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Elizabeth Olsen – Biography, Movies, News, Photos & Age | BookMyShow

Elizabeth Olsen is an American actress famous for her Marvel films (“Avengers”, “The First Avenger”). Younger sister of twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Elizabeth Olsen - Biography, Movies, News, Photos & Age | BookMyShow

Filmography and biography of Elizabeth Olsen, who started her career with the movie Martha Marcy May Marlene. Check out actor Elizabeth Olsen’s movie list, date of birth, breaking news, videos and photos, interesting gossip, and upcoming movie projects on BookMyShow.

Full Name Elizabeth Chase Olsen
Family & Relatives Father: David Olsen
Mother: Jarrett Olsen
Brother(s): Jake Olsen, Trent Olsen
Other Family Members Sister(s): Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, Taylor Olsen
Spouse: Robbie Arnett
Gender Female
Date of Birth and Age February 16, 1989, and 32 years old (in 2021)
BIRTHPLACE: Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, California, United States
Dating History: Milo Greene
Height 5 Feet 6 Inches (1.68 m)
Weight (Approx.) 57 kg (126 lbs)
Figure Measurements 34-25-35 Inches
WAIST: 25 Inches
Net Worth:  USD $5 million Approx
Profession:  Actress, Singer
Elizabeth Olsen Education School: Tisch School Of The Arts
College: New York University


Elizabeth Olsen is a talented actress who was born into the family of a banker and a famous ballerina. Six years after her birth, her parents divorced. The girl never wanted to be like her famous twin sisters Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, but she dreamed of surpassing her older brother Trevor in everything.

By the way, Trevor was an avid fan of comics and later helped his younger sister prepare for an important role in the film about Captain America. Lizzie herself was not even close to these comics, so she had no idea how she would play the role of the Red Witch. Thanks to her brother, she succeeded completely – it was he who gave the girl the most important advice.

For a long time, Lizzie couldn’t decide who she really wanted to be. As a child, the girl still starred in a film (“Happy Days in the Wild West” in 1994), but then, after being rejected by Robert Rodriguez, put acting aside. In 2004, the press actively watered the mud of Mary-Kate and Ashley, dirty rumors and publications were published almost daily, in which young actresses were given the most unflattering epithets. After that, the twins made the final decision to leave the cinema and start a fashion and shocked by the events, Elizabeth fully supported her sisters and was disappointed in the film industry. Perhaps that is why during school the girl wore the name Chase so that classmates do not ask unnecessary questions, and teachers do not ask questions about famous sisters.

While studying at university, Lizzie became very interested in art history. But, unexpectedly for everyone, the girl decided to link her life with the profession of realtor and even received the necessary license. But she quickly got tired of such a rather boring job, and Elizabeth gave up without thinking.

After that, the unpredictable girl went to Moscow, deciding to enter the studio school of the Moscow Art Theater. During her studies, Olsen studied all of Chekhov’s plays, had fun during her student years and even had an affair with a classmate. But these feelings could not withstand the subsequent separation. As a result, Lizzie returned home, and the young man remained in Russia.


In 2011, after a 17-year break, Lizzie decided to return to the world of cinema. Her debut film at a conscious age was “Martha, Marcy May, Marlene.” After the premiere, many famous directors immediately turned their attention to a young, interesting actress who played one of the main roles.

That’s why three films starring Elizabeth Olsen came out at once: the horror film “Quiet House”, the comedy “Peace, Love and Misunderstanding” and the drama “Humanities”. A little later, the film “Red Lights” was released, which added to the experience of the younger Olsen working with Robert de Niro and Sigourney Weaver.

In 2013, she starred in the thriller Oldboy (American version), the biopic Kill Your Loved Ones with the famous Daniel Radcliffe, and the comedy Very Good Girls with her best friend, Dakota Fanning.

In 2014, Lizzie was lucky enough to play in the remake of “Godzilla”, as well as to appear in the cast of the superhero blockbuster “Avengers: Age of Ultron”. The girl played a witch from Zakoviya, Wanda Maximoff, the sister of the hero Aaron Johnson.

In 2016, the second “superhero” tape starring Elizabeth Olsen – The First Avenger. Confrontation “. This time, her character appeared as part of a team of avengers, playing well with Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Paul Bettany, Scarlett Johansson, and other actors involved in the filming.

She also had to meet another “avenger”, Jeremy Renner, on the set of the thriller “Windy River”, which premiered in 2017.

Then two more projects with her participation were published: the drama “Kodakhrom” and the comedy “Ingrid goes to the West”.


At the dawn of her film career, the talented actress built a relationship with actor and artist Boyd Holbrooke. They met during the filming of “Very Good Girls”. In the fall of 2012, everyone around was talking about their stormy affair. In the spring of 2014, there was information about the engagement. The actor was seven years older than Elizabeth and really wanted everything to go according to his rules. Probably because of his character in the winter of 2015, young people broke off their engagement. After that, the actress was in no hurry to disclose information about her personal life, so as not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

She and her sisters have one thing in common – an incredible passion for fashionable clothes. But, despite this, the tastes of girls are very different. If before Lizzie completely imitated her sisters, preferring sports hoodies and long hair, now more and more often a girl can be found with short hairstyles and in a more feminine way.

The girl has never been on a real diet and does not accept this way of life. According to the actress, she gets a lot of pleasure from food, so she can not give up her favorite delicacies. Despite this, the girl has a great figure, which she achieved through exercise.

Elizabeth never had idols. She always found strange those people who imitate someone and love madly. But over time, there is a small exception to this rule – Michelle Pfeiffer. It was she who helped the girl return to acting.


In May 2018, the third part of “Avengers” was released, in which a united team of superheroes had to face an incredibly strong enemy – Titan Thanos, who decided to collect all the stones of infinity. The heroine Elizabeth Olsen presented a wonderful tandem with Paul Bettany and will undoubtedly appear in the fourth part, which will premiere in 2019.

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