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Goldie Hawn, American actress who had a long career playing winsome, slightly ditzy women in numerous comedies. However, sometime later she proved that she can be organic and interesting in many other images. She is as she is, and therefore the versatility of her talent should not come as a surprise to anyone. Goldie Hawn is a bright person and a wonderful actress, which is the subject of our today’s article.

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Goldie Hawn is a woman we can talk about indefinitely. A beautiful actress, a beautiful model, and a beautiful person – all these qualities form the basis of her personality and make the life of our heroine a true role model.

Full name:  Goldie Jeanne Hawn
Relationship Status: Kurt Russell (long time partner)
Gus Trikonis (M.1969-1976)
Bill Hudson (M.1976-1982)
Place Of Birth & Nationality:  Washington, D.C /American
Net Worth: $100 Million
Source of Income: TV shows,Films, Books, Albums
Children: Oliver Hudson
Kate Hudson
Wyatt Russell
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color  blonde
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Favorite Color Navy blue
Favorite Food  Green juice (kale, parsley,with celery & green peppers)
Smoking/ Drinking Yes
Tattoos Yes
IMDb Profile Link Goldie Hawn

Wealth Year By Year

Year Earnings $
2011 $ 77.77 Million
2012 $ 79.80 Million
2013 $ 82.95 Million
2014 $ 84.45 Million
2015 $ 86.78 Million
2016 $ 89.95 Million
2017 $ 92.80 Million
2018 $ 94.77 Million
2019 $ 96.99 Million
2020 $ 98.20 Million
Goldie Hawn High School Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland.
Goldie Hawn University American University
Gender:  Female
Date of birth: 21st of November 1945
Goldie Hawn’s age:  76 years (Starting 2021)
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Height:  5 feet 5 inches (168 centimetres)
Weight:  58 kilograms (127 pounds) more:
Father:  Edward Rutledge
Mother:   Laura
Siblings:  Patti, Edward Junior
Marital status:  Dating
Spouse:  Kurt Russel
Goldie Hawn’s children: Oliver Hudson, Wyatt Russell, Kate Huson
Twitter:  @goldiehawn 
Instagram:   @goldiehawn
Facebook: @goldiehawn 
Career professional dancer and Actress
Residence  in Los Angeles

For a long time, Goldie Hawn appeared in movies as a classic Hollywood blonde – a girl with disheveled hair and a penetrating look.


Goldie Gene Hawn was born into a bright and extraordinary family. Her father, Edward Rutledge Hawn, was a famous musician and mastered the violin. Not far behind the husband and mother of our today’s heroine – Laura Steinoff. She devoted her entire life to dance, and at a more mature age even became the owner of her own dance studio. On his maternal line, Goldie has Jewish and Hungarian roots. It is worth noting that the influence of the mother can be seen in many other industries. So, following in her footsteps, at the age of five, our today’s heroine began to actively dance. During this period, her main hobby was ballet and, I must say, in this field the girl has achieved very impressive success. At the age of ten, Goldie Hawn began to participate frequently in a variety of theatrical and musical productions. And at the age of sixteen she made her debut on the big stage. Then, in 1961, the girl appeared before the audience in the play “Romeo and Juliet”. The performances were successful and, having moved to New York, in the next few years the girl began to participate frequently in various productions. In parallel with her performances on stage, the girl began teaching dance in her own studio, as well as studying drama at the American University. However, it is worth noting that her stay as a student was shot. Due to frequent omissions and not the highest marks in the main subjects, the girl was soon expelled, and Goldie Hawn again focused all her attention on dancing. Ironically, this path turned out to be the shortest way to a movie for Goldie Hawn. During one of the performances, the talented girl was noticed by a professional agent who offered her to try herself as a film actress. The dancer agreed, and very soon a new chapter began in her career


Goldie Hawn’s first acting roles were in the TV series “Good Morning, Peace!” and “Hochma Rowan and Martin.” This was followed by the first film with her participation – the musical “One and only original family orchestra.” In these paintings of 1967-1968, the actress played the role of blonde beauties with a constant smile on her lips and bright blue eyes. This image was so popular with viewers and directors that very soon new interesting proposals for filming began to come to the actress one after another. In the period from 1969 to 1975, the actress starred in seven new films, among which the most significant was her role in the film “Cactus Flower”. Goldie Hawn won an Oscar and a Golden Globe Award for her role in the film. Despite a large number of subsequent nominations, these awards are still the only ones in the personal collection of the actress.

Yes, there were no more or less significant prizes in the further film career of the actress. However, this fact does not mean that there were no bright and remarkable roles in her filmography. In the 1970s, Goldie Hawn’s career skyrocketed. During this period, our today’s heroine was noted in such interesting films as “Butterflies Free”, “Shampoo”, “Duchess and the Dirty Fox”, “Journey with Anita”, “Private Benjamin”, “Dirty Game”. Many of these roles brought the actress new nominations for various film awards, but, as noted above, the awards and prizes this time bypassed her. During this period, the talented girl finally established herself as one of the most popular and successful actresses in world cinema. She was called the sex symbol of the seventies, as well as one of the most coveted women on the planet. However, at the end of this period in her life, there was a series of shocks related to problems in her personal life. As a result, the actress began to pay much attention to Eastern philosophy (which she was interested in since 1972) and slowly lost interest in big movies.

In 1983, Goldie Hawn met actor Kurt Russell, with whom the relationship became the most important in her life. The passion for Eastern philosophy was replaced by a passionate passion for the family. As a result, the actress became less likely to act in movies. In the eighties, Goldie Hawn’s most notable works were roles in the films “Additional Shift”, “Protocol”, “Wild Cats”, “Overboard”. However, despite the small number of screen roles, viewers never forgot Goldie. What is the excitement around the issue of Playboy magazine (1985), the main character of which was a famous actress?


Goldie Hawn was able to regain her lost position in the movie in the mid-nineties – early two thousand. During this period, she starred in such popular films as “Death to Her Face”, “First Wife’s Club”, “Everyone Says I Love You”, “Sisters Banger”. These roles are associated with a late stage in the career of the actress. Goldie Hawn played her last role in 2002 and has not appeared on the big screen since. In 2005, the actress told about all the stages of her life in the autobiographical book “Lotus sprouts from the mud.”


The actress’s personal life was not as rosy as her career. Goldie’s first husband, actor Gus Triconis, sued her for $ 75,000 after seven years of marriage, which was a decent amount in 1975. After that, the actress was destined for another failed marriage. This time, her choice was actor Bill Hudson, who in court took away the actress’ house in Malibu and left her alone with two children. It is worth noting that Goldie Hawn turned out to be quite a good mother and managed to put her son and daughter on their feet alone. Kate and Oliver Hudson are currently popular American actors.

Returning to Goldie, we note that only her third marriage (this time a civil one) was truly happy. The woman has been living with actor Kurt Russell since 1983. In 1986, the actress gave birth to her beloved son Wyatt. However, even this fact did not force the two celebrities to officially legalize their relationship. According to Kurt Russell, the civil status of their marriage is a kind of good omen for the two of them.


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