Grace Kelly | Biography, Wedding, Photos and Personal life 2022

Biography of Grace Kelly, Biography, photos, personal life,  height, age, movies, Prince Rainier, family, children, and the cause of death of the Princess of Monaco.


Grace Kelly | Biography, Wedding, Photos and Personal life 2022

Nickname Patricia, Kelly
Full Name Grace Patricia Kelly
Profession Film Actress
Nationality American
Date of Birth November 12, 1929
Date of Death September 14, 1982
Place of Death Princess Grace Hospital, Monaco
Cause of Death Heart Attack
Birthplace Hahnemann University Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Religion Christianity
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Height 5 feet 6 inches (1.69 m)
Weight 55 kg (121 55 kg)
Waist 24 inches
Hips 35 inches
Dress Size 4 (US)
Body Type Hourglass
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Qualification GraduateSchoolRavenhill Academy, Stevens SchoolCollegeBennington College, American Academy of Dramatic Arts
Profession:  Film Actress
Debut: Princess of Monaco by marrying Prince Rainier III
Net Worth:  USD $40 million approx
Father:  John B. Kelly, Sr.
Mother:  Margaret Katherine Majer
Brother(s):  John B. Kelly Jr.
Sister(s):  Margaret
Marital Status:  Married
Husband:  Rainier III, Prince of Monaco
Children:  3
Son(s):  Albert II, Prince of Monaco
Daughter(s):  Princess Caroline of Monaco, Princess Stephanie of Monaco
Dating History: Bing Crosby (1953-1955), Frank Sinatra (1954), Oleg Cassini (1954-1955), William Holden (1954), Prince Rainier of Monaco (1955-1982), Jean-Pierre Aumont (1955)

Love History

Who among our contemporaries is unfamiliar with the fabulous love story of a titled prince and a simple American girl? Of course, the girl was not quite simple, and the truth of the couple’s feelings is still silent rumors, but, nevertheless, this story is an example of how a fairy tale comes to life. The incredible fate of Grace Kelly, her transformation from a rich but simple American to an example for millions – the Princess of Monaco – is what people are still arguing about.

Model, Actress & Socialite

The future style icon was born in 1929. From childhood, the girl was prepared to live in high society among rich and famous people. Grace was the daughter of a successful businessman and model. However, as a child, she was tight-lipped, a little plump, not very confident, and not particularly hopeful for a great future. The girl graduated from a strict Catholic school, where she first appeared on stage in a production based on biblical history. The fate of the rich wife of a rich man awaited the girl, but she herself longed for fame and acting.

The Original/ Grace Kelly and her personal style

Grace had older brothers, and the family relied heavily on the older children. Father Grace did not expect that the youngest daughter would be the main pride of the family and bring fame and additional wealth to their family home, making Kelly famous among the inhabitants of several continents. Grace spent many years impressing the demanding father and making him take her seriously. But even the Oscars failed to do so.

Actress turned Model

After graduating from school, young Kelly moved from Philadelphia to the Big Apple and enrolled at the New York Academy of Arts (the women’s college her parents insisted on, but she was not accepted due to low math grades), where she began to learn the basics. acting skills. At the same time, she got a job as a model and was quite successful in this direction – her photos adorned numerous magazines, on the pages of which she promoted brands of cigarettes, appliances, sportswear, and household chemicals.

Interesting fact

in contrast to the success stories of other models, which for years padded the thresholds of famous agencies and rushed to castings, Grace immediately offered interesting projects and high fees. She was very beautiful, so the agents lined up in front of the door to the girl’s apartment and offered the best conditions for cooperation.

Grace’s canonical beauty, tall stature, and chiseled figure – these characteristics that made her a legendary actress and model, were liked by all producers without exception. But she didn’t get a job in a real movie. Finally, she gets a role in a Broadway production and then begins to conquer the cinema, receiving invitations to cameo appearances in various films.


Grace Kelly | Biography, Wedding, Photos and Personal life 2022

Grace Kelly: A Hollywood Star

Grace meets famous actor Gary Cooper, who helps her get the lead role in his new project. Thus begins the solemn conquest of Grace by American cinema. However, after the premiere, the shocked Grace noticed how badly she played and rushed to the teachers to develop acting skills. After some time, she starred in several films, for the supporting role one of which received her first Oscar nomination. Kelly became the muse of the famous director Hitchcock, his “favorite blonde”, starred in his films, and won an Oscar. In just less than five years, she has acted in 10 films as an actress.

Grace Kelly – The Greatest Actress of All Time

Grace Kelly’s success is truly phenomenal – she not only quickly became the most popular versatile actress in Hollywood but also maintained her position as the brightest star of cinema many years later. She was included in the lists of the best actresses from the beginning of the decade, and then the century brought fame to herself and her family. Kelly has presented the best Hollywood films at international competitions (including in Cannes, where she met Rainier). By the way, she was credited with romances with all her partners on the set, with the Arab sheik, but she decided to link her life with the Prince of Monaco.

Personal life

Grace Kelly | Biography, Wedding, Photos and Personal life 2022

Find True Love

The reception organized by the Prince of Monaco for the representatives of the American cinema became fateful. The young “Oscar-winning” actress of stunning beauty immediately struck Prince Rainier III in the heart. He decided that he had met his princess, whom he had been looking for for so many years, and immediately began the process of winning the girl’s heart. Grace was fascinated by the courtship and the attention the prince gave her. He proved to be an attentive and polite admirer. They had a long correspondence across the ocean, as a result of which Rainier came to America.

