Claire Holt | Biography, Family, Movies, Personal life and Facts 2022

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Claire Holt | Biography, Family, Movies, Personal life and Facts 2022

Growing up in Australia, actress, and model Claire Riannon Holt experienced a diverse array of cultures. The country is one that thrives on immigration thanks to its position as an island surrounded by water – which means they’re always welcoming new people with open arms! With forty cousins (and more!) there was never any lack of attention or love from her parents’ side either; even though many were male relatives who came over during childhood visits home while growing up until adulthood for work reasons.

At the age of 7, Claire entered the Stuartholm Catholic Boarding School for Girls in Toowong, a suburb of Brisbane, where she studied until 2005. At school, the girl attended a church choir and theater group, and took piano and guitar lessons. Claire paid a lot of attention to sports training – the girl was fond of swimming, volleyball, water polo, and taekwondo, which earned her a black belt.


Claire Holt | Biography, Family, Movies, Personal life and Facts 2022

In her youth, Claire was preparing to enter a medical school, but the girl’s biography was different. As a part-time job, Holt began filming in commercials, where the girl was spotted by recruiting agents for the series “H2O: just add water.” Demonstrating her acting skills. The main character’s two girlfriends – Ricky Chadwick and Cleo Sertori – were played by Australian actresses Caribbean Hane and Phoebe Tonkin.

While working on the first project, Claire weighed 55 kg at a height of 169 cm. Training before filming began daily at 5 am, the girls had to master the technique of swimming with a special device – a tail, which weighed 15 kg. In addition, I had to learn to communicate with real dolphins, and shark cubs and maneuver underwater between coral reefs.

After working on the first series, Holt took part in the filming of advertising for the Australian amusement park Dreamworld, Queensland Lifesaving, and Sizzler. In 2009, the American horror film “Messengers 2” by Martin Barnwitz was released, in which Claire’s heroine, Lindsay Rollins, happened to be the culprit of the penetration of evil forces into the planet.

In 2010, the actress received the role of Samara Cook in the series “Cute Deceivers”, which was created by order of ABC Family. According to the plot, in the company of five friends Spencer, Hannah, Aria, Emily, and Alison, one of the girls is found missing, and is soon dead. After the mysterious murder, the girlfriends begin to receive messages of a provocative nature from an unknown author.

In 2011, Claire began working on the role of Congratulations to Meyer in Melanie Myron’s youth comedy “Bad Girls 2”. Megan Jett Martin, Jennifer Stone, Mayara Walsh, and Nicole Anderson co-starred with the Australian actress. The story described in the film tells of one of the American colleges, where a real war unfolds between two groups of female students.

The actress appeared in three seasons of the show and remained with it for two years. According to legend, the girl was in a relationship with Stefan in the early 19th century, which contradicted the plans of Klaus, who soon separated the lovers. According to the plot, Rebecca behaves contradictory, often committing selfish acts. Despite the hatred for Elena, the vampire saves her in a moment of danger. In search of a cure to help Rebecca turn into a human, she begins working with Stefan and Damon. After saving his life, Matt goes on a summer trip with him.

In 2012, the second feature film starring Claire “Sad as Jazz” directed by Steve Taylor was released. Holt’s partner on stage was Marshall Allman, who played a young man who grew up in a religious family. A year later, the shooting of the spin-off show “Vampire Diaries” – a series of “Ancients”, which tells about the family of the first-born vampires Michaelson’s, who settled in the city of New Orleans. One of the main roles in the film was given to Claire’s friend in the first work about mermaids – Phoebe Tonkin. The actress turned into a werewolf Hailey, who became pregnant by Klaus. The series would be commissioned by The CW, which airs for the fifth season in a row.

The actress Claire Holt has been nominated for the Teen Choice Awards in 2014 and 2015, respectively. She took part as an investigator on another series called “Aquarius” which follows her work tracking down serial killers with help from David Duchovny (playing Officer Tally) or Gray Damon playing his partner Phil Larsen; both characters are also featured heavily throughout season 1’s episodes

In 2018 she transformed into a police officer character named Charm

Personal life

Claire Holt | Biography, Family, Movies, Personal life and Facts 2022

In 2012, popular actress Claire Holt began dating US-born Matthew Kaplan. The couple got engaged in 2015 and had been happily married ever since—until they suddenly announced their split last year! In April 2016 news came that hit the web: “It’s not fair!” said fans after learning about this tragedy from an Instagram post by co-protagonist/targeted audience member @claireonialnao.

