Elizabeth Taylor | Biography, Personal life, Photos, Cause of death 2022

Biography: Elizabeth Taylor (February 27, 1932 – March 23, 2011). Read the full biography of the celebrity. family details, Photos, and videos on the portal Learn Everything.


Elizabeth Taylor is a talented American actress, the “Queen of Hollywood”, dreamed of by millions of men from all over the world.

Elizabeth Taylor | Biography, Personal life, Photos, Cause of death 2022

She was married eight times, and her jewelry collections could be the envy of members of royal families.

Known For National Velvet.
Nickname Liz Taylor.
Full Name Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor.
Profession Actress, Businesswoman, and Humanitarian
Nationality British, American.
Date of Birth February 27, 1932
Date of Death March 23, 2011
Place of Death Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, California, USA.
Cause of Death Heart Failure.
Birthplace Hampstead Garden Suburb, London, UK.
Religion Jewish.
Zodiac Sign Pisces.
Height 5 feet 3 inches (1.60 m)
Weight 64 kg (142 lbs)
Waist 21 inches
Hips 36 inches
Dress Size 4 US
Body Type Voluptuous.
Eye Color Blue.
Hair Color Black.
Qualification Not known.
School Byron House in Highgate.
College University High School, Los Angeles, CA.
Profession: Actress, Humanitarian, and  Businesswoman.
Net Worth: USD $600 million approx.
Father: Francis Lenn Taylor.
Mother: Sara Sothern.
Brother(s): Howard Taylor.
Sister(s): None.
Marital Status: Divorced.
Ex-Spouse: Larry Fortensky (1991 – 1996), Michael Wilding (1952 – 1957),  Eddie Fisher (1959 – 1964), John Warner (1976 – 1982), Richard Burton (1964 – 1976), Mike Todd (1957 – 1958), and Conrad Hilton Jr. (1950 – 1951).

This woman had not only a unique beauty, but also a special talent to take everything from life, and her biography is a clear confirmation of that.


Elizabeth Taylor | Biography, Personal life, Photos, Cause of death 2022

Elizabeth Taylor: Legendary Actress

Elizabeth Taylor Rosemond Taylor was born in the northwest suburbs of London, built by elite mansions of rich aristocrats. Her parents moved to the UK from the United States. His father, Francis Lenna Taylor, an Irishman by birth, ran an art gallery, and his mother, Sarah Viola Wombrodt, played in a theater under the stage name Sarah Sozern. The parents were already raising Howard’s three-year-old son.

Born into Royalty:

Little Liz was brought up as a real aristocrat – her mother taught her good manners, basics of stage skills, and playing the piano, and her father took her to the gallery to instill a love of beauty. From the age of three, the girl attended ballet school and learned to ride a pony. And the baby grew up a real beauty – she had unusually bright blue eyes with a hint of violet and thick black eyelashes, which grew in two rows (this rare phenomenon occurs once in a million and is called distichiasis).


Elizabeth Taylor | Biography, Personal life, Photos, Cause of death 2022

Healthier You:

In 1939, World War II broke out, and the Taylor family was forced to return to the States. In Los Angeles, the baby began a completely different life – her mother decided to make her an actress and, gaining the necessary acquaintances, began to take Liz to castings. She even came up with a new biography for her daughter, according to which she studied at a ballet school with Princess Margaret of England, studied horseback riding with a London beau monde, and was personally introduced to Her Majesty. The mother’s efforts were successful – the charming crumb drew the attention of Hollywood producers and offered a small role in the movie “Every minute a man is born” (1942).

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Elizabeth Taylor was just a young actress when she starred in two major films. The first role was as Priscilla, the dog who returns home with Lassie (1943). This made her famous and well-remembered by audiences everywhere for years after her release! A year later came “Jane Eyre,” where Liz played an important part opposite Rochester’s wife Bertha Mason…but this time it wasn’t so easy taking on such serious dramatic material – especially since directors were offering increasingly ambitious roles now too; trying out Velvet Browning before they gave us Charlotte Bronte’s storyboarded character full stop.”

The Real-Life Star:

During the filming of this film, Elizabeth Taylor fell from her horse and injured her spine, but continued to work courageously, despite severe back pain. Her efforts were fully rewarded with the love and recognition of the audience, who demanded from the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studio more and more new paintings with her participation.

