Elle Fanning | Biography, Height, NetWorth | Family,Movies & Boyfriend

Elle Fanning | Biography, Height, NetWorth | Family, Movies & Boyfriend

Elle Fanning was born on 9 April 1998 in the United States. Her Age, Net Worth, Weight, Husband,  Height,  Movies, Boyfriend,  Family, Body,  Biography,   Wiki, Caste, Religion, Affairs,  Filmography,  Assets, Salary, Facts, News, Photos, Email, Videos and More.

Elle Fanning | Biography, Height, NetWorth | Family,Movies & Boyfriend


Mary Elle Fanning, known for her roles in movies like We Bought a Zoo and Ginger & Rosa was born on April 9th, 1998. She is 23 years old now with an American nationality but holds dual citizenship through her English father who resides in England where he works as a paralegal attorney/contractor specializing primarily in litigation healthcare law involving clinical negligence claims against pharmaceutical companies including AstraZeneca plc., GlaxoSmithKline PLC, Novartis AG; Barr Laboratories Inc.; Canadian Nurses Association Trade Union Consultants Services gorgeously presents itself around the world delivering high-quality medical services at affordable prices.
An elegant woman appeared before me – tall yet delicate build along whitish blonde hair pulled tightly back into an elegant bun exposing.

Famous Name: Mary Fanning
Full Name: Mary Elle Fanning
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: April 9, 1998
Age: 23 years 6 months 12 days
Birthplace: Conyers, Georgia, United States
Nationality: American
Net Worth: $6 Million Dollars [As in 2021]
Famous for: She is famous for her role in The Nines [2007]


She is the little girl of Heather Joy and Steven J. Fanning, who played tennis expertly when they were younger but now fills in as hardware sales rep for Los Angeles’ biggest company; she’s also got an aunt on her mom’s side named ESPN journalist Jill Arrington (and don’t forget about cousin Dakota.
American football player Rick Arrington is one of fanning sisters’ most notable ancestors- their maternal granddad was inducted into the Super Bowl Hall Of Fame after leading Philadelphia Eagles to victory over Minnesota Vikings in 1960.

Father: Steven Fanning [Basketball Player]
Mother: Heather Joy Arrington [Tennis Player]
Sister(s): Dakota Fanning


Elle Fanning | Biography, Height, NetWorth | Family,Movies & Boyfriend

Height: 5 feet 9 inches [1.75 m]
Weight: 58 kg [As in 2021]
Bra Size: 32B
Chest Size: 34 inches
Waist Size: 25 inches
Hips Size: 35 inches
Eyes Color: Blue
Hairs Color: Blonde
Measurements: 34-25-35 inches
Body Shape: Slim
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Zodiac Sign: Aries


Fanning began her acting career at three years of age, before turning five. She played the more youthful form in both Taken and I Am Sam to earn that title early on for herself. At four she won a job free from Dakota’s character which gave them time off work due to it being such an intense roleplaying session; not much else needs to be said about this child’s dedication.

Elle Fanning | Biography, Height, NetWorth | Family,Movies & Boyfriend

With her first big break, 18-year old Australian actress Blanchett Fanning’s career is off to the races. She starred opposite Peter Dinklage in I Think We’re Alike Now which was directed by Reed Morano and screened at Sundance earlier this year where it won an award for Best Supporting Performance From A New Actor Or Actress (before even having released). The film will be coming out on September 14 under Momentum Pictures so don’t miss your chance if you want another reason why she’s one of Hollywood’s most exciting new talents.

Fanning was named an individual jury from the universal challenge in Cannes this year, making her one-of-a-kind for being so youthful. She featured alongside heavyweights like Cate Blanchett and Brad Pitt to name a few! That same year she played Princess Aurora opposite Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil which earned rave reviews everywhere it went too.

Debut Year: 2001
1st Tv [Show]: Taken [2002]
1st Movie/Drama: I Am Sam [2001]


Elle Fanning | Biography, Height, NetWorth | Family,Movies & Boyfriend

I Am Sam [2001] Daddy Day Care [2003] Husky [2004]
My Neighbor Totoro [2005] P.N.O.K [2005] Déjà Vu [2006]
Babel (2006) The Lost Room [2006] The Nines [2007]
Reservation Road [2007] Astro Boy [2009] The Nutcracker in 3D [2010]
Somewhere [2010] Super 8 [2011] Twixt [2011]
We Bought a Zoo [2011] Ginger & Rosa [2012] Young Ones [2014]
Low Down [2014] Maleficent [2014] The Boxtrolls [2014]
Trumbo [2015] 3 Generations [2015] The Neon Demon [2016]
20th Century Women [2016] Live by Night [2016] The Beguiled [2017]
Mary Shelley [2017] Teen Spirit [2018] Mistress of Evil [2019]
The Roads Not Taken [2020] All the Bright Places [2020] The Nightingale [2022]


Elle Fanning is all grown up! This year the actress will be making her television debut on Comedy Central’s Broad City, where she’ll play Mylie Cyrus.
Mylie was Barack Obama’s daughter-in-law (and David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA), but now it seems like they’ve given up their family life for good.

