Conversion rate optimization checklist | Conversion rate optimization tools.

Conversion rate optimization checklist | Conversion rate optimization tools.

Conversion rate optimization is one of the most important issues in digital marketing. It means “Conversion Rate Optimization” in English. In the industry, it is used as “CRO” by using the initials of this word. All of the work carried out to remove the obstacles in front of the page where the work is done is called conversion rate optimization.

Without the right tools, you can’t understand the people who visit your site and you can’t convert with those visitors. However, many conversion rate improvement tools used are quite expensive.

Surveys show that marketers are investing thousands of dollars in digital analytics tools to drive conversion rate improvements. The following conversion rate improvement tools are free. Some of them are free to use initially. Even if you do something wrong using these tools, you’re not throwing thousands of dollars away in return.

Conversion Rate Optimization

In this article, we will focus on topics such as what is the conversion rate, what you should do within the scope of conversion rate optimization studies, what benefits it will bring you.

What is the Conversion Rate?

The conversion rate gives you the ratio of users who performed the action determined by the advertiser to all visitors who clicked on the ad. It is calculated as total visitors divided by conversions.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization is one of the most important issues in digital marketing. It means “Conversion Rate Optimization” in English.  You can perform optimization work by correctly optimizing points such as the length or shortness of the landing section of a conversion-oriented page, the word groups on the page, the size of the CTA.

How is it done?

Conversion rate optimization is implemented through research surveys, A/B testing, and measuring optimization goals.  In this process, it detects all errors with the right software to prevent conversion to users and fixes these errors. Therefore, it is very important to be able to measure while performing this study.

Conversion Rate Optimization Process

Since the sector in which each brand is located is different, the process also differs. In addition, a standard project flow should be as follows;

1) Research and Review Process

  • Accurate detection of site data
  • Examining existing conversion rates
  • Analysis of site data

2) hypothesis

  • Create a hypothesis
  • Examine whether the hypothesis is viable
  • Prioritize your tests

3) Test

  • Get started with testing
  • end the test

4) Learning

  • Review the results of your test
  • Take what you need from the test results and eliminate the underperforming ones
  • Always keep the test in a racing setup

How to Calculate Conversion Rate

It is calculated by dividing the users who perform the action determined by the company by all users who visit the website. To give an example for this subject, we can give an example as follows;

Number of people who clicked on the shoe ad: 100

Number of people who bought after clicking the ad: 2

Considering the example in this way, we can say that the conversion rate of this study is 2%.

What Are the Most Critical Mistakes Made?

We can say that the most critical mistake made in this study is not to proceed based on data. In this optimization work, you need to leave your intuition and guesswork aside and move forward in a data-driven way. It should not be what he says or what he says, but what the data says. In addition, other mistakes made in this study are as follows;

Completion of tests without enough samples

Not performing the test environment unevenly

Why is Conversion Rate Optimization Important?

Conversion rate optimization services

The contributions of this optimization study to you are as follows;

You Can Always Improve Your Website: You can always update your website with your optimization studies. After developing and changing user experiences, you can improve your website regularly and get better every day.

More Customer Opportunities: You start getting more conversions without spending extra on advertising.

You Can Avoid Your CPA Costs: By optimizing the channels you advertise, you can reduce your unnecessary costs and further improve your cost per acquisition.

Right Optimization Brings The Right Customer In With the optimization studies you have done, you can attract more accurate traffic to your website and get quality customers.

To sum it up, this process actually handles your entire digital presence. It extends from the landing page to your marketing campaigns and even the after-sales process. You can get great returns with the small games you will make.

What is Conversion Pixel?

The conversion code is a code snippet that counts the completion of the corresponding conversion action and notifies the Facebook servers that this action is complete. A conversion is counted each time the conversion pixel is uploaded. For this reason, to count how many conversions our ads result in after the click, this code should be placed only on the thank you page, that is, on the page where the conversion process is completed and we thank the user for it.

Testing the accuracy of the data.

  • Data collection time interval is the process of A/B tests that we will do. It takes a minimum of 2 weeks.
  • Conversion rates need to be evaluated. According to our tests and analyses, the existing conversion rates are evaluated and the result is checked.
  • After completing the research and analysis, we create a plan in line with the goal we want to achieve.
  • We need to apply the plan we created to the right user segments by determining the time interval.
  • We start the test with a minimum period of 1 week.
  • When we see that the test has reached a sufficient level, we can end the test and start new test setups.

Conversion rate optimization tools

Towards the end of 2014, digital marketers moved conversion rate improvements to the top of their priority list.  According to data from surveys, 72% of marketers perform conversion rate improvement. Unfortunately, the data obtained is not very encouraging. Only 63 percent of marketers improve their sites based on intuition and best practices.

If you’ve seen that conversion optimization isn’t getting good results for your business and you’re wondering why these habits are the answer you’re looking for. You optimize your site based on what you hear and read.

First of all, you should try to take advantage of many useful tools. These tools will give you the data you need to improve your site.

Data is important because you can learn about people’s interest in your site and how they view your brand. To do this, you must conduct research and test improvements. If the test results provide statistically significant positive data, you can apply these changes that you are testing to your site.

Conversion rate optimization experts

  • Able to create and share bits of knowledge on transformation and traffic
  • Exceptional with advanced promoting standards
  • Able to chip away at improving on the web influence rates
  • Able to assess, imprint, and test significant substance and pages featuring web convenience and guest reaction to improve client commitment

Website optimization checklist/ Conversion rate optimization checklist

The most important thing you will need to make up for a site’s search optimization deficiencies is a checklist. Thanks to this guideline checklist, you will be able to perform your on-site controls in the best way possible.

We should specifically point out that this checklist will contain very limited information and you should check the links in the article for other information. The information here will guide you, but it will not help you gain comprehensive knowledge.

Search Console is a free tool that allows you to view site performance, detect problems, and monitor backlinks you receive. This area is also Google’s communication channel with you. There are certain elements on Search Console that you should check regularly:

  • Set preferred domain name: Decide whether your site will appear as www in search engines.
  • HTML improvements: In this area, Search Console will give you some recommendations for your non-indexable content, including the meta description and title tag.
  • Links to your site: In this section, you can see the domain names that have linked to your site and their content, as well as the pages that have received the most links.
  • Manual actions: If Google has imposed a manual sanction on your site, it will notify you in this area.
  • International targeting: You can find out here that you are targeting the right audience, depending on the language and country options.
  • Crawl errors: This report shows all the errors Google found while crawling your site. It covers situations that have occurred in the last 90 days.
  • txt editor: Here you can edit your robots.txt file and check it for errors. Errors and warnings will appear at the bottom of the page.

Conversion rate optimization statistics

Landing Page Statistics You Should Know

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