Dakota Johnson | Biography, Family, Height | Movies, NetWorth & Facts

Dakota Johnson | Biography, Family, Height | Movies, NetWorth, Awards

Dakota Johnson was born in Austin, Texas, the USA on October 4, 1989. Her Age, Weight, Height,  Birthday, Husband, Movies, Boyfriend, Contact Information, Body measurement, Family, Personal Biography, and all other information available here in this post.

Dakota Maya Johnson, known as Dakota Johnson, is an American actress and model who gained fame and popularity for her roles in hit movies. The path to fame did not begin immediately, but there was no break in her career when the talented actress was noticed by the directors. She now remains a sought-after actress, starring in films of different genres.

Dakota Johnson Height, Weight & Body Measurements:

Height 5 feet 7 inches or 171cm
Weight 54 kg or 119 pounds
Breast Size 34 inches
Bra Size 32A
Cup Size A
Body Measurements 34-24-34 in or 86-61-86 cm
Figure Slim
Chest Size 34 in or 86 cm
Waist Size 24 in or 61 cm
Hips Size 34 in or 86 cm
Dress Size 4 US
Shoe Size 8 US
Eyes Color Blue
Hair Color Brunette
Natural Breasts or Implants Natural

Childhood and adolescence:

Dakota Johnson’s biography is closely connected with Hollywood. she is a third-generation actress. In October 1989 (zodiac sign – Libra) was born in Texas in a family of famous Hollywood artists – “Detective Nash Bridges“, the daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson. The celebrity was her grandmother, Tippi Hedren, who in the past was a model and one of Alfred Hitchcock’s main muses. His grandfather, Peter Griffith, was a no less popular actor. Multinational blood flows in Dakota’s veins – Norwegian, English, Swedish, and German.

As a child, after her parents divorced and her mother’s third marriage, the girl was raised by her stepfather, Antonio Banderas. He became his real family and boss. In addition to Dakota, the family had a half-brother Alexander and a sister Stella.

The girl received a prestigious education at Aspen Community School. She was interested in choreography from school and, like most star kids, was into the modeling business.

At the age of 12, Dakota first posed as a model for the exclusive magazine Teen Vogue, after which she seriously considered a career in this field. The novice model had all the data to realize herself in the demanding world of the fashion industry: gorgeous appearance, expressive facial features, slender figure, perfect taste, and impeccable style. At a height of 171 cm, her weight did not exceed 55 kg. These indisputable “trumps” promised him great success.

In her youth, in 2006, Johnson signed a contract with the popular modeling agency IMG Models. And in 2009-2010 she became the face of the advertising campaign of the MANGO brand and began working with the fashion label of the Australian company Wish.

Personal life:

In 2010, the girl began dating popular guitarist Noah Gersh. The couple was together for 4 years. It is noteworthy that the Dakota was never known to be windy. Her friends and colleagues say she’s a supporter of long-term relationships.

In 2014, her boyfriend became actor Georgie Masterson. But Johnson’s statement in the movie “50 shades of gray” ruined the girl’s personal life: the couple began conflicts and quarrels. Georgie is said to be unhappy with his girlfriend being filmed in bed scenes. The man attends a Scientology church and is very strict with morals. Masterson and Johnson broke up.

The actress did not stay alone for long. Soon after, Drowners began dating indie-rock frontman, Matthew Heath. But the notoriety that befell Dakota after the release of “Fifty Shades of Grey” was too devastating for the couple’s relationship. Heath could not stand the unprecedented attention and excitement around his girlfriend. Separation followed.

Dakota Johnson and Don Johnson:

What was the surprise of the journalists when the couple reunited? It is said that their separation was not real. After the release of the picture, only viewers expected the on-screen relationship with Jamie Dornan to continue in life. Therefore, the producers asked the actress not to advertise her relationship with Matthew Heath: let the audience think that Johnson is dating Dornan.

However, there is another version. Allegedly, Heath actually dumped his girlfriend. It was difficult for Dakota to come to terms with the fact that under the terms of her contract she had to star in the sequels to “Shades“, which came out 2 and 3 years later.

In 2015, right after breaking up with Heath, the celebrity was in the top news again. The paparazzi took a picture with the extravagant model Cara Delevan, who recently admitted to being bisexual. The couple attended the party on Karl Lagerfeld’s yacht. The girlfriends being in a great mood and holding hands raised questions about Dakota’s orientation. Their photos were published by all the tabloids, but the beauties did not give more food for conversation and did not appear together.

Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin:

In the fall of 2017, Dakota’s new boyfriend became Chris Martin, frontman of the rock band Coldplay. The young men began dating a year after the musician’s divorce from Gwyneth Paltrow. At first, the lovers hid the relationship, even the paparazzi could not take their picture together, and there is still no joint photo with the chosen ones on the official Instagram account of Dakota.

Magazines later reported that the girl had already introduced her lover to her parents. It is not known whether he will go to the wedding and whether Chris will become Dakota’s husband, but in the fall of 2018, the actor and musician showed the same tattoos with the infinity sign  “eight”.

In the same 2018, Dakota’s name made the headlines again, this time the news was about her pregnancy. A representative of the actress immediately responded to the rumors, saying that the woman was not pregnant. And soon the actress herself gave an interview, just that her boyfriend was celebrating his birthday, and because of the unusual decoration of the room (blue and pink balls), the paparazzi decided to throw a party in the couple’s additional honor. family.

Dakota Johnson and Johnny Depp:

Johnson noted that she has no plans to become a mother yet and is just pregnant with “lots of great ideas“.

In the summer of 2020, the press said that the couple was preparing for the wedding, as Chris bought an engagement ring for the bride. Everyone is sure that the lovers had a great holiday, and self-isolation on the occasion of a coronavirus infection brought them closer just by looking at the hot photos of artists walking in the park or on the beach. However, a representative of the Coldplay team reassured the press that Chris did not receive any rings and that the information in the press is another yellow journalistic duck.

The media closely follows Johnson’s life and does not let it stray, even on vacation. The star does not pamper her fans with candid pictures in swimsuits and other revealing outfits, but they still regularly appear on the Web.

Dakota Johnson attracts fans not only as a talented artist but also as a fashion legislator. The bangs of the actress became the most copied among fans. But sometimes the bow and hairstyle of the actress puzzle the critics. For example, at the 2017 Academy Awards, Dakota appeared in a “grandma-cut” dress and minimal makeup, and film scholars immediately called the star a beauty failure.


Bohemian living and modeling work didn’t stop Dakota from trying her hand at the set. The girl inherited acting talent, ability to reincarnate, and charisma from numerous relatives who managed to rise to the top of Hollywood.

Johnson’s cinematic biography began with a small role in “The Woman Without Rules” which was released in 1999. The movie turned out to be a family movie as Stella Banderas played her mother and younger sister. And the producer of the masterpiece was stepfather Antonio Banderas. The picture had a warm audience and rave reviews from critics, but Dakota did not become famous after its release.

For the next 10 years, Johnson rarely appeared on television. She returned to the cinema only in 2010. She starred in the Facebook movie “The Social Network” with Justin Timberlake.

Dakota Johnson with a bang:

The movie with the Hollywood pet brought Dakota recognition. But she was able to taste fame only 2 years later when she starred in the movie “Me and Kate” in 2012. This is Dana Fox’s comedy series that aired on Fox from September 2012 to January 2013.

After this brilliant work, the actress starred in the satirical pseudo-documentary “The Office”, which is touching and funny about the lives of office workers. The film received a number of prestigious awards, including a Golden Globe and an Emmy.

During this period, Dakota’s filmography was enriched by several successful projects. The brightest of them was the short film “Everything that shines”, the melodrama “Scary beautiful” and the comedy “Goat”. In the latest film by Christopher Neal, the girl worked with Hollywood stars David Duchovny, Vera Farmiga, and Graham Phillips.

Less prominent, but still successful, were “Macho and Botan” with Channing Tatum, “A Little Married” and the adventure film “Thirst for Speed” in which Johnson starred.

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan:

The popularity of the actress has grown. He soon found himself among the idols of youth. Nylon Magazine chose the Dakota as one of the 55 faces of the future.

Then came three new movies starring Johnson. These are the pictures “Chloe and Theo”, “The Big Bang” and “Black Mass”. In the second, she starred with Johnny Depp, who plays his mistress.

Later, the repertoire of the actress starred in the project “Cymbeline” by William Shakespeare. Ethan Hawke, Ed Harris, Milla Jovovich accompanied him in the frame.

In 2016, the actress starred in the project “Inactive search”. According to the plot, the heroine of the Dakota leaves a young man with whom she has exhausted her relationship and moves in with her sister. Alison Bree, Leslie Mann, and Rebel Wilson also starred in the movie about the hardships of life in the metropolis.

