Helena Bonham Carter | Biography, Facts & Movies | Information 2022

Helena Bonham Carter is an English actress whose brutal aesthetic lends sensibility to film roles, from eras like “The Landscape Room” and “The End of Howards” to modern fantasies about Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland. Learn more about Bonem Carter’s life and career, including his other famous films.


Helena Bonham Carter is a British actress who also works in Hollywood. She is known for her outrageous roles and specific tastes in fashion.

Helena Bonham Carter | Biography, Facts & Movies | Information

KNOWN FOR The Wings of the Dove (1997)
FULL NAME: Helena Bonham Carter
AGE: 55 years old (in 2022)
DATE OF BIRTH: 26-May-66
BIRTHPLACE: Islington, London, United Kingdom
HEIGHT: 5 feet 2 inches
WEIGHT: 55 kg
HIPS: 34
HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown
EYE COLOR: Dark Brown
School:  South Hampstead High School
Profession:  Actress
Salary:  Under review
Net Worth:  USD $30 million Approx
Family & Relatives
Father:  Raymond Bonham Carter
Mother:  Elena Propper de Callejón
Brother(s):  Thomas Bonham Carter, Edward Bonham Carter
Sister(s):  None
Children:  2
Son(s):  Billy Raymond Burton
Daughter(s):  Nell Burton
Dating History: Rufus Sewell (1999)
Kenneth Branagh (1993 – 1999)
Marital Status:  Single
Helena Bonham Carter Favorites
Hobbies:  Rafting, Reading Books, Traveling, Listening to Music
Favorite Food:  Italian Cuisine
Favorite Destination:  Florence (Italy)
Social Media Accounts
Face book

For more than a decade, she was the muse of her civilian husband, Tim Burton, starring in most of his work.


Helena Bonham Carter was born in London on May 26, 1966. Her father Raymond is an influential banker in the capital, and her mother Elena is a psychotherapist. The family had two other children, sons Edward and Thomas. Their ancestors have an impressive history: the family had prominent politicians and representatives of the elite. If Helen wanted, she could develop family ties and take place in any of the spheres, but she chose art.

Helena Bonham Carter | Biography, Facts & Movies | Information

At the age of 11, Helena won a poetry competition after reading a poem of her own. The amount received from the organizers came in very handy: the first professional portfolio for an acting career was ordered with this money.

The first role of thirteen-year-old Helena – Juliet in a school Shakespearean radio play. After graduating, the future actress went to Cambridge University to study dramatic art.An unsuccessful operation to remove his father’s tumor led him to a wheelchair. The children actively helped with the care of the sick. Helena lived with her parents until she was 30 years old. Even when she had serious romances, she could not neglect her responsibilities and get together with a loved one.


After a series of small roles in the backyard of the main plot, Helena became part of the cast of “Rooms with a View” (1985). Working with Judy Dench and Daniel Day-Lewis gave me confidence in choosing the right profession.

Helena Bonham Carter | Biography, Facts & Movies | Information
HOWARDS END, Helena Bonham Carter, 1992, (c) Sony Pictures Classics/courtesy Everett Collection

“Lady Jane” (1985) was just as successful in the domestic film market. The actress did not give up television roles, for example, starred in the film “On the hair of death” (1987), and also worked abroad, including in “Mask” (1988).  Early work in films such as “Francis” (1989), “Hamlet” (1990), “Where Are Angels Afraid to Go” (1991), helped to assert itself and establish itself as a versatile actress, but at the same time with a certain style.

Playing at Howards End (1991) earned Bonham Carter his first BAFTA nomination. She lost the statuette to Miranda Richardson but took another step in the right direction on the career ladder. This conclusion can be confirmed by the early nomination for the Golden Globe for “The Fatal Lie: Mrs. Lee Harvey Oswald” (1993).

“Wings of a Dove” (1997) and the mini-series “The Great Merlin” (1998) are the most successful projects of the late ’90s. These years are one of the peaks of Bonham Carter’s career, as an indicator – new nominations, including the Oscar.

