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The actress, Emmanuelle Chriqui was born in Montreal to Moroccan Jewish immigrants Lillian and Albert Shrigley. When she was just two years old, her family moved to Toronto. The city’s big and bustling with lots of opportunities for little ones like herself!. At the age of 10, Creeky starred in a McDonald’s commercial. She moved to Vancouver where she asked “Are you afraid of the dark?”

Emmanuelle Chriqui Biography

Canadian actress from a family of Moroccan Jews, famous in Hollywood – so you can briefly introduce Emmanuel Shriki. Although fans of American series do not need to present it: roles in TV projects such “Handsome”, “Mentalist”, “Borgia” and others have made Shriki world famous. But the path of the dark-skinned beauty to success was not easy.

Emmanuelle Chriqui Childhood and adolescence

On December 10, 1977, a third child was born in Montreal to Albert and Liliana Shriki, Moroccan immigrants, and a daughter, Emmanuel. The child has been a favorite in the family since childhood: older brother Serge and sister Lawrence helped her parents with her upbringing.

And it was special in the family – adults zealously observed Jewish national traditions, adhering to orthodox views, for example, restricted children from many entertainments, including watching TV. The girl secretly watched movies and programs visited friends and neighbors and admired the magical world of cinema and the beauty of actresses.

The family later moved from Montreal to Toronto, to the small town of Unionville. There, Emmanuel entered high school and began attending a school drama club.

But that didn’t seem like much to her. And little Em persuaded her brother to pay for her children’s acting classes. The effectiveness of “investments” was soon justified. At the age of 7, the talented girl was taken to a local theater, and at the age of 10, she starred in a McDonald’s commercial.

The girl graduated from school with firm confidence to become an actress. Her parents supported her in this endeavor. The mother of the future celebrity could not rejoice in her daughter’s success – she died when Emmanuel was just 16. To alleviate the pain of loss, the girl left for Vancouver. There she began to attend castings for various TV projects, and while waiting for the roles she worked as a waitress in a cafe.

Emmanuelle Chriqui Movies

Her first roles were in the Canadian-American series “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”, “The Knight Forever”, as well as in the projects “Kung Fu”, “Psi Factor: Chronicles of Paranormal Phenomena”, and “The Adventures of Sinbad”. Then the girl tried her hand at voice acting – her voice speaks the character of Hisae Aoki in the anime series “Princess Vampire Miyu”.

In search of great acting opportunities, Emmanuel moved to the United States in the late 1990s, first to New York and then Los Angeles. The calculation turned out to be correct; the young actress immediately managed a role in Detroit – The City of Rock (1999). He became the first Hollywood film in her filmography.

After a significant debut follows a new one, this time in the lead role. Em starred in the teenage film Snow Day (2000) about the life of schoolgirl Claire Bonner. But great success is still far away. The actress has acted in many movies and TV series: “Ricky 6”, “100 girls and one in the elevator”, “In touch”, “Lonelyhearts”, “Crow: the prayer of a sinner” and others.

Emmanuelle’s heyday came in 2005 when she was invited to star in the handsome Hollywood film Vincent Chase. The actress plays a glamorous beauty named Sloan McQueen and is part of the project from the second season.

And in 2008 Emmanuel expects a new cinematic success – the lead role in the film “Don’t joke with Zohan” in tandem with the super-popular Adam Sandler. Shriki played the protagonist’s friend, a Palestinian immigrant living in New York.

Emmanuel’s popularity is gaining momentum. Thanks to her talent and brilliant appearance, a modest girl from an orthodox Jewish family managed to stand in line with recognized Hollywood beauties and models. In May 2006, Maxim magazine named her the annual Hot 100.

The Canadian took 8th place in the ranking of the sexiest girl FHM in 2008. And in 2010 she was recognized as the most desired woman on the planet according to a poll conducted by one of the largest men’s online magazines AskMen.com.

Fans find striking similarities between the beloved actress and her colleague of Bulgarian origin Nina Dobrev. The girls are really similar, but Shriki is smaller – her height is only 160 cm.

In 2010, Emmanuelle starred in “Thirteen”, where her partners were Mickey Rourke, Jason Statham, and Alexander Skarsgård.

Over the course of one year, Em made history by being both starring in and directing an Italian television show. She finished filming for “Handsome” while also accepting two major film opportunities that came about from this opportunity: playing Sancho Aragon – someone who lived during Rodrigo Borgia’s time period (1503-1536) at Rome’s Castel Sant’Angelo; thus helping viewers understand how Spain became part Italy decades ago!

And in 2012 – in the popular series “Mentalist”, which has already made the lead actor Simon Baker a world star. Shriki embodied the image of Lorelai Martins, a companion of Red John.

Among the most recent works of the actress is a role in the series “Murder of the First Degree” (2014-2016) and “Clairvoyant” (2016). In the last one, Shriki played the hypnotist Gina. Also in 2015, Emmanuelle starred in the drama “Entourage” – a picture that is a continuation of the series “Handsome”.

Emmanuelle Chriqui Personal life

The actress’ biography does not yet indicate the status of “married”. She does not flaunt her personal life. But she is known for her romantic relationships with artists such as Jesse Chase, Clifton Collins Jr., and Jeremy Sisto.

Since 2013, Emmanuel Shriki has been in a relationship with American actor Adrian Bellani, who is known for his role as Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald in the American TV drama “Passions”.

And while the world wonders if Bellani will be married to this actress, they’re actually posting joint photos on Instagram. In 2017 when lovers went vacationing in Jamaica and judging by their happy faces all is well between them!

Emmanuel Shriki now

Shriki is currently starring in the thriller “Hospitality”. The picture will be released in 2018-2019.

Charming Emmanuel has hundreds of thousands of fans on social media. On her “Instagram” thousands of photos, including very personal – with family, and friends, taken in childhood and early youth, both glamorous and without makeup, in a swimsuit.


1996 – “Are you afraid of the dark?”

1997 – “The Adventures of Sinbad”

1999 – “Detroit – the city of rock”

2000 – “100 girls and one in the elevator”

2005 – “Beauties”

2008 – “Don’t joke with Zohan”

2009 – “Women in Need”

2010 – “Thirteen”

2011 – Borgia

2012 – “Mentalist”

2015 – “Entourage”

2016 – “Clairvoyant”

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