roulette, etc.;

Learning Pages for a user game with any skill level (this may be like a personal blog and a youtube channel).

Tips and secrets

The main secret of earnings in the casino is the ability to restrain the excitement. With a cold head and calculation, you can achieve serious heights, turning the hobby into a permanent income source. Other Joker Monarch Casino Tips:

How to make money gambling | youtube | dropshipping | cryptocurrency ?

Don’t look at big money;

Allocate only part of your main income on gambling;

Learn to lose – Fortune will not always be on your side;

Develop your skills only in one direction for the greatest efficiency;

Practice and hone your skill;

Read, study the chosen game, communicate thematic forums to get a larger amount of information;

Play only in a guilty online casino;

Conclusion and top of the most advantageous slots in Jokermonarch

Any gambling is capable of capturing with your head. But, as well as any kind of hobby, gambling can benefit in the form of a cash flow, the size of which depends on the skills of the player, experience, and ability to strategically think. With the advent of online casinos in players’ desire to rotate the drums is overcome in a way of earning. And with a proper approach – this is a real opportunity. To do this, it is enough to study the topic, strategy, tactics, and practice.

Try their forces you will be able to have a Joker Monarch’s online casino, where you are waiting for the top 5 of the most profitable slots:

  • Book of Ra from Novomatic provider;
  • Fruit Cocktail from IGROSOFT;
  • Fruits and Jokers from Playson;
  • 3 Fruits Win from Playson;
  • 20 Super Hot from EGT.
  • Play and defeat Joker Monarch!

How to earn money on YouTube (Utuba) – Tips for beginners Videoblugers

Why do you really earn on views?

In our days, Internet capabilities are available to the vast majority of people. A computer, smartphone, or tablet with a camera is practically everyone. And hence, any person can shoot and upload video into a network.

The capture of video clips can not become a hobby, but a way of making money. Business video blogger almost does not require costs, and in the long run, can bring a significant income.

Earn on video can all, including:


Moms in a decree;


people without education;

people with disabilities.

How much can I earn

If you are interested in how much money earn on Utube, we have good news for you – the amount is not limited to the service and depends only on your efforts.

According to statistics, the average video bulk monthly receives UAH 12,000 ($ 500). The earnings of a successful blogger per month exceed UAH 25,000 ($ 1,000) and it is not the limit.

But it is worth understanding that such income is obtained only by professionals of their business. To get out of this level, you need not one month to conduct your channel and with it to learn how to learn this type of business.

At the same time, you should not think that it is extremely difficult to lead your channel. Many people who have never faced either the cinema or with journalism, “catch a wave” without having special knowledge, and quickly unfasten their channels.

Therefore, our advice – try, learn, and be confident in your power!

What is a viral video?

How to make money gambling | youtube | dropshipping | cryptocurrency ?

You definitely have a familiar channel “This is good”, or you have heard about the stunning success of the clip “Labuteni”, and most likely you saw and others received incredible popularity of rollers. If you understand what language means you have hit the viral video.

Viral videos are videos, which, due to their unusual, lightly spread over the network and collect a giant number of views. Viral video helps your author to increase revenue from your channel by increasing subscribers.

How to earn on YouTube from scratch?

If you just start working with YouTube, earn it quite difficult, since the platform is extremely competitive, but still possible.

How to make money gambling | youtube | dropshipping | cryptocurrency ?

Here are nine tips to help start and understand how to create and promote the channel:

Be consistent. Create a channel in steps, set the relevant graph for you to exit new videos, and follow it.

Do not let negative comments and Heaters repulse your desire to continue. You need to learn to cope with negative comments on your side. Do not come in an open confrontation with Heaters, as it ruins your reputation. Approach the critique constructively, it is possible to take useful tips for improving content.

Become part of the Uber community. Leave comments under videos in other Utubers, share experiences and participate in discussing other channels in your niche. This is an attractive audience to your channel.