Grace Kelly: A Princess for Love

Grace understood that the decision to link her destiny with the prince would make her a princess, impose incredible responsibility on her and be a turning point in her career and life. However, she was ready to exchange all her career achievements for the role of the prince’s wife and lover. Grace gave up her passion for the cinema for love. Rainier came to America to ask for her hand in marriage, received the blessing of new relatives, and took Grace and her friends, a hairdresser, and numerous suitcases containing wedding dresses and jewelry, on a transatlantic liner in Monaco. A week later, a legendary wedding took place, after which the people of Monaco were introduced to their new princess.

Grace Kelly: The American Princess

The family settled in Monaco, the tiny state after the arrival of Grace began to develop its tourism potential and gradually became a must-see place for ardent fans of cinema, Hollywood, and just lovers of romantic stories. Grace and Rainier became parents – children were born in their families. The family looked perfect: a beautiful well-groomed wife dressed with a pin; a dignified, dignified-looking man with exceptional manners, distinguished by an aura of power and royal affiliation; wonderful children, educated and obedient.

Kelly Family gone bad

However, the idyll did not last long. Children, so humble and exemplary as children, began to lose control as they grew older. The son stopped being interested in anything, narrowing his circle of interests to the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity and fashionable cars. The eldest daughter experienced a crazy marriage at a young age, and then an equally crazy divorce. The youngest daughter decided to change women’s outfits for a leather jacket and motorcycles, becoming a real “kid”.

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Even Kelly’s husband has failed – over the years, he began to show more and more of the traits that come to people usually in old age. For example, he became excessively grumpy, and stingy, and loved to spend time away from family, alone or surrounded by pets. He actually moved away from his family to a separate house. Moreover, throughout their life together, the inhuman Rainier was jealous of his wife for her success and universal love. Grace was truly a favorite of the country, successful in all endeavors. Her husband could not forgive her for this fact.

Grace Kelly: Her Loves

In general, the image of the ideal family, which Grace had worked so hard to build for many years, collapsed like a house of cards, right in front of my eyes. And she was in a lot of pain. She was well aware of her need to continue to create and realize her potential as a dramatic actress, but in her position it was impossible, and her age was approaching the fatal mark for her.

She did what scandalized her last years of life – had an affair with a young man. At first, she had a side relationship with one young man, then with another. This gave her some freedom and a feeling that she could make at least some important decisions and influence her own destiny.

Grace Kelly on Aging

The actress had a peculiar attitude to the process of growing up and aging. She has always believed that at the age of 40, a woman no longer has a life, but a period of a sad existence. In her youth, Grace took care of her young beauty and shapely figure used her data and charm to the best of her ability, and received dividends from her appearance, working as a model, actress and just being a “heartthrob”.

As she grew older, she became aware of all the ghosts and elusiveness of her natural beauty, which will soon begin to fade with each passing day.

Grace Kelly Death

The sad fact is that Grace did not live to see her old age, as she feared, and remember her past victories. She died suddenly in a car accident. Grace almost never got behind the wheel of a car. She preferred to travel with a personal driver. However, on that unfortunate day, she decided to take her daughter to a nearby town, and get behind the wheel on her own. The princess motivated her decision by the fact that she needed to discuss personal, “secret” matters and issues with her daughter. And it was worth doing without witnesses.

What the mother and daughter talked about that day will remain a mystery. It so happened that on the way Grace lost control due to a sudden heart attack and was involved in a car accident, which tragically killed her at the age of 52. Her daughter was also injured in the crash but survived. Grace’s husband mourned his wife until his death.

Style icon

Grace Kelly | Biography, Wedding, Photos and Personal life 2022

Real fashion icon

Grace Kelly was considered a style icon while she was still alive. Her dresses were copied, her images were disassembled and analyzed in fashion magazines, and the best fashion designers admired her ability to wear gloves with unique grace. She was better than anyone else at emphasizing all her virtues, creating the perfect shapes for her figure with the help of clothes and accessories, and she was surprisingly relevant in choosing outfits for any celebration.

Live fashion – her style

In the days when she was a movie star, Grace preferred “Hollywood chic” and the classic “red carpet”, then, becoming the Princess of Monaco, she transformed her image, adding more elegant but modest things. But her favorites have always been wide-brimmed hats and soft pastel clothes. Grace’s story has had a huge impact on popular culture. Her style was interpreted at fashion shows, her words flew into quotes and aphorisms, and her destiny became a source of inspiration for directors and screenwriters. Designer accessories, dresses, and jewelry are named and renamed in her honor. There is a perfume created in honor of Kelly.

Grace Kelly – The True Story

In 2014, the film “Princess of Monaco” was released, which told about the rise of Grace as head of state. The aristocrat is not by birth, but by choice played by the famous actress Nicole Kidman. The film portrayed Kelly as an almost unearthly, angel-like woman with a fire burning in her soul. In fact, Grace was far from a gift. By her own admission, she was an ordinary woman, not a fairytale character.

Live the Moment

According to contemporaries, Kelly was very liberated, lived with passion, was not afraid of public evaluation, and knew the price. Moreover, she was adventurous and incredibly lucky – how else can you explain her sharp rise to the podium in cinema, a wedding with a prince on a white horse, and many happy coincidences and coincidences. Grace is very similar to another famous actress – the inimitable Catherine Deneuve. This helped Catherine in the early stages of her career.


Grace Kelly | Biography, Wedding, Photos and Personal life 2022

1951 – Fourteen o’clock

1952 – Exactly at noon

1953 – Mogambo

1954 – In case of murder, dial “M”

1954 – Village girl

1954 – Green fire

1954 – Toko-Ri Bridges

1954 – Window to the yard

1955 – Catch a thief

1956 – Swan

1956 – Higher Society

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