Emilia Clarke Biography | Wiki, Age, Career, Husband | Family & Net Worth

Emilia Clarke Biography | Wiki, Age, Career, Husband | Family & Net Worth

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British actress Emilia Clarke, like a fresh breeze, entered the world of cinema. It harmoniously combines natural beauty and incredible talent, which have become the key to success in the world of show business. The acquaintance with the stage happened when the girl was only 3 years old. Together with her mother, she found herself at her father’s work. The world of theater, life behind the scenes literally fascinated little Emilia, and the dream of the stage completely occupied the thoughts of the future actress. The acting talent was noticed by her father, who allowed her to choose a career as an actress.

Biography of Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke Biography | Wiki, Age, Career, Husband | Family & Net Worth

Emilia was born in London on October 26, 1986. She spent all her childhood far from the capital, in the small town of Berkshire. The mother of the future star was a successful businessman, his father a sound director in a small theater. She studied at Oxford, at St. Edward’s School, and at the same time attended a theater group. From childhood, she began to participate in performances, and after graduating from school she entered the London Drama Center.

Emilia Clarke was a successful student at the institution and continued her acting career on the stage of the London Center. One of the first roles of the actress was Anna Petrovna from Chekhov’s “Wild Honey”. Critics praised the talent of the young talent, and from that moment Clark became a leading actress in the theater. The work in the much-loved play “Pygmalion” was no less successful. Lady Doolittle in her performance was simply charming. Famous directors wanted to have a young actress in their productions. Claiming critics and theatergoers noted the works in the plays “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, “Emilia Gallotti”. The fame of the actress and the Russian theatrical world did not pass. She was invited to work in productions by director Oleg Miroshnikov, Vladimir Mirodan.

Emilia Clarke Biography | Wiki, Age, Career, Husband | Family & Net Worth

While studying at the drama center, the actress began working in cinema. Emilia played one of the roles in the series “Doctor”. After several years of collaboration with the Clark Theater, she decided to conquer Hollywood and in 2009 went to Los Angeles. She began her career at the Dream Factory in the small but very old company of the Company of Angels. Here she played only one play – “Feelings” and decided to try her hand at the cinema again. The first was the role of a brave girl in the movie “Attack from the Triassic period.” The work was a success, and she was invited to the fateful film project “Game of Thrones”.

The Game of Thrones series brought glory to all participants in the filming. Prestigious awards were presented for excellent directing, acting skills. For Emilia Clarke, the occasional participation in the film was the beginning of a career. The fact is that the leading role was first chosen actress Tamsin Merchant, but just 2 weeks before the start of filming, she refused, which gave our heroine a unique chance.

Representatives of different countries acquired the right to show. After the release of the first two parts, the girl’s talent conquered the management of the film, and she received a contract to participate in subsequent seasons. As a result, the actress was awarded numerous prizes. According to a survey by the portal “Ask a man”, beauty was included in the list of the most desirable women in the world. Leading directors and producers of Hollywood and the whole world became interested in the work of the talented Emilia.

In 2011, Emilia Clarke received one of the most prestigious awards “Best Dramatic Supporting Actress”. Only a few were awarded this title. Proposals to star in films began to pour in as if from a cornucopia. In the film “Hemingway’s House”, she became a partner of Jude Law and received a lot of positive feedback from film critics. These roles not only raised her rating as a talented actress but also allowed her to break through a lot of competitors who did not allow her to get the lead roles infamous and cult films.

Personal life of Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke Biography | Wiki, Age, Career, Husband | Family & Net Worth

Fans and the press follow the romantic side of the life of the beautiful Emilia. In 2012, she had an affair with Seth McFarlane, and everyone was waiting for the engagement announcement. But in 2013, the couple divorced, rumored because of Clark’s relationship with Keith Harrington.

As they say, there is no smoke without fire, and gossip was confirmed. Shortly after breaking up with Seth, Emilia Clarke began appearing online with Game of Throne’s partner Keith. Now viewers are waiting for news from the romantic couple Clark – Harrington. In 2013, the actress scared her fans by deteriorating health. After playing the play “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” got to the clinic. Diagnosis – “cerebral vascular aneurysm”. The benefit of the treatment was successful and the audience’s favorite Emilia again went on stage. At the moment, she rarely appears with men, the long-awaited engagement and wedding never happened. Her heart is still free and she is waiting for her prince!