Dakota Johnson and Antonio Banderas:

Dakota also starred in the project “Something Good at the El Royale Hotel”, where she worked alongside Chris Hemsworth, John Hamm, and Jeff Bridges.

The horror movie “Suspiria” was presented at the 2018 Venice Film Festival, where Johnson was transformed into a young dancer. A student of the Berlin Ballet School witnesses a mysterious event. Another lead actress in the movie was played by Tilda Swinton.

And in the fall of 2019, Netflix released the horror film “Scars” by promising Iranian director Babak Anwari, which is able to masterfully show the experiences of modern man in a horror movie format. In addition to Dakota, the main roles in the film were played by Armi Hammer and Zazi Bitz.

Johnson later starred in The Peanut Falcon. The protagonist of the adventure movie is a young man with Down syndrome who escaped from the clinic. A street crook and an intern are forced into their friends.

“50 Shades of Grey”:

The project that brought the young actress deafening world fame is Dakota’s novel “50 shades of gray” by E. L. James. Johnson was cast for student Anastasia Steele.

There was a scandal. Fans of the bestseller were not satisfied with the choice of the main character. They thought Dakota wasn’t attractive or young enough to turn into Anastasiya, and they even wrote an angry petition demanding a reprieve. More than 20,000 people signed it. man.

Still, Johnson played student Anastasia Steele and woke up famous. After the premiere of the scandalous erotic picture, the critics remained silent: the work of the actress turned out to be flawless. The project partner was Jamie Dornan. Although his character was initially replaced by Charlie Hannam, who voluntarily abandoned the project due to employment in other shootings.

For Dakota, the need to expose herself to spicy scenes did not become an obstacle for her. To the delight of directors and producers, the actress has no sense of shame.

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson were at the peak of their popularity after the premiere of “Fifty Shades of Grey.” For a while, they were the most talked-about actors in Hollywood.

Then the celebrity was engaged in filming the sequel to the famous franchise “Fifty Shades Darker” and “Fifty Shades Freed”. In addition to him and Dornan, Eric Johnson, Max Martini, Brent Dougherty, and others starred in the film.

Dakota Johnson now:

Dakota is still acting in new movies and TV shows. In 2020, the actress delighted the audience by participating in the summer premiere of the melodrama “Assistant to the Star”, where she starred as the main character. Along with him, the main characters were played by Kelvin Harris, Zoe Chao, Ice Cube, Tracy Ellis Ross, and others. The picture was not nominated for the “Golden Globe – 2020“, but Johnson did not stop working further.

In the same year, he also appeared in the dramatic film “Friend“, directed by Ridley Scott, and invited Dakota Johnson, Jason Siegel, and Casey Affleck. It’s about a couple in love with Nicole and Matthew. The girl learns that she only has six months left due to an incurable disease, and this time she tries to spend it on the fun. One of the friends decides to move in with the couple to brighten up his girlfriend’s last days. This story is based on true events.


1999 – “Woman Without Rules”

2010 – “Social Network”

2011 – “So beautiful”

2012 – “Goats”

2012 – “A little married”

2013 – “Me and Kate”

2013 – “The Office”

2015 – “Fifty Shades of Grey”

2015 – “Chloe and Theo”

2016 – “On active search”

2017 – “Fifty shades darker”

2018 – “Fifty Shades Freed”

2018 – Nothing good in hotel “El Royale”

2018 – “Suspiria”

2019 – “Peanut Falcon”

2019 – “Scars”

2020 – “Assistant Star”

Interesting facts:

In 2019, Dakota fans were stunned not to see a chip in the idol’s teeth once again. The actor didn’t pay attention to this for a while, but Johnson was forced to comment on this as the news started to spread around the world. According to the celebrity, she wore a retainer behind her teeth since childhood and recently removed it, after which her teeth changed. This upset the actress herself and deprived her of any recognizable feature.

Filming “50 Shades of Grey” which included many bed scenes, required Johnson to prepare carefully, he was training himself. As a result, she lost weight. Jessica Alba’s personal trainer, Ramon Braganza, helped her do just that, along with a lean meat and vegetable diet.

The artist decided to “take root” in America, buying a house in Los Angeles. The huge mansion was built in the middle of the XX century by architect Karl Maston. Dakota liked the house because despite the exterior luxury it is simple and comfortable, the actress will not sell it or move elsewhere.

Johnson’s fans believe he used plastic when comparing his old and current photos. At least most of them claim that the star changed the shape of the nose.

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