Taken [2002] Judging Amy [2003] CSI: NY [2004]
House M.D. [2006] The Lost Room [2006] Dirty Sexy Money [2007]
City Seventeen [2008] HitRecord on TV [2014] The Great [2020-present]


  • Young Hollywood Award
  • Hollywood Film Festival Award
  • Phoenix Film Critics Society Award

Elle Fanning | Biography, Height, NetWorth | Family,Movies & Boyfriend

Elle Fanning is a Hollywood icon and she has finally been honored with the Young Hollywood Award.
The 25-year old actress was recognized at ceremonies hosted by AFI on November 10th, which airs its annual awards show every year to recognize excellence in film production as well as an individual achievement by Tinseltown’s rising stars. As one of only two females among nominees this season (Greta Gerwig won best screenplay), it would not surprise anyone if Elle takes home another.

Elle Fanning was in attendance at the Hollywood Film Festival Awards. She received a prestigious award for her role as one of two charming young sisters in “The Neon Demon,” which has been receiving rave reviews all across America and overseas alike since premiering earlier this year! The other sister, Jada Pinkett Smith who plays their mother said that she was overwhelmed with emotion when Elle came up on stage looking angelic- like always.”

Elle Fanning was up for the Phoenix Film Critics Society Award, but unfortunately, she didn’t take home any gold medals. The 17-year old actress received two nominations this year: Best Leading Young Actress in Her Debut Role and Supporting Female Actor of the Year (SFX).

Only one could be chosen as winners by each jury member; however, they were able to choose between several different films that all shared qualities related to hers which made it much more difficult than usual! Unfortunately, Elle lost both times so at least there will always be memories like these ones where you can admire what an amazing job she did while still being disappointed about losing sometimes things are just impossible no matter what though right?


She is a talented actress and the total assets of her estate are valued at $6 million.


Q: Are Elle fanning and Dakota fanning sisters?

Ans: A lot of people are wondering if Elle and Dakota are actually sisters.
“Are they related?” Well, the answer seems to be yes! The two have a striking resemblance that could easily fool anyone at first glance into thinking this is just another case where genetics played their part in creating some kind of twins.

Q: How tall is Elle Fanning?

Ans: Elle Fanning is only 4 ft 9 in tall.
She’s one of the most successful child celebrities, with roles in many high profile movies including “Maleficent” and “20th Century Women.” But don’t let her petite frame fool you; this little lady packs quite a punch.

Q: How much did Elle Fanning make in maleficent?

Ans: Elle Fanning recently revealed that she made a whopping $6 million to play the iconic Disney Villain, Maleficent. Malese Jow also starred as Briar Rose and was paid less than Elle’s six-figure salary for her performance in “Maleficious.” The reason? According to Forbes Magazine, there is no set amount given when actors perform roles of different genders or characters from other films because it can depend entirely on how convincing they are during filming.

Q: Where does Elle Fanning live?

Ans: Elle Fanning is a starlet who resides in New York City. In an effort to keep up with the busy lifestyle of Manhattan, Elle recently purchased her very first home there and hasn’t looked back since.

Q: How much does Elle Fanning weight?

Ans: Her weight is 58 kg [As in 2021].

Q: Does Elle Fanning have a boyfriend?

Ans: As an 18-year old icon, the answer to this question should be self-evident. But for some reason, people can’t seem to stop asking it! Is she dating someone or has been previously engaged with proposals from high-profile stars such as Michael Fassbender and Robert Pattinson? It might not matter because anyone who knows anything about fashion designers says they’re single which leaves us at square one here wondering “So what exactly does mean when we tell somebody that their crush is “uninterested”?

Q: Was Elle Fanning in daddy daycare?

Ans: Did you know that Elle Fanning is in daddy daycare? I didn’t think it was possible but she’s even more adorable than before.

Q: Is Elle Fanning singing in the teen spirit?

Ans: The answer is a resounding yes, and she might just be able to take on anyone.
FANTASTIC! She’s one of those rare young people who seem so much older than they actually are because they’ve experienced life at such an early age with all its ups-and-downs;

Q: How much is Elle Fanning worth?

Ans: Elle Fanning is an Academy Award-nominated actress from New York City. In 2017, she won a BAFTA for her role in “Lion,” and The parsed Instagram account of the 22-year-old has over 21 million followers and counting.

Q: Does Elle Fanning sing in the teen spirit?

Ans: Elle Fanning’s singing voice is a lot like that of other teenage stars before her, but there are some unique things about it.
In this article we’ll look at the similarities and differences between Elle’s vocals in ‘Maleficent’ to those from Miley Cyrus‘ “Wrecking Ball,” Selena Gomez ft Big Sean – “Naturally”, Ariana Grande feat Baby j references Queen Elizabeth II while appearing on TV Show Saturday Night Live last month!”

Q: Is Dakota fanning related to Elle Fanning?

Ans: A quick Google search will tell you that they are not siblings, but can’t help wondering if they share some common ancestors. The actress has an older brother named Jackson who played the guitar and was also in Hollywood films like New York Minute (2001) with Lindsay Lohan. While there’s no proof at this time linking them through DNA testing or otherwise, one thing worth considering is how often age differences between members of celebrity families seem very small these days- just look at Shailene Woodley’s daughter Alabama.

Q: How old was Elle Fanning in Maleficent?

Ans: Elle Fanning played the title role of Princess Aurora in Disney’s live-action retelling of “Swan Lake.” She was nine years old at filming and twelve during post-production.

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