Emilia Clarke (full name Emilia Isobel Euphemia Rose Clark) was born in noisy and lively London but spent her childhood in Oxfordshire, a town about an hour’s drive from the capital. The girl and her older brother Ben grew up in harmony with nature: “We had a stream in the garden, around some fields. We picked mushrooms and fed the ducks, ”the actress recalled.

Emilia Clarke Biography | Wiki, Age, Career, Husband | Family & Net Worth

Emilia describes the little girl as a “girl-girl”: her favorite pastime as a child was to change into beautiful outfits, usually pink, which over the years has almost disappeared from her wardrobe. And when the girl was asked to swear something, she whispered: “I swear Chanel!” – and relatives understood that at that moment she was extremely sincere and serious.

As Emilia recalled, at the age of three she was first brought to “Dad to work.” Usually noisy and restless, she stared at the stage in fascination for two hours, and when the curtain fell, she clapped so that her palms ached. The behind-the-scenes world amazed and fascinated the girl so much that she could no longer imagine life without theater. From an early age, Emilia learned the ins and outs of acting in a drama club at St. Edward’s Boarding School in Oxford. Here she came on stage for the first time, excelling in two full-fledged theatrical productions.

Although, according to the actress, she could hardly be called a prodigy from acting. At the premiere of the first production with her participation, five-year-old Clark came on stage and forgot the words. The teachers in the front row suggested cues, but Emilia remained silent. At the same time, she was not afraid, on the contrary, the girl was absolutely calm. All of their peers wanted to either get a money profession like a lawyer or become professional athletes. The actress admitted that she felt like a white crow and tried to adapt, make friends with each student.

Emilia Clarke Biography | Wiki, Age, Career, Husband | Family & Net Worth

In 2004, after graduating from school, Emilia Clarke returned to the capital to study at the London Drama Center, where many famous actors were trained, such as Tom Hardy, Paul Bettany, and James McEvoy’s wife Ann-Marie Duff. THEATER DEBUT Back in her student years, Emilia Clarke had significant roles on the stage of the London Drama Theater. In 2007, the actress received the role of Anna Petrovna in the adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s play “Wild Honey” (better known in the CIS as “Fatherlessness”). The acting debut was received “with a bang” by all critics and teachers, and very soon Emilia Clarke became one of the permanent actresses of the theater troupe.

In the same year 2007, she got a very significant role of Eliza Bullitt in the production of “Pygmalion” by Bernard Shaw. From that moment on, many directors began to send her scripts themselves, vying for the young actress in their performances.

The most successful works of this period were the roles in the plays “Emilia Galotti”, “Wake up and sing”, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Her collaboration with two Russian directors: Oleg Miroshnikov (play “Inspector”) and Vladimir Mirodan (“Substitution”, “Hamlet”) also turned out to be very remarkable. THE BEGINNING OF A CINEMA CAREER In 2009, Emilia Clarke first appeared on television. The first work of the young actress was a small role of Saskia Mayer in the series “Doctors”. It was difficult to call the television debut a failure, but the popularity of this role did not bring the actress.

After graduating from the London Drama Center in 2009, Emilia Clarke left London for Los Angeles. There, in the city of movie stars, the actress went to work in the oldest non-profit theater in Hollywood – “Company of Angels”. The first and only work of this period for a young Englishwoman was the play “Feeling”, which was very well received by critics.


Emilia Clarke Biography | Wiki, Age, Career, Husband | Family & Net Worth

In 2010, 24-year-old Emilia Clarke rented a small apartment with friends, worked part-time in six different places to at least pay rent, but did not lose hope that one day she would receive an interesting offer. And so it happened – one evening the girl’s phone rang; at the other end of the line was her agent, who stunned the young actress: HBO is looking for a girl to play Daenerys Targaryen for the filming of George Martin’s novels, the audition is scheduled for tomorrow. “You have to play Game of Thrones!” The agent stressed.


“When I got this role, I almost died of joy,” admitted Emilia, who had already started thinking about trying her luck in another profession before it was approved. Shooting began, full of long flights, turmoil, and new experiences – the girl was in seventh heaven from happiness. Ash-haired Dayneris Targaryen, played by Emilia Clarke, looked stunning in any outfit: walking in the garden in a silk toga, jumping on a horse in simple cloth clothes or completely naked for candid scenes. But the love of millions of viewers brought her not only a spectacular appearance – Emilia’s character bribed with dedication, courage, and amazing ability to balance on the verge of cruelty and mercy.