“Planet of the Apes” (2001) also became a landmark film: a meeting with Tim Burton predetermined further personal life and many turns of his career. It is believed that the director is very influenced by the woman he met at the time of working on the film. Given that the couple’s style is very similar, they looked great in life and harmonized on the set. Bonham Carter participated in a number of her husband’s projects: “Big Fish” (2003), “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” (2005) starring Johnny Depp, “Bride’s Corpse” (2005), “Sweeney Todd, demon hairdresser with Alice in Wonderland ”(2010),“ Dark Shadows ”(2012). She always got images of colorful ladies, standing out even against the background of other bright characters in the stories of Burton.

The last joint work was accompanied by jokes from the couple about further cooperation. She said that she felt that the director was “already sick” of her on the set, he mentioned the desire to attract new blood. These phrases turned out to be more prophetic than the couple’s fans wanted.

Helena went through casting and joined an extensive team working on film adaptations of Joan Rowling’s books. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007) was the first film to feature her Bellatrix. She later starred in three more episodes of the series starring Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson. The actress really likes the image she got: it allows you to express emotions.

She was able to touch the world of aristocracy again in “The King Speaks!” (2010). Against the background of former restless personalities, in which the actress, restrained and calm Queen Elizabeth, the wife of the hero Colin Firth, was reincarnated, in her performance – a breath of fresh air and a reminder of how different Helena can be.

Bonham Carter has long wanted to work with Jean-Pierre Genet. When the director wrote to her to “feel the ground” and asked about possible cooperation, Helena replied that she was ready to play the phone book if he wanted to. No such sacrifice was needed, and Bonham Carter landed the role of Dr. Claire in “Mr. Spivet’s Incredible Journey” (2013). In 2015, two very different projects with Helena were released – a somewhat gloomy interpretation of the tale “Cinderella” (2015), which also starred Cate Blanchett and Lily James, and “Suffragette” (2015), in which Bonham Carter gladly agreed to talk about important – women’s rights. Her role was first expanded and then reduced again, but Helena’s desire to remain part of a strong story was not affected.

The return to the role of the Red Queen in “Alice in Wonderland” (2016) was not successful. Although the film retained the lead cast of Mia Wasikowski, Johnny Depp, and others, it failed to hit the box office and was poorly received by critics.

The mini-series “With love, Nina” (2016) came out much more controversial: assessments of its quality were divided approximately equally. Another television project is Korona (2015), which has already won the audience’s sympathy. In the new season, Helena played Princess Margaret there. In the action-thriller “8 Ocean’s Friends” (2018). Helena appeared in the already classic image of an eccentric person. She and other cast stars, including Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett, revealed an alternate story of an already familiar plot.

The rumor of Bonham Carter’s participation in the 25th part of Bond was not confirmed – earlier in the press, there was information that the actress is considered the main contender for the role of key enemy of Agent 007. In 2020, the actress was busy filming “Enola Holmes”. This is the story of Sherlock Holmes’s niece, played by Millie Bobby Brown, who can give a hundred points ahead to her famous uncle and undertakes to investigate the disappearance of her mother, a daring and emancipated person, played by Helena Bonham Carter.


Work on Frankenstein (1994) brought Helen and Kenneth Bran together. The couple has been dating for about five years. The relationship was severed at the initiative of Bonham Carter. There were rumors that Helena was the reason for Bran’s breakup with Emma Thompson, but all members of the involuntary love triangle rejected it.

In 2001, Helena starred in “Planet of the Apes,” directed by Tim Burton. Their affair turned into civil marriage and a creative tandem. In 2003, they became parents for the first time: the son was named Billy Raymond. In 2007, their daughter Nell was born. Thirteen years after the meeting, the director and actress have separated, but continue to raise children together.

Despite frequent travels, publicity, and an unregulated schedule, the actress always puts children at the forefront. She even arranges an interview if possible near her home, so as not to waste extra time and in case of emergency to return to the apartment.


In 2021, the actress appeared in the British series “Cleansing”, the protagonist of which is a crime scene cleaner. Her heroine became a real decoration of the first episode.

Helen was also invited to take part in a special episode on the Harry Potter universe “Return to Hogwarts”. The project was shot with the support of HBO in honor of the 20th anniversary of the release of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”. The actress was also named among the contenders for the role of Doctor in the 15th season of “Doctor Who”.


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