Interact with the audience. Answers to questions and comments are played a colossal role in increasing the loyalty of the audience and establishing a solid connection between you and your subscribers.

Pay attention to other popular videos on your subject. Learn in others. Look, what makes top videos such popular, which you use the authors.

Create a content plan. The presence of a plan will help not lag behind goals and understand what video needs to be removed earlier so that in the following rollers to refer to it. This will allow the attention to the viewer’s attention only on your channel, as a person will move from one video to another inside the channel.

Improve the quality of content. Pay attention to the quality of the picture and content of your channel from the very beginning, as it is important for further income.

Be a ruthless editor. Do not hesitate to trim the superfluous chatter.

Continue and be an optimist. Your attitude and charisma will be what the audience will want to go back to your content.

Thousands of people seek to become new millionaire millionaires in Ukraine and master the earnings on Youtube from scratch, so the platform has become highly competitive and requires a lot of time and effort. Unfortunately, there are no other ways to earn money on YouTube, except to be up to date for your audience and improve the quality of your content.

The good news is that YouTube offers different opportunities for income. Create unique and high-quality content, combine monetization methods, and then precisely the moment when the youTube channel will please you with constant and good income.

What affects the profitability of the channel?

How to make money gambling | youtube | dropshipping | cryptocurrency ?

If you seriously intend to make it on YouTube, read and remember, will depend on your income.

1-Yield Index niche

You have to think about which niche you work in before shooting the first movie and even create a channel. This means that you should decide on a theme, which will be devoted to your blog and this issue should be monetary.

Examples profitable topics

How to make or save money?


Health and beauty;


Well, if you dedicate your blog to crochet, carp breeding, or cultivation of violets, then do not expect large revenues. At best, they will be symbolic and unlikely to cover even your pocket money.

Why so? The reason lies in how bloggers make money on YouTube.

The main income is formed from advertising, which is demonstrated before or during the video. ↑ The more expensive advertising, the higher your earnings ↑. The expensive price tags higher advertising as advertisers profit.

Do not think that if you’re good at something familiar, then you should keep the channel on the subject. This desire is understandable. You like to cook, collect coins, burn wood and this is what you want to tell. That’s fine, but you do not earn.

The reality is that the market decides what is true and what is not. So, it is necessary to record content on really popular and expensive issues.

2-Quality Index of videos

Frankly hack anyone watching will not. Competition on YouTube is very large, and the audience quickly will switch you to another video.

To earn money, you have to shoot high-quality videos in everything that should be visible professionalism. Just so your video will remain popular for a long time, and revenues steadily grow. This is confirmed by statistics.

It is better to create a little video quality than the mountains of trash. Between quantity and quality always choose the latter.

Work with the soul, if required, add beautiful effects and titles. The video must be deliberate, have a structure and provide information for those for whom it is intended. The only way you gain the greatest number of views.

To attract additional traffic youtube can be integrated with social networks.

3-A competent selection index header

Each novice blogger must remember that the title should match the video content.

Suppose you have filled a movie about guinea pigs, and wrote the title “Pugachev uchudyla”, hoping to get more views. But in this case, fooled the audience immediately leave your channel and unlikely to return to it.

So you need to come up with such luring words for the title and description that would have attracted the attention of people while reflecting the essence of the video. While most potential viewers will find your video and become regular subscribers, which is your main goal.

4-Indicator -Regular updates

The big mistake is to fill as many spots in the first week of the existence of the channel, and then throw it for a couple of months. It should teach video regularly.

Right to Development Channel video published 1-2 times a week, but to do it consistently. Train yourself to discipline and never throws a channel.

Only regular updates will provide you with earnings. People always choose those channels where you can always see new videos.

In addition, your attention to the channel actually describes your attitude to people who follow you.

5-Indicator Views

This option allows you to make a prediction about the number of advertising revenue on your channel. Your income is directly related to the number of views. More hits – more money.

You will notice this when your channel will grow exponentially at constant publication-quality movies. Along with the popularity of the channel will increase and your profits.