Although she had a double, Emilia decided to act in scenes with a completely naked body on her own. Because of this, the actress faced a barrage of criticism, especially zealous feminists who accused Clark of promoting the objectification of women. Emilia disagrees with this view: “Feeling your sexuality is great.”

Emilia Clarke Biography | Wiki, Age, Career, Husband | Family & Net Worth

After two series, the actress signed a contract to shoot in the second and third seasons. Both the directors and the critics were crazy about her acting and, without hesitation, nominated her for all sorts of television awards. By 2015, her collection included an Emmy statuette and a Saturn Award, both for Best Supporting Actress in a TV Series.

After the filming of the first season, Emilia began to have health problems: nausea, dizziness, high blood pressure. She thought it was a result of stress due to constant stress. But when, after sports training, her head began to split from pain and her consciousness became confused, she was taken to a hospital, where doctors diagnosed her with a subarachnoid hemorrhage, a type of stroke. This was due to a brain aneurysm. The operation, which lasted three hours, did not require an autopsy, but Emilia began to have problems with speech and memory, she could not even remember her own name. Doctors explained that this aphasia is a side effect of the operation. Clark was horrified, because, without a clear speech about acting, there can be no speech. She could have lost everything she lived, but fortunately, in a week the speech was restored.

The headaches did not immediately leave the actress. The shooting of the second season was the hardest of all. It was necessary not only to work a lot but also to communicate with journalists, to smile nicely to fans, and to muffle pains with drugs with morphine. In between new seasons, Emilia starred in two British films: the musical drama Spike Island (2012) and the comedy House of Hemingway (2013), sharing a triumph with Jude Law and Richard Grant.

Emilia Clarke Biography | Wiki, Age, Career, Husband | Family & Net Worth

In 2013, the headaches returned and became even stronger than they were. After a brain scan, the doctors admitted to Emilia that she would most likely die without another operation. She had an aneurysm during the operation. The actress woke up in pain on the operating table right during the process. Immediately she began to prepare for the third operation. This time I had to open the skull. It all worked out, and since then Emilia has been feeling great for several years. Of course, Emilia Clarke and major Hollywood directors were interested. Despite the recent operation, Emilia accepted the offer when in 2013 she was invited to play Sarah Connor in the epic action movie “Terminator: Genesis”. The actress feared that she would be inadvertently compared to Linda Hamilton, her predecessor from the first two parts of the franchise, but fears were in vain – she formed an organic creative alliance with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jason Clark (Emilia and Jason are not namesakes).

In 2014, readers of the AskMen portal voted to recognize Emilia Clarke as the most coveted woman on the planet. In 2015, Esquire named Clark the sexiest girl of today.

In 2016, Emilia Clarke was involved in the filming of the sixth season of “Game of Thrones”, and also worked on the films “See you” (with actor Sam Claflin) and “Voice of Stone”. In the same year, Emilia, in addition to a mansion in Hampstead, bought a cottage in California, on the coast of Venice Beach, for $ 4.5 million.

In 2017, a photo of Emily Clark graced the cover of the authoritative magazine about music and pop culture Rolling Stone.

In 2018, the actress could be seen in the new part of “Star Wars”, dedicated to the story of the young Khan Solo. Emilia played a heroine named Kira, a childhood friend of the protagonist. Emilia’s brother, a big Star Wars fan, was most pleased with this role.


In August 2017, Emilia became part of the Open Doors team, an organization that helps novice actors get auditions in theater schools. In 2018, Emilia participated in the Sean Penn charity auction.

Emilia Clarke Biography | Wiki, Age, Career, Husband | Family & Net Worth

The lot, which was exhibited by the actress, was an opportunity to watch one of the episodes of “Game of Thrones” in her company. The lot was bought for 120 thousand dollars, which went to the needs of J / P Pro and Disaster Relief. Both organizations help victims of natural disasters.

In 2019, the actress launched the charity fund Same You, which helps patients with brain aneurysms. In September, she and YouTube blogger Jacksepticeye launched a donation broadcast. Their live broadcast raised about $ 250,000. All the money went to the treasury of the Same You Foundation.


The spring of 2019 was remembered by Game of Thrones fans with the release of the final season of the saga. In the eighth season, Emilia had to face the army of the living dead, find out her relationship with John Snow, and finally decide who will take the Iron Throne of Westeros.

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