Pictures of the actress have repeatedly appeared on the Internet, in which the figure of Holt looked a bit plump. Many fans suspected that the actress was pregnant, but there was no official confirmation from the press.

Claire Holt now

Claire Holt | Biography, Family, Movies, Personal life and Facts 2022

In 2016, the Australian received an invitation from the creators of the thriller “Blue Abyss” for the lead role of Kate, who went with her sister Lisa to rest on the coast of Mexico. The girls decide on an adventure and dive in spacesuits and a special cage into the sea full of white sharks. The situation gets out of control when the cable breaks and the cage falls to the seabed.

Coupled with Claire the film starred American singer and actress Mandy Moore. The film premiered in the UK in late 2016, and in the US and Russia – in June 2017. The actress is currently starring in four new projects: Wolf in the Wild, Irreplaceable You, The Divorce Party, and Doomsday.

In April 2017, the actress’ husband Matthew Kaplan filed for divorce, in May, Claire confirmed the information about the separation. Like a holiday in June, Claire Holt went on a sea voyage with friends to the shores of Greece. During the trip, the girl had an affair with Andrew Jobon, with whom the actress posted photos on Instagram.

interesting facts

Claire Holt | Biography, Family, Movies, Personal life and Facts 2022

  • Her middle name is a powerful and challenging word that inspires courage in those who hear it.
  • The beautiful and intelligent young woman who’s been my partner in crime since we were kids was born on June 11th, 1988.
  • After spending her early years in Brisbane, Queensland she moved to Sydney where she spent the majority of her time during her childhood. She went back and forth between these two places until eventually settling down permanently at age 18 or so when it became clear that one place would be for life!
  • She graduated from Stuartholme School in 2005.
  • Her favorite sports are swimming and volleyball. She also plays water polo, which she loves to do on occasion when the mood strikes!
  • She’s a black belt in Tae-Kwon Do and she has been training since the age of three.
  • When she was younger, the school choir always captivated her.
  • The couple has been dating for quite some time and recently announced their intention to get married after spending many years together.
  • They were married in April 2016.
  • Holt’s 2006 TV series H2O: Just Add Water was a critical and commercial success. The cast of characters included Emma Gilbert, an 18-year-old who moves to Australia from New York City with dreams for the future but finds herself lost in this unfamiliar land– until she meets some local kids alongside fresh-faced outsider “Nate.”
  • The show has won two Logie Awards and Nickelodeon Australia Kids’ Choice Award.
  • After signing on to star in The Messengers 2:The Scarecrow, actress Claire Holt left Rob Thomas’s hit show Criminal Minds after two seasons.
  • Filming for the film took place in Sofia throughout 2008, and it was released 21 July 2009 straight-to DVD with stars like Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead)and Heather Stephens.
  • The CW announced that Holt had joined their cast for the backdoor pilot of The Vampire Diaries spin-off, where she reprised her role as Rebekah Mikaelson.
  • In addition to his well-known roles on screen, including the lead in the State of Play and Behind closed doors – which both won Oscars for Best Screenplay Based On A True Story-, this English actor also fronts advertisements for Dreamworld (a theme park), Sizzler restaurant chains worldwide employing more than 1000 people across Australia alone!
  • With a sexy outfit and perfect makeup, it’s no wonder that 55th place on BuddyTV’s list for sexiest women is nothing shy of amazing!
  • In August of 2011, it was announced that Claire Holt would be appearing in the third-season episode of “The vampire’s diaries” playing Rebekah.
  • The CW announced that Holt had joined their cast for the backdoor pilot of The Vampire Diaries spin-off, where she reprised her role as Rebekah Mikaelson.


“H2O: Just Add Water” – 2006

“Messengers 2: Scarecrow” – 2009

“Bad Girls 2” – 2011

“Dear cheaters” – 2011

“Vampire Diaries” – 2011

“Sad as jazz” – 2012

“Firstborn” – 2013

“Aquarius” – 2014

“Blue Abyss” – 2017

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