6-Indicator monetization options

Suppose you own a popular channel with 40 videos and a total of more than 15 000 hits per day. This is a good result. But to feed brought the money, you need to take action – monetize your video content.

One way to do – this is advertising, which offers a youtube places. To learn how to make money on YouTube for review, we will discuss further details.

Another option – is to promote their products and services.

7-Quality Indicator monetization

Once you decide which way you will earn on your content, you’ll need to properly place the tools to monetize on your channel.

For example, if you are staying in earnings through affiliate programs, consider how you better remember affiliate products. In this case, your goal is to sell as many goods as to your audience.

6 options to monetize the channel

Now discuss how to make your channel to get the most revenue in the current attendance. The same channel at the same amount of hits could make $ 100 a month and $ 100 per day. It all depends on which option you chose monetization channel.

Option 1. Direct advertising in videos

This reference to the goods or services the advertiser: images early in the video, the banner under the video a few words spoken leading and t. D.

Suppose you run a blog on tourism. In this case, at the beginning of the video, you can put advertisements 2-3 second travel company that sells tickets and related services.

The payment for this ad as you can get for placement in a video and a series of commercials on some issues.

Option 2: Contextual advertising Google Adsense

Followers will see pop-ups, relevant content to your movies. Sam broadcasts select them according to the content of your channel.

You will pay for each click on an ad. This method of earning is easy and widespread, it will give you steady, but higher earnings.

Option 3. Promoting own products or services

Many experienced recognize this option as the most profitable. Contextual advertising is more beneficial to advertisers than you. Your income in this case is small. Everything changes when you promote your own products or services.

Interestingly, the advertiser situation is different. In his case, by contrast, is more profitable to advertise on other people’s channels and pay little money per click.

Option 4. Affiliate Programs

A good option for channels with specialized content and a large attendance. This option is suitable and if you do not want to sell their goods and services.

Then you can place advertising on the channel corresponding to the content of your channel, affiliate links, references in their commercials. With each affiliate sale, you will have a commission.

Option 5. Earnings on other people’s videos

This option is ideal for those who want to create their video. You need to find video content shot others, and place it on your channel. And then monetize it in any manner described above. So you can make it on YouTube, even without their videos.

Unconditional plus (+) this method is that you can quickly fill the channel without bothering shooting their movies – it saves time.

What are the minus (-) this way:

people interested look at no author content. Most likely, you will gradually lose regular viewers;

the risk of prosecution for copyright infringement;

youtube can remove your videos and channel block;

You will not be able to influence the content and themes of the video because you do not shoot.

Option 6. Mixed earnings – your blog + channel

Such tandem can lift traffic and provide additional means of income. You manage your blog, and the flow of it is sent to your youtube channel and vice versa.

If you integrate the blog and feed with social networks, you can redirect visitors by all sources of traffic.

So you use more marketing traps. In addition, traffic from different sources is better converted into money.

Beginners Guide videobloheriv

If you have never created a channel on youtube then tell you how to make money from playbacks, can this step-by-step instruction. We recommend that you add this page to bookmark it and return to it as needed.

Step 1: Sign up

First, you need to create a Google account, so that the service is owned by Google. Only then you can register on Youtube.

Step 2: Make a channel

Going into your account, fill out a profile and place an channel. Be sure to choose a hat, it pays special attention.

You can just download a picture on and you can make a design logo design and develop your own style.

Design services cost money, moreover, it will take time. But experience shows videobloheriv successful, so you essentially raise confidence in your channel.

Step 3: Add video

Recall that if your channel uses someone else’s video, you can block it. For successful monetization and stable income regularly download video authoring quality.

Step 4. Monetization

This is a very important point, let’s look at it in detail:

Going on YouTube, go to “My Channel”;

Open the tab “Video Manager”;

Press the “Channel” then “Status and function”;

In the window that pops up, find the function “Monetization” but until we click “Apply”;

Again, go to the “Channel” menu in the “Country” Click on “USA”. This will simplify the procedure for application moderation;

Go back to the “Status and function.” Opposite the “Monetize” you should see the “Enable.”

