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Cobie Smulders is a model and actress from Canada and America. Known for her role as special agent Maria Hill in the Marvel Avengers movie epic.

Full Name Cobie Smulders
Other Names Jacoba Francisca Maria “Cobie” Smulders,
Jacoba Francisca Maria Smulders,
Occupation Actress,
Voice Artist
Gender Female
Date of Birth 3-Apr-82
Birth Place British Columbia, Canada
Residence Canada
Age 39 Years
Height 1.73 m (5′ 8″)
Weight (Approx.) 64 kg
Figure Measurements 33 – 25 – 34
Education Marine Biology Degree
Nationality (Country) Canada
Religion Judaism
Food Diet Non-Vegetarian
Hobbies Traveling,
Scuba Diving

One such picture is the fantasy action movie Joe and Anthony Rousseau’s Avengers. Final “, which appeared on the screens in 2019. Talented comedian, as convincing the image of Robin Scherbatsky, created by Kobe in the fascinating TV series “How I Met Your Mother”.


The girl, born in the spring of 1982 in the family of dentist Smolders from Vancouver, was named Jacob Francisco Maria. Jacob was called her Dutch grandmother, and two other names were given to her in honor of her British ancestors. But in the family, the charming baby from childhood was simply called Kobe.

Spouse (Husband) Taran Killam (m.2012)
Children Janita Mae Killam,
Shaelyn Cado Killam

Cobie Smulders-Movies | Biography, Age, News & Photos | BookMyShow

Thanks to outstanding external data, the girl became the face of an international modeling agency while still in school, presenting various collections around the world. Kobe later admitted that she did not like the fact that people perceive her only as a beautiful model, because as a teenager she seriously intended to become a doctor or dedicate her life to research.

Cobie Smulders-Movies | Biography, Age, News & Photos | BookMyShow

But a scientific career in her destiny did not happen. But there was a small role in the Canadian-American project “Andromeda” – she played a heroine named Gillian Reid in the episode “The Heart of the Journey”.

Since then, the movie has captured Kobe’s imagination. The girl left the podium almost at the same time as graduating from Lord Byng School and, after receiving a certificate with honors, went to conquer Hollywood.


After several castings, Smolders got the role of Zoe in the horror series “Devil Hunters”, and then she played Shannon in “Secrets of Smallville” and Deborah in the fantasy action movie “Jeremiah”. When the actress, at the age of nineteen, was offered the lead dramatic role of 30-year-old Juliet Droil in the series “In Search of Truth”, she gladly agreed. Alex Carter and Ryan Merriman became filming partners.

Cobie Smulders-Movies | Biography, Age, News & Photos | BookMyShow

Unfortunately, the picture was not a success, Kobe was so disappointed that she left for Vancouver for a while. As she later admitted, working as a courier helped her come to her senses and return to Los Angeles for new castings and rehearsals. In addition, the girl enrolled in acting courses, tried her hand at theatrical stages. The Smolders soon offered the role of Lee Austin in the popular series “Sex in Another City”.

Then there were small episodes in Kevin Bray’s action movie “Wide Walk”, starring Dwayne Johnson, and in Pete Holden’s comedy “Long Weekend” with Chris Klein. But the actress gained real popularity when she agreed to shoot in the TV series “How I Met Your Mother”. The film won seven Emmys and audience awards in eight seasons, thanks in large part to Kobe’s brilliant performance.

The actress was liked by TV audiences, critics, and directors. Smolders began to be invited not only to TV series but also feature films. This is how the vivid image of Tara the waitress appeared in Kevin Heffernan’s “Verzila Salmon” with Michael Clark Duncan. I also remember her Samantha Abbott, a teacher in the drama-comedy Chris Swanberg’s Unplanned Pregnancy, and Kat in Andrew Bujalski’s comedy Love as Sport with Guy Pierce and Kevin Corrigan. But the greatest success came to Kobe with the role of Maria Hill, a brave and charming special agent from the movie epic about the Avengers. In Joss Whedon’s first sci-fi action movie, The Avengers, Smolders starred in the brilliant company of Robert Downey Jr., Tom Hiddleston, and Chris Evans.

In seven years, the heroine Kobe has appeared in six film projects in the Marvel universe. In addition, the actress could be seen with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Taran Killem’s action movie “Kill Gunther” (killer Lisa), Ryan Eggold’s comedy “Literally in front of Aaron” (Alison, the bride), the sitcom “Friends from College” (Harvard graduate).


Kobe’s husband, actor, screenwriter, and director Taran Killam is her age. Their meeting was one of those that years later is called fateful. The lovers married when they were both twenty-three and live together happily to this day. They are raising two daughters – Shailene Cado and Janita May.

Cobie Smulders-Movies | Biography, Age, News & Photos | BookMyShow

Janita is six years younger than her sister and was born contrary to doctors’ predictions that Kobe will not be able to have more children after ovarian cancer. Kobe’s diagnosis was heard during the filming of the third season of “How I Met Your Mother.” The couple has endured all the trials associated with the actress’ illness, now Smolders is actively helping all the desperate, proving by their own example that a cancer diagnosis can be defeated.


Loving wife and mother, Kobe manage everything. She became interested in scuba diving and received a scuba diver’s certificate. Participates in charity events and inspires cancer patients to fight and win. And, of course, starring in a movie. 2019 brought the actress several roles in new projects.

John Watts’ s fantastic action movie “Spider-Man. Away from Home, ”where Smolders reprises his role as Maria Hill. The actress is also in the lead role in the filming of a dramatic film written by Matthew Southworth and Greg Rikki “Stumptown”. Here she is a veteran of military intelligence Dex Paris, retired and engaged in private investigation. The film promises to be exciting because Kobe always embodies the images of his heroines carefully and talentedly.

Favourite Things

Favourite Food Macaroni,
Favourite Movie(s) Milk,
The Princess Bride

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