As a token of appreciation for her excellent work, the film company presented Liz with the birthday of the horse she was filming with and paid her a $ 15,000 prize. The thirteen-year-old actress was raised to $ 750 a week – a huge amount of money at the time, which became significant financial support for the Taylor family. Gradually, Elizabeth Taylor began to show signs of “star disease”: she was capricious, argued with the directors, and was always and everywhere late. But the film moguls forgave the girl these freedoms, because the popularity of the actress grew from film to film, and the pictures with her participation brought impressive dividends.

Liz Taylor: Hollywood’s Most Promising Actress

Elizabeth Taylor easily moved from teenage to adult roles – at the age of fifteen, she could boast of quite feminine forms that drove the male audience crazy. In 1948, Time magazine named Liz “a magnificent jewel” and “Hollywood’s most promising young actress.” Her filmography was rapidly replenished with new films (“Courage of Lassie”, “Life with her father”, “Cynthia”, “Meeting with Judy”) – the work schedule was so tight that Elizabeth began to get tired of movies. She was also terribly annoyed by the constant care of her mother, who, after her divorce from her husband and his departure with her eldest son to Wisconsin, did not take a step away from her.

It never occurred to anyone that the sixteen-year-old beauty that all American men dreamed of had never been on a date. Liz dreamed of living a normal life that she even considered terminating her contract with the film studio, but Sarah managed to persuade her daughter not to do so.


Elizabeth Taylor | Biography, Personal life, Photos, Cause of death 2022
Elizabeth Taylor and Mickey Rooney starred in “National Velvet” in 1944.

Oscar Winner:

Over the next ten years, Elizabeth Taylor’s filmography was supplemented by two dozen new films. Among them, the brightest and most memorable were “A Place Under the Sun” (1951), “The Girl Who Had Everything” (1953), “The Giant” (1956), and “The Cat on the Hot Roof” (1958). In 1960, Taylor received her first Oscar for her role as Gloria Windrose in the melodrama Butterfield 8. Interestingly, for a long time, Elizabeth Taylor did not agree to play a call girl who fell in love with her married client – the heroine seemed to her too primitive and vulgar.

Elizabeth Taylor: The Most Expensive Actor Ever

Another thing is the Egyptian queen Cleopatra in the 1963 historical drama of the same name by Joseph Mankevich – such a role could only be dreamed of! About $ 200,000 was spent on Taylor’s luxury costumes alone, and the film’s total budget was $ 44 million, an amount unimaginable at the time. Elizabeth Taylor was paid a fee of one million dollars, which was an absolute record for that time. Even now, “Cleopatra” is considered the most expensive picture in the history of cinema. And for the first time on the set of this film, a creative tandem of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton was formed, which soon became a passionate union of two loving hearts.

Two Oscar winner

Taylor won her second Oscar for her role as Martha in Mike Nichols’ drama Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966). At the time, the actress and her husband Richard Burton were experiencing a relationship crisis, so their screen images turned out to be very realistic. For the role of Elizabeth had to recover a dozen pounds and turn from a sleek beauty into a sloppy scandalous grandmother. After the filming, it was not easy to get rid of excess weight, although many viewers found Taylor’s lush figure even more appetizing and sexy.

Celebrity Red Lipstick:

In 1967, the eccentric comedy The Taming of the Shrew was released, in which Liz and Richard once again demonstrated all the facets of their uncontrollable temperament. For this work, they were nominated for a BAFTA award, and the film was in the top ten according to the National Council of Film Critics. This role was the last memorable work of the actress, after which her career slowly declined.


Elizabeth Taylor | Biography, Personal life, Photos, Cause of death 2022

Determine What Customers Want:

Men became interested in Elizabeth when she was very young. But it was not easy to approach her – the actress was followed like a shadow everywhere by her mother or two-meter guards hired by the film studio. When Liz was sixteen, she began to receive tempting offers from very influential and wealthy men. But the girl was discerning and did not want to become someone’s toy. That’s why the girl refused billionaire Howard Hughes, who offered Elizabeth’s parents a six-figure sum for her to become his wife.

Elizabeth Taylor: A Love Story

A love story with the famous football player Glenn Davis also ended in nothing – learning that their meeting was arranged by his mother, Liz immediately broke up with the unlucky gentleman. The son of the US ambassador, millionaire William D. Polly Jr. was ready to put the whole world at the feet of young Miss Taylor, but on the condition that she give up her career and dedicate her life only to him. Naturally, Liz could not agree to this and made her choice in favor of 24-year-old Conrad Nicholson Hilton Jr., heir to the giant Hilton hotel chain. But the family idyll did not last long – the fairy-tale prince turned out to be a womanizer, a drunkard, and a brawler. Nine months after the wedding, he raised his hand to Elizabeth, and she immediately filed for divorce.