Click on it and confirms the inclusion of monetizing your channel by executing all the instructions.

The application must pass moderation, then you will receive notification of the results.

Now you can start making money on your channel. We hope this guide will help you achieve success in this field!

FAQ: Answers to frequent questions 💬

Question 1. How to earn in Utuba views?

How to earn on YouTube for views: Method first?

YouTube contains its own video content monetization. By connecting it, you can receive money for the demonstration of promotional videos that are inserted into the video published. The profitability of this tool is straight to Akhov.

Most video bloggers and strims have already abandoned a similar model of work. However, the rollers gaining millions of views may well bring good money to its owner, even though automatic advertising.

There is a couple of unpleasant restrictions to connect automatic monetization, practically exclude the ability to earn for beginners:

It is necessary to overcome the bar in 1000 subscribers;

Gain more than 4000 hours of views during the year.

A few years ago, this method of earnings on Youtube was extremely effective. Now it is considered only as an additional source of income, along with the main one. But it is necessary to take into account the negative impact of excessive advertising on the number of views and subscriptions.

Earnings on Utube on Views: Method Second

The most profitable today is cooperation with commercial companies with which video bloggers are info trading. After concluding an advertiser agreement, you begin to promote its goods by its content.

The partnerships are most successful with thematically relevant brands. These can be manufacturers of computer equipment and peripherals, application developers, various software, etc.

If you have a music channel, offer cooperation with manufacturers of tools, various lotions, and educational services. Advertising looks much more natural and unobtrusive, in cases where you just use a certain brand product.

Finding a suitable advertiser, ready to buy regular integration you are extremely difficult. Most lovers, independently record video, are not popular for large brands. They can not boast of millions of views and thousands of comments.

As one of the options – you can use the services of numerous advertising exchanges. Thanks to them, you will be able to demonstrate to potential customers extended statistics via API.

By choosing a video blogger profession, you will have to actively communicate both with your audience and potential partners. Therefore, you must learn to negotiate, the better, the better. After all, if you are not able to persuade Info partner in the effectiveness of cooperation, then the attitude towards you as a professional can be questioned.

Question 2. How much does the UTUB pay for 1000 views?

Of course, the money pays on the UTUB service itself, and advertisers, if the blogger becomes popular, then it is given the possibility of monetizing its channel, after which the agreement is concluded, and during the roller advertising, for review or click on which the service pays money.

To say accurately, it is quite difficult, so CA is always a scatter, the Ukrainian-language bloggers are paying less than the western, an average of 1,000 views you can get $ 1, but there is a scatter, you can get from 0.25 to $ 4, everything will depend on:


The blogger itself, its popularity

Target audience


Accordingly, money goes, only for views in which advertising is shown, just so the service does not pay anything.

As a rule, the more authoritative channel, than a solid audience, the longer the author earns, for example, a channel with a serious, solvent business audience, will always earn more than a blogger with a child audience.

Similarly, there are commercials for different language audiences when it overcame the Western audience, they will display advertising in their language, such advertising is much more expensive.

I can say one insider in an interview Yuri Dud, said he gets about $ 300 per 1 million views on YouTube of their spots. If true, the bloggers in the CIS do get quite a few views on their videos.

Question 3. How to enable monetization on YouTube?

Monetization at the expense of advertising commercials. Banners, before inserting the roller with the ability to pass small advertisements, which begin after watching the video. For transitions charged money, pay per view depends on various factors: the country playback duration of viewing advertising, purchasing goods when passing through sponsored links.

Connect monetization possible in 2 ways: Google Adsense and affiliate mediamerezha.


The main advantage of this partnership is that it is an authorized service by Google. In collaboration with her most of the earnings accrued to you. This affiliate program also takes a percentage, but when you connect, you will pay only AdSense.


