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Birth name:  Еlіѕhа Аnn Сuthbеrt Рhаnеuf Read
Celebrated name:  Еlіѕhа Сuthbеrt Read
Date of Birth:  Nоvеmbеr 30, 1982
Nickname:  Leech Read
Profession:  Асtrеѕѕ
Birth Place:  Саlgаrу, Canada
Elisha age:  37 уеаrѕ оld
Nationality:  Саnаdian
Ethnicity: White
Hair color:  Blonde
Sun sign:  Sagittarius
Height 1.59 m
Weight Weight: 61 kg

Canadian model, TV presenter, and actress. She is known for the sitcom “Happy End”, where she played one of the main characters. Filmed mainly in comedies and horror films.

Childhood and adolescence

Elisha Cuthbert was born on November 30, 1982, in Canada. The father of the future actress was a design engineer and designed cars, and the mother took care of the children and ran the farm. Furthermore to Elisha, the family had two other children, a boy, and a girl. The future actress spent her babyhood in the small town of Greenfield Park near Montreal. When Elisha turned 17, she moved to Los Angeles with the intention of building an acting career there.

Elisha exhibited curiosity in the work of the actress as a child. At the age of 9, the girl was already working as a model for diverse brands of children’s clothing. At the age of 15, Elisha became the host of the popular Canadian children’s show Popular Mechanics for Kids. In this show, the young actress was noticed by Hillary Clinton, the wife of the President of the United States, and Elisha received an invitation from her to visit the White House.


One of the first film missions in which Elisha Cuthbert took part was the American-Canadian horror series “Are You Frightened of the Dark?”. The actress played the character of Megan, a girl from a rich family. The concept of the series is as follows: teenagers who call themselves the “Midnight Society” gather once a week by a campfire in the woods and tell each other scary stories.

Elisha Cuthbert | Biographies, Age, Height, Net Worth | Career & Family

Each episode of the series is a new story told by a member of the “Society”. Elisha’s heroine does not like to gather in the woods, and the girl offers to arrange a meeting of the “Society” in the backyard of her own house.

In 2003, the tragicomedy “Real Love” was released, where the actress played the character of Carol-Ann. The heroine appears in the latest episode of the film, which is called “Colin, Tony and the American Girls.” British Colin is unlucky with girls in his homeland, and the guy is going to the United States to spend two months there and try to seduce a couple of American girls. Carol-Ann finds herself in the company of American women, whom the hero meets at the bar.

A year later, the actress appeared on screen in the youth comedy “Neighbor”. Here, Elisha plays the main character named Daniel, an extraordinarily attractive girl who “falls in love” with the main character. The guy spies on how the heroine changes clothes, and Daniel, noticing this, decides to make fun of the hero.

Young people get closer, and a romance begins between them, but then new circumstances emerge – it turns out that the sexy Daniel is starring in porn movies. The association between the characters becomes more convoluted. To play this role in a believable way, Elisha talked to real porn actresses. The role of the heroine’s lover was played by actor Emil Hirsch.

Elisha Cuthbert | Biographies, Age, Height, Net Worth | Career & Family

In 2005, the horror film House of Wax Figures was released, starring Elisha. Carly Jones goes to a rugby match with a friend and four friends and stops to spend the night in the woods on the way.

At night, the guys collide with a stranger in a truck, Carly finds a pit in the woods with the corpses of animals, and someone breaks the car in which the guys were driving. The girl does not yet know that she will meet maniacs.

Nina lives with her mother and father, as well as with her cousin, whom she considers deaf and dumb. At school, Nina is well-known, but in fact, the girl’s life is not as cloudless as it seems from the outside. Nina’s mother uses drugs, and her father abuses the girl. Nina dreams of running away from home, but in the end, everything turns so that the whole house remains completely at the disposal of the heroine and her cousin.

In 2007, the actress played Jennifer Three – the main character of the horror film “Abduction”. Jennifer is a model, after drinking too much in the club, the girl loses consciousness and comes to her senses in the basement of someone else’s house.

An unknown assailant kidnapped the heroine and is now watching her through cameras. The kidnapper mocks the heroine and tortures her, and then another man appears in the basement, trying to help the girl.

The heroine lives separately and returns home after receiving news of the death of her father, who crashed while jumping with a parachute while vacationing in Mexico. The girl comes to her hometown and finds her father’s ex-wives, each of who has his own opinion on how to treat the body – to bury or cremate, and how exactly to do it.

In 2011-2013, the actress starred in the series “Happy Ending”. Elisha’s heroine, Alex Kerkovich, dropped her fiancé on the wedding day right at the altar. In a difficult situation are not only the heroes, but also their friends, who have to decide how to behave.

One of Elisha’s latest projects is the Canadian comedy Bouncer. The actress plays the role of Mary, the sister of the wife of the main character Doug, a player of the hockey team.

Personal life

Elisha’s husband was Canadian hockey player Dion Phaneuf. The marriage took place in July 2013, and the couple met five years before. In early 2017, the actress became pregnant and in December gave birth to her first kid – a daughter named Zafir.

Elisha Cuthbert | Biographies, Age, Height, Net Worth | Career & Family

Elisha loves hockey and in 2005 she even started a personal blog on the website of the National Hockey League. Elisha’s favorite Club is the “Los Angeles Kings”. The actress buys a season ticket for their matches and at one time even met with a previous player of this club, Sean Avery.

Maxim magazine regularly includes Elisha Cuthbert in the list of the sexiest women. At the same time, the actress said in an interview in 2006 that she would not star naked in movies or magazines, but would use the services of a backup. The actress is only 159 cm tall & weighs 61 kg.

Elisha Cuthbert now

In 2018, Elisha Cuthbert continues to star in the series “The Ranch” (The Ranch) as Abby.

It tells the story of a Colorado farmer’s son who leaves his football career and returns home to start a family business. Elisha joined this project in 2016.


1997 – “Dancing on the Moon”

1998 – “Nico the Unicorn”

1998 – “Air Speed”

1999 – “Time Above All”

2000 – “Letter to the President”

2001 – “Happy Girl”

2003 – “Real Love”

2004 – “Neighbor”

2005 – “House of wax figures”

2006 – “Soul of Silence”

2007 – The Abduction

2008 – “Cat’s Story”

2009 – “Six Wives of Henry Lefebvre”

2014 – “Before I leave”

2016 – “Bouncer 2”

2018 – “Ranch”

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