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Emily Blunt | Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth | Career & Family


Name Emily Blunt
Birth / Real Name Emily Olivia
Leah  Blunt
Nickname Emily, Emster,
Snath, Blunto
Emily Blunt Date of Birth Wednesday 23rd of February 1983
Emily Blunt Birth Place Roehampton, London, England
Emily Blunt Age 38 years old (as of 2021)
Occupation Actress
Emily Blunt Personal Life
Nationality British
Relegion Anglican /
Sun Sign Pisces
Emily Blunt Height, Weight And More
Height in Feet/Inches 5 ft 7½ inches
Height in Centimeters 171 cm
Height in Meters 1.71 Meters
Weight in Kilograms 52 kg
Weight in Pounds 115 pounds
Body Measurements 34-23-35 inches
Eye Color Blue
Bra Size 32B
Hair Color Dark Brown
Emily Blunt Education
Educational Qualification Not Known
School Ibstock Place School , Roehampton
College Hurtwood House , Surrey
Emily Blunt Family
Father Oliver Simon Peter Blunt (Barrister, QA)
Mother Joanna Blunt (Teacher, Ex-Actress)
Brother Sebastian (Brother)
Sister Suzanna, Felicity
Children Hazel Krasinski,
Violet Krasinski
Emily Blunt Husband, Boyfriends & Affairs
Marital Status Married
Affairs/ Boy Friends Michael Bublé
,John Krasinski
Husband/Wife John Krasinski
married in 2010
Salary & Net Worth
Salary Not Known
Net Worth Not Known
Emily Blunt Favourite, Hobbies, Likes & Dislikes
Hobbies horseback riding
Favourite Subject Not Known
Favourite Actor Not Known
Favourite Actress Nicole Kidman, Emma Thompson, and Meryl Streep
Favourite Singer Not Known
Favourite Cartoon Character Popeye
Favourite Director Not Known
Favourite Film Not Known
Favourite Food Cookies, Chocolate Chip, Pizza.
Favourite Color Not Known
Favourite Place Not Known
Favourite Perfume Not Known
Favourite Book Sister by Rosamund Lupton
Favourite Animal Not Known
Contact Address & Phone Number
Address Hollywood Hills, CA
Phone/Mobile Number
Debut Film/TV, Hit/Flop & More
Debut Film My Summer of Love (2004)
Popular/Hit/Flop Films The Devil Wears Prada (2006), The Young Victoria (2009), The Adjustment Bureau (2011) and Looper (2012).
Debut Tv Show Boudica (2003)

Emily Blunt is an English film actress who is rightly called the “British Queen of the Screen” in her homeland. Few people know that Blunt made acting an unpleasant disease as a child – stuttering.

Childhood and adolescence

Emily Olivia Leah Blunt was born in February 1983 in London to a respectable family. Her father is an influential British lawyer. Before her marriage, her mother was a theater and film actress. After getting married, she ended her acting career and began teaching at the school.

Emily Blunt | Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth | Career & Family

Emily was the second child in the family. The older sister’s name is Felicity, she later became a literary agent. Later, 2 more children were born – Suzanne and Sebastian. As an adult, the younger sister went to the vet, and the brother mastered the acting profession. Peter Blunt’s grandfather is a retired major general.

As a child, Emily Blunt was fond of horseback riding and music. The girl studied vocals and cello. The red-haired beauty did not even dream of a career as an artist: since childhood she had an annoying flaw – she stuttered a lot. Therapy sessions helped to eliminate this problem. But the biggest impact was in a drama club, where the talented teacher Adrian Rawlins, who later played Harry Potter’s father in a rating film, taught Blunt to imitate other people’s voices, and thus overcame the disease.

Starting a career in Britain

At age 16, Blunt became a student at a private college that was famous for its special acting training program. A few months later, Emily took the stage in the production of “The Royal Family”. Besides her, the play already featured famous artists, but the fragile girl managed not to get lost among them and did a great job. The actress was able to consolidate her success on stage in 2002, appearing as Juliet in a new play by William Shakespeare.

Emily Blunt | Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth | Career & Family

Blunt’s cinematic biography began in 2003. Aristocratic appearance determined the characters offered to her by the directors. At first, she played a positive character in the historical-dramatic series “Queen against Rome”. Then she appeared in the image of the royal wife in the film about Henry VIII. For this work, the actress was awarded a BAFTA award. The directors finally saw the singer in a new role and began to invite her to pictures where it was not necessary to play aristocrats in medieval costumes.

In the dramatic film “Gideon’s Daughter”, Blunt played a troubled teenager. This project received many high marks from film critics and great attention from the audience.

After several minor roles, Blunt in 2006 received the one that elevated the actress to a new wave of popularity. She played with Susan Sarandon, which in itself guaranteed the picture success. This is an Australian drama called “Obsession”. The famous colleague praised the talented young actress and insisted on her appearance in the new film “Girl in the Park”.

Breakthrough in Hollywood

After notable success in English cinema, Blunt received an offer to work in Hollywood. In 2006, Emily played, though not the main, but a prominent role in the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”. To work in the picture, the already fragile Emily (actress height 171 cm, weight 52 kg) had to lose a few more pounds, because according to the script, she had to look painfully thin.