Mediamerezhi offer almost identical conditions for cooperation channel owner. Separation income of 70/30%, where 30% of your earnings will pick up the partner network. If you do not know which partner to choose for yourself, then read the reviews, not to miscalculate, and enter into cooperation with a reliable company. The most common nowadays be called Air, VSP Group, QuizGroup. But the channel to connect to any of these partners you only if it is tied to Adsense.

To connect monetization associate the channel with Adsense, type at least 4000 views per year, at least 1,000 followers, and follow the principles of community YouTube. Below we give clear instructions on how to connect monetization on YouTube:

Step 1. Click on the tab “Channel”. In the window “monetization” activates. Also next to the button may appear the words “can not”, then select the column in your home country and be able to request a review.

Step 2: Once you have applied, accept the rules of YouTube.

Step 3. To link a channel with Adsense, click on this button.

Step 4. Then select the account you want to connect to monetize.

Step 5. When you find yourself at Adsense, there click on the blue button “Accept connection”.

If everything was done correctly, then the channel is connected to the Adsense program and subject to the other requirements of your video will be monetized.

Step 6: When you need to configure advertising.

You will have a Settings menu, select whether all advertising commercials will be shown. Also, place a check on the types of advertising that will be broadcast on your videos.

Another display of your ads can be another method. Go to the tab “Channel”, then the “upload video”. They select the type of advertising campaign. We recommend you tick all points.

If you have completed a minimum set of requirements are still waiting for to administration check your YouTube channel. Entering the section “monetization”, you will see that your channel is on the check.

Question 4. How many earn youtube?

Obviously, beginners on YouTube revenue is unlikely to reach even tens of thousands of UAH since the early days. Popular YouTubers receive an average of 8 000 to 20 000 per month from their channels. Revenue in the top YouTubers is times higher. Let’s look at some examples.

The top part of YouTube is Sasha Spielberg, who earns about 8 million USD per year, while in her 6.4 million followers channel.

Another major player on YouTube – Valentine Petukhov under the name Wylsacom. The channel specializes in surveys of technology and gadgets. According to the RIAB channel with 7 million followers in a year earns more than 30 million USD.

Channels on YouTube travel a lot, but few of them get to the figures in million followers. Alexander Kondrashov only channel able to cross this line – it has 1.3 million followers.

 Best ways to attract new followers

If you want to start earning on YouTube, it is important to create a large base of subscribers. Here are some ways that will attract followers for the first active channel:

Ask the audience about it. Give your audience an incentive to sign up, asking to click “Subscribe” and be promised some bonuses such as a free e-book or live broadcasts with answers to questions that are available only for followers.

Slide channel in related online communities. But do not be too intrusive about it. Make your name recognizable, providing the audience with valuable and useful information in its niche.

Optimize your YouTube channel search using the extension Vidic. Try to make your channel came in the top search results on key requests.

Add a YouTube widget to your site and link to your social media channel. If you have a blog, use it to attract new subscribers to your channel.

Use a list of recommended channels. Ask other bloggers in your niche to add your feed to your favorite channels and do the same in return. This will help to find new subscribers and establish relationships with peers.

Pros and cons of earning on YouTube


free schedule;

way of expression;

You can enter the passive income;

income depends on you;

available several ways to earn;

YouTube can be a major source of income;

the channel can unleash personal brand and become known Display personality or expert to help reach a higher level of income.


you play “in the foreign field” – YouTube frequently changing rules and not the fact that they will affect your channel;

on YouTube persistent problem of attribution – you can even accidentally violate someone’s copyright and run on sanctions;

lack of stability – the income level is constantly changing;

long payback – the first time the channel is not revenue.


Youtube gives great opportunities to create their own business or additional income. But the creation and promotion of profitable channels require time.

However, serious approach record movies of interest can easily turn into a matter of life. Typically the first video recording to get the money first goes from several weeks to several months.

The channel can be an additional tool for the promotion of its author or promote its products and services.

It remains for us to wish you success and big profits!

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