Elizabeth Taylor: Divorce & Marriage

After receiving good resignations, Liz again turned out to be an enviable bride and a year later took away from the family of the famous British actor Michael Wilding. After knocking out her lover’s contract in Hollywood, she took him to the States. There, the couple officially registered their relationship, and in 1953, Liz gave birth to her first child, Michael Howard. Two years later, a second son was born – Christopher Edward (1955), but the family idyll did not work again. Caught in the shadow of his famous wife, Michael turned into a lazy loafer who not only quarreled with the money of his faithful but also cheated on her in their own house.

Divorce After Learning About This:

Upon learning of this, Liz immediately filed for divorce and, not having time to come to her senses, was married again. Her third husband was influential director and producer Michael Todd, who was almost a quarter of a century older than Taylor. Despite the significant age difference, Liz adored her husband, who showered her with diamonds and promoted her in Hollywood. In 1957, Elizabeth gave Todd a daughter, Elizabeth Francis, and a year later her husband crashed a personal plane, which he named “Happy Liz”. Taylor was supposed to fly with him, but she stayed home due to illness. This tragedy left a deep wound in her soul, which a close friend of Eddie Fisher’s family tried to heal. For Liz’s sake, he abandoned his wife Debbie, and his girlfriend Elizabeth, who never forgave the actress for this betrayal. From that moment on, Liz’s reputation as a destroyer of families was cemented, which was further strengthened by a scandalous affair with Richard Burton, which took place right on the set.

Elizabeth Taylor: A Dramatic Love Story

Forgetting about their families, the couple plunged headlong into a pool of passions, not caring about morals and public condemnation. Burton showered his queen with jewels, and she gave him expensive cars and rare paintings. Their marriage was very emotional: the couple was jealous of each other, quarreled violently, reconciled, and loved to walk on a wide leg. Trying to become a model family, they adopted a German girl Maria, but it did not save their union. There are couples who destroy each other with their crazy love, and this was just the case. In 1974, the couple decided to divorce, still remaining close to people. They exchanged letters and phone calls for a year until Richard was admitted to a clinic with severe alcohol toxicosis. Liz immediately rushed to her ex-husband’s aid and soon went to the wreath with him for the second time.

Elizabeth Taylor Dating:

This time they lasted only nine months, after which Liz decided to break up with Burton forever. She later married Virginia Senator John Warner, and he soon (thanks in large part to his wife’s popularity) won the race. Achieving his goal, he lost interest in Taylor as she wandered alone through their luxurious home, leaning on food and drink. Interesting roles were no longer offered, and 45-year-old Liz had no idea how to live, which plunged her into deep despair. Alcohol and nervous disorder brought the actress to a rehabilitation clinic, where she came out refreshed and built. Taylor was soon offered a role in the Broadway production of Chanterelles, which was a success in New York, London, and Los Angeles. Elizabeth felt successful and in demand again and divorced Warner after six years of living together.

The Million Dollar Man:

The last husband of the “Queen of Hollywood” was a simple builder Larry Fotenski, with whom fate brought her to a rehabilitation clinic, where she was again after the news of the death of Richard Burton. The actress became attached to this nice guy, who was catastrophically unlucky in life, and decided to support him. She signed a contract with Larry, under which he will receive a million dollars if he lives with the actress for five years in a legal marriage. The guy agreed, and in 1991 the last, eighth wedding of Elizabeth Taylor took place, which was helped to organize by her close friend Michael Jackson. Five years later, the couple divorced peacefully, and Fortensky thanked his ex-wife for her time with her in wealth and luxury, and for the million dollars, he received as a resignation.


Passion and Performance:

Since the late 80s, Taylor has mainly starred in American television series, engaged in public activities and business, and released his own perfume line. She devoted a lot of time and energy to charity and founded her own AIDS Foundation. In 1993, the actress received her third gold statuette “For outstanding individual contribution to the cause of humanism.”

Memorable Actress:

In 2001, Taylor starred in the comedy “Old American Kids”, where she played almost herself and decided to put an end to her acting career. She overcame multiple illnesses – her back hurt, damaged in her youth, her heart failed, worn out by stress and alcohol, and in 1997 the tumor was removed from the actress’ brain. She underwent a transplant of both hips and a long grueling treatment for skin cancer. Taylor was buried on the Alley of Stars in California Lawn Cemetery near the grave of her friend Michael Jackson. Prior to that, she wanted to rest with Richard Burton but changed her mind a few years before her death.

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