Emily Blunt | Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth | Career & Family

Blunt’s performance was highly praised: the actress was first nominated for a Golden Globe, and later – for a BAFTA award. No less significant was the personal feedback from Meryl Streep, who after working on the film named Emily the best young actress she had ever worked with.

After the release of the picture, Hollywood finally accepted a new British star in its ranks. Well-known directors competed to offer her roles. A little later, the films “Falling in love with my brother’s bride” and “Life after Jane Austen” were released. In the last project, the actress convincingly played a French teacher.

The brightest role of 2009 for the actress was her work in the historical and dramatic film “Young Victoria”. Emily played the young queen. This work earned the British nomination for the Golden Globe Award for Best Dramatic Actress.

2010 was remembered for the leading female role of Blunt in the gothic thriller called “The Wolf Man”. At the same time, her repertoire was supplemented by the comedy “Wild Thing”. Emily embodied on the screen the image of a girl who falls in love with a serial killer who identified her as a victim.

In 2012, the sensational British comedy “Fish of my dreams” by Lass Halström was released. Here, the actress’ partner was Ewan McGregor. The comedy was first shot in London and then in Morocco. Blunt was nominated for a Golden Globe for the 4th time for her role as a financial advisor.

Emily Blunt | Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth | Career & Family

Cass turned out to be Doug Lyman’s action movie “The Edge of the Future”, in which Emily starred in an acting duet with Tom Cruise. With a budget of $ 178 million, the film was rented for $ 371 million. Blunt insisted on Count’s candidacy. According to Tom, the actress was perfect for the role and he has long wanted to work with her.

During the filming, Emily performed most of the tricks herself, she had to wear an exoskeleton weighing 30 kg. While filming the chase, Blunt lost control of the car and crashed into a tree, sitting next to Cruz in the cabin almost flew out the window from the impact. During a break in the project, the actress became pregnant, and she had to give up performing dangerous elements on her own.

Moving and career in the USA

In 2015, Blunt’s filmography was supplemented by another bright project – the action thriller “The Killer”, where the actress was reincarnated as the main character. To prepare for the role, the actress consulted with female FBI agents. The main premiere of 2018 for the actress was the musical film “Mary Poppins Returns”, which with a budget of $ 130 million raised $ 349 million in the rental. Mary Poppins. More than 70 animators worked on the project for 16 months.

Emily Blunt | Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth | Career & Family

At one point, Emily refused to collaborate on set with John Krasinski. But in 2018, she starred in her husband’s horror film “Quiet Place”, which was about a married couple trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by monsters. The film was highly praised by film critics and entered the top 10 best horror films of the year.

In 2020, the melodrama “Wild Couple” starring Blunt and Jamie Dornan was released. The film’s director, John Patrick Shanley, wrote the screenplay for his own play, Beyond Mullingar, which won the 2005 Pulitzer Prize. The music for the film was written by Amelia Warner, Dornan’s wife.

Personal life

In 2005, Emily met Canadian musician Michael Bable in Australia. The affair lasted 3 years. But in 2008, this relationship dried up: the work schedules of the actress and musician did not match. Lovers were less and less seen, which led to a complete breakup.

In late 2008, Emily’s personal life took a new turn: Anne Hathaway introduced the British star to her American counterpart John Krasinski. Blunt and Krasinski soon became engaged. The wedding took place at the villa of mutual friend George Clooney on Lake Como in Italy. The couple once lived in Los Angeles, then the couple moved to New York.

In 2014, the couple had a daughter, Hazel, and in 2015, Emily received American citizenship. A year later, the actress gave her husband a 2nd daughter, named Violet. After the birth of children, the star began to choose only those projects that would interest her: the artist spent her free time communicating with girls.

The husband supports his wife in everything, not letting her get tired of household problems. It is the main part of the household, which John does very well. In Hollywood, the couple is called “the last of the Mohicans”, alluding to the long period of love in which the couple is.

Emily’s photos are posted on the pages of her Instagram fan groups. In the media there are also publications covering the private life of the actress, including photos from the holiday, where she appears without makeup and in a swimsuit, showing the ideal parameters of the figure – 88-60-89 cm.

Emily Blunt now

Now Blunt’s film career is actively developing. In 2021, the Russian premiere of the science fiction “Quiet Place – 2”, which is a sequel to the first part of the film. The budget of the film was $ 61 million, which covered the income from cinemas for the 1st week of rental. Horror has become the largest box office project in the United States since the pandemic.

Another novelty this year was the adventure drama “Jungle Cruise”, based on the eponymous attraction of Disneyland. In addition to Blunt, the star cast included Dwayne Scala Johnson, Jack Whitehall, and Edgar Ramirez.


2003 – “Queen v. Rome”

2006 – “The Devil Wears Prada”

2006 – “Obsession”

2007 – “Life of Jane Austen”

2010 – “Wild thing”

2011 – “Fish of my dreams”

2015 – “The Killer”

2016 – “Girl on the train”

2018 – “Quiet place”

2018 – “Mary Poppins returns”

2020 – “Wild Couple”

2020 – Jungle Cruise

2021 – “Quiet Place 2”

2021 – Jungle Cruise

Interesting facts

The actress listens to rock music and loves to sing karaoke.

Emily’s favorite dishes are pasta, lasagna, and cheese pizza with basil.

Blunt’s voice is spoken by the heroes of the animated films “Sherlock Gnomes”, “Beast Crackers” and others.

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