Controversial issues 2021| Controversial topics | Controversial questions

Controversial issues 2021| Controversial topics | Controversial questions

Controversial issues are widely used as an educational strategy in education centers, especially in secondary level and university settings, because of the many benefits associated with them.

Controversial issues in real life in social studies discipline students by bringing their problems to the classroom simultaneously, questioning expressing their thoughts freely, and thus aims to create a democratic classroom environment.

Controversial issues 2021

 Controversial issues for Class Discussion

Classes are often a good place to address controversial topics. Having topics to discuss in class can encourage conversation and discussion about issues in education.
In addition, it allows participants to construct their own criteria. Which based on collective thinking. This means that the exchange of ideas often allows for group and individual growth.

Social issues

Social issues are issues related to the existence and behavior of their performance. The following are some of the most interesting to discuss in class.

Reintegration of prisoners

When a prisoner is serving his sentence, there is a question as to whether he will offend again. Some experts believe reintegration is difficult, while others believe it is possible.

 Family reconciliation

The family has changed dramatically with the entry of women into the labor market. Because taking care of children and housework are not their only occupations.
What is the man’s role in the family? Should a woman sacrifice her career and stay at home after becoming a mother? Do pardon barriers do the woman who becomes a mother face in managing her domestic and professional role? What does man face? Anything is meant by “invisible cargo”?
Talking about these questions will generate discussion and provide participants with multiple perspectives.

The normalization of polygamy

In this context, examining the role of family, school, and religious parameters is an interesting practice to discuss.

 Confidentiality and sincerity

This is a great topic to discuss. You can review how anything from daily life shared on the Internet. It can have consequences, as well as analyze how public figures use platforms to their advantage. It can be very interesting to analyze them, to review their origins.

Gay marriage controversy

Proponents say equal rights should be for all, without discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender, or sexual choice. In this way, denial of the right to marry would be part of discrimination because all heterosexual or homosexual couples deserve the same current legal issues regarding marriage: property, inheritance, and adoption current legal issues.

On the other hand, the cons think that the purpose of marriage between a man and a woman is to maintain the reproductive and family institution, something that does not happen in the case of same-sex couples and leads to a different family. changing the traditional understanding of parent, child, and home.

Other ideas

  • Firstly, Do video games promote violence in children and teenagers?
  • Secondly, Do I have to get old to consume alcohol?
  • Thirdly, and most importantly, Should drugs be legalized?
  • Moreover, Should kids be given so many tasks to do at home?

Political issues

These are matters in which states are often involved to take action in this context. It often has to do with the legalization of certain activities or not. Some examples are below.

Job lost

What do we do with all the unemployment caused by new technologies? Should help be given to people who have lost their jobs and cannot be reintegrated?

The legality of the death penalty

There are a few countries where certain crimes are punishable by death, which depending on the level of crime committed may leave an impression on some and agree on others.

Legalization of euthanasia

There are countries where euthanasia is legal even for minors. In a classroom, it may be interesting to analyze this edge from questions. such as: is a minor eligible to request euthanasia? Can he be encouraged to continue living until he recovers? Who should authorize this?

Legalization of abortion

This is often one of the most controversial issues because it has political, social, scientific, ethical, and religious implications.

Marijuana legalization

It is a subject that can cause discussion about controversial questions in the classroom. You could also discuss the use of certain indigenous plants. You could also use it in religious and healing ceremonies that create a certain trance state.

Enforcement of censorship

In this world so connected to the Internet. it would be controversial to analyze the different censorship mechanisms. Which are still in place in certain countries. It can generate limited discussion in the field of forms of government. Moreover, It can generate different regulations regarding teaching controversial issues in the classroom.

Legalization of prostitution

Although prostitution is a widely practiced and high-demand activity in many countries. Thus, it is punishable.
If legalized, will the distrust of these practices decrease? will they have a positive effect on the health of sex workers? It will sexual exploitation mafias decrease. Pardon is the public health issues? What are public health topics? So, Anything is a controversial public health issue?

Torture: Is it acceptable in certain situations?

Thousands of innocent people could die from this act. it would be justified to torture to locate the bomb.

 What taxes should be?

Taxes are one of the most debated issues in elections. That one of the most controversial issues among political parties. What taxes should be? Do the rich have to pay more? Should they pay the same as people with less economic resources?

Science controversial issues

These are issues related to the development and evolution of science. It somehow affects the lives of humans and other species. However, Some superlative topics to discuss are as under.

Electric cars

The world’s largest companies devoted to automobile production are investing in electric cars.

Should amenities be provided for the acquisition of electric cars? Do you have to pay tax?

Experimenting with animals

Many products of everyday life have been tested on animals before. such as cosmetics and drugs. Is this ethically correct? Are these creatures treated ethically and humanely? Is it useful to run these tests on a very different entity from humans? So, These questions can arouse curiosity. It helps students form judgments based on the arguments they use.


There are more and more robots and with new scientific controversial issues. They have similar characteristics to humans. So, Do robots have to pay taxes? What rights should they have?

Artificial intelligence and its regulation

Artificial intelligence is a technology that reasons some anxiety among today’s great scientists

Climate change

There are still those who deny that climate change is a threat. Are they right? What is the level of impact on the environment and different species? Who is responsible? How can you prevent it from getting worse?
Moreover, Reviewing the contributions of governments, organizations, and companies to avoiding climate change. It can also be an interesting advantage to generate discussion.

Genetic manipulation

While it may seem like something out of science fiction movies. there are already nations where such scientific interventions are sanctioned by law. But there are still those who are against it.
However, is any genetic engineering controversial issues? These are the examples of genetic engineering in animals? What are the ethical and religious implications? “Playing God”?

Evolution of technology

Technology has entered everyone’s life enough to cause unhealthy addiction in some.
Moreover, Will the way people relate to each other change? Will it create more isolation instead of connecting? What are the technology controversial issues? What are the technology debate topics?

The role of the pharmaceutical industries

Firstly, The role of traditional pharmaceutical companies often creates a lot of controversies. Secondly, there is a current confirmation that these industries over-populate drugs to maintain their economic controversial issues. Thirdly, and most importantly, There are also those who claim that pharmaceutical companies already know the cure for certain diseases, such as cancer, and do not disclose it to protect their economic interests. In conclusion, Putting this issue on the table will raise an interesting discussion.

Traditional medicine vs  Alternative

In this context, It is possible to question the effect of vaccines. whether it is a real protection against diseases or a measure of social control. you have to analyze whether it is more appropriate to apply holistic treatments to cure diseases or whether it is quackery.

Investments in space

Some criticism has been generated by a segment of the population. So large amounts of public money have been allocated to space projects.
 Is it important to invest in space? What percentage should go to this sector?


There are few companies in the world that allow a person to be cryogenic shortly after their death.

However, Should homogenization be a right?  What rights will they have?

 Connect with the present

From this list of controversial topics, you can choose the ones you want to analyze in class. It depends on the educational interest you pursue. One aspect of choosing a particular theme that can be interesting. Because it depends on a particular moment in the environment. In conclusion, The important thing is to base any discussion on real events. It creates a concept and actively participates in all the exchanges of ideas produced.


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