Hande Erçel Age, Bio, Husband, Net Worth ,Wiki, Family, Education,Career

Hande Erçel Age, Bio, Husband, Net Worth, Wiki, Family, Education, Career

Hande Erçel Age, Bio, Husband, Net Worth ,Wiki, Family, Education,Career


Hande erçel is an attractive Turkish actress and model. Her date of birth is November 24, 1993, in the city of Bandirma, Balikesir, Turkey. Handa Ersel is 27 years old. She received recognition for her role in the series “Consent with Ashk Laftan”.

hande erçel

Famous Name: Hande Erçel
Full Name: Hande Erçel
Gender: Female
Age: 27 years 10 months 9 days
Birthplace: Bandırma, Balıkesir, Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Net Worth: $3 Million – $5 Million Dollars (approx) (As in 2021)
Famous for: She is popular for her part in the TV arrangement Aşk Laftan Anlamaz

Hande Erçel Age, Bio, Husband, Net Worth ,Wiki, Family, Education,Career

Hande erçel baby

Hande erçel baby has a natural beauty that is hard to ignore. Hand-made toys are made with care in Turkey by local artisans who follow old techniques passed down for generations, adding their own flair when needed so they can keep it interesting and fresh without losing any of its originality or soulfulness. They make items such as ball spit plushies which have cute faces but at the same time provide a fun challenge due to several layers of material within them making each toy unique just like an infant’s personality!


Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University (MSFAA) is the only private university in Turkey that offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. programs to students. The institution was established by Mimarsincoin1878—a generous philanthropist who donated his fortune for this cause of higher education development.

The MSFAU’s aim may not be limited just towards art learners but also any person or organization with an interest in culture as well – from all around the world! It will provide opportunities they never had before which are accessible through tuition fee payment plans according to those financial situations like scholarships etc., making it much easier than most other institutions out there today

University: Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Istanbul, Turkey


Father: Kaya Erçel
Mother: Aylin Erçel
Sister(s): Gamze Erçel

Hande erçel husband

Hande’s husband is an artist. She spends her days painting flowers on their kitchen wall, and he loves it when she gets excited about his latest work because that makes him feel like they are living in harmony again after years apart – but Hande regrets not being able to paint outside more often or take long walks with the dog near downtown Ankara where there are plenty of streets full stop shops open late into the night so both could window shop till closing time while enjoying Turkish baklava sweets at one cafe over another just down


Height: 5 feet 8 inches (1.75 m)
Weight: 55 kg (As in 2021)
Bra Size: 32B
Chest Size: 32 inches
Waist Size: 24 inches
Hips Size: 34 inches
Eyes Color: Dark Brown
Hairs Color: Light Brown
Measurements: 32-24-34 inches
Body Shape: Slim
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius


Debut Year: 2007
1st Tv (Show): En İyi Arkadaşım (2007)
1st Movie/Drama: Sunshine Girls (2013)

Erçel, a Turkish actress from the TV series Aşk Laftan Understanding (2016-2017), overthrew Burak Deniz. The show brought her and Deniz a great reputation in South Asia for their performances as well–they have now sought after across Latin America thanks to “Kapı Keep” where they both starred opposite other popular actors such as Buğra Gülsoy. Ercels latest role is Sen Çal Kapımı which opened with high ratings at home but also received positive reviews abroad too!

Erçel, a Turkish actress who starred in the popular series Aşk Laftan Understanding (2016-2017), has taken over Burak Deniz. The show brought her and Deniz to fame throughout South Asia with its high ratings that are still fresh on people’s minds today! Erceld doubled down by taking top billing for another leading role this year as well: “Sen Çal Kapımı” opposite Kerem Bürsin which opened at number one across Turkey and Latin America but also had success overseas too–it was later presented all around Europe during their first run with more than 70 countries showing up.

Hande erçel nude

“Nude” is the perfect color for any occasion because it’s versatile and goes with anything. Hande Erçel, wife of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan- herself a famous model who has been featured on covers all around Europe from Elle to Glamour Germany – created this amazing trend when she attended last year’s Paris Fashion Week wrapped in nothing but pure sex appeal!

Hande erçel sex

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How Hande Erçel weight loss and What Are Her Beauty Secrets?

With her radiant hair and bright smile, Hande Erçel is one of the most admired and followed people, especially among young people. So, to what does Hande owe her well-groomed and long hair, bright skin, and beautiful smile? The answer to this question is hidden in the beauty secrets of Hande Ercel. The beauty secrets of the successful actress about both her skin, hair, and body are always using the most natural products and consuming food. This is an important issue for the actress, who always uses natural and skin-appropriate products for skincare and cleaning. It is a must for the beautiful actress to have the same naturalness in the foods she consumes as well as the products she uses. How did Hande lose weight?

1-How did Hande Ercel lose weight?

Hande Erçel, who has been criticized for her weight gain recently, decided to lose weight with 60 kilos she saw on the scale and got to work. One of the things that should be done to lose weight in a healthy way, which is also applied by Hande Erçel, is to do regular sports. Hande Erçel stated that she regularly does pilates 3 days a week during the weight-loss period. In addition, the beautiful actress followed a program in which she paid attention to what she ate in order to gain her form.

The beautiful actress, who removed sugar and carbohydrates from her life, created her new meal program with plenty of protein. Since protein-containing foods take longer to digest in the body, the feeling of satiety lasts longer. The beautiful actress prefers to eat green apples when she is hungry apart from the main meals.

The question of how Hande lost weight is literally answered here. Green apple is on the diet list not only of Hande Erçel but also of most people. It has a green apple pulp texture. For this reason, it accelerates the digestive system of the person who eats it and keeps it full. Another important point in Hande Erçel’s diet list is cinnamon water. Cinnamon water has some effects that help to lose weight, such as burning fat, accelerating metabolism, balancing blood sugar, and blunting sweet cravings. Apart from that, cinnamon water strengthens the immune system, tightens the pores, strengthens your memory, and prevents cancer.

2-What Does Hande Erçel Pay Attention To In Hair Care?

For women, their hair is their number one accessory. Long and shiny hair can affect both the appearance and mood of women. The biggest factor in women’s inability to reach this hair is that they wear out their hair by over-processing. How does your hair look shiny?

In order to avoid this problem, Hande Erçel prefers to use her natural hair color and not to apply other treatments to her hair other than the set. When she needs to change the color of her hair for the roles she plays, she protects her hair with special protective and moisturizing treatments. In addition, Hande Erçel’s rule for long hair, which is very difficult to care for, is to always keep her hair moist and clean.

3-Hande Erçel Skin Care Routine

Your skin may lose its elasticity and shine as too much make-up tires the skin. The beautiful actress, who wears a lot of make-up on her face when she is in front of the cameras, pays attention to the cleanliness of her face and her skin to breathe outside the set. The beautiful actress completes her facial care by moisturizing her face with products suitable for her skin after facial cleansing in her skincare routine.


  • En İyi Arkadaşım (2007)
  • Tatar Ramazan (2013)
  • Çalıkuşu (2013) (Zahide)
  • Çılgın Dersane Üniversitede (2014) (Meryem)
  • Hayat Ağacı (2014) (Selen Karahanlı)
  • Güneşin Kızları (2015-16) (Selin Yılmaz)
  • Aşk Laftan Anlamaz (2016-17) (Hayat Uzun)
  • Siyah İnci (2017-18) (Hazal Şulabı/Naz Demiroğlu)
  • Halka (2019) (Müjde Akay)
  • Azize (2019) (Azize Günay/Melek Aydın)
  • Sen Çal Kapımı (2020-present) (Eda Yıldız)

Hande erçel tv shows

Hande is a Turkish TV personality who has been hosting shows since 2000.


  • Miss Civilization of Turkey Awards
  • Miss Civilization of World Awards
  • Golden Butterfly Awards
  • İTÜ EMÖS Success Awards
  • Turkey’s Youth Awards
  • KTÜ Media Awards
  • İstanbul Moda Rehberi Awards
  • Marketing Turkey: The One Awards


Hande Erçel is a Turkish actress who was born in 1982. Her net worth as of 2021 is estimated to be between $3 million and 5 million, but she has made her own fortune through acting too!


Marital Status: Unmarried
Boyfriend: Ekin Mert Daymaz (2015